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I try to control my breathing, but I’m raging on the inside, and I think we can both feel the way he has my heart beating out of my chest. His eyes lock on mine as he peels my panties away from my lower half. Sliding his hands up my thighs he begins kneading away at my flesh and our lips meet for the first time tonight. A surge of passion. Electricity. Chemistry…whatever you want to call it, it was there, and I was more than ready. Snapping out of my thoughts I feel his tongue tracing bits of sweet nothings down my neck and onto the surface if my bare chest. Leaning my head back, I give him more access. Instantly closing the gap between us I can feel him growing against my core. Leaning backward he grabs my left leg placing it on his shoulder. Kissing from my ankle to my inner thigh and back down he picks my other leg up & repeats his actions. By now I was visibly leaking onto his soft white sheets.

“Look at that shit,” he growled. ” You already wet for me.” Blushing under his stare he asks “can I have some?” All I can manage is a curt nod as I watch him descend between my legs.

He inhales my scent before groaning. In mere seconds his lips are devouring me while my mouth hangs open in sheer bliss.

I hiss as his tongue swirls around my clit. “Fuck…babe, fuck ooou.” I can feel the smirk play on his lips as he hums something incoherent causing me to jerk forward and further into pleasure.

He gently nibbles on my clit causing me to moan loudly. “Ooou, yea.” Grinding it lightly between his teeth for a moment he stops and continues to feast on me. I feel his tongue invade my walls and my legs begin to quake as my climax overtakes me. His face is drenched in remnants from his meal.

“Taste yourself bae.” He mumbles before crashing his lips into mine. I moan as his tongue probes my mouth giving me a taste of what he’s waited so long for. “Shit, good huh?” He says as he rubs himself against my entrance.

“Mmm.” I moan as I watch him guide himself up and down my slit. His eyes dancing across my bare skin as he places himself over me. Slowly he pushes into me. I gasp. Inch by inch. I can feel myself enveloping him. As he bottoms out in me I shudder at the fullness.

His head drops into the crease of my neck and he lets out a moan. “Gah…damn, why it’s so tight?”

Unable to speak I bite down on his shoulder. Slowly he begins to move and his hips collide with mine. “Fuck…” As he gets more comfortable his thrusts start to get faster and harder and before you know it he’s poking at that spot. My spot. “Babe…fuck, fuck me. Daddy.” And like clockwork, my pussy starts to clench up around him. He stiffens at the sudden surge of tightness. It was clear he was coming undone. An almost feminine moan falls from his lips. He whimpers as my hold on him tightens a little more. Rotating şişli escort his hips in a circular motion my hands naturally find a home on his back and my legs around his waist.

“Fuck baby you gone make me cum.” He whines. His thumb stokes my clit haphazardly as he finds a mind numbing rhythm. I can time the tempo of his strokes with the contact of his chain against my skin. Stroke after stroke I moan. Stroke after stroke I scratch at his back. Stroke after stroke I call out his name. Stroke after stroke a bit of my sex leaks out and down my slit until he drives into me balls deep, yet again. It was maddening and it was turning me on, even more.

“I’m cumming.” I manage to squeak out as I feel my stomach tighten and my pussy throb from within.

“Fucckkkkk.” He growls as I feel him twitch inside of me. My orgasm finds a way to spurt out around him as he fights to stay buried deep within my sex. He moans and empties himself. Feverishly he bites at my lips and my neck and I smirk at the feeling. “Damn, ma.” He mumbles breathlessly as his seed spills out of me and onto the sheets. Exhausted would be an understatement. That was time well spent.

Ambling out of the sheets he retreats into the dark. Mere seconds pass before the stark white bathroom comes into view. After turning on the shower and adjusting the heat to his liking I see his cheekbones peaking from around the door frame.

“You wanna join me?”

I shake my head no as I find myself taking in his features. Deep brown eyes, a chiseled jaw, chocolate lips, and the cutest birthmark I’ve ever seen. God this man was fine and to say he was a masterpiece was a complete understatement. The very thought of him made me radiate heat. I mean I burned with the intensity of a thousand suns.

“You sure babe?”

Cracked through the room as it brought me out of my thoughts. Suddenly out of breath and wanting him again. I claw my way through what seems like an endless sea of sheets to the end of the bed and make my way onto the floor.

All you can see is his smile as the distance between us closes with each stride.

I kiss him. Gently at first. Softly. Like I wanted him to feel like I do when I see him. Then with heat and passion and fervor leaving traces of me in every kiss.

The next thing he knows my lips have made contact with him in another region & the surprise on his face is enough to tell me he never expected this. Our eyes lock and he watches helplessly as I devour him with my mouth. Swallowing him whole. I lick him from base to tip and back again.

It’s funny how a little oral attention can turn a mans world upside down.

Back and forth I go, swirling my tongue around the head suckling at every single drop of pre cum as if I were trying to get to the center of a Tootsie pop and just like that pop I wanted to taste what was inside.

