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The three women packed some sexy clothes, towels and cosmetics and went to the train station; they had a half an hour hike and then a few hours of travel by train. At the festival they were supposed to sleep in a large tent together with a group of other people; such accommodation was perfectly fine for erotic police cadets and even former officers. The place had sanitation and a canteen, so they could travel light.

When it came to clothes, all three ladies, as cadets or (former) officers of FEPS, valued sexiness over practicality. They seldom wore shoes with flat heels and this time was no exception. For the train they put on high heels sandals, but had also packed knee-high leather boots on twelve centimetre tall block heels for the festival. All three wore short loose strappy dresses, Sarah’s was obviously red, Joanna’s – black and Carrie’s – golden; their shoes matched the colour of their dresses, so that each woman had an outfit that matched her hair. On their legs they wore crotchless pantyhose, Joanna – red, Sarah – black and Carrie – white.

The women travelled in second class and the eight-person compartment quickly got filled with people, all of them were going to the festival. For those who had never travelled on such a train here is a short description of a second class compartment. Inside were two benches opposite one another, each with four seats. When the place was full the people inside were relatively compacted, but with everyone being slim it was moderately comfortable. But when one was young, or in the case of Sarah had a youthful spirit, and going to a festival, limited space was not an issue. Shelves for the luggage were located overhead, on one side was a window, on the other – a door leading to the corridor.

The ladies were first joined by another woman who was approximately Sarah’s age and was travelling alone; her name was Kate. She was wearing a cropped top which exposed her fit abs and denim shorts which did not even fully cover her buttocks, her legs were also covered in sheer black pantyhose; on her feet she wore sandals on eight centimetre tall wedge heels. Next were four young men who were friends, their names were: Tim, John, Jim and Tom. The atmosphere almost instantly became amicable and a lively conversation ensued. Joanna and Carrie were sitting in the middle of one bench with two boys on their sides. Sarah was sitting opposite them surrounded by two other men, Kate was in the corner.

Police officers were strictly forbidden to use their pheromones for private benefit, one of Sarah’s crimes was violating that prohibition, but now she was wiser and more disciplined. But using pheromones was often unnecessary when one was attractive and the circumstances were favourable, so it was perfectly natural when the friendly conversation got more touchy. The boys had been quite shamelessly glaring at the girls’ exposed legs, so it was a matter of time before their palms landed on the tempting thighs. Kate had been sneaking glances at the girls as well, but she was more subtle and made no further moves. Tom was initially the unlucky one, because he touched Kate’s leg and she gently removed his hand; he quickly placed his other palm on Sarah’s second leg and it got welcomed there.

It was obvious that the three women and the four men were eager to take things further, but with Kate’s reluctance for closer contact they were unsure whether they should proceed or not; she solved that dilemma herself. When the boys were almost sliding their palms under the girl’s skirts and all of the lips were aching for a kiss, Kate spoke.

“Don’t mind me. I’m not a prude, I’m just more into girls than guys. But don’t stop yourselves because of me.”

She smiled invitingly and gestured for everyone to continue.

“You are?” Joanna smiled seductively, “we could do something about it.”

She glanced at Carrie and without a word the two girls did the same thing. They both got up, turned around and then knelt on the benches over the laps of their neighbours; Joanna then tapped the space that got freed; Kate hesitated only for a second, she swiftly accepted the invitation.

Sarah was left with two boys, she turned to kiss one of them, while the other one began to grope her huge soft breasts. The two cadets also locked lips with their men who now grabbed their exposed buttocks with both hands. There was enough space on the girls’ bodies for Kate’s palms as well, so she began to gently explore the exposed, or nylon covered, soft skin. At one point Joanna broke her kiss with Jim and leaned towards Kate, the two women’s lips locked in a passionate kiss. The young man was not disappointed that the girl had left his lips for a moment, he greatly enjoyed the sapphic spectacle, while he did not stop to grope Joanna’s body. Meanwhile Sarah continued to alter between her men, as she offered them her body for their touches.

