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I woke up the next morning with a feeling of deja vu, a warm wet feeling on my hard cock and a weight on my lap. I opened my eyes to find mom was slowly fucking herself on my morning wood. I smiled as I immediately reached up to fondle her large breasts. Mom moaned deeply as she looked down at me with an embarrassed smile on her face, as she said, “Sorry, baby, but I saw you were hard and that got me horny and wet, and you had said to come to you if I ever want sex. I just really wanted you again and I…”

I cut her ramblings off by pulling her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Mom melted into the kiss and continued to fuck herself on my hard cock. Wanting to taunt and tease her, I moaned into the kiss, “You dirty-minded slut, I can’t believe you would molest your own son in his sleep. Can you feel how wet your pussy is, mom? You must have really wanted my hard cock inside your greedy pussy.”

Mom moaned and hugged her arms tightly around my body as she increased the speed of her hips. I could hear the audible slapping sounds of her luscious ass cheeks smacking against my thighs. Knowing mom was seriously turned on by dirty talk and wanting to pull her out of her sexual repression, I continued, “You must really be a slut for my cock if you’re this wet and needy so early in the morning. I would have thought your needy pussy would have been satisfied by all the hard fucking and hot cum I gave you last night. I don’t even know how many times you orgasmed, mom. I bet a slut like you will need to have your sexual urges tended to numerous times a day. Is that what you want, mom? Do you want your son to lick your pussy, suck your clit, and fuck you numerous times every day?”

Mom moaned out, “God, yes!”

I maneuvered my fingers to her hard nipples and began tweaking them between my thumbs and forefingers as I started to trail my pinky fingers along the underside of her breasts. Mom’s reaction was instantaneous. Her eyes shot open as she cried out into the kiss, went completely rigid, and clung to my body with all her might. Feeling her pussy trembling around my hard cock was always an amazing feeling.

Mom finally can back to herself and sat up on my lap as she looked down at me in awe. With a hushed voice, she asked, “How did you make me orgasm so fast, baby?”

I smirked and shrugged as I said, “Maybe I was made to make you orgasm. Maybe this is how people who love each other make love. Maybe you just needed a real man to satisfy you. Maybe we just both enjoy the depraved incestuous nature of our coupling and that makes us cum harder and faster than with anyone else. Does it really matter, mom?”

Mom shook her head as she leaned down to capture my lips in a lazy kiss, as she breathed out, “No, honey, it doesn’t matter.”

We both moaned into the lazy kiss as my hands began caressing her body. Smiling into the kiss, I asked, “So, you really like my dirty talk, don’t you, mom?”

She giggled and broke the kiss as she blushed. She sat up, driving my hard cock deeper into her pussy. She ignored the pleasure in her cunt, as she said in embarrassment, “I’ve never had anyone talk dirty to me before. It’s not something I’m used to.”

She blushed furiously as she admitted this and refused to meet my eyes, as I asked, “Have you ever had anyone lick or suck your pussy, mom? Has anyone ever sucked your clit? Have you ever been fucked doggie style until you screamed in orgasm? Have you ever ridden a hard cock? Have you ever orgasmed as much or as fast as with me? Do you regret anything?”

Mom dutifully answered “no” to all of my questions as I asked them and I felt her pussy moisten and tremble around my cock as I continued to ask her questions. Her face was red and she still refused to meet my eyes. Deciding to take a more forceful course of action, I said sternly, “Look at me, mom.”

Mom did as instructed, and I continued asking in my stern voice, “Have we done anything that you didn’t enjoy, mom? Are you ashamed to take such pleasure from having sex with your son? Are you ashamed that you look forward to more sex with me? Do you feel ashamed that I make you orgasm so hard? Do you feel ashamed that you enjoy feeling me cum inside you? Would you rather we stopped all of this incest, forget it ever happened, and found other lovers for ourselves, mom?”

Mom continued to dutifully answer my questions with a quiet “no,” but suddenly looked fearful and said “no” with a pleading tone to my last question. Keeping my tone stern, I asked, “Do you remember what you promised me yesterday when you agreed to come to me when you were horny and you wanted me to do the same for you?”

Mom nodded, as she replied, “Yes, honey, I remember.”

