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All my writings are real experiences of mine. Only the first names are used and even if you are reading this and realize who I am and this involves you, your privacy is assured.


When I was 18 years old, I moved out of my parent’s house. I wanted to be an adult and on my own so bad. I love my parents but I had a need to do it on my own. Looking back, I was naive and selfish but wouldn’t change a thing.

I found a 2 bedroom, 1 bath place for rent which quickly I learned I couldn’t afford. I was lucky to find a roommate as quick as I did. He was a 27 year old guy I knew from the gym I worked at part time. His name is Jay and he was a happy and handsome guy. We had a friendship that I enjoyed and trusted enough to have him pay half the rent.

After Jay moved in we hit it off really well as roommates. Living together was an adventure for me. He was the first guy other than my dad I lived with. It didn’t take long before I found myself checking him out in a towel coming out of the bathroom or in the morning when he was making coffee in his boxers. He never showed any interest in me other than friendship.

Jay didn’t have a girlfriend but did date different girls. Never brought them home for the night. Me on the other hand wanted to explore the dating world and sex. I’ve had a couple of dates spend the night. Jay never said a word so it was cool.

I had a date one night that turned out to be a fuck up. My date got me into a bar where he proceeded to get my drunk. As we danced, he kept pulling my short dress up enough to show off my ass and making gestures to others around us like I was a slut. I was drunk but not enough to stand for that. I had a girlfriend drive me home.

I was too drunk to put my key in the door lock and was fumbling for a while before Jay heard me and open the door. I stood there with a stupid smile on my face and said: “I’m drunk.” Jay laughed and helped me in. I sat on the couch where Jay was watching TV. He sat next to me asking how my night went and I explained how many people saw my ass and thong. I stood up and pulled my dress up and showed him my ass. I told him this is what everyone at the bar saw, then I sat back down. Jay just said: “Nice ass.”

We watched TV for a while. I dozed off and woke up to seeing Jay sitting on the floor in front of me. He was stroking his cock and looking between my legs. I looked down at my legs and I must have slid down on the couch where my dress was up to my hips and my panties were totally exposed. My legs were spread and Jay had a front row seat. I was immediately turned on and quickly closed my eyes to see where this would go. I glimpsed a little at a time to watch as he jerked off. His cock was really a nice size. I’m guessing 7 or 8 inches but thick. It was a pretty sight to see him stroke it and work it so masterful.

I scooted down a little more where my ass was now hanging over the edge of the couch and my legs spread more. I felt his hand cup my ass cheek and slightly squeeze. I heard him moan. Then I felt his fingers run over my panty covered pussy. I was so wet at this point. I glimpsed again to see him kneeling between my legs, just inches from my pussy as he stroked himself. I could see cum drip from his cock. He stopped stroking for a second to gain composure. Then he stroked some more till it dripped and stopped again. He was in total control of his orgasm. I later found it was called edging an orgasm.

I moan and pushed my hips forward which made Jay quickly drop to the floor putting his cock away. I realized he didn’t want to get caught. I tried to pretend sleeping but he never finished what was started. After a few minutes, he got up and stood over me trying kocaeli escort to wake me up. I pretended to be sleepy and out of it. He helped me to my room where I asked him to help me out of my dress. He unzipped me and pull it off me. I was standing topless in front of him. I asked if he wanted to cuddle with me till I fell asleep but he just smiled and said: “I would end up fucking you and that would change everything between us.”

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips briefly then walked out. I took my thong off climbed into bed and masturbated till I came then fell asleep.

The next morning I asked Jay if I was dreaming or was he cuddling with me in my bed. He said I was dreaming. I told him I was extremely horny and wet this morning with the image of us holding each other in bed. He said he helped me to remove the dress and to bed. He also said I have a beautiful body and great tits. I asked: “Were you turned on by it?”

He said: “I masturbated last night after putting you to bed. I had visions of your naked self in front of me.”

“Was it all you imagined?” I asked and he smiled and said: “I better get myself ready for work.”

From that time on we kidded with sexual play on words and I would walk to the bathroom topless giving him an eyeful. I even would leave my bedroom door open and masturbate hoping he would watch or come in but he would just ask if I enjoyed myself.

