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Chapter 1

I’ve had a good life for the most part: an interesting career, two grown children that love me, and a good tenured position in a mid-sized university teaching advanced biochemistry and conducting research with a number of grad students. All in all, I’m very happy.

I did go through a fairly difficult divorce, however, that was no doubt the most unpleasant stretch of my life so far. I won’t go into a lot of details but just say that my former wife is now living with the guy.

About eight months after the divorce, I had established a reasonably workable schedule for myself in my new role as a bachelor in my mid-sixties.

My routine was fairly set with teaching and research to supervise, class preparation in the evenings and an hour or so for personal needs including a little self-pleasure. Life does go on, you know.

I did cook several nights each week, depended for food other nights on the wide variety of ho-hum frozen fare available at any supermarket these days and got takeout once or twice a week. So, I existed fairly well.

Breakfast, well, I opted to eat at a small coffee shop near campus where I quickly became a regular. The place was rife with habitues of all types and I soon noticed a young woman, well, to me, young, a bit older than college-age, probably in her mid- to upper-twenties, who was also there every morning often sitting at the next table from me.

I had started playing that game many of us play in trying to guess the lives of people we see around ourselves and I had figured that since she seemed to be going through the newspaper and making lists each morning that she was probably most likely looking for work.

The coffee shop was a cozy place and I got to enjoy it for an hour or so of seeing many of the same people and regarding each other in a friendly manner.

One morning the young woman came in and brought her order past my table and I nodded and spoke just to wish her a good day and she replied that her day had just ended and that she was looking forward to a few hours to herself before she had to pick up her child from school.

I had wondered if she might have been a returning student but, no, she worked overnight cleaning business offices and such to help put her husband through school. She ended her workday, or night, actually, in time to take her daughter to school, then have breakfast while she planned her next day’s activities. Her husband, she told me, was due to graduate at the end of the term and they would then probably move so he could take a job in international banking in a major city.

So, after graduation I quit seeing her in the coffee shop each weekday and had, of course, assumed that she and her husband and daughter were off to a new life together.

But, then one day the next week, I was pulling my usual croissant apart when I looked up and she was walking right toward my table.

“Can I talk to you?” she asked. I nodded and she sat down. I knew her name was Jenn and she looked rather serious, not like she usually had, happy and cheerful.

“I need someone to talk to and you seemed nice, also with some experience in life. Do you mind?”

I only had some reviewing to do on several research projects, so told her that my time was hers.

“Maybe you can help me understand what has happened to me. You knew that my husband was graduating and after he did, he told me he had a new job in London, in England. Well, I got really excited and that’s when he told me that I wasn’t going with him, we were over and I could keep the baby.”

“Oh, I’m so very sorry,” I tired to console.

“So, he packed everything up and left that night. He even had the nerve to thank me for putting him through college but he was off to a new start in a new country and didn’t want me as part of it.”

“I’m sorry you got treated this way, Jenn, really sorry. You certainly didn’t deserve that.”

“Well, at first I was upset, of course, but later, after he was gone, I just couldn’t understand how a man could leave like that and even leave behind his own daughter. Can you help me understand what it is about a man that he could do that?”

Well, as you know, my field is not psychology or marital counseling but she wanted my thoughts and I tried to help her state of mind.

“Well, Jenn, as you know there are two kinds of men, those who take and those who give. This sounds over simplistic but you got one who felt he was entitled to whatever he was offered in life and you got the short end of that. Were there any hints as to the kind of guy he was?”

She proceeded to tell me of how he always wanted them to do what interested him and never what she wanted to do. That and many other examples.

She ended saying, “I guess I should have known, huh?”

We talked more and she realized that she had a house, a reasonably nice car that was paid-for and her daughter was in a good school and that, even though she works hard, she makes a decent living and was able to support herself and her daughter.

I got a kiss on the cheek for my counsel oni thunder gods tale izle and we began having coffee each morning after she dropped her daughter off for school. I suppose it was two rather lonely and slightly forlorn people but we enjoyed one another’s company.

About a week went by when I realized as I was dusting the furniture that I knew a perfectly good contract cleaning person who could take care of all these chores that I had found rather noisome and decided to ask Jenn the next morning if she would be interested in cleaning my place once a week.

