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(Dedicated to my wonderful Penny, the most beautiful and sweetest Aussie in the world)


It was a cold autumn evening New York JFK Airport. I was just paged to the U.S. Airways Information desk to receive a message. My first thought was, “this can’t be good!” And it wasn’t … the message read:

“Honey, I got tied up in Ohio. I probably won’t get into New York until sometime tomorrow. I made reservations for you at the Hilton. Sorry, see you tomorrow. Love you baby. Keep it warm for me … Tom”

“Shit,” I thought to myself. “God, how can he do this to me? Keep it warm for him? Shit, I need a fuck bad and soon. It’s been a month now. What the hell does he think I am … a zombie? Damn it, he always does this to me.”

I walked over to the cab stand. It was Friday night and it was really very busy … people coming and going. Everyone had some place to go. I began feeling sorry for myself. I felt a mixture of agitation and sadness. I walked up to the man behind the desk at the cab stand.

“I need a cab to take me to the Hilton …,” I never got to finish my sentence.

“Ma’am,” the man broke in, “it will be at least a half hour or more before I can get a cab for you.”

“Shit,” I thought to myself. “God, will this ever end?”

I left my name at the desk and told the man behind the desk to page me as soon as a cab becomes available. I told him I would be in the coffee shop. Then I pulled my few pieces of luggage behind me and headed for the coffee shop. Again, the coffee shop was crowded. I got a cup of coffee and started to look for some place to sit. The tables were all full. I noticed a table with a single woman sitting at it and headed in that direction.

“May I sit here?” I asked the young looking blonde headed girl sitting there.

“Sure, please do,” the girl answered.

I immediately noticed she had an accent but I wasn’t sure if I recognized it. “Get her to talk a little,” I thought to myself.

“My name is Dottie,” I said trying to hide the frustration I was feeling with the turn of events that had just taken place concerning my plans for this night.

“Hello Dottie,” answered this strikingly pretty young lady. “My name is Penny … Penny Lane. I’m from Australia. Just arrived in New York,” she continued.

“Oh God, yes, I knew I heard that accent before but I just couldn’t put my finger on it,” I thought. “You are just visiting then right?” I continued.

“Well, I was supposed to meet a girl here that I had been corresponding with on the internet. She was supposed to show me New York,” Penny answered.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. “Not another one of these damn fake internet things.”

“Geeze, do you know her telephone number or any other way you can get in touch with her,” I asked Penny.

“No, she just told me she would meet me here,” answered Penny.

God, Penny looked so sad. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was worried. “What a hell of a deal,” I thought to myself. “All the way from Australia and stuck in this crazy airport in New York on a busy Friday evening.”

“Do you have someone else or some place you can go?” I asked Penny.

Penny put her head down. “No, no … I was really depending on my girlfriend to meet me here. But it’s been over two hours now so I guess she couldn’t make it,” answered Penny.

As I watched the sadness in Penny’s eyes, the tears starting to build up, I could feel a sinking feeling within me. I took just a minute to sort of evaluate this Penny from Australia. She was really very pretty. She had blonde hair, ‘natural,’ I thought to myself, very petite, big blue eyes, full red lips … God, she looked so innocent, so in need of someone.

I moved over closer to Penny so I could put my arm around her. “Listen honey, don’t worry about anything. My husband kind of stood me up too so we are sort of both in the same boat. But don’t worry, I have a reservation at the Hilton and you can stay with me tonight if you don’t mind,” I said to Penny.

“Oh my God, mind? … no, no, but are you sure it would be all right with you?” Penny answered.

Boy, the combination of her pretty face, the tear filled eyes, and the cute Australian accent all pulled at my heart like never before. Impulsively I moved over to give Penny a little kiss on her cheek. “No honey, I don’t mind at all. As a matter of fact I would really enjoy your company. It will get my mind off my own circumstances.”

Just then the voice on the loud speaker was paging me … “Ms. Dottie West, your cab is ready,” the man’s voice on the loud speaker said loudly.

“Come on Penny Lane, we don’t want to miss this cab or we’ll be waiting another hour,” I said.

The cab driver put our luggage in the trunk as I told him where we were going. I got in one side of the cab, Penny got in the other and we were off driving toward New York City on this chilly Friday autumn night.