The boys had surely wanted to make out with the girls and escort videoları get really touchy, but it is unlikely that they intended to take things any further, after all they were still on a train. But FEPS cadets and officers never ended the matters at kissing; a few minutes later the girls slowly slid their palms onto the boys’ crotches, the erections they found were not at all surprising. The men opened their eyes wide with astonishment, but smiled and, as was to be expected, did not protest. Quickly all four penises were out and the three girls began to stroke them slowly. Kate remained in a supporting role and did not seem to be bothered by the cocks, she was simply happy to be able to caress the fit young feminine bodies, although it was pretty obvious that she would like to do something more.

The penises were decently sized, all about average, and all got hard almost instantly. But obviously handjobs were not the goal, but the cadets were dressed in such a way that they did not need to take off too many clothes. The girls had to just raise their hips and let the boys pull down their panties; the remaining skirts and crotchless pantyhose were not an obstacle. Joanna and Carrie did not change their positions, they simply guided the cocks into their pussies and began to ride their men cowgirl style. Sarah had a more complex task, but the main obstacle was the limited space. She got up from her seat and sat on Tom’s lap in a reverse cowgirl position, Tim had to also stand up and move closer to her, so that she could suck his cock; he barely fit into the space between the seats, but ultimately their threesome could begin relatively smoothly. Tim and Tom supported Sarah’s body as she expertly serviced their cocks.

The guys were young and the making out with sexy scantily dressed girls had made them really horny. The overall conditions were not exactly favourable for long sensual love making either. Several minutes later the last man shot his load, it was Tim and he filled Sarah’s mouth with his cum, she swallowed every drop. The other three loads were shot into the cadet’s pussies, obviously there was no risk of pregnancy.

“How about you guys go out for a smoke?” asked Joanna with a wink.

It did not even matter if any of the men smoked, she simply wanted to remain in a solely female company to take proper care of Kate who remained only an active spectator and clearly craved for more. The boys, now fully satisfied, were not angry at such dismissal and were happy to oblige. Once the men left, the policewoman surrounded Kate who finally lost all signs of shyness and surrendered to them. Three pairs of lips and hands touched her body. Joanna kissed her lips, Carrie freed her breasts and Sarah began to take off her shorts and panties to reach her pussy. Soon every part of Kate’s now naked body was being caressed or kissed. The girls did not swap positions too much, because of the limited space, but everyone seemed satisfied nevertheless. A quarter later Kate came as intensely as she had not done in a long time. She had never been a screamer, but this time her moans must have been heard in the neighbouring compartments; the four men had heard them for sure. The girls cuddled for a short while, then cleaned themselves up, put on their clothes, fixed their makeup and invited the boys back in. The travel was long and most of them were young, so it should not be a surprise that some time later they repeated the mini orgy.


While the girls were having fun on their way to the festival, The Academy had gotten mostly deserted. Mostly, but not completely, because apart from a few cadets several other people remained to take care of the facility. The employees who stayed were:

– Rebecca who wanted to finally finish some long overdue paperwork,

– Jewel who needed some time on her own to relax and of course exercise,

– Sabrina who wanted to make a surprise present for the cadets,

– Bunny who was a cleaner responsible for hygiene of toys and devices, and also loundry.

Bunny was another mature pornstar who, after twenty years in the industry, decided to stabilise her life and find a more socially respected occupation. She was only a year older than Sabrina, but apart from their height the two women looked completely different. Bunny had a naturally dark complexion, straight black hair and slightly exotic features. She was fit and slender and had kept her small breasts natural throughout her entire career. In porn she had tried almost everything from softcore lesbian scenes to rough bondage. At The Academy she was not just an ordinary cleaner, she did not clean the floors or windows, but was responsible for maintaining the hygiene of all the ‘training tools’, although it was still the cadets’ task to bring these to her; she also washed their uniforms. The pay was decent, there were no drugs involved and she could finally marry an ordinary gaziantep escort bayan videoları man, meaning not someone from the industry. Bunny did not have the holiday off, because this was the perfect time to perform all of her duties, with most of the girls gone; she would get the opportunity to rest later.

