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Amy sighed defeatedly. The rush of her breath echoed down the aisles and through the stacks. Exhausted she rubbed her eyes and checked her watch; midnight. The library would close in an hour. It was ridiculous that they opened the library so late during finals week, as if they expected that you would never be able to get your work done within normal hours. How long had it been since she’d last had a good night’s rest? She couldn’t remember. How she just wanted to go to bed. This place was creepy; cool, shadowy, the stacks stretching on and on, a seeming labyrinth of books. Why did they put the literary criticism in the farthest corner of the basement? She could be murdered here and no one would find her for weeks. A band of tension fastened itself across her temples as she scanned the rows of bindings searching for the titles that would complete her endless research. Amy was so absorbed in finishing her task that she didn’t notice the man approaching.

“Having trouble, Ms. Price?”

Amy screamed, dropping the stack of books she carried.

“Oh, Professor Jacobs! I didn’t notice you there. God, I am so sorry.” Kneeling down to collect her books, she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and hoped wasn’t blushing uncontrollably. Her heart was racing. Professor Jacobs was a brilliant lecturer; an esteemed academic and expert of Shakespeare. Even since her very first class, she had been unbelievably attracted to him, with his slightly graying brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. He had a slow sexy smile that had been known to make her squirm in her chair during lectures.

“It’s fine Amy, but you’re here awfully late. I hope you aren’t having trouble with anything.” Amy glanced at the pile of books she awkwardly clutched, and all erotic thoughts were banished as she gloomily returned to the task at hand.

“Actually, it’s your paper I am working on. I just can’t seem to organize my thoughts on the sexual symbolisms in Shakespeare’s sonnets.” Tears of frustration crept into the corners of her eyes. It was her first semester and she wanted so desperately to do well.

“Now, now Amy,” he said, laying his hand on her shoulder “I am sure I can help you clarify your thinking.” He voice held a vaguely teasing note. As she looked into his eyes questioningly, his hand began to massage her shoulder. His blue eyes seemed to pin her to the spot. What was happening here? She wasn’t sure, but she felt her body relax toward him as his fingers worked away some of the tension in her shoulder. It seemed almost in slow motion that he brought his other hand to her face, his fingertips grazing avrupa yakası escort her cheekbone, skimming her lips, and tracing lightly down, over her throat, her collarbone, the tips of his fingers like feathers in the valley between her breasts, over the top of her breast, over her nipple which began to protrude through her form-fitting white tee-shirt. She felt her body temperature jump, her insides beginning to melt as he slid his hand firmly around her waist, his fingers splayed across her back, almost as if they were slow dancing. He led her gently to the end of the aisle. A small gasp escaped her lips and her rear softly bumped the wall. His stare did not waiver as his hand slid from her shoulder caressing the outer side of her breast and down the outside of her smooth, firm thighs, tickling across her knee, and back up her inner leg. His fingers maneuvered inside the hem of her denim skirt. He nudged the warm damp patch of her panties with his knuckle, the metal of his wedding band teasingly cool against her skin.

“Would you like my help, Amy?” She stared back into his penetrating gaze, her eyes wide, slightly afraid. She felt the ground swimming beneath her. Her skin seemed to be on fire. She felt the room spin slightly. So distracted by the warm fluid feelings circling and swirling between her legs, she felt almost unable to respond. His knuckle ground ever so slightly against her swollen clit and she felt her knees begin to buckle, the pressure of his hand on her pussy intensifying beneath her. He brought his knee between her legs to steady her.

“Amy, would you like my help?” he repeated. Amy found her breath had become labored. She was unable to stop herself from staring at his mouth, his lips, the white of his teeth. The tip of her tongue protruded without her knowing it, wetting her own lips in anticipation. Her back arched slightly bringing her breasts closer to his chest; her legs seemed to part ever so slightly of their own will, but even as she advanced, he retreated ever so gently from her.

“Amy,” he said “I’ve asked you a question.” His eyes seemed to bore into her. She felt her head fall back against the cool stone of the wall. “Would you like my help?” She felt her voice rising in her throat, as her chest rose with her breath.