Still keeping a stern tone, I replied, “Then I want you to fuck your needy wet pussy on my hard cock until you feel my hot cum exploding inside you. I happen to love making you orgasm and cumming inside you. I hope to do both every day. I want you to drop this embarrassed and nervous attitude, oral yapan gaziantep escort even if I have to fuck and lick it out of you. I’m going to fuck you and lick your pussy every chance I get. I hope that you can come to me when I’m awake if you’re horny and need a good hard fuck. You’re a beautiful and sexy lady, and I intend to make you believe that. Ok, mom?”

Mom was stunned into silence by my words but nodded as she began slowly fucking herself on my cock again. Trailing my hands up her body, I once again fondled her breasts. Smiling up at her, I said, “You have amazingly lovely breasts, mom. They are so sexy and warm. I love watching them move as I fuck you or while you fuck yourself on me. Feeling your breasts in my mouth and your nipples between my lips must remind you of when I was a baby. But I doubt you ever orgasmed from having me nursing from you, did you, mom?”

Mom shook her head as she continued to move her hips to ride my cock. Her mouth was open as she breathed heavily. Her eyes were lidded as she listened to my descriptions of her breasts. Smiling at her inability to speak but clearly seeing the lust in her eyes at my words, I trailed my hands to her ass cheeks and gripped them both in my hands. I moaned as I felt her luscious ass cheeks and said, “You have an amazing ass, mom. It’s just the right size. I love feeling your ass in my hands. Soon I’m going to show you how much I love your ass. Have you ever been rimmed, mom? That’s when someone tongue fucks your asshole. I guarantee you will love it, mom. You will orgasm so hard you will scream in pleasure.”

Mom whined at my description and teasing. It was obvious that she had never experienced that before, but was looking forward to it. Smirking up at my mother as she continued to work herself on my hard cock, I decided to taunt her more by saying, “Come on, mom, fuck yourself on my hard cock. I want to watch you cum with my hard cock inside you. I know how hot and horny you get when I talk dirty to you, but I want to hear you talk dirty to me. Just tell me how you feel and what you want us to do together. Come on, mom, let me hear how your filthy mind works.”

Mom moaned and looked down at me with lust and longing in her eyes. I felt her hands grip my chest tighter as she continued to fuck herself on my hard cock. She bit her lower lip as she said, “I want to feel your big cock inside me every day, honey. I want you to shoot your hot cum inside me every chance you get. I love feeling your hot cum spraying into my pussy. I orgasmed so hard when you came inside me. I want to do everything with you, baby. I’ve never been able to experiment with sex before, and I want to do so many things with you. I get so hot and horny when I look at you or think about you.”

Mom was working herself up into a frenzy. She was literally bouncing on my lap, driving my hard cock deep into her pussy as fast as she could. Her breasts were bouncing erotically with her movements. Her dirty talk was having a positive effect on her and was egging her on to say more. Mom looked down at me with a stern and possessive expression on her face, as she declared, “I want to cum all over your big hard cock, baby. I want my pussy juices to coat your cock so you know you are mine. God, I want you to fuck me every day. I want to have a constant load of your hot cum inside me so I can feel you claiming me. I want you to bend me over and take what’s yours whenever you want. I want you to know that I’m always hot and horny for you.”

I smiled as I listened to mom describe her desires and feelings for us. As I watched her large breasts shake in front of my face, I smiled as I lifted my head and captured her nipple in my mouth to begin sucking. Mom moaned and pressed her breast into my face as she cradled my head to her breast. She moaned louder as she continued to smash her wet pussy on my hard cock.

Feeling her pussy beginning to tremble, mom moaned out, “Oh, baby, I’m going to cum again! Please cum inside mommy’s pussy. I want to feel your hot cum exploding inside me when I cum. God, I love feeling you cum deep inside me, baby. Cum for me. Cum for mommy, baby!”

I moaned around her nipple as I felt my hard cock swell and then explode inside her. Mom moaned loudly as she felt my cum coating her insides and then cried out as her orgasm crashed over her. She went rigid and then shook as she held onto me. With one last sigh, she relaxed on top of me. I felt her fingers gently stroking through my hair as I continued to tenderly suck her nipple.

Mom began kissing the top of my head as she gently pulled my face to hers. Letting her nipple fall from my mouth, I let mom guide our lips together for a lazy kiss. Both of us moaned into the kiss and we tenderly caressed each other’s bodies. Mom then whined and broke the kiss as she whispered, “I’ll be right back, baby.”