“Gee,” Penny said now in a somewhat happier tone of voice. “I really don’t know how to thank you Dottie. Not everyone would take a total stranger under their orhangazi escort wing so suddenly.”

“Well don’t even think about it, I answered. “I probably did it more out of selfishness than any thing else. I needed company,” I continued not wanting to make Penny feel any obligation toward me.

Penny moved over closer to me. She kissed me on my face and I could feel the warmness of her thigh against my thigh. For the first time I caught the scent of the light perfume she was wearing. The warmness of her lips on my face cheek and the combination of everything else stirred a little familiar feeling near the pit of my stomach.

“No, no,” I thought to myself. “Damn, I’m not that way … I’m certainly not bi … I have no interest in women … none at all.” I felt a little embarrassment at my own feelings, my own denial of that familiar awakening in my stomach. Then I felt bad because I even entertained the thought, no matter how brief, that Penny was ‘that way’ too.

The door man took our bags, ringed for the bellboy and we went inside. After giving the desk man my name he gave the bellboy the key to my, or our, room and we went up the elevator to the 45th floor. As soon the bellboy opened the door I was glad to see my husband had spared nothing to assure I had a good room. It overlooked the city with all its neon lights, and had a clear view of Broadway. Then I realized I wasn’t really happy for myself but I was happy for Penny. God, I felt the need to impress her for some odd reason. “Why did I feel the need to please this pretty girl from Australia,” I thought to myself.

After asking Penny if she was hungry and she replied she wasn’t, I ordered a hot fresh pot of coffee, a fine bottle of house wine, a few light Danish snacks and moved over to open my luggage.

“Might just as well make your self comfortable honey,” I said to Penny.

We had just finished hanging our clothes up when there was a knock on the door. “Room service,” came the voice from the other side of the door.

I opened the door and the service man rolled in a table with our order. “God, the odor of fresh brewed coffee smelled good,” I thought.

I poured Penny a cup of coffee, topped it off with a little wine and we toasted each other with wishes of good health and happiness.

“Dottie,” Penny said, “do you mind if I take a shower. I really feel kind of clammy after being in the plane and then waiting in the airport for such a long time.”

“No, no, of course not,” I answered. “Help yourself honey. Just make yourself at home.”

Penny opened her luggage and took out a pair of pink silk pajamas, a light pink robe that matched and laid them on the bed. I sat in the chair and watched her. My mind was transfixed as I watched her take off her blouse that until this time was hidden by her light jacket, slip out of her slacks and then kind of toss her natural blond hair around as if to fluff it out. I watched as I saw her petite body clad only in a pink bra and panties. I watched this young beauty, this girl with the pure white skin, this pure white skin dotted with the prettiest freckles, little tiny spots of very light brown that highlighted the freshness of her skin. I thought to myself, “God, she is the prettiest little thing I ever saw.” I had filled a glass of wine for myself and the more I watched Penny, the harder it was to sip the wine simply because my hand was starting to tremble a bit.

Penny went into the bathroom and I quickly got out of my dress. For some reason I thought it would be better to change while Penny was in the bathroom. I glanced in the mirror to look at myself. I felt so much older than Penny and for a moment I found myself trying to guess her age. “Twenty-five, maybe twenty-seven … certainly not out of her twenties yet,” I thought. I was almost thirty-nine years old and I found myself wishing I was Penny’s age again. For some reason, I wanted Penny to like the way I looked.

Just as I stood there looking at myself in only bra and panties I heard Penny’s voice.

“Dottie, how does this shower go on,” Penny said in her cute little sweet Australian accent.

As soon as I heard her voice again my heart started to beat a little faster. “Wait a minute honey,” I replied as I went toward the bathroom door.

As soon as I opened the door to the bathroom I felt like time had just stopped! I stared at Penny … no, almost gawked in disbelief! Penny was totally naked. She was even more beautiful in this state then I could have possibly imagined. She had perfect medium sized breasts that almost looked like they stood out at attention. Her belly was flat with not even the slightest outward bulge. My eyes fell down almost automatically to look at the fluffy down starting three or four inches below her belly button and disappearing between her wonderfully trim thighs in a mass of silky blond fur.

“Dottie … Dottie …” somewhere in the background I heard Penny’s voice.

