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Recently a few people here have questioned me about my stories. So that you know these stories are true. They are my life experiences and names are true as well. Here is my first gay experience after I turned 18. This was a time when AIDS had not yet started and being gay was kept hidden. At this time I was very confused as I loved women but also would watch a dirty 8mm movie and want to be the one sucking cock. But I had never been fucked or had really enjoyed an extended playtime. Then one day it all changed…

At that time it was legal to drink in NJ at 18. The weekend after my birthday I had decided to use some of my money to go to a bath house in Brick, NJ. This was a good 30 miles away and I felt pretty confident that no one there would know me. I arrived around 9 PM on that Friday night. A few blocks before was a bar. I stopped and had a couple of beers and a few shots for courage. Then, before it fucked me up too much I drove to the bath house. I was scared going in and did not know what to expect. As I paid the guy asked me if I wanted just a locker or a room. Not knowing I took just the locker. I undressed and put on the towel and walked out to the pool area.

The floor was very spongy and soft but I was in awe…must have been at least 20 men there, all either naked or towels hanging loose. In one corner I saw a guy on his knees sucking a cock with two other guys slowly stroking their cocks. I was fascinated as he switched from cock to cock. I then noticed a few doors and realized that these were the rooms you could rent. As I passed them I saw a older man sucking a massive cock! While doing this I bumped into a guy who said “watch where you are going Angelo…” It was my high school gym coach, Eyüp Escort coach Andy. He looked at me and I didn’t know what to do or say. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my ass from behind and I stopped dead.

Come on Angelo, I watched you looking in the shower. Time to admit what you enjoy. With that he came in front of me and put his semi-hard cock in my hand. As I stuttered I also started to squeeze and stroke his cock. Good boy he said…Then he took me by the hand and brought me to his room. Kneel he said and just like that I was sucking his cock. He had left the door open and a few others started to watch. I didn’t realize it till later but I was the only young guy sucking cock. The others sucking or being fucked were older. The young guys were mostly tops! His cock was average, a little over 6 inches and not too thick. After 5 minutes he grabbed my head and started to facefuck me, finally cumming deep down my throat. Before I could move another cock replaced him. This went on for at least an hour. I remember 5 cocks that I sucked. All between 6 and 7 inches but one that had to be at leat 9 to 10 inches long and thick. I had trouble getting much more than the head in my mouth and his load was just as massive.

Ater this last one Coach Andy helped me to my feet and asked if I was ready to be fucked. As the booze as wearing off I said no. Then he asked, are you a virgin? I told him yes. We sat and talked. He said he was surprised because I sucked cock like a real slut. I told him how much I wanted to be like the slut in the movies. He then told me to come to his house the next day at 6 o’clock. He told me to not eat anything after 11AM and give myself three enemas. One soapy, the next two clear Eyüp Escort Bayan water. I knew where he lived so I said I would come.

I drove home feeling excited, scared, and horny. Once in bed I jerked off with a candle in my ass. I licked my own cum off my hand and dreamed of sucking cock. The next day could not go by fast enough. I did as told but before leaving the house I drank a 40 of malt liquor. By the time I got to his house I was buzzing. He had me park in his garage and led me to his basement where I stripped. I wanted to suck his cock but he stopped me. He then explained that some of his friends would be over. I was now fucked up but so excited. He led me to the bathroom and gave me an enema. When nothing but clear water came out he gave me a second one. This stung! It was beer with a few shots of vodka! He made me hold it 15 minutes then expel it. Then he inserted a small butt plug in my ass. It hurt my virgin ass. He then had me lay on a big bed. He tied my hands spread out. He then tied my ankles to a spreader bar. I was so fucked up instead of being scared I was excited. He then put a blindfold on me. Just before he asked if I had ever used poppers. I had no idea what he was talking about.

As I lay there I heard the door open and voices. Before I could say anything a cock was on my lps. I started to suck it. As this went on I felt hands touching me, playing with my cock, squeezing my balls! Then I felt the butt plug being pulled from my ass and back in. Someone was fucking me with it. Then the cock in my mouth was replaced with another and I could feel two other cocks, one on each cheek slapping my face. I was in heaven when I felt my legs being lifted and place on a set Escort Eyüp of shoulders…

The next feeling was something huge being forced in my ass. I tried to scream but the cock in my mouth muffled the sound! The burning pain was too much! Then a dust mask was placed on my nose and as I breathed in my ass opened up. The cock shot in to his balls! My head spun and as much as it hurt I sucked the cock in my mouth like a slut in heat! As I sucked the guy fucked my no longer virgin ass. He was relentless, fucking me very hard and fast. All of a sudden he pulled out and another took his place. This guy felt about the same size and was just as brutal. All of a sudden the guy in my mouth pulled out and the cock from my ass replaced it! I could taste the vaseline from my ass. I was shocked because his cock felt huge in my ass but was at most 6 incher. He shot his load and was replaced with another cock.

This went on for the next two hours, everyone taking their turn on my ass. I was getting sore when I heard the door close and voice saying he hoped he was not too late. I felt a switch and a new cock was in my mouth but this guy was BIG! I mostly licked the head of his cock as it did not fit my mouth. After the guy in me shot his load the new guy took his place. As I licked clean his guy I felt my ankles untied and held on either side. Then I felt it. No way this cock would go in me but then came the dust mask again and suddenly I felt a shooting pain and his balls on my ass…He fucked me savagely. I was hoping he would cum quickly but this went on for a good 15 minutes. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. As I was being sucked off I could feel my cock swell. Just as I shot my long overdue load I could feel this guy unload in me. He pulled out and jerked off into my mouth. My blindfold came off and I could now see a very large cock. It had to be 9 inches long but not as thick as it felt. Once he was done the Coach untied me. Then he asked if I was ready to come back next week!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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