This kicked-off the cleanest my house had been in years as she came every Tuesday after I was at the lab and tidied the place up. It was not just clean but also relieved me of the chore.

So, our arrangement went on for about a month, we were still seeing each other over coffee each morning, she had more or less accepted the fact that she was starting her life over and I was glad to have done my rather small part in that.

Then, one day, I was at my office when I realized that I had left some papers at home which, thankfully, is only about a half-mile away.

I pulled up and saw Jenn’s car, remembering that it was Tuesday, and went in the unlocked front door, she had her own key, and was immediately met with a blast of rock music from upstairs. Since that was where my office was, I went up and as I turned the corner at the top of the stairs, there she was, on the guest bed, her pants over the footboard, her knees raised and her hands down between her thighs moving rapidly to the music.

I just stood there stunned for a second as she suddenly realized she wasn’t alone.

“Omigod,” she cried, “I didn’t hear you.”

“Sorry, oh, I didn’t know, I’ll leave you to yourself,” I mumbled embarrassedly.

Then, totally unexpectedly, she said, “Would you want to watch?” as she reached over and turned off the radio.

I was actually silent for a few seconds, it really did take me back. I realize that younger people are more open about sex and their bodies but that I really wasn’t expecting.

I think she realized my surprise and added, “I really don’t mind if you watch. After all, you’re all by yourself, too. And, it would help get me off.”

Well, I’m no fool and she was a pretty young woman so I replied, “Yes, I guess I would,” and I pulled up a chair and sat near the foot of the bed.

She raised her legs again spreading her legs, I saw her panties looped around her ankle and she began rubbing and fingering herself as she looked at me.

“Mmm, yes, I like having you here watching me do it. Can you tell me if you like watching me, tell me if you’re getting hard?”

Well, seems like my friend is pretty open about things, more so than I am generally but I decided to go along with her.

“I love your pussy, the way you shave it, I’ve never seen a woman with it shaved before. I like watching you very much, you’re really quite a beautiful young woman.”

“Are you hard?”

“Um, yes, quite hard, actually. Any man would be watching you. You’re very sexy like this.”

“Can I see it?”

Again, a question I wasn’t expecting.

“You can masturbate with me if you want,” she added.

Well, I can tell you that my heart rate just watching her was double the normal and my cock was harder than it had been in months.

“It’s really all right if you want to take it out and get off with me. I’d love to see you cum.”

So, I stood up and unbuckled my belt and slid my pants off and dropped my boxers to the floor. I had the largest, hardest erection I’d had in a long time.

I sat back down and took myself in hand and began stroking back and forth.

“You’re really turning me on, Henry, I hope you know that. I haven’t seen a nice one like yours in a while,” she said to me as her fingers went in and out while her other hand rubbed circles around her clit. It was surely turning me on, I knew that I couldn’t do this much longer before I cummed.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, yes, this is better, mmm, watching you do it is making me want to cum so bad, yes, I’mmm…uh, UH, UH, UNH, UNH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, feels so good, mmm,” she groaned as she rubbed and rubbed and stroked in and out.

“Oh, oh, it’s…uh, UH, UH, UH, uh, mmm, mmm,” I moaned as my cum spurted out onto the floor before me, the release wafting over me like of thick cloud of pure pleasure.

“I hope it was good for you, Henry, it was absolutely wonderful for me, best in a long time. I hope I helped,” she said softly.

“It was wonderful. I usually have a few Playboys or look at stuff on my laptop but none of it as sexy and erotic as being here with you while you did yourself.”

Then, another question I hadn’t anticipated.

“Would you like to do this again next week?”

I really didn’t hesitate when I answered, “I’d be honored, Jenn, and I mean that really, yes, I would.”

She stood up and came over to me as I finished buckling my belt and kissed me very nicely.

“See you for breakfast, oussekine izle Henry, sweet dreams in the meantime, I know I will,” and she went downstairs and started cleaning the kitchen and I gathered my papers and went back to the office.

I had images of our time together, of course, how could I forget her fingering her pink opening as I masturbated in front of her. Here I am in my sixties doing it in front of a young woman. Well, it was thrilling, I’ll say that.