“Ye…ah, yes,” I tried so hard to answer feeling uncomfortable with my ‘gawking,’ trying to get myself reoriented, trying to take my eyes nilüfer escort away from what I was seeing standing in front of me … “yes Penny,” I finally got the words out.

“Dottie, how does this shower turn on,” Penny answered seemingly not even aware of the emotions and thoughts that were going through me.

“Oh … oh, yeah, … well, let’s … ah, let’s see,” I answered walking over to the shower. The shower was very large, at least ten feet by ten feet in length and width. It was completely tiled with marble and had a glass enclosure with pictures of white swans painted on them. As I walked passed Penny to get into the shower enclosure I could feel my whole body trembling a little. As I faced the faucet apparatus I could feel Penny getting in the shower enclosure behind me. I turned to face Penny.

“Well honey … ah, I guess … ah, I think you just … ah, pull this handle outward and then … then adjust the water to the …ah, the temperature … ah …” I tried to explain the workings of the faucet but it was no use. As I looked into Penny’s pretty eyes I kind of felt myself drifting … drifting somewhere … drifting away, somewhere that I have never been before.

“Dottie … Dottie, sweetheart, would you like to kiss me?” I thought I heard Penny’s voice again.

“Kiss her???? … what did she say??? … kiss her? No … God no, I’m … no, no, I’m not that way. God, I’m not bi … kiss her? … Is that what she asked me?” the thoughts were flashing through my mind in such rapid succession. I moved closer to Penny’s full red lips. I brought my mouth down to align with hers.

“Kiss her,” I heard my mind say once again as I ‘gulped’ loud enough for anyone in the room to hear. “Yes,” I heard my mind again say to me … “yes, honey, yes, I want to kiss you,” I thought to myself as I looked into her smiling face, put my lips on her full lips, felt the movement of Penny’s lips as they engulfed my lips.

I felt Penny’s arms encircle my body as our lips … no, our mouths now, moved in unison with each other. I felt fingers unhooking the snaps of my bra. I was lost somewhere, floating, tingling, trembling … everything seemed to happening at once.

“I think maybe we should take a shower together,” Penny said to me in a very calm, very self-assured voice.

“Yes … yes, I think so,” I answered not really sure what I was consenting to … but also knowing I didn’t want to resist. I didn’t want this feeling within me to go away.

“Turn the water on Dottie sweetheart,” I heard the calm voice of Penny again. The voice with the sweet Australian accent. “And make it nice and hot for us will you baby,” Penny’s voice continued.

As I turned to face the faucet I realized that Penny had taken my bra off and my breasts were totally free from their silky confines. But I didn’t get a chance to think too much when I felt Penny’s thumbs slipping inside of my panties on each of my hips. I felt my panties being pulled down ever so slowly as I bowed my head just a little and took in a deep breath. Before I could breathe out the air that had just filled my lungs, my panties were at my ankles and I just automatically stepped out of them. I felt the warmth of Penny’s body push against my backside, felt the soft pubic hair of Penny’s vagina on my ass cheeks and watched as the pretty red finger-nailed hands cupped my breasts from underneath and lifting them very gently as though Penny’s was kind of testing their girth.

By now my skin was all goose bumps as I heard that now familiar sweet voice again. “Dottie baby, you have to turn on the water honey,” Penny said to me.

I tried to regain my senses. “Oh … oh, yeah … yes, turn on the water,” I answered as though I was talking to no one in particular, just answering the sweet female voice I had just heard.

The water came out in a turret of warmth, adjusted itself to the temperature I had set and poured over our heads and bodies in a seemingly translucent flow of relief. I watched Penny’s pretty hands now fully cup my breasts … then her thumb and forefinger of each hand as they squeezed my now erect nipples, softly at first, then a little harder, pulling outward as though Penny was trying to test their elasticity. Just as suddenly as all this began, her hands were gone and I felt a soft wet wash cloth on my back. Penny had spread the wash cloth on my back and was working up a good amount of soap suds with a bar of soap she was rubbing on the wash cloth. I felt the wash cloth being removed, and rubbed on my neck, coming around to wash and soap my breasts, one at a time and lingering for just a second on each nipple. Down the wash cloth went, on my lower legs, up now on my thighs, then I felt the warm softness on my ass cheeks. I felt my ass cheeks being spread, gently, felt it linger for a moment, then being gently pushed inside … inside the aperture that was there, drifting downward again until the wet warm wash cloth was between my legs. I felt my vagina lips being spread ever so gently by these knowing hands that were directing the movements of the wash cloth. I felt türbanlı escort a bit of the wash cloth go inside of me, then out again, in again, out again … then upward toward the top of my opening. It was moving upward like a guided missile that knew its target. I felt it pushed gently at the covering of my clit until my now fully engorged clit was fully exposed and standing erect like a soldier standing at attention. As soon as I felt the first touch my knees began to buckle … to sag just a bit.

