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She first noticed him mid-semester in a ballroom dance class they had each taken for that lame PE credit. Kartha had been surprised to learn he was only a freshman. As a 26 year old sophomore, she had never been interested in anyone younger than herself. (She had decided to go back to school after her husband had left her two years ago. And now she only had a year to finish.)

Simon seemed pretty mature for 19; smart and funny, with a knack for asking direct questions that had started to grow on her. By the time the finals week had arrived they had made plans to go out dancing at a local swing club the first Saturday night after finals were over, and see if the jitterbug they had learned in class could compete with the rest of those swing kids.

And now it was just before dawn Sunday morning and something; not an audible sound or a movement, but something, made Kartha opened her eyes, awake. In the un-light of pre-dawn, when everything looks misty, and feels otherworldly, she saw that Simon had been watching her sleep. And now, wake up. She smiled.

The night before Kartha had asked Simon if he wanted to spend the night since it was late, and she was a little too tipsy and tired from all that dancing to drive him home. She had promised not to cross the line and jump him. He was a virgin after all and wanted to stay that way until he was married. She admired that, and was going to respect his wishes, even if he was cute as hell.

Their faces were each on their own pillows, yet inches away from the other. Both were lying on their bellies, closest hands touching. Simon reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. The gesture, although outwardly innocent, aydınlı escort was sensed by both as sexual.

“What’s it like, being a girl?”

Simon’s whisper sent a tremble down Kartha’s legs.

“It seems in life, sometimes you work harder and get less,” she began, knowing that’s not what he meant, “but I wouldn’t want to be a man and give up multiple orgasms.”

“What does it feel like?”

“What does what feel like?”

“What do multiple orgasms feel like?”

“The kind of orgasms where the other person is inside me feel like friction building up, then like… um…. Like being filled and overflowing, or bursting and exploding. I don’t know. It’s hard to put into words. I’ve never had to say it out loud before.”

After a moment of delicious stillness her finger brushed his lower lip, then was gone, but the warmth of it remained there like a kiss.

“Does it feel the same when you’re alone?”

At first she didn’t follow, but after a bit she understood his meaning. It was hard to answer; but she didn’t want her embarrassment to ruin this perfect moment. He really had so little experience with women. He had told her his freshman year was the first he had spent out of his religiously strict mother’s house. And that he had never really been on anything more than a double date before last night.

So she knew he was treading in unfamiliar waters. She decided to make these waters, herself, as calm and peaceful as possible. A place he could feel safe to ask anything and get an honest answer.

“It feels different,” her words came softly, and slowly. “It takes more concentration. The bağdat caddesi escort whole universe disappears. It feels like a roller coaster on fire.” She closed her eyes and continued, “My body tightens and I feel like a fuse being ignited. Then there’s this intense heat that spreads out, down my legs, and my feet feel like they’re touching hot coals. Afterward, I feel numb and tingly, but in slow motion, like a heartbeat between my legs.”

With her eyes still closed, she sensed a steady movement next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw him rhythmically rocking back and forth. His hand closest to her side was pulled up

to his face, his fingertips were in his mouth. The other hand was underneath his body. His eyes were soulful and pleading.

“Show me,” he said, “please.”

Her hand slipped under her own body, and she felt moisture and warmth as she pressed the cloth of her underwear against herself. Although her eyes never fully closed, Simon’s face became a blur, as some other part of her took over. Her hips began to rock back and forth moving that warm-wonderful-wet-place against her hand.

The sounds of Kartha’s breathy moans filled the otherwise silent room, as Simon’s orgasm came to take him away. Each watched as the other came in turn. Simon appeared to be breathless and spent, while Kartha was enticed and wanting more.

After turning onto his side still facing her, he put his head onto his hand. Her reached his other hand over and put it under her shirt. The skin of her back was smooth and warm; alive.

She rolled over onto her side as well, facing away from him, bostancı escort but scooting up closely against his chest. The hand that had been on her back was moved over to her hip as she settled against him.

There was another while of quiet, and then she placed her hand over his and brought it down to her belly, and slowly to the front of her underwear.

“I don’t know what to do Kartha.”

“Just hold.”

She let his fingers slip lower, curling around her pubic bone between her opening thighs. She bent her knee and moved her leg up, over his body behind her.

The wetness of her body surprised him. “So this is what it feels like”, he thought as she laid her fingers over his. Her index finger slipped in-between his and began moving side to side across the cotton patch of her underwear.

He began to understand what she meant by “roller coaster on fire”. He moved his hand slightly, sliding his own index finger beneath the cloth. He felt the naked wetness, then pushed his finger inside her, moving it in and out along the strong slick walls of her flesh that wrapped around him. The speed and forcefulness at which he moved intensified and she began to cum. He noticed both her free hand gripping the pillow. Her temple was beaded with concentration. Her breathing became erratic and desperate. There was something like fear and sadness in her voice when she cried out to him.

The veil of the orgasm overcame her as she felt the fuse ignite, the heat moving down her legs, the hot coals touching her feet. Then something happened and the intensity at which she held her body let go. And then everything slowed down. (Then he felt it, the heartbeat between her legs. And he felt the intensity for the moment in his eyes; as the tears fell down his face.)

Slowly, she turned toward him, taking his incredible hand in hers, cradling it near her face. His finger was still wet and she could smell the scent of herself drifting toward her. She moved onto her back, propped up by pillows and took all of him into her arms and let him cry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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