The next morning, she came in shortly after I’d retrieved my order from the counter and she was all smiles. She ordered, then came and sat.

“Well, it looks like we both had fun yesterday. I’m glad you were understanding about catching me like that.”

“Well, after my initial shock, the view I had was quite marvelous.”

She grinned and added, “Maybe we can even make it better next Tuesday?”

“Oh, you have ideas?” I asked, my cock rising.

“Maybe, we’ll just have to see,” she said and we changed the subject to other far less interesting things.

As you might imagine, my mind was greatly on the upcoming Tuesday when we were to be together again.

We did have breakfast together, she actually seemed a bit flirtatious as we had our morning meal sitting together. Then we each got in our cars and drove the short distance to my house and went in right up to my bedroom.

Chapter 2

“I think I’d like it if we kissed, Henry, after all, we are sharing some rather intimate moments,” she said as she approached me with her arms open.

It had been a while since I’d kissed a woman but thankfully it all comes back quickly as I took her and gently kissed her as she began pressing her lips more firmly. Then, I felt the tip of her tongue probe between mine and I opened for her.

She got her tongue farther inside and I began sucking it as she started grinding her hips into my crotch. Then, she pulled her tongue back and we separated and she began pulling off her teeshirt, then reached back to unsnap her bra which she slid off to lay on the chair with her shirt.

I watched as she took off her slacks and the small pair of panties she had on. Then she climbed on the bed and situated herself against the headboard with her legs apart, slowly rubbing herself as I stood there rather mesmerized by it all.

Jenn was a pretty woman, I knew that but she looked even better naked. Her breasts were just perfect, firm, upright with pink nipples, she looked so good.

“Well, we can’t take all day, Henry,” she said smiling as I began taking off my necktie and shirt, then my pants and boxers to sit on the chair in front of her spread open on my bed. She now had a finger up inside and was running it in and out as her other hand circled her clit around and around.

“You’re so beautiful, Jenn, and so hot looking. You make me so hard, mmm,” I told her.

“I love to hear how I make your cock excited, Henry. Do you like my pussy? I hope you do.”

I knew she liked to talk sexy when she was getting off, that was already apparent from the first time.

“I love watching you stroke your cock, Henry. Maybe I should do it for you next time. Would you like that?”

“I think I’d rather love that, Jenn, I’m sure you could do it better than I can.”

“Maybe I will. Would you do me, next time. Get me off? I’d let you do it any way you like.”

This was really heating up between us, far, far more than I’d ever dreamed. If she was willing to let me bring her to orgasm any way I wanted, well, I suppose she didn’t rule out intercourse but she didn’t rule it in either, I think I’d like to do it orally more than by hand.

“Do you like oral?” I asked.

“No,” she answered quickly, adding, “no, I love oral. It gives me super-strong orgasms. And if you’re asking me if you could do that next time the answer is ‘no’ unless I can do oral for you,” she said, smiling her beautiful smile. “After all, one good deed deserves another, right?”

“Right,” I said as I began to feel the tip of my cock grow tingly. I knew I was getting close.

“You look so beautiful when you’re making yourself happy like this, Jenn. I love watching you, so sexy and wonderful.”

“I can suck you next time, Henry. Let me see how much you cum so I know how much I have to swallow. I really can’t wait until next week when it’s you between my legs.”

She was rubbing her clit faster and faster letting out little moans and squeaks.

“Oh, OH, OH, UHH, UHH, UHH, UHH, uh, um, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, cum for me, Henry, let me see how much you can cum for me, I’m…oh, oh, UUH, UUH, UUH, uuh, uh, uh,” she groaned again as she cummed and cummed while she rubbed. She had at least four, maybe five orgasms and after the third one, I thrust my hips up and groaned, “Oh, so good, mmm, oh, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, mmm, mmm,” as spurt after spurt arced out the end of my cock aimed at her but falling on the carpet between us.

I sat there in the chair, my head feeling light, I hadn’t cummed so hard and so much since I was a teen.

“Come, paper girls izle Henry, come lay with me, I want to feel you holding me,” she said softly as I rose and got into bed with her as we hugged and kissed.

