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Hello all,

I hope you enjoy part 2! I am already working on part 3, I don’t know how many parts there will be, but I recently purchased a new laptop and I am not so busy with work currently so hopefully, I’ll have part 3 done soon!

Wanted to give a heads up about part 1! The piece that was uploaded was the unedited version and I have been trying since Halloween to upload the edited one and nothing has happened, I am so sorry! Also, you’ll notice a name change as the unedited version I could not think of a name for Liam’s father so I used a placeholder with one of my favorite characters, from this site actually, until I could come up with a name. Liam’s father name is Cortland Helms making Liam, Liam Helms. My sincerest apologizes go to Robcub32 for using the name Colton Butler. It was my mistake for uploading the wrong copy.

Any who just wanted to give that update and explanation thank you all for the love and support.

Huge shout out to my best friend and editor Jay! To any who have reached out to work as editors or betas, part 3 I will be using a bigger team wanted to get part 2 out asap. I will contact you when part 3 is ready!

Yours Truly,

L. Darling

aka lalachick159


As I walked through the front door that I had spent my entire life going in and out of, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Or maybe it was my new haircut. I was carrying bags upon bags of new clothes nothing cheered anyone up faster than a good ole shopping spree courtesy of someone else. My father had given me a credit card linked to his account for emergencies only, but I declared this an emergency, of freedom. I shuffled with all my bags to my room, I began pulling all my old stuff from the hangers and out of the drawers to replace with my new pretty things! I was in the middle of sorting through everything when a knock sounded at my door, I turned to face my father.

“I see you were financially responsible with that credit card I gave you.” He sneered looking at all the stuff.

“Consider it a past owed debt.” I sneered back as I began to hang up my clothes in my closet.

“When have you started wearing this shit?” My father asked as he picked up a very cute black crop top.

“Since now,” I growled snatching it out of his hand. “What do you want?”

“To talk about what happened today Liam.” He sighed as he sat down on my bed. “What transpired between you and Logan at school today was out of line.”

“Trust me it won’t happen again.” I laughed. “He is a douche bag.”

“Good, because I did have a plan set in place for you to be mated with Brady.” I turned and glared at him. “It’s for your own safety Liam.” He held his hands up in defense. “Ever since I lost your father my number one concern has always been your safety and the security of this pack Liam.”

“Its always about the pack isn’t it.” I sighed. “I don’t want to mate Brady father.”

“Brady will keep you safe.” he began. “Brady is one of the strongest members of the pack he will make a good pack alpha.”

“And what about what I want hmm?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest. “I just finally learned that I was stupid for hiding myself for no reason all these years, I want to live, not lay down and pop out babies.”

“I am sorry Liam but there are some sacrifices that must be made to continue on your lineage.” he rubbed his hands over his face. “This is mostly my fault I ignored the signs and just hoped when the time came that Brady would present as your Alter Fatili, but I clearly see that I was wrong in not telling you.”

“Why was I promised to Brady and not Logan?” I asked in a whispered tone. While my father is correct Brady was a strong alpha everyone knew that Logan was top dog. He had excelled in combat training all alphas were put through, and even though he hid it very well, Logan was very smart and cunning. He was a natural born leader.

“Logan’s father was a feral drifter. Kell, Chief Piers, was in heat, the drifter was his Alter Fatili, but he couldn’t integrate into our pack. He left Kell and Logan and ran.” He stood up pulling me into his arms. “There is a beast inside of Logan that isn’t safe Liam, he has been unstable since birth.” He sniffed my neck. “You are about a week out I’m going to have to put the tournament together. And what will be, will be.” I nodded my head okay. “By the way, I like your new haircut. You can see your eyes and they remind me so much of your fathers.” He smiled sweetly at me, before releasing me and walking towards my door. “By the way, these clothes count as a birthday gift and Christmas presents!”

I threw a shoe at the door as it closed. I smiled to myself as I turned and looked at all new things debating on what I was going to wear tomorrow. I caught a glimpse of myself in my nearby mirror and stopped in smiled my once shaggy blond hair was now shaved on the sides but long on top being able to perfectly style it into that ‘I just woke up like this’ look. My body was lean I wasn’t bone skinny I had a softness to my edges, I was strong for an omega. Years of working out with my father had given me nice definition as well. Fatih Escort I couldn’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces tomorrow when I walked into school a new me. I looked around at all my new things and it had given me butterflies it had given me hope for my future for the first time, I had about a week to live it up and boy was I.


