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This is part 3 of the “Filipina Persuasion” series. I tried something new by turning this into a “choose your story” chapter. I plan to add two separate endings depending on the final choice the reader makes.


It had been three weeks since I met Maricar and became her lesbian girlfriend and slave. Over this period not only did she flush out any remainder of heterosexuality in me with intense love-making sessions, but she also taught me how best to please another woman and how to be a subservient girlfriend, eager to please her mistress, no matter the request.

My submissiveness to Maricar was not limited to the bedroom. I eagerly was keeping her apartment clean, I cooked for her, washed her clothes. In the evening, when she came back from work, I would take off her shoes and socks and massage her feet, then lick her soles clean and suck each of her toes until she was satisfied.

One evening, as I had just taken off her shoes and socks and was massaging her soles, Maricar said, “You’ve made a lot of progress, Daphne. I think you are ready to meet my friends. So, I prepared a little surprise for you tonight. Take a shower and do your hair nicely, then go to the bedroom room and put that sexy evening dress we bought. I’m gonna take you to a lesbian bar to meet some of my friends. I’m sure you are gonna love it!”

My heart skipped a beat. So I was finally gonna meet Maricar’s friends. She had told me how much they told her they liked me, which I found really flattering. Furthermore, Maricar had told me many times how she would take one of them back to her place for a threesome with me. The thought really turned me on.

I quickly went to take a shower and after drying my hair straight and smooth, like a I knew Maricar liked it. I then went to the bedroom and changed into a black evening dress Maricar had bought me. I then applied some red lipstick and light make-up, as Maricar preferred a close to natural look.

When I came out of the bedroom, Maricar looked at me and nodded approvingly.

“You look so sexy in that dress, Daphne. I think my friends will really like you. I called us a Uber…should be here any moment now…ah, there you go…waiting for us downstairs. Come on, let’s go.”


We got to the bar 20 minutes later. I was a bit nervous, as I had never been to a lesbian bar before and I was dressed in a sexy and revealing way. I imagined what it would be like to have unfamiliar women staring at me in a lustful way and I realised the thought was actually turning me on.

As we entered the club, Maricar was greeted by one of the staff member.

“Hey Maricar, good to see you. Oh wow, who’s that stunning blonde with you?”

“That’s my new girlfriend, Daphne.”

“Wow, she’s quite a catch! You will have all the ladies in here salivating!”

“I know. But she’s devoted to me. Aren’t you, Daphne?”

I blushed and replied affirmatively. Maricar smiled, “What a good girl.” She then kissed me on the lips to signal her approval and then led me to the table where her friends were already sitting.

“Hi girls. Let me introduce you to my new girlfriend, Daphne.”

Maricar then proceeded to introduce her friends to me. Sitting on the right was Millie, another Filipina who worked as a nurse in one of London’s biggest hospitals. She was a heavy set woman with a rather large bosom who looked to be in her early 40s, with a crew cut that made her look rather masculine. She was taller than me, maybe 5’8″. She was dressed in a rather butch fashion, with a button up shirt, jeans gölbaşı escort bayan and boots.

Next to her was a paler Asian lady from Singapore called Lin. She seemed to be in her early to mid 30s. She was about as tall as Millie, with a short undercut hairstyle with a full bang reaching almost to her eyes. She looked rather fit and well-toned with a correspondingly rather sporty look consisting of a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of sneakers. Maricar told me that she was working as an engineer for a car company and that she was also participating in cross-fit competitions.

Maricar sat down at the table and then told me to sit on her lap, rather than taking a chair for myself.

“Wow, where did you find her Maricar? She’s so young and…yummy!” asked Millie.

“Well, I met her at a cafe. The moment I saw her, I knew she was meant to be my girlfriend and…let’s just say I can be very persuasive!”

“Good on you! I bet you must treat her like a little princess then.” said Lin.

“Actually, quite the opposite. She’s my little adoring servant, aren’t you, Daphne?”

I blushed and nodded. Maricar stroke my legs approvingly and then kissed me on the lips.

“So…not only you got yourself a pretty white girlfriend but she also worships you?” asked Millie incredulously.

