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On our first date, I invited Sarah to dinner at a nice restaurant, then a movie. When I picked her up, however, she insisted on a fast food stop, said, “Fuck the movie,” and gave me directions to what she described as her “favorite motel.” I was going to get me some very nice tail on a first date, and I was elated. Sarah was pretty and very sexy.

The desk clerk knew her by her first name, and as she signed the register he flashed me a

thumbs up. I was beginning to wonder just how many guys Sarah had brought here when she urged me up the stairs and into a cozy little room filled almost wall to wall by a humongous bed.

She switched on the TV. An image of a girl riding a cock the size of a bullet salami appeared, complete with erotic music and male and female groans. I watched, feeling my half-hard cock throb to full-mast erection. I loved porno movies, and Sarah, with her bright red hair, long legs and big tits, looked like she’d stepped right out of one of them. She was wearing a very short skirt and a form fitting bursa eskort blouse of shiny material. Her legs were perfectly shaped and covered with stockings, the clip of a garter belt showing under the edge of her skirt as she began undressing. She stripped off to reveal a transparent black bra, garter belt and filmy stockings. Judging by their frenzied movements and moans of pleasure, the couple in the film was coming. The guy pulled out of her pussy and shot his cum all over her belly. Sarah loomed over me, grinning evilly.

“I think it’s time we both got laid.”

she said softly, her breath tickling my ear.

Her bare pussy winked at me, meaty, pink and delicious. I’ve gotta eat that, I said to myself, and felt my salivary glands grinding into action. I pulled Sarah against me and kissed her, sucking her tongue and tracing her lips voraciously. I eased her onto her back and immediately went down on her, slashing my tongue up and down her seam, popping the bloated bean of her clit into and out bursa escort bayan of my mouth.

“Ughnnnl” she cried. “Ohhh, eat me up, babe. just suck my clit. Suck it. Ohhhhh, slice me

with your tongue, I’m gonna come!”

l was on my knees in a split second, crawling toward her delicious looking honey pot. As my tongue touched its first female love juice, my cock started spewing inside my pant leg. The release of pressure didn’t deter my desire to suck and lick that wondrous erotic part of the female anatomy. Her hands gripping my hair, as she hunched against my face, would not have let me stop anyway. Then, when a spasm wracked her body, the creamy love juice gushed out, flooding past my tongue, and ran down the crack of her ass. After the flow slackened, I licked the crack, causing her to gasp each time my tongue crossed her asshole, then she grasped my head again, pressing my mouth to her clit. My mouth was inundated with her honey and l gratefully downed the sweet pussy görükle escort liqueur. My cock, harder than a piece of steel, was percolating pre-cum, wetting my briefs. After three gut—wrenching orgasms, she pushed me away and said,

“Now that you’ve drained me, it’s time for me to quench my thirst.”

After dropping my pants, she pumped me with her hands while taking the head in her mouth, sucking and licking until I exploded down her throat.

“Let’s fuck,”

Sarah said breathlessly, and undressed me expertly.

We inserted ourselves into each other, locking our loins in the most glorious attachment known to man and woman. The bed creaked obscenely, counting the measured beats of our humping, and I felt as if I could go on forever, just slinging my cock into her again and again.

It was better than anything I could have imagined. She was so randy and gave me everything I was giving her; she crammed her body against mine with an abandon that made my nuts cave in. She was on top, then I was on top. We took turns leading the pleasurable work of fucking.

We both came, ramming my cock into her cunt, convulsively spewing out liquid love like a couple of mutually-exploding volcanoes erupting hot lava.

There’s nothing like a girl who gives everything she’s got on the first date!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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