One night he was out with his friends and I was home alone. I drank a few shots of tequila. I decided to put on a “wife beater” t-shirt braless and a pair of his boxers. I laid out on the couch and masturbated cumming several times. I was thinking of the night Jay was touching me and masturbating to me. I wanted to watch him jerk off again. I wanted to see him cum. Shoot his cum on me. It got me so hot I thought I’d re-enact that night where I come home drunk and let him jerk off to me. I got up, got another shot of tequila but this time left the open bottle and glass next to the couch. I began to masturbate thinking of him when I heard his Harley pull up in the driveway. Got so excited. I laid on my back, one leg hanging over the edge of the couch and the other bent at the knee. My nipples were hard and showing through the t- shirt.

I then pretended to be sleeping. Jay came in the house and walked by me. He stopped for a minute. I heard him say: “Suz, you awake?” Nothing. Then I heard him say: “Suz, wake up.” He put his hand on my shoulder but I didn’t budge. He walked away. I laid there for like 5 minutes or more before he came back and sat on the floor in front of me. He changed the channel on the TV and sat there. After several minutes he asked if I was sleeping then said something about me being a drunk.

I could see his arm moving back and forth. He sat so he could see me and the TV but his eyes were on me. He was slow about his moves but he began to move my boxers open to get a look at my pussy. He was looking at a very wet and open pussy. Just a little while ago, I was fingering it and rubbing it. I’m sure it looked very inviting. Then I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh till his fingers were touching my pussy. He lightly rubbed my lips and clit then pull his hand out. I glimpsed as he put his fingers in his mouth. I was so turned on now. He just tasted me. He then went back for more. I couldn’t see his cock from my position but his arm was moving pretty good.

I didn’t want to move because I knew it would scare him again so I did my best not to move at all. I was totally dripping wet. I could feel it run down my ass cheek. He kept touching me and tasting me. I was losing it. Then I felt his fingers push slowly inside my pussy. A little at a time till he was kocaeli escort bayan all the way in. I did all I could not to move and not to cum. Jay held his fingers in me without moving at all. He leaned up with his our hand and touched my hard nipples. Squeezed them lightly. He slowly pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them off.

I heard him moving around me and caught a glimpse of him kneeling close to my face and his super hard cock just inches from my mouth. I then felt his cock touch my lips. It was wet with pre cum. He rubbed the cum over my lips but never tried to push in my mouth. I so wanted to open my mouth for him. He touched my tits again and I heard him moan. Then I felt a warm heavy fluid hit my face then my shirt and neck. His moan was long and his cum covered my mouth, neck and tits. He came so much on me, I could feel it run down my face and neck.

He stood up and said: “oh my god. What the fuck?” He tried to whip it from my face but there was too much of it. I just laid there pretending to be sleeping. As I adjusted my legs and he walked off. I heard him go up the stairs to his room. I looked at myself and I was covered in his cum. I scooped some of it up with my fingers and tasted it. It was so sweet and cummy. I loved it. I waited till he was in bed before rubbing my clit to an orgasm. I went to my room, removed my cum soaked t shirt and used it to whip the rest of the cum off me. I laid in bed naked and masturbating till a fell asleep.

When I got up the next morning, Jay was gone to work. I didn’t see him till about 8 pm where I came home from work. He was in his bedroom. Door closed. I knocked and asked if I could talk with him. It took him a minute to open the door but I could tell he was jerking off. His pants were half zipped and a huge bulge pushing out. His bed was messed and he was flustered. I waked in, sat on his bed and asked if I could be honest. He sat next to me and said: ” yes. “

“Did you happen to leave a very large load of cum on my face and tits last night?”

He just looked straight ahead and said: “Yes?”

I said: “Would you tell me why you would do that?”

“You were looking so sexy and inviting in that t-shirt.” he said.

“You were laying there legs open and your pretty face … I hope you aren’t too mad.”

I said it was a shocker to wake up in pool of cum like that. I said: “It turned me on so much.” But at the same time I was not happy that he didn’t include me in the fun. “Next time wake me up so I can see it and enjoy it.” I said.