“Oh absolutely! Let me show you.”

She told me to get up and then pushed her chair back a bit.

“Get on your knees in front of me Daphne. Yeah, just like that. Good girl!”

Maricar patted me on the head and then said, “Now I want you to remove my shoes and socks Daphne.”

I did as she told me and then waited in front of her.

“That’s a good girl. Now why don’t you show my friends how much you adore me and suck my toes?”

I hesitated for a second, feeling a bit self-conscious about doing something like this in public. But the fact that all the people around me were women turned me on as well. I slowly opened my mouth and engulfed her right big toe, sucking it for a few second, before moving to the next toe, while Maricar’s friends were staring in an almost mesmerised state.

“Wow…she really is your little white slave, isn’t she? That is so…hot!” said Millie.

“It is. And you know what else, Millie? I think she has a fetish for Asian women. Why don’t you tell them, Daphne?”

I stopped sucking Maricar’s toes, turned to face her friends and blushing I replied that I did like Asian women. I could see Millie’s and Lin’s pupils widen as I said so.

“And she also is crazy about women’s feet…show my friend how much you love licking my soles, Daphne!”

I turned to face Maricar again, raised her right foot to my mouth and began licking up and down her delicious sole. I then repeated the same procedure with her left sole, making sure to use my whole tongue to savour the taste of her soles in full. Lin and Millie appeared to remain silent as I did so.

Finally Millie broke the silence and said, “Wow…that’s so hot. I bet it must feel fantastic to have her young tongue all over your soles. You lucky bitch!”

“Mm, so you’d like to have her lick your soles, Millie?”

“Fuck! You bet I would!”

“Daphne, crawl over to Millie and do what she asks you.”

“Woah! For real? You are letting her do that to me?”

“We have been friends for a long time, Millie. And I believe in sharing with friends. But you have to let me record the whole thing on my phone…”

“Always the voyeur, Maricar. But what the hell…you can record whatever you want…crawl over to mama, blondie!”

I was equally gölbaşı escort shocked and turned on by what Maricar had said and after a brief hesitation, I crawled over to Millie and knelt in front of her.

Millie grabbed my chin and raised my head to face her. I could see a lustful gaze in her eyes as she talked to me.

“Such a pretty, innocent face. Stick your tongue out. I wanna see what you gonna clean my soles with.”

I stuck my tongue out. Millie looked at it and said, “Your tongue is gonna get a good workout, little girl. I’ve been wearing these boots all day long and my feet sure could do with a tongue massage. Go on, remove my boots!”

Maricar move next to me and started recording with her mobile phone as I removed Millie’s boots, leaving her in her white socks.

“Let’s see if you really are a docile little slut…” She then shoved her soles against my nose and rubbed them all over my face. Through her socks I could smell the pungent aroma of her sweaty feet and while part of me felt humiliated by her actions, I also could not deny being aroused by her intoxicating aroma.

“There you go…you like the smell of my feet, don’t you? Now remove my socks with your teeth!”

I took the top of each of her socks with my teeth and then gently pulled until I removed them. Millie was now barefooted, her brown feet dangling in front of my face.

“Time to show me how good you are with that tongue of yours, blondie! Start licking my soles up and down and make sure not to leave a single square inch dry!”

I began licking her soles. A bit tentatively at first. But as the salty, intense taste of her soles hit my tongue, I began getting more excited and eager. I was sliding the whole length of my tongue up and down her wrinkly soles, covering them in my saliva, tasting their flavour. I alternated that with sucking each of her toes, making sure to take them all into my mouth and swirl my tongue around them. Meanwhile, Maricar was next to me, recording every second of my tongue movements.

“Mmm, that feels so good! Oh, you are a little naughty slut, aren’t you, blondie? God, you are making me wet!”

Millie then closed her eyes and with her right hand she began gently rubbing her crotch. On the other side, I caught a glimpse of Lin staring at me with a half-open mouth and a hand under her trousers. Maricar noticed the situation and clearing her throat, drew everyone’s attention.