Then, we both got up and got dressed and we both went to work, each far more happy and satisfied than we had been in months.

Our breakfasts together were eagerly anticipated by us both it seemed and we were now kissing each other hello every morning and even holding hands at times.

Then, that next wonderful Tuesday finally rolled around. We were both nervous and excited through breakfast which we cut short, taking our coffee with us for the first time.

We both rather dashed up the stairs and quickly were out of our clothes and in each other’s arms kissing and running our hands over the other.

Then, she pulled her head back and told me, “I really can’t wait Henry. Come, I want you inside me, please, I’m so wanting you,” and she pulled me into bed and pulled me over her to between her legs which she spread wide.

“I’m on the pill so it’s okay, just make me happy,” she begged and I took my cock and rubbed it up and down then pushed my hips forward as she raised herself up and wiggled. I went right into her just about all the way.

“Mmm, that’s what I’ve wanted ever since I first watched you jack-off,” she groaned as I began moving in and out of her while I enjoyed her wonderful breasts.

“Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. You’re such an angel, Jenn, to take pity on an old guy like me when you could have your pick of so many younger men.”

“Don’t you understand, Henry? I want you. I’ve wanted you. I see all these younger guys all the time, constantly. None can hold a candle to the man you are. When I first saw you I wondered why you were alone. You’re a handsome man, you keep fit, and when I started getting to know you, how gentle and kind you are, how intelligent, how wonderful you are to be with, well, I’ve wanted us to be together like this for a while now.”

“But, you’re so pretty, you can have any guy you want. I’m, well, I must be forty years older than you, something like that.”

“Just try to understand. I want you, Henry. I want you inside me, making love to me, you, not anyone else, you,” she said softly as I looked down at her, her eyes leaking tiny tears down the side of her face. She obviously meant what she was saying.

“Please just do this and accept what we have together? That’s all I ask. I want you for my lover, yes, more than any other man I’ve ever known,” and right then her body began to tremble, then shudder as she cried out, “Oh, Henry, I’m cumming, oh, yes, this is what I want. I love you, please give me your cum, I want you so much, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm,” and she pulled me down to her and began kissing me.

It was all I could take as well, as my cock began giving her exactly what she had wanted, surge after surge of my cum as I jammed down into her and she threw her legs up around me locking me deep inside her.

“Mmm, mmm, this is what I want. Oh, so much. I love the feel of you inside me, it’s so nice.”

I was later than usual getting to my office that day but was happier than I’d been in many years, maybe even forever. I had to focus on other things but our lovemaking that morning was never very far from my thoughts.

The next morning, we kissed as lovers when we met for breakfast and held hands throughout. I wanted to go back to my place with her but she said that we should have a proper date and she would get a babysitter so I asked her out for Saturday night. She eagerly accepted and I spent the rest of the day thinking about our upcoming time together.

I made reservations at my favorite restaurant in town, a French place that had several nooks that were cozy and quiet where we could be together.

At exactly six-thirty, I softly knocked on her front door and it swung open to reveal Jenn so beautifully dressed and done-up for our evening. She was gorgeous, her hair down not up like when she was cleaning my house, she had changed like Cinderella.

“Oh, Jenn. You look so beautiful. I’ll be the envy of every man in the restaurant. They’ll all think I’ve got millions to have someone like you at my side.”

“Thank you for that but you have me at your side because of the man you are Henry, it’s as simple and as wonderful as that,” she replied as her arms went around me and our lips came together for the first time that night.

I was on at least Cloud Eight and three-quarters throughout dinner which I had us begin with a flute of champagne to set the mood. For the first time since I was thirty, I felt thirty again.

Then, as we shared a dessert, I asked Jenn what she would like to do after dinner, that I hadn’t made any particular plans.

“Well, what I want most of all, Henry, is to accompany you back to your house and, if you have a spare toothbrush, stay the night with you. I’ve made arrangements for just that. That is, if you want me to share your bed. I might keep you awake some,” she said with her coy grin.

With that offer, which I quickly accepted, I excused myself for the men’s room where I took one of those famous pills one sees advertised so much, one from a sample pack that my doctor had given me when my marriage was still intact, though, unknown to me, in its last throes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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