Jay then stood up and said: “I was just jerking off to you before you came in. Would you like to watch?”

I kicked back in his bed and said: ” Absolutely.” He then unbuttoned his pants and dropped them. His cock sprang out bobbing and weaving. It was so hot looking. He looked me in my eyes and began to stroke it. It got super hard quickly. When Jay stopped stroking and let go of it, it was standing so hard, so strong and throbbing. I could only imagine how that big beautify thing would feel inside me.

A little pre cum dribbled from the head down the underside of the cock to his balls which were hand size. Jay’s body was a fine looking piece of art. I asked him to turn so I could see his tight ass. He stood there with his ass to me and legs a part. I could see his tight balls from behind him. I just wanted to get on my knees and lick and suck his balls and ass.

I found myself reaching into my shorts and touching myself.

Jay turned to me and asked if I would remove my shorts. I took them off. He then asked me to remove my top and I did. He asked me to lay there legs spread and hands above my head like they were tied there. I did. izmit escort He stroked his cock a little faster till it was throbbing in his hand. He stopped stroking and let go of it. It throbbed and squirted just once. It shot up and over onto the bed between my legs. Jay smiled and said to not move. He took one step closer to me at the edge to the bed and began stroking again till he moaned then stopped again. This time one shot of cum squirted out and landed on my hip near my pussy. He said he is going to hit my pussy with it the next squirt then repeated it twice more and finally hit my pussy directly on my lips. My impulse was to reach down and rub it in but as I did, Jay stopped me and told me to keep my hands above my head. He then climbed on the bed and straddled my tits. His ball were on my chest. He said: “open” and I did.

He leaned forward to put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck as he stroked it in and out of my mouth. I felt his throb twice then a gush of cum flooded my mouth. I tried swallowing as fast as I could but still over flowed and spilled out. It ran down my chin and neck. I reached for his balls to massage them as he came.

After cumming he stayed in my mouth. He slowly pumped my mouth for several minutes. At the same time he was talking about the first night I came home drunk and how he was playing with me. He began to get harder in my mouth and now forcing his cock down my throat. I gagged and pushed him out. I asked if I could move to the edge of the bed.

I hung my head over the edge of the bed and Jay positioned himself in front of me.

I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in till it hit the back of my throat. He slowly moved in and out of my mouth pushing further into my throat each time. I’ve never done this before so my gag reflex started to kick in. Jay pushed his cock into my throat and stopped. He told me to relax and breathe through my nose. I tried and was doing good but then started to gag and phlegm up. He pulled out and then slid back in. This time it seemed easier. The phlegm made it slippery and easier for him to move in and out of my throat. As he fucked my throat, I felt him play with my nipples. He squeezed the nipples and pulled them. It felt so good to be man handled. He slid further into my throat as he reached for my pussy. He fingered me and rubbed my clit and I began to orgasm. I heaved and throbbed and his cock slid further into my throat and chocked me. I felt like I was totally used as his toy. I felt just then that I would do any and all he wanted. Total submission.

Jay pulled me around and over where my pussy was at his cock level. I was face down and taking his bare cock in my soaking wet pussy. His thrusts were strong, hard and deep. I spasmed over and over for as long as he thrusted into me. I felt like a rag doll the way he fucked me. I’m not sure how long this lasted but I was in total orgasm the whole time. I squirted which never happened before. I felt like I was blacking out but awake with each spasm. Jay suddenly pulled out of me. I felt him push the head of his cock in my ass then shoot his cum in my ass. That was a first for me as well. I was laying there shocked and amazed of what just happened. Throat fucked and cum in my ass. I knew I was in the right place at the right time with the right guy.

After I caught my breath, I rolled over and looked at the beautiful man who just made me feel like it was the first time I fucked, ever. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I tasted him and me. I asked if this changed anything with us and he replied: “Not if you are ok as friends with benefits.” I said: “We’ll see.” We talked about what just happened and what we were doing. We talked of things we want to experience. Me, sex with men and women. Jay, have a total sex slave to do whatever he wanted. I knew I was going to learn a lot from Jay.

I’ll continue more of our exploits in my next writings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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