Sabrina was also married, but her husband had to go on a business trip that would last most of the holiday. Instead of returning to an empty house she decided to stay and finally fulfil her plan of making something special for the girls; she had planned this for a long time and now had the time. Sabrina wanted to make sexy latex outfits for the girls for special occasions: leotards, stockings and gloves; sets that somewhat resembled their training uniforms, but at the same time were distinct. Right as the holidays were nearing a serendipity occured, Sabrina received an email with an advertisement, it was high quality latex fabric for an incredibly low price; and she would not even have to pay in advance! Luck was on her side. It was Friday evening when the fabric arrived, Sabrina checked the delivery and paid the ridiculously low price. She felt a bit guilty, because latex was clearly too cheap for its high quality; but after all she had not cheated anyone, the deal was fair. Even though she deserved some rest she got to work right away, she liked her job in general and she was impatient to start making the leotards right away. In her head she could already see the smiles on the girls’ faces, when she would hand them the presents; they all loved sexy outfits.


The group eventually reached their destination and got off the train. There was another half hour hike necessary to reach the location of the festival itself, but they all welcomed the opportunity to stretch their legs. There were many people heading in that direction and one could already feel the atmosphere.

By the time the group reached the destined locations it was already night. The entire place was well lit though, so there was no risk of getting lost. The twilight created a pleasant atmosphere, although most of the attractions were supposed to take place during the day in broad daylight. In the crowd among many young and beautiful people the cadets did not stand out much, but that had never been their intention. Their male companions were not going to abandon them for obvious reasons and currently neither of the women felt the need to attract any more men. First and foremost they wanted to eat a warm meal, then maybe listen to amateur bands that were already playing on some of the scenes.

The food was the typical festival kind – plain and easy to make en masse, but also tasty and nutritious; beer might not have been a mandatory drink, but how could one drink anything else? The cadets were especially eager to try alcohol, because it was not allowed at the barracks; they were responsible enough not to get drunk right away. The concerts were fun and let the group get in the right mood.

Eventually they decided to call it a day and get some rest, the men obviously hoped for some action before going to sleep. They got a chance for a foreplay of sorts during the shower. Any attempts of privacy at the field bath were rather symbolic; the eight of them, Kate was still accompanying the group, were not bothered by that. They split into three smaller groups – this time it was Carrie who went with Kate, Sarah again took Tim and Tom and Joanna got Jim and John. The festival policy was to limit the usage of water, so they first wet their bodies, then soaped each other; the soaping part was the longest and the most thorough one, the many hands eagerly roamed over each other’s bodies. Carrie and Kate were more tender, but Joanna and Sarah received a fair share of groping, mostly of their breasts and buttocks, but there was not a spot that got untouched. Eventually they all washed off the remnants of the suds, dried each other with towels and put their clothes back on.

The group then moved into a large military-style tent which could accommodate twenty people on ten bunk beds. The tent offered no privacy whatsoever, but the group hoped that the other people would not mind a little bit of love making; they did not intend to organise an orgy, just to let off the steam that had accumulated during the shower. Carrie and Kate satisfied each other in a sixty-nine position, the other two girls gave their men blowjobs and later were also orally satisfied. The other inhabitants of the tent were not bothered in the least, everyone was young and drunk to a certain degree; some even enjoyed the role of spectators. One couple sat on their bed, watched the scene enfolding in front of them and masturbated each other. Finally everyone went to sleep.


At The Academy Sabrina got to work right away, first she needed to measure and cut the fabric, she would do the sewing later. As gaziantep escort videoları a seamstress she obviously had the measurements of all the cadets, she sewed uniforms for the teachers as well and in her spare time sometimes also fixed their civilian clothes, so she had their numbers noted as well. Sabrina quickly noticed that there was more latex than she had ordered. She was an honest person, so she intended to later call the seller and inform them about their mistake. She decided to keep the fabric and pay them for the surplus, she was still within her planned budget.

