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A twenty-four year old virgin guy. How pathetic is that! I dated occasionally, but all too often I became friends with the girls I was attracted to instead of becoming romantically involved. There had been a couple of serious relationships in my late teens and early twenties, and the most recent one almost relieved me of my burden two years earlier. (Back in those days a decent guy didn’t get any unless he was in a relationship for a while; “Nice girls didn’t- at least not without a ring.”) I didn’t want my first time to be a one night stand with a girl who would sleep with anybody. I wanted it to be meaningful, and with a girl who was special to me. I was way overdue… I was seriously frustrated with my situation- and embarrassed by it!

In 1974 I began a new career, enrolled in a company sponsored course at the local college, and met Joy. She was a beautiful 19 year old blonde who instantly caught my attention during the first class session with her self-assurance. Joy was five foot two inches tall, with her ash blonde hair trimmed in a boy-cut short style. Her sparkling eyes were bright blue, with classic model cheekbones, a pixie nose and classic lips. She was model thin, weighing less than 100 pounds with an hourglass 34B-22-34 figure which featured full, grapefruit shaped breasts perched high on her chest, tapering to a narrow waist which flared out to curvy hips and a perfect tight butt which perched perfectly atop long, shapely legs. She also didn’t hesitate to speak out, a quality I admired greatly and which I wished I possessed.

Over the next couple of classes I made it a point to greet her and speak to her at each opportunity that presented itself. One night after class a group of us decided to stop for a bite to eat after class. She and I hit it off, but I soon learned that she was married, so I stopped trying to impress her with my good qualities and settled for a casual friendship.

One day at work I had to call her department for a customer problem, and we had time for a brief conversation to catch up with each other. Coincidentally, I was participating in the company’s bowling league, and my team was short a bowler for that week’s competition. I asked her if she bowled, she said she did, and I invited her to substitute for my missing teammate.

After our match the bowling the team went out for drinks, and Joy revealed that she was unhappy in her marriage, looking to leave her husband. We started talking regularly again, and I told her that I was considering a move to Texas, then invited her to come with me. She told me that she would consider it, and I began to put a plan together.

In a short time it became clear that she wasn’t ready to move. My new career was progressing well, so I dropped my idea. Meanwhile, she frequently invited me to hang out with her and her girlfriends, fueling my attraction to her. Over time it became apparent that I had made another friend and that my romantic feelings were not being reciprocated, much to my anguish, and we drifted apart. I continued on my search for love.

Several months later events brought us together again when Joy called to let me know that a mutual friend had been severely injured in an accident and was recuperating at home. We agreed to go to the friend’s house together on Friday after work to pay our respects. She also told me she had moved back to her parents’ home, having officially separated from her husband. I picked her up at her house that afternoon. Joy introduced me to her mother, then we quickly excused ourselves to visit our friend. I had planned on inviting her to spend the rest of the evening out with me but was disappointed when Joy told me that she already had plans to meet several friends downtown at a popular club after we left her friend’s house. That killed my tentative plans for dinner with her so after we left her coworker’s home I swallowed my disappointment and dropped her off downtown to meet her friends, then went home.

While we were driving downtown I mentioned that I was planning a road trip to New York that Sunday to see my team play the Mets and asked Joy if she would like to join me. She responded with a ‘maybe’, telling me that she would be spending Friday night and Saturday with her best friend Susan, but she would like to go if Susan didn’t have other plans for them Sunday. She gave me Susan’s phone number and asked me to call her Saturday afternoon.

I called and (much to my surprise) Joy said she was looking forward to the trip, and I arranged to pick her up for the drive to New York on Sunday morning. We enjoyed our day trip together, and as I prepared to drop her off at home late Sunday night I wryly commented “This will do wonders for my reputation with your mother. I pick you up on Friday afternoon and bring you home Sunday night… And I didn’t even get any of the benefits.”

Our day trip turned out to be the spark that launched us on the road to romance. Afterward we began to talk regularly and go out together as a couple. One night when I dropped her home kocaeli escort I kissed her for the first time, a quick peck on the lips good night at her door, and she responded by returning my kiss with much greater intensity. I filed her response in my mind for the next time, reminding myself that my ‘nice girls’ restrictions would not apply to a formerly married, sexually experienced woman who was accustomed to accommodating her own physical needs.