As I walked through the front door of my school there were knots in my stomach. I smoothed my hands down my new shirt it was a sheerish floral button up and I wore a camisole underneath it with tight skinny jeans, and the part that made me nervous the most was the heals that I was wearing, and I prayed to the lunar gods that I don’t break my neck today. The stares had started and so had the whispers. I swallowed my fear and made my way down the hall. I had just made it to my locker when Brady stepped in my way.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” He asked as he looked me up and down.

“What I want,” I said as I opened my locker.

“Oh, what you lost your virginity, so you decided to have a damn mental breakdown?” He scoffed. “You look like a girl.”

“First of all, I did not lose my virginity, second go the fuck away Brady,” I growled as I shoved my books in my locker.

“Well if that’s the case you better be glad cause Piers has already replaced you.” He said as he leaned against the lockers nodding his head to something over my shoulder.

I whipped my head around fast to see Logan, he looked amazing. His hair has the perfect messy look, his jeans hung low enough that they bunched up on his boots. His shirt today was a pale gray that from even far away looked soft to touch. The shirt was just a size too small of his arms because the fabric stretched tight as he wrapped his arms around another omega. My heart that was racing a million miles per hour now stopped in its tracks. What else did you expect? I thought. I swallowed my immediate regret and turned back to Brady.

“What do you want Brady?” I asked with a sigh. “We haven’t spoken more than a handful of words to each other in years.” Slamming my locker more forceful than need be.

“I wanted to apologize for yesterday.” He started immediately throwing me off guard. “I know my elbow caught you in the mouth and I am sorry.”

“Thanks, I’m fine, apology accepted. Is that all?” I wrapped my arms around myself as I could now feel the stares against my skin. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea? I thought while nibbling on the inside of my cheek.

“You father made the announcement for the tournament this morning for Saturday.”

Shit Saturday was only 4 days away.

“Were your parents fated?” I asked Brady.

“Yeah, they were.” Brady smiled with a light laugh.

“Don’t you want that?” I asked. “What they have?” Brady nodded. “Then remember that on Saturday,” I said, recalling what Logan had said yesterday about alphas faking their ruts.

“What is that even supposed to mean?” Brady asked before his eyes grew with anger and I felt my body tense up. A part of me wanted to cower but another part of me wanted to relax back into the chest I knew belonged to Logan.

“O’Connell.” Logan’s deep voice called from behind me. I turned so I was now standing in between them with Brady on my right and Logan on my left. “You look beautiful,” Logan said to me with a genuine smile on his face, as his hand rubbed my lower back, I felt the tension and unease melt away.

“Thank y-.” I started but Brady jumped in cutting me off.

“This is a private conversation Piers,” Brady growled, which caused Logan to step up to Brady, as he pushed me behind him.

“You want your ass kicked,” Logan growled back. “Again.” I could see his face, but I could hear the smirk in his tone.

“Bring it on,” Brady growled pressing his chest to Logan’s.

“Um excuse me,” A voiced called from the front of us. “I get you two want to be all macho man and alpha but you’re crushing the omega.” With that Logan stepped back allowing me too to see where the voice was coming from. It belonged to the omega I saw Logan hugging earlier. “There we go, hi!” He said as soon as he saw my face. He reached out grabbing my hand pulling me out of the middle of the chaos, which made Logan and Brady both growl. “Knock that off you are scaring the poor kid.” He turned to face me. “Hi, I am Holland.” His smile reached his eyes. “My friends call me Holly.”

“Um hi, I am Liam.” I stuttered back.

“I know who you are silly, we all do.” Holland laughed. “Now if these to knuckleheads are done trying to piss on your leg to mark their territory, I’ll walk you to class.” Holland straightened up and held his arm out for me. I looked back and forth between all of them Brady was glaring at Logan, while Logan glared back at him. I sighed and hooked my arm into his. “Great, now you must tell me where you go those shoes!” He asked as he pulled me down the hall.

“Um, I believe Macy’s,” I said. “So, what was that back there?” I asked.

“Oh, a pissing match, you are a hot commodity around here especially now, honey you’re gorgeous! You shouldn’t have been afraid to be yourself!” I smiled and blushed Fatih Escort Bayan at the compliment. “Logan thought you could use a pretty friend.” He laughed.