Mom then disentangled herself from me and quickly walked to gaziantep oral yapan escort the bathroom. I snickered as I climbed out of bed and went to my bathroom. After I had finished, mom met me in the hall and with an embarrassed look on her face asked, “Why don’t you join me in the shower, baby?”

I smiled at her blush and nodded, making mom beam as she took my hand and led me into her shower. In the shower, we played around a little, but for the most part, we didn’t get overly playful. We both seemed to enjoy soaping and rubbing each other’s bodies as we admired our naked bodies.

After getting dressed and having breakfast, mom seemed to be weighing something on her mind. I was about to ask her what was wrong when she suddenly took me by the hand and led me to the couch. She then pushed me down on my back and crawled on top of me. She smiled seductively as she whispered, “I’m going to suck your cock now, baby.”

Mom then pulled down my pants and boxers and threw them to the floor. With wide eyes and a longing smile, mom gripped my hard cock and tenderly ran her fingers over it admiringly. Mom moaned in appreciation as she licked from my balls to my cock head before placing a gentle kiss on my cock head. Mom then opened her mouth and began sucking and licking my cock head. I watched as her eyes rolled back before she slowly shut her eyes in ecstasy. She looked so blissful as she sucked my cock head.

I watched her in rapt fascination as she began to bob her head and suck the full length of my hard cock, moaning in pleasure as she went. Mom continued to bob her head up and down as she sucked and licked my hard cock. Her cheeks were being sucked inward with the force of her suction.

I moaned at the amazing feeling of the blowjob. Mom began stroking my hard cock with one hand in sync with her bobbing head as she used her other hand to massage and gently tug my balls. Mom looked up at me through lidded eyes as she was clearly enjoying herself. I smiled down at her as she winked and began bobbing her head faster.

Smiling as I watched mom enjoy herself and knowing how much she got off on dirty talk, I decided to taunt her as I said, “You’re such a depraved slut, mom. You’re sucking your own son’s hard cock and I bet your pussy is soaking wet right now, isn’t it? I guess I inherited that depravity from you because I thoroughly enjoyed licking your wet pussy and sucking your clit until you orgasmed. I intend to do both of those again soon, mom. Would you like that, mom? Would you get off on seeing your own son’s head between your legs as I lick your needy cunt? You moaned like a slut in heat when I went down on you last night. I guess it’s been a while since anyone’s done that to you. But there’s no need to worry, your wet pussy tastes so good and is so susceptible to my touch that I will go down on you whenever you want. I won’t even make you ask or beg for it. I’ll just pull down your pants and bury my face in your cunt whenever I’m feeling hungry for mommy’s pussy.”

Mom moaned loudly around my hard cock sending tingles up and down my spine as she intensified her suction. I moaned deeply as I felt her new intensity. Mom began moaning around my hard cock intensifying my pleasure. I smiled widely thinking mom was a natural cock sucker and hoped that I could receive this pleasure regularly. My hips bucked involuntarily as mom flicked her tongue across my sensitive cock head. Feeling my orgasm building, I wanted to warn her and taunt her a little bit more, as I said, “Oh, mom, you’re amazing at sucking cock. You’re about to make me cum. Mmmm…”

Mom continued to moan around my cock as she tightened the grip with her hand that was stroking my shaft as she added more pressure to my balls. I began moaning continuously as my orgasm built until with a violent bucking of my hips, my cock exploded into her mouth. Mom never slowed down or gave any sign of disgust as she moaned and continued sucking. I watched her lips sliding up and down my cock shaft as my cock continued to spurt hot cum into her mouth. Mom swallowed every drop and never allowed any cum to escape her lips.

With one last deep suction and tight-fisted stroke, mom milked the remaining cum from my cock. She withdrew the cock from her mouth and placed one last kiss on my cock head before looking up at me with a satisfied smile on her face. I smiled down at her as I raised my hand and beckoned her up to me with a finger. Mom crawled up my body and was about to stop when our faces were side by side, but I pushed her further until she was straddling my face.

Mom looked down at my face between her legs in time to watch me run my tongue over her yoga pants-covered pussy. She sighed erotically as I placed a kiss on her pussy mound before I reached up and grabbed her pants. With one swift pull, I ripped her tight pants apart at the seam exposing her shaved pussy to me. I smirked up at her as I saw that gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan she hadn’t been wearing any panties. Mom moaned as she looked into my eyes.