“Yes, Professor,” she whispered huskily, her mind unsure of where the words had come from. “Please help me.” Her hands wound themselves around his neck, feeling the heat of his skin through the starched crispness of his shirt, working her fingers under the band of his tie, pulling istanbul escort him toward her. His face neared hers achingly slowly. She closed her eyes as she felt the heat of his breath on her lips, and whimpered almost inaudibly as she felt that warmth descend over her chin to the base of her neck. The warmth of his lips on her skin sent shivers up and down her spine. One hand gripped her thigh, pulling the leg closer to him, while the other played lightly across her erect nipple. Her hands wove themselves into his hair and his lips met hers, his tongue teasingly entering her mouth, she felt her pussy throbbing with desire. One of her hands slid down his back, pulling his shirt from his trousers, her fingers exploring the warmth of his back, pulling him closer to her, feeling the hardness of his erect cock come into contact with her pussy.

He pulled her gently away from her. His gaze traveled from her face to her body, and he began, slowly, to lift the hem of the tee-shirt over her head. The chill in the air teased her erect nipples even more. His deft fingers unbuttoned her skirt, leaving it in a puddle of the floor. His gaze seemed to burn over her skin as he surveyed her form, clad only in her creamy bra and panties. Greedily she tugged at his loosened tie, and began to fumble with his shirt, pulling it open with such ferocity she nearly popped a button. He smiled, his slow sexy smile igniting a sudden rush of heat in her already sopping pussy. Unbuttoning his trousers, pulling them down his boxers she dropped to her knees. Never in her life had she ever wanted, much less wanted so much to suck a man’s cock. As her hands slid back up his legs, she stared at his erect cock with wonder, so hot and hard between her hands. She looked up at him to find him gazing down at her patiently, expectantly. She ran her tongue firmly up the shaft, enjoying the texture of his skin. Running the tip of her tongue in quick circles around the head before gently encircling it with her lips, her tongue continuing to work along the groove.

Her fingers tickled his balls gently, and his head fell back as he moaned quietly. Grasping his ass in one hand she pulled him deeper into her mouth, feeling the head of his cock deep in her mouth, pulling him in and out, moaning herself as she tasted his salty pre-cum. Feeling his hands in her hair she looked up and met his hungry gaze as he stared down at her. Without a word he pulled her up roughly. Pressing her against the wall, he kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring every crevice of her mouth. Her body ached with desire. Her long-distance boyfriend mecidiyeköy escort had managed to bring her to a few brief clenched orgasms, but now her body seemed to hum, begging to be touched. Her bra was off without her realizing it, his fingers massaging her breast, tweaking her nipple. His mouth soon followed and she let out a moan as his tongue swirled over her tit. As he sucked on her breast, his hands freed her from her damp panties. He slid his finger inside her slowly, she moaned loudly, grinding her pussy against his hand wanting to feel him inside her deeper and harder.

“Oh please, Professor Jacobs,” she whispered, her body shaking.

“Please, what, Amy?”

“Please, Professor,” she whispered with greater intensity.

“Yes, Amy. Tell me what you want”

“Please. Professor, please. Please fuck me, please. I need to feel you inside me.” Again he grinned, the white of his teeth expanding the heat from between her legs, enflaming the entirety of her thighs. She felt the hot throbbing head of his cock against the warm lips of her pussy. She arched her back toward him, already enjoying the feeling of him just pressed against her hot dripping opening. He entered her slowly, her back arching further with every exquisite inch. Her legs wrapped around him, she was totally at his mercy as he slowly thrust deep inside her, one of his hands squeezing her ass, the other her breast. He took his time, ensuring that every time she had the pleasure of feeling the head of his cock part her swollen pussy lips. With every thrust she felt the base of his cock firmly on her clit. She began to moan louder, begging him for more – oh god, professor. Oh yes. Please, more. I want you. Fuck me professor, please. His rhythmic thrusting increased, sending her eyes rolling back in her head, her fingers clawing desperately at his back.

As his hot, throbbing cock pumped deeper inside her, harder against her, she felt her pussy begin to spasm and clench around him. His thrusts came faster and faster, harder and harder. Warm sensations rolling through her body, she felt herself lose control. Her breasts hummed, her tits seemed to vibrate, her entire body gave way to the wave of pleasure crashing over her again and again as he fucked her ruthlessly. She felt her hot juices flood inside her as her moans echoed through the stacks as she came. Only slightly beyond the peak of her orgasm she heard him groan as his hands tightened on her body, and felt his hot cum shoot inside her, sending another wave of pleasure through her body. After a few moments, he slowly lowered her to the floor, and pulled his clothes back on.

“I wouldn’t worry about your paper, Ms. Price. I think you have adequately demonstrated your understanding of the sexual symbolism here.”

“Thank you Professor Jacobs.” Amy smiled to herself, thrilled that she had decided to sign up for his advanced Shakespeare class next term.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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