Several days later, after spending an evening out, I parked in front of Joy’s house to drop her off. I shut off the ignition and turned to her, reaching my arms out to embrace her. I lowered my lips to hers, kissing her gently. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck tightly and kissing me passionately. We continued kissing intensely for several minutes, rapidly elevating my heartbeat and deepening my breathing as we kissed.

I tentatively permitted my lips to separate, and my tongue began to explore her lips. She responded by opening her lips, allowing me to explore her mouth with my tongue, and to taste her sweetness. Soon our tongues intertwined as our passion grew.

That wasn’t all that grew. I could feel the tightness in my underwear as blood rushed to my crotch, quickly transforming my relaxed organ to its’ full 6 1/2″ length beneath my clothing.

As we continued necking I slid my left arm from behind her back and tentatively reached for the fullness of her cushiony breast, pressing my palm firmly over the center, and began my exploration of it. I stroked and rubbed slowly, feeling her sharp intake of breath as my palm stimulated the nipple, causing it to immediately harden. Taking my time, I continued to rub and squeeze her breast over her Danskin top, watching for her reactions and trying to maximize the pleasure she was receiving from my touch. Stimulated by her responses my desire grew.

Eventually I moved my hand to Joy’s other breast, enjoying the feel of the soft, warm orb topped by an already pointy, firm nipple on the tip. As I stimulated it with my firm, gentle touches Joy began to make light mewling noises, transmitting her pleasure at the stimulation she was receiving and I slid my hand into the deep V neckline of her Danskin wraparound top which tied around the waist, and beneath the cloth of the satiny bra I encountered below. I found smooth, warm skin covering a soft spongy core as I carefully continued my exploration and stimulation of her magnificent breasts beneath her clothing.

Driven by my need to see the breasts that I was feeling, I began unfastening the top, allowing me full access to her bra, which I quickly pushed above her breasts, exposing them to my view. As I was gazing upon the twin plump, round, creamy white mounds topped by firm, pointy pink nipples stretching out from the centers of matching pink, quarter sized areolae an intense urge to kiss them struck. I lowered my lips to the first one, placing gentle kisses over the erect nipple, then licked my tongue across the firm point, drawing a gasp from Joy and a jump from my penis in response.

Her hands pressed my mouth firmly to her soft breast, urging me silently to continue my exploration with my tongue. As I licked and suckled on that object of my desire I was continuing to caress her other breast with my hand. Meanwhile Joy’s chest was heaving rapidly as her level of excitement increased. My head rose and fell with each breath Joy took as I fought to maintain my mouth and tongue’s contact with the succulent fruits I was enjoying.

Joy had welcomed all of my advances, so I slid a hand down her torso, reaching for her hidden treasures. Encountering no resistance, I rested my hand firmly on her lower abdomen and began to stretch out my arm to press lower when disaster happened. My arm somehow pressed down on the center of the steering wheel and hit the horn button! The horn blasted loudly. As soon as I realized what had occurred I moved my arm, stopping the sound. We both laughed, but the mood was broken.

Joy immediately sat up and began to straighten her clothes, saying “We need to stop. My dad or one of the neighbors might decide to come out to investigate the horn noise.” I reluctantly agreed. When Joy had readjusted her clothing we exited the car and I walked her to the door, saying goodnight more than a little reluctantly.

I returned to my car alone, cursing my bad fortune and drove away toward home. While driving I kept reliving the passion I had just experienced, visualizing in my mind the wonders of Joy’s breasts that I had been enjoying so much and the imagined wonders hidden between her legs, which I had come so close to discovering. My erection had barely decreased, and I could feel the throbbing. Unable to contain my excitement any longer as I drove, I reached for my zipper and slid it down, attempting to release my throbbing cock from the imprisonment of my underwear.

