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“You’re a useless bitch, Beatrice,” said Rhonda Jones, and the six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and short-haired, masculine black lesbian grabbed Beatrice Keene by the throat, and pressed her against the wall. Beatrice whimpered in Rhonda’s grasp, but could not break free. Rhonda is one of the strongest and meanest women at the Framingham women’s prison, one of the toughest correctional facilities in all of Massachusetts. The butch black lesbian runs the roost, and a hapless, light-skinned femme like Beatrice stood no chance against her…

The thing about Beatrice Keene is that, well, she might look like a supermodel, but she has been doing mixed martial arts for years. Rhonda Jones is aggressive and mean as hell but got by largely due to her size more than anything else. The towering butch black lesbian intimidates a lot of females at the Framingham women’s prison, and she figured that Beatrice, a pretty lady doing six months for larceny, would be an easy mark. Well, on that day, Rhonda bit off more than she could chew. Beatrice totally kicked her butch ass…

“Guess again, bitch,” Beatrice said, and she whipped out the pepper spray she’d acquired from a corrections officer, and used it on Rhonda. Howling in pain, Rhonda recoiled. Beatrice seized the moment, and punched the large black woman in the face. Rhonda tried to swing at Beatrice, but the short and slim, light-skinned black woman dodged the blows and returned fire. A solid punch landed on Rhonda’s left breast, causing her to scream. Beatrice pressed the point, landing a solid jab on Rhonda’s jaw. That’s when Rhonda went down like a sack of potatoes.

“Mercy,” Rhonda pleaded, as Beatrice stood over her, victorious at last. The other women in the prison cafeteria cheered Beatrice on. For years, Rhonda had been abusing the other female inmates, roughing them up and also using them for sex. Beatrice looked like a soft femme, but looks can escort be deceiving. Butch women think of themselves as tough and they view femmes as soft and weak, but that’s not always the case. Beatrice demonstrated the fearsomeness and indefatigable power of femmes by defeating Rhonda, the meanest butch black lesbian this side of New England. How cool is that?

“Say you’re my bitch,” Beatrice said, as she leaned over Rhonda, ready to spray her some more. Rhonda looked at Beatrice, the beautiful woman who conquered her, and nodded. Rhonda yielded, and Beatrice pumped her fist in victory. The other women continued to cheer, until corrections officers came to restore order. For using pepper spray on Rhonda, Beatrice got two weeks in the Hole, also known as solitary confinement. When Beatrice emerged, she was the undisputed queen of the prison. Femme power defeated the mean butch gal, and justice was served. Isn’t that awesome?

As Rhonda lay on her cot that night, recovering from her injuries after the whammy Beatrice laid on her, she thought about her life. Three years ago, Rhonda got arrested for almost killing her former partner Gladys Cuervo, a gorgeous Hispanic femme whom she once loved. The reasons why were almost understandable. Rhonda let Gladys talk her into making a sex tape, one which broke all the rules. In the lesbian community, masculine women, known as butches, tomboys, bull dykes and lesbian studs, are in charge, and the girly lesbians, also known as femmes, are supposed to be their obedient partners. The butch lady fixes the car, pays the bills, and handles her business while the femme cooks and cleans, that sort of thing.

Gladys broke the rules by not only convincing Rhonda, a natural butch lesbian, to take the submissive role in bed, but she definitely didn’t stop there. Gladys bent Rhonda over, spanked the butch black lesbian’s ass and then fucked her with her own strap-on bursa eve gelen escort dildo. On that fateful day, Rhonda explored her submissive side while Gladys got to be the dominant for a change. When a dominant femme fucks a butch lesbian with a strap-on dildo, lesbians and bisexual women across the multiverse shake their heads because it’s supposed to be the other way around.

When Rhonda cheated on Gladys with a sexy Jamaican woman named Esther Saint-Augustine, Gladys had it with her. Gladys released the sex tape she made with Rhonda, and overnight, the two of them became famous. Lots of people saw the tape, ranging from straight men who like lesbian porn to butch lesbians and femme lesbians who were curious about watching a hot femme fuck a butch lesbian with her own strap-on dildo. This isn’t the sort of thing one sees everyday. Rhonda lost her damned mind when her fellow lesbians began calling her out for defying the rules of the butch lesbian community by being submissive in the bedroom and letting a hot femme like Gladys fuck her.

In a fit of anger, Rhonda went after Gladys, and the cops got involved. Judge Reinhold, presiding over the case in the town of Beverly, Massachusetts, showed Rhonda absolutely no mercy. The butch black lesbian got sentenced to three years for assaulting her former partner. To add insult to injury, Gladys Cuervo started dating Esther Saint-Augustine after Rhonda got incarcerated. Dammit, when it rains it absolutely pours.

“Bitch kicked my ass,” Rhonda said to herself, thinking about Beatrice, the hot and slim, dark-haired and brown-skinned femme who wrecked her. Beatrice, who looked like singer Alicia Keys but threw hands harder than boxing champion Dmitry Bivol. Feeling tired and horny, Rhonda began masturbating. Fingering her wet pussy with one hand and massaging her sore breasts with the other, görükle escort Rhonda thought about Beatrice, and her own erotic thoughts surprised her.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Beatrice said to Rhonda, in her fantasy. Rhonda grinned, and spread her thick legs as Beatrice came for her. Grabbing a strap-on dildo modeled after the penis of heteroflexible black male porn star Sean Michaels, Beatrice approached Rhonda. The sexy femme looked at the butch gal and grinned as she pushed the dildo into her pussy. Rhonda moaned as Beatrice began to fuck her. In the lesbian world, femme lesbians aren’t supposed to be the ones wearing the strap-on dildo and fucking the supposedly dominant and invincible-looking butch lesbians, but who cares? Beatrice grabbed Rhonda and slammed her dildo into that fine butch lesbian pussy.

“Fuck me, show me how femmes tame butches,” Rhonda said, and Beatrice grinned, then went to town on her. Beatrice leaned over and kissed Rhonda, then slapped her face. Rhonda winced and Beatrice laughed gleefully while slamming the dildo into her pussy. The bossy femme fucked the submissive butch lesbian, plowing her pussy with the dildo like there was no tomorrow. Beatrice pounded Rhonda’s butch pussy and didn’t let up until the masculine black lesbian tapped out. Femme fucked butch…and butch loved it. The world didn’t end because a femme lesbian fucked a butch lesbian with a strap-on dildo. Imagine that, folks!

Rhonda smiled as she tasted her pussy, and sighed. Masturbating to thoughts of Beatrice fucking her with a strap-on dildo absolutely rocked her world. Rhonda hoped to talk to Beatrice one of these days. The gorgeous femme identifies as bisexual, and while Rhonda has mocked bisexual women in the past, something lots of butch lesbians do, she is attracted to Beatrice and wants a piece of her. Hmm, maybe Beatrice will accept Rhonda as a lover if Rhonda apologizes for the earlier conflict, and confessed her submissive fantasies. Rhonda wouldn’t mind letting Beatrice fist her pussy. She knows how strong those dainty hands are. Will Rhonda’s dream come true? Will Beatrice, the dominant femme, give Rhonda, the submissive butch, a chance? Only time shall tell, folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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