Holland was a bit shorter than me with solid black hair and big warm round eyes. His sun looked pale at first glance, but it was almost like a light glow to his skin.

“Wait I thought Logan and you were… you know.” I gestured with my hands with the universal sign of banging.

“What?” He laughed, and boy was it infectious. “Logan only wants you cutie.” I just stared at him. He sighed, paused, and turned to face me. “Look I’ve known Logan since he was born I am 3 months older and our parents are cousins. Logan has claimed you since the moment you first met.” He laughed.

I tried to remember the day we first met but the warning bell sounded off telling everyone to arrive to class.

“Well um, I guess I’ll see you later?” I asked stepping away heading towards my classroom. I stepped into my classroom taking my assign seat as other kids begin to funnel in I could feel the stares once again. For a pack that most people were okay with nudity, a man wearing women’s clothes was something more intriguing than that apparently.

“Excuse me.” Mr. Rich’s voice called to me. One a made eye contact with him I could see he was confused. “Yes, who are you?”

“Um, Liam Helms,” I said quietly.

“Oh,” He looked taken back. “Okay, you got a new haircut. You look fabulous.” He smiled sweetly at me and began today’s class.

I had made it through most of the first period when the principles voice sounded over the intercom.

“Liam Helms report to the office.” Everyone turned and stared at me. I gulped as I gathered my things. And made my way toward the office.

Upon entering the office, the knots in my stomach were back.

“Excuse me,” I asked the receptionist. Who looked up and smiled at me. “I am Liam.”

“Of course, have a seat Mr. Grant will be with you shortly.” She smiled.

I didn’t have to wait long before Mr. Grant had pulled me into his office to explain to me that he knew about the upcoming tournament and that I was being released from school, so I didn’t become a distraction to other students. I stormed out of the office I heard the scared shout of the receptionist as the door slammed against the wall as I exited the school.

My plan for living it up and finally getting to be myself just went up in flames. It was always a case of too little too late. My omega father had died in a car accident, it was a total freak accident, but I couldn’t help but blame myself when the reason he was out was because I had a bad day, and now that I think about it wasn’t even that bad, but he wanted to cheer me up with my favorite treat from Sweet Tooth a bakery that was in town. A deer ran out in front of him causing him to swerve and run right into a tree. If I hadn’t opened my big mouth, he wouldn’t have left the house that night and he would still be here.

I had been marching down to the bus stop when I felt a warm hand encase my arm and tug me around jolting me causing me to shriek.

“Shh baby its just me.” Logan’s voice whispered in my ear as he pulled me into his chest. I sighed and breathed in his scent is was woodsy with a hint of sweet mint and a dark chocolate, it made my mouth water. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” his voice sounded so cute when he whisp- wait I minute.

“Get off me!” I shoved him back. “Don’t touch me you jerk.” I turned to walk away when he pulled me against his chest again circling his arms around me as I wiggled to get free.

“Liam stop,” Logan growled as his arms tightened around me.

“No, you fucking prick how dare you?!” I resorted to kicking him when I couldn’t move my arms. Logan growled and wrapped his one leg around mine and cradled my head as he took us down onto the ground. He pinned my arms head and clamped his knees around my thighs, and pressed his stomach to mine, so I couldn’t move. I looked up into his eyes that just seemed to glow they looked yellow like a warm honey. My eyes traced down his face to his lips they were plump and so kissable.

Before I knew it, his lips were brushing against mine. They were soft but firm and tasted oh so good. His tongue swiped across my bottom lip pushing against the seem of my lips forcing them to open. He tasted like a warm cup of peppermint hot chocolate I groaned as our tongues began to dual with each other both of us acting like we were the best thing the other had tasted. I could feel my dick harden as I felt the slick on my bottom, at the same time Logan decided to thrust his hips against mine causing me to gasp and moan in pleasure at the same time. He did it again this time pressing his now hardening cock against mine rotating in circles.

“At that tournament, I will bend you over in front of everyone and claim you,” Logan said with a rasp to his voice. “And. Nothing. Will. Stop. Me.” he punctuated each word with a jab of his hips. “And you are going to beg, aren’t you?” He asked smirking down at me. One of his hands slide down my leg lifting it up locking it around his hip, so he could get Escort Fatih better pressure between us. I could feel my heat teetering on the edge.