“Ladies! I know you are all excited and this is a lesbian bar. But it is still a public place. Let’s not get carried away. Come one, get your shoes on. Millie it’s your turn to get some drinks And Daphne…why don’t you sit on Lin’s lap until the drinks come? I think she is feeling a bit left out…”

I went over and sat on Lin’s lap. I immediately felt something hard between her legs. Thinking it could have been her mobile phone, I immediately apologised and told her she might her her phone in a pocket. Lin leaned over to my right ear and whispered, “Don’t worry baby. It’s not my phone you are feeling. You see, I always go out packing…”

“Packing? I don’t understand…”

“It means I’m wearing a strap-on, honey. Move to the side a bit and I’ll let you feel it.”

She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her crotch, sliding it up and down. I could feel a rather thick and long strap-on through her short.

“Do you like how it feels, baby?”

“That’s…rather big…”

“And the best thing is that I know how to use it really well. Pretty sure I could drive you crazy with it, sweetie…”

And while saying so gölbaşı sınırsız escort she grabbed my hips and pushed my bum up and down the length of her strapon. She then whispered in my ear, “Imagine how it would feel in your tight young pussy…”

She then caressed my legs with her hands commenting on what a taut skin and lithe body I had. When the drinks arrived, before I could get up, she placed her mouth next to my hear once more and whispered, “I want to fuck you so hard and hear you scream my name as you come…”

I then got up and sat again in Maricar’s lap. She kissed me and the cheek and said into my ear, “I think you made a good impression on my friends. But never forget whom you belong to…”

“I belong to you and you only, Maricar.” I replied. Maricar smiled and then said, “Ok, time for a drink. Just like I taught you.”

I waited for Maricar to take a sip. She swirled the drink in her mouth a few times, then turned my face towards her and kissed me on the lips, passing the drink in my mouth with a deep, passionate kiss. I swallowed the fluid and then keep kissing Maricar for another few seconds. Enough for her friends to take in the view.

Maricar noticed her friends staring and with a smile she then grabbed my breasts from behind and started kneading them from behind while simultaneously kissing my neck. I sighed softly as she did so. After a minute, she stopped and while still keeping hold of my breasts she spoke to her friends.

“Bet you girls would like to play with these boobies, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck, Maricar! You are such a tease! You damn well know we would. And not just play with her tits…” replied Millie.

“Well…this could be your lucky night…me and Daphne have been talking about having a lesbian threesome. And I was thinking that you’d be the perfect partner for us…”

Millie almost spat out her drink and, after recovering from the surprise, said “Wow, I…Are you actually serious about that?”

“Yeah, I am. We have known each other for so long and I think it would be fun to add an extra layer to our friendships with such an experience. Of course, I would understand if you feel uncomfortable about it…”

“Uncomfortable? You fucking kidding, right? Let’s go back to your place…Now!”

“Haha, well, hold your horses, Millie. It would be rude to leave poor Lin like that. Let’s at least have a few drinks first. Oh, and no hard feeling Lin…”

“Whatever”, replied Lin. I could tell that she was rather upset at having been teased and then passed over.

We kept drinking, until at some point I felt the urge to use the toilet and asked Daphne for permission to go. As I left, Lin also excused herself and came with me. When my turn finally came to enter the toilet, Lin, who was behind me, pushed me inside and locked the door behind us. She then pinned me against the wall and begun rubbing her strap-on against my crotch.

“This is not fair, baby. I can fuck you so much better than Maricar or Millie ever could. Can you feel my big strap-on? Imagine me pounding you with it…oh, I could make you cum so hard so many times…”

I was shocked by her actions and could not say a word. Her eyes stared deeply into mines, burning with passion and desire.

“And baby…it would not be for a night only…I wanna make you mine forever…you need a strong woman in your life and that would be me. A girl like you…I could even imagine marrying you!”

I felt flattered by her words. She continued, “Let’s go back to my place now. Fuck those two! Look, I can’t force you, but I am sure that what I can offer you, no other man or woman can. Will you come with me?”


What will it be?

Read “Filipina Persuasion-pt 4a” if Daphne goes back to Maricar and Millie’s.

Otherwise read “Filipina Persuasion-pt 4b” if Daphne leaves the club with Lin.

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