Unable to free it because of the tight slacks I was wearing, I threw caution and common sense to the wind. I released my belt buckle kocaeli escort bayan and unfastened the waist button. Driving with one hand and working with the other I tugged my slacks and underwear below my rock hard cock and balls and off my ass. For the first time ever I was exposing my private parts in public!

I closed one hand around my red-hot shaft and began to slowly stroke it up and down, shocked by the intensity of the stimulation I could feel with each movement. When I looked down I could see the angry deep scarlet mushroom topping my shaft by the light of the street lamps as I firmly stroked below it. My hand rhythmically moved up and down my shaft, increasing in speed and firmness with each movement, and my excitement continued to build, reliving the look, feel and taste of Joy’s stunning body that was so fresh in my memory.

Quickly approaching the point of no return I realized that I was about to spray cum all over the front seat of my new car and began to wonder what I could do to prevent it. I soon remembered the white cotton handkerchief that I always carried in a pocket of my slacks. I stopped stroking and pulled it from the pocket, unfolded it and draped it over my cock head, then I resumed stroking the shaft.

Soon I could feel my balls tightening in preparation for ejaculation. Slowing my strokes, I squeezed my palm and fingers tightly around my rod in order to maximize the stimulation of the nerves in the shaft. I tightly gripped the steering wheel with one hand and tightly gripped my cock with the other. Focusing my attention on the road in front of me I aggressively stroked my handkerchief covered cock while I aimed the speeding vehicle down the road. My scrotum again tightened and I began to feel contractions beginning deep in my balls, radiating into the base of my cock which began to throb uncontrollably from the base to the tip of the glans. My hips jerked forward suddenly, jamming my foot down on the gas pedal, and the car leapt forward. A huge stream of thick hot pearlescent cum erupted from my cock and was captured by the white cloth.

Again and again my hips jerked, and again and again the car flew forward. I desperately struggled to keep the car in the traffic lane, which fortunately had no other vehicles ahead. Each contraction squeezed out another stream of cum, quickly saturating the hankie and soaking my hand with the sticky fluid.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the contractions tapered off in frequency and in volume, and I regained control of the car as I approached my exit for home. Quickly realizing that the cloth was saturated, covered on the underside with thick viscous seminal fluid, I dropped it on the floor mat, wiped the sticky mess off my cock as well as I could with the tail of my shirt, and struggled to restore my briefs and slacks to their normal positions with shaking hands and trembling insides. I never had cum that hard in my life!

I slept like a baby that night, reliving the events over and over in my dreams…BUT…I was still a virgin!

The Company Christmas Party

A few days later the company’s annual Christmas party was scheduled, and Joy had already agreed to go with me. I was now a 25 year old, and my virginity had become an unbearable millstone around my neck. I was ashamed to still be a virgin, and I swore to myself that I would not still be a virgin by my 26th birthday, now less than a month away. As I prepared for the party I realized that it might be my best opportunity to change my status, and committed myself to meeting that goal.

The night of the party I took a long hot shower, scrubbing every inch of my body thoroughly. I dressed in my dressiest suit and tie, polished my shoes until they had a mirror finish, and carefully brushed every hair in place. My goal was to project the image of the successful, confident, sophisticated young executive I was striving to be, not the shy, insecure virgin I was.

When I picked up Joy I was absolutely stunned by the vision of beauty that greeted me at the door. She welcomed me in a slinky black flapper style dress, with multiple rows of fringe from top to bottom. The dress hung from two thin strings over her shoulders, the straight line top revealing the deep cleavage between the luscious breasts beneath, then falling over her breasts to outline her lithe figure, ending with a layer of fringe that ended halfway down her shapely thighs. Beneath the dress she wore black patterned stockings that accented the long curves of her legs, with black strapped high heels finishing her outfit perfectly.

All I could say was “Wow… You look absolutely stunning in that dress!” Joy graciously thanked me for the compliment and off we went.

During the short drive to the banquet hall we chatted comfortably, but a red flag came up as we talked; Joy warned me to watch out for her Supervisor, Cindy. She had decided that I was cute and told Joy that she was going to try to take me home from the party. All I could think was ‘Great… Just what I need, izmit escort an overweight, unattractive woman who wants to fuck me when I’m going to the party with the sexiest woman in the place. Actually, what I said was “Thanks for the warning. I’ll stay as far away as possible. I’m yours tonight. Anyway, she’s about the last girl in the world that I would ever get involved with.”