One hand and the base and the other rubbing feverishly at my core. I pull him from my mouth. Slapping it across my face I glance up and ask ” how many licks?” Laughing to myself I stroke him with both hands as I guide him back into my mouth and down my throat until tears start to stain my eyes.

“Fuck, babe..” Spit. Suck. Lick. Caress. Repeat. Until I can feel his knees lock and his release glide down my throat. Swallowing all of him. I kiss him from base to tip again.

Standing to my feet I kiss his lips and walk towards the shower. “Daddy, you coming or not?”

A look of bewilderment is plastered on his face as he stands stuck. The counter and the door frame his only support.

Standing in the shower as a steady stream of water beads down on me from above. Thoughts permeate my mind of what we’d just finished doing. My cheeks begin to redden and a smile parts my lips as a pair of slender chocolate arms wrap around my torso. Instantly I feel the need to close the gap between us. Clearly he feels the same because before I can act on my feelings there he is pressing himself into my lower half.

“You’re driving me crazy, you know that? Baby girl I’d make love to you all night if I could.”

“Mmmm. Who says you can’t?” I turn around to challenge him.

As if on cue Soulection starts the blare from the bathroom’s speakers. A soundtrack to the nights festivities starts to play, show number 382. A smile reaches from ear to ear as I giggle because I know the irony of this soundtrack, and staring into the face standing before me I can tell he knows the importance of it too.

The very first sound he ever sent me. Touched me in a way that only he can touch me now. Touched me in a way that he will touch me over and over and over again. Until I reach my peak and see mountain tops and stars and scream his name until my voice is nothing, but a whisper.

Taking my face in his hands, he guides me backwards into the showers wall kissing me with every bit of emotion he could muster. No words needed to be spoken and in a flurry we somehow turned the bathroom into another bedroom. Taking me right there on the freshly waxed linoleum floor. I find myself calling to another orgasm.

Oh fuck,” he whispered as he pushed himself into me for the third time still unable to give me the full feel of him before pulling out all the way to the tip. Once again he rested at my entrance preparing himself to delve deeper into my wetness.

His hands sat on the backs of my thighs. Gripping them tighter he used all his strength to flip me over onto my knees. Placing an arch in my back I lay my head on the cold floor. A few light moans escaped my lips as I felt him trail wet kisses from my back to the rounds of my ass to my inner thighs. I felt my breath hitch in my throat as he flicked his tongue across my clit.

“Oh shit.” I said exasperated. We hadn’t even gotten to the fucking and I was leaking like a faucet as I felt myself about to cum.

He spread me apart as I felt him smile against my folds. Taking my pearl into his mouth he caressed me with his tongue. Softly, at first and then more desperately. Sucking and biting, licking me from front to back my legs started to betray me. Feeling little quakes in my limbs I had no choice, but to grab at the tufts a little tighter digging my fingers into the comfort of the shagged rug before me. I lurched forward when I felt his tongue start to fuck me. “Mmmm fuck, ahhh. Shit, ahhh.”

Matching his rhythm I began to fuck him back. Rolling my hips a little every time my pussy collided with his mouth I knew I was close to coming undone.

I think he knew it too because as soon as I felt my walls clench he slipped two fingers inside of me and worked them in a come hither motion until I found myself sprawled out on the floor in a puddle of my own juices.

Legs still shaking, thighs still dripping, and pussy still throbbing I felt him lift me up and slide deep into me. My back arched and I couldn’t help, but get hot all over again.

He went slow at first. Even and measured almost like there was a method to fucking me the best he could. Ramming into me at full force then slowly withdrawing himself until every inch was ready to plunge back into me. Over and over he did the same thing. My pleads for him to fuck me harder and faster seeming to fall on deaf ears until he changed his approach.

Wrapping his fingers around my neck he picked me up off the floor. My legs tightened around his waist as I was finally being given what I begged for. A rhythmic slapping was the only thing you could hear besides my screams & his subtle whispers. Ever so often he would stop to pull out & slap my pussy with his dick only to be balls deep in me five seconds later. I felt him tense up and I knew he was close. Every step he took was attached to a mind numbing stroke. Someway, somehow we ended back up in his California King.

Flipping us over I got on my feet and began to bounce up and down twirling my hips ever so often. It didn’t take long before his hands shot up to my waist and held me down. “Damn, was the only thing to escape his mouth, but I wasn’t stopping now. Getting on my knees I rode him slower and softer leaning down to kiss him, my tongue in his mouth was quickly replaced by his tongue on my breast. One nipple in his mouth the other in his hand being rubbed under his thumb. “Ah, fuck. I’m a nut.” He said with a pained expression on his face. I tightened my walls around him and rode harder feeling his dick throbbing between my legs as he thrust upwards to meet my body on its way down. He came. Filling me up I jerked my hips forward and backward until I felt him stop inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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