His hand snaked in between us as he crushed his lips back to mine. He had unbuttoned my pants pulling out my hard cock he now alternated between stokes of my cock with a thrust of his hips. A fog had begun to cloud my mind as I was helpless he timed it perfectly so that each thrust of his hips timed up with a stroke of my cock.

“Logan please.” I whimpered as he increased his pace. I could feel the tension in me tighten like how a boa tightens and constricts around its prey, crushing until finally, it snaps.

“Cum for me baby,” Logan whispered in my ear. I snapped, and it was glorious. I came with a shout that turned into a moan. The fog clouded my vision I don’t know how long it took me to come back around, but when I finally did Logan was smiling down at me. “Welcome back beautiful.” I wanted to smile at him, but I just couldn’t. he had betrayed my trust before I could even give it to him.

“Get off me,” I said, my voice sounded defeated.

“No not until you let me explain.” He asked putting most of his weight on top of me, and locked eyes with me. His eyes turned sad, “Please.”

“I am not about to have a conversation on the ground with my dick out, Logan.” I sighed

“Then go on a date with me?” He asked smiling.


“Right now.” Logan laughed. I sighed and pushed him back as he leaned back on his heels, as I tucked my now spent cock back into my pants.

“Fine.” I sighed. “But you’re paying and no funny business,” I said as I stood up slipping my heels back on.

“Well, no funny business for you anyways.” Logan laughed as he held his hand up the was covered in my spunk. His eyes locked with me as he licked his hand clean causing me to whimper as his tongue flicked in between his fingers. Once his hand was clean he wiped it on his jeans standing up. “Come on you’re going to look so hot on my bike.” Logan drove a 2018 Kawasaki Ninja that was a blood red and matte black. And he was right I looked amazing on it.

He drove to a small little dinner outside of town called Daisy’s. They were like a 50s style restaurant and bar and had the best food with the best prices. He pulled his bike to a stop and helped me off and lead me by the hand into the diner. We selected a quiet corner booth away from everyone, selected our drinks and ordered our food.

“I know you are mad at me, and you have a right to be.” Logan started. “Look do you remember the day we actually first met?” He asked. I had to really think about that one. We had lived in the same community since we were both born.

“The first memory that comes to mind was that day at the playground, is that correct?” I asked as Logan nodded. “I was 5 and Franklin Peterson pushed me off the swinging bridge.”

“He did, and do you remember what happened afterward?” I shook my head no; my papa had scooped me up and carried me away to tend to the scraped palms and knees I had received. “Because of my father and his ability to shift faster than most I could shift from a young age. Well, I felt this pull to that day and when I saw him push you I went feral and shifted and attacked him. That day was the day was the worst day of my life.” Logan’s whole demeanor had changed he shoulders had slumped and his eyes started to glass over. “That day everyone labeled me as a troublemaker, I was not let around you, and my father left due to my papa being made an outcast for letting my father teach me how to shift. The Petersons moved away but not before ostracizing my family and spreading the word I was feral.”

“Are you for fucking real?!” I half shouted. Logan shushed me. “Sorry, but did my father do anything about this? You were fucking defending me for fuck’s sake, and like 6.”

“According to my papa, your father didn’t press too much into the matter but had banned me from getting near you out of fear. But your papa would try to accidentally run into my papa, so they could see if we had a bond.” He explained as I remembered joining my father on his daily errands running into them, but we never spoke more than three words to each other. “But your father put a stop to that.” By this point, my blood was boiling for the pain Logan and his father had to overcome… and it was all my fault. “Hey now, it was not your fault.” My eyes locked on to his. “I know that is what you’re thinking right now it was not your fault baby. It was mine, my father had told me that with my gift I had a responsibility to control my anger and not let it get the best of me.”

“But that was years ago that doesn’t explain now.” I sighed as the waitress arrived to drop off our food.

“Like I said I had a responsibility and I failed not only you but my papa and myself as well. I didn’t like when other alphas got near you, and I’ll admit my anger got the best of me and threats and punches were thrown all while I watched you from the shadows, but the threats reached omegas ears and by that point, no omega would befriend you.” I froze with a fry halfway to my mouth my anger must have been noticeable because Logan held his hands up in surrender. “Baby I tried like hell to fix it. Once I had realized what I had done I had tried like hell I swear to you, but by that point, the fight with Joshua Baker had happened and no one would even give me the time of day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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