The party was fun (except for Cindy, who did manage to corner me a few times, which I was expecting and managed to deflect.) I did manage to spend a good amount of time with Joy. We danced, ate, drank and chatted intermittently throughout the evening. She also spent time visiting with other friends she worked with. As the time approached for the party to end I asked her if she was ready to leave. She nodded and grabbed my arm, and we made our way through what was left of the crowd and out to the car. As we walked I gave myself a silent pep talk, telling myself ‘I want to make passionate love with this sexy young woman… Now… I need to hold back this stupid shyness of mine…Now… I need to forget about my inhibitions and show her how much I want to be with her…Now!’

The temperature had dropped dramatically while we were inside, and neither of us had worn a warm coat. We jumped in, I started the car and turned the heat on full blast, as the windshield was frosted over. As we waited for the defroster to take effect I gazed at the beauty of the young woman beside me and complimented her again on how good she looked in that dress. We looked at each other for a long moment, then leaned toward each other and began kissing. What started tentatively quickly turned into passionate kissing as we both opened our lips and engaged in the exploration of each other’s lips, tongues, teeth and tonsils. Our breathing escalated with the intensity of our kisses, fogging the windows on the inside.

I quickly reached for Joy’s beautiful breasts, almost immediately freeing one from the top of her dress by pulling a spaghetti strap from her shoulder and down her arm. I lowered my lips to her nipple, licking and sucking it to hard pointiness, stimulating her soft moans and gasps in response to my attentions. We forgot about the chill in the car as our fiery passion generated our own heat.

As I enjoyed Joy’s breasts I reached one hand between her stocking clad legs to where her dress began, and slid it back up slowly over her firm inner thigh, seeking access to her hidden treasures, discovering that she was covered from waist to toes by her delicately patterned pantyhose. When I reached the top of Joy’s leg I began rubbing my fingers and palm slowly over the vee where her thighs joined, feeling the heat radiating from her slit as I caressed it. My middle finger slid over the crevice between her pussy lips, feeling the moisture begin to seep through the pantyhose as well as the heat being generated by her passion. My slacks had quickly tented as my penis filled, seeking release from the excitement being generated by our petting.

At that point I realized that we were putting on quite a show for the many partygoers who would be walking through the parking lot to their vehicles and it was likely we would be recognized by coworkers if we continued. I asked Joy if she would prefer to go somewhere more private than the banquet hall parking lot. Breathing heavily, she nodded yes, perhaps swayed by the memory of our misadventure with the horn in front of her house, so I moved back behind the wheel and we pulled out on to the highway.

I remembered that not too far north on the highway there was a nice looking motel, and figured that we would have no difficulty obtaining a room there for the night. As we drove we were both deep in thought. I wondered what she was thinking as I thought about my previous failures and worried about how the night would turn out.

The motel was a bit further down the road than I remembered and it took longer to reach it than I expected. As each minute passed I became more concerned that Joy would change her mind and ask me to turn around and take her home.

After what seemed like forever we finally reached the motel. I pulled up to the office, told Joy that I would be right out and went to register us for the night. I had traveled frequently and rented motel rooms before, but this was 1975 and I was renting a room for an unmarried couple to share and I didn’t know if I would get turned down. Fortunately no questions were asked, and I paid for the room and was given a key.

I jumped back in the car and parked in front of the room, where we quickly entered to escape the frigid air. As the door closed we both paused to look around in the dim light provided by the single illuminated lamp on a nightstand. At first glance the room was neat, clean and in good repair, but not memorable in any way.

I reached out to Joy as we stood in the entryway, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her shivering body against mine, then began to kiss her. She responded to my kisses in kind and quickly warmed up. Soon, wanting more, our lips separated and I led her to the king size bed that dominated the room. Joy sat on one side of the bed, and I quickly sat next to her and embraced her, then we resumed kissing intensely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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