The latex felt wonderfully in her hands. Sabrina had always been a huge fan of that fabric and this particular product felt better than anything she had ever touched, she wondered if it was some kind of novelty. If so, why would it be so cheap? Sabrina ignored the matter of price for now and focused on her work… and the lovely feeling of the shiny latex in her hands. Since she had a sizable surplus of the material she decided to sew outfits for the teachers and herself as well.

“Maybe I should make mine first?” she thought, “the girls won’t return until Tuesday and I could do all the cutting and sewing while wearing the amazing latex,” her thoughts went on “Yes! After all, I deserve some reward for my toil.”

With a smile on her face she began to cut her own measurements in the fabric; she worked quickly, but her hands were steady and precise. As soon as her outfit was done Sabrina had to try it out, she impatiently stripped there and then, and put the leotard, stockings and gloves on. They fit perfectly! Not even a single adjustment was necessary. She spent a few moments admiring herself in the full-sized mirror that was in her workshop. The fabric was so smooth and shiny, it clung to her skin so tightly… and at the same time was surprisingly thin, thinner than any latex she had ever dealt with.

But there was one thing missing – proper shoes, Sabrina would have to go to her room to get a pair of knee-high boots, on stiletto heels obviously. For a moment she considered which colour of the boots to choose, an all black outfit was classic, but also felt somewhat plain. This was a special occasion which required some variety. Sabrina put on knee-high red latex boots on eighteen centimetre tall needle-thin heels and a three centimetre platform. They might not have been the best choice for work, but right then she wanted to feel like a real vixen and did not care for comfort nor practicality; plus she had had enough experience with high heels in her porn years.

Sabrina returned to the workshop and admired herself in the full length mirror for a longer while.

“Damn! I look hot,” she thought to herself, “you still got it, girl. But now it’s time to get back to work and allow other girls to feel hot as well.”

She winked at her own reflection and returned to sewing; the seamstress focused on her work, although naughty thoughts kept invading her mind. Over the course of her life she became friends with such thoughts, so she let them roam in her head freely and did not stop working until six more latex outfits were ready; that was the number of other women who remained in the Academy, students and employees.


The first person to receive a present was Jewel, not because of any close acquaintanceship between the two, the teacher’s quarters were simply the closest one to the seamstress’ workshop. Sabrina found Jewel when the teacher was about to leave her room.

“Hi, I made this for you,” she said in a somewhat agitated voice with a half-hearted smile, “would you like to try it on?”

“Thank you, Sabrina. You’re such a sweetheart” Jewel could be quite friendly when she wanted to, “but… have you forgotten that I’m allergic to latex?”

“Allergic?” the seamstress sounded confused, but in an awkward way.

“Yes. My skin doesn’t tolerate this fabric. I’d get an awful rash right away. If you had made a leather outfit, I’d put it on this very instant, but unfortunately you’ll have to fix this one so it’ll fit someone smaller.”

“Oh, okay. That’s too bad.”

“Ehm… yes. Is everything fine, Sabrina?” Jewel asked with a slight suspicion in her voice.

It was one thing to forget about someone’s allergies, but the seamstress’ behaviour was somewhat odd.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. I’ll just go and fix the suit,” the answer sounded bland.

“Good. Don’t worry about it, thank you for the care.”

Jewel was confused, but maybe it was just that Sabrina was having a bad day; there did not seem to be anything serious to worry about. The seamstress turned around without any more words and went back to her place.

“That was weird,” said the amazonian beauty to herself when the door behind Sabrina closed.

She just shrugged her broad shoulders and decided to continue her earlier plan which was simply to go for a walk. She would have a lot of time to seriously workout later, right now she just wanted to relax and be alone with her thoughts; she could not sit in one place while doing that, so a walk was the most reasonable choice. The teacher knew a shady secluded path along which she used to perambulate in moments like this one. She wore her favourite outfit: fishnet pantyhose, leather thong leotard and knee-high leather boots on twelve centimetre tall block heels.

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