I then gently pulled her down so that she sat with her pussy on my mouth. I kept eye contact with her as I trailed my tongue from her pussy lips to her clit, making her groan in desire. I smirked up at her as I said, “Take off your shirt and bra, mom. I want to see your lovely large breasts. I love seeing you naked. If I have my way, you’ll rarely spend any time at home with your clothes on.”

Mom quickly she’d her shirt and bra, she dangled her bra in front of her teasingly before casually throwing it aside. She then made a production of rubbing her large breasts and tweaking her hard nipples as she stared into my eyes, leaving me without any doubt that she was thinking of me as she pleasured herself. Smirking up at her, I taunted, “You are a dirty slut, mom. Maybe I should have you masturbate in front of me sometime as you tell me your fantasies. But then again, I doubt I could see your exposed cunt without diving in, like this…”

I then plunged my tongue directly into her wet pussy as I pulled her hips down to cover my entire mouth with her cunt lips. I smiled into her pussy as I pictured this as French kissing her cunt. Mom cried out in pleasure and began grinding her pussy against my mouth. Mom’s breath caught as her clit rubbed against my nose. Taking the initiative, mom began targeting my nose with her clit as she rolled her hips erotically.

From my position, I could see her continuing to massage her large breasts as she pinched her hard nipples. I licked as deeply into her pussy as I could reach, enjoying the way her pussy juices ran into my open mouth and coated my face. I began flicking my tongue over every surface I could reach inside her pussy as mom continued to moan like a slut. I moaned into her pussy as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Mom moaned in pleasure and purred, “Oh, baby, you’re so amazing. I’ve never felt so hot and horny for anyone like I am for you. Mmm…your tongue feels incredible. So good. So deep. My beautiful boy. Oh, I’m going to cum all over your handsome face. God, you make me so wet and needy, baby. I’m never going to get tired of your touch. I’ll do anything for you and to you, baby. So good. Such a good boy.”

Mom continued to grind her pussy against my face and I loved the feeling of her pussy lips spread over my mouth. I licked deep into her cunt and held her thighs as I watched her continue to grope her breasts erotically. Mom’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she sighed and moaned in pleasure. Mom’s cunt was still free-flowing with her juices and I lapped them up in pleasure. I began trailing my fingers over her thighs as I admired her delicious body. Mom moaned at my touch and seemed to tremble as my fingers continued to trail over her inner thighs.

Looking down at me, mom moaned out, “God, baby, I’m so sensitive to your touch. I feel like I could cum just by feeling your fingers on my skin.”

I smiled into her pussy and rubbed my nose against her clit as I continued to lick deep inside her pussy. I began moaning into mom’s pussy and putting more pressure on her clit with my nose, as I continued to lick deep inside her. Mom’s breath caught and I watched her let go of her breasts and grab a hold of the couch for support as she moaned deeply and began to shake in pleasure. Smiling into her pussy, I continued my combined techniques to bring her to orgasm. I wanted mom to come unglued and lose herself in pleasure. Judging by her reaction and her current state, her orgasm was not far off.

Mom’s breath became labored and she seemed to be gasping for breath as her pleasure built. Her breasts were shaking erotically with the force of her shaking body and her labored breathing. I watched as she clenched her eyes tightly shut and her face scrunched in concentration. She was always so sexy when she was overwhelmed with pleasure. Mom began to gasp out continuously, “Oh, god! Oh, Jesus! Oh, please! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Mom then bucked her hips violently against my face and released a flood of juices into my mouth as her orgasm reached its breaking point. Mom cried out an unintelligible scream of overwhelming ecstasy as she shook from head to toe. She stayed rigid with her muscles strained for several seconds as her orgasm left her incapable of moving. With one last violent bucking of her hips, mom practically collapsed against the couch. With a long-winded sigh of relief, she began trying to catch her breath.

I withdrew my tongue from her pussy and sucked any remaining juices from her count lips, making mom moan softly. With a very satisfied and clearly exhausted smile, she looked down at me and breathed out, “My god, baby, you made me cum so hard that it actually hurt.”

I smiled up at her as I shifted my face so I could reply, “I always love making you cum, mom. You look so sexy when you’re overwhelmed by your orgasm. Maybe someday I should tie you down naked on our bed spread-eagled so I can lick your pussy and suck your clit until you actually faint in pleasure.”

Mom giggled at my reply as she attempted to raise her leg and climb off my face, but I quickly gripped her thighs and held her in place as I sternly said, “Nope. I’m not quite done with you yet, mom. I want to see your reaction to this…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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