“Oh my God … oh shit, shit, shit… oh, oh, God, Penny honey … I think I’m going to … I think I’m going to cum … yes, cum …” I screeched the words in between gulps of air that I was rapidly sucking into my lungs.

As quick as I was getting there … it was gone. I felt myself being turned around, still trembling from the closeness of reaching an orgasm and looking into Penny’s pretty face.

She kissed my lips. “Now you wash me, just the way I washed you,” Penny said.

And I did. I tried to follow exactly the path Penny had taken with the wash cloth and I marveled at the sensations pulsating through my body as I touched every sensitive spot of Penny’s body. Every thing seemed to go in fast motion then. Penny dried me with a large and soft Turkish towel. Then I heard the familiar words … “now you dry me, just the way I dried you,” coming from Penny’s lips. And I did!

It seemed like only seconds before we were on the bed. I felt lost … lost in another world, kissing the beautiful red lips of precious Penny … this beautiful angel that had just come into my life like a flash of lightning. Then Penny’s voice brought me partly back to reality. She was whispering in my ear.

“Listen to me … listen to me. Do exactly as I tell you,” Penny whispered. “Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Yes … yes Penny, yes, I understand,” I answered.

“Good,” Penny said as she took my head in both of her hands. “Suck my breasts, suck underneath them first … yes, yes, that’s good … now up, let your tongue made little circles around my nipples, first one and then the other, but don’t touch the nipples yet … good, that’s good, you’re doing fine. Now, listen to me, take my nipple between your lips, first one then the other and let your tongue flick them gently … oh yes, oh God, your doing so good. Now down baby, down … slowly, don’t go too fast! Stop there, right there … let your tongue suck on my belly button … yes, oh yes … oh God baby, you have such a good tongue. Now down slowly … that’s right … feel my fur on your face cheeks … isn’t it nice and soft?”

I felt Penny’s hands on my head gently take a bunch of my hair in each hand urging me downward. Almost immediately my nostrils filled with the very light scent of ‘woman’ and it flooded my senses like an aphrodisiac. I ran my tongue on the puffy moisture filled outer lips of Penny’s vagina not sure if I was doing it right. But I wanted more … more. I pushed my tongue inward and ran my tongue all around the soft, slippery, and soaked membrane I found there and struck my tongue deeper inward until I heard Penny’s voice above me again.

“Oh yes, honey … that’s good, stick your tongue in … now out, yes, that’s it, in and out. See honey, I’m fucking your face, your mouth … oh, God, doesn’t that feel good to you,” Penny said.

“Hmmmm … yes, yes,” I mumbled back to Penny,” not wanting this feeling I felt to ever stop.

“Now up baby,” I heard Penny’s soft sweet guiding voice again. “Yes, slide your tongue up, up toward the top of my pussy, yes, yes, that’s the way. Feel that honey, feel how stiff my clit is … that’s because your mouth and tongue is making it happy … it really likes you. Now baby, take my clit between your lips, suck on it, suck on it like it’s a pacifier … yes, just like it’s a pacifier … oh, God … oh shit, shit … oh my God … oh, oh, keeping sucking baby, I’m … I’m getting there … oh good Lord in heaven … yes, yes … I’m cumming … I’m cuuummmmminnng!”

My nose, my mouth, my whole face was soaked with the wetness of Penny’s vagina as I felt her thrust forward with her hips. I felt her thighs engulf my head in a scissors grip as she bucked and bucked. I put my first one finger in my own vagina … then two fingers. It didn’t take much until I was feeling the same things Penny was feeling … oh my God, I was cumming too … I felt myself climbing upward as though I was climbing a steep mountain. The oxygen was thin up here and I needed to breathe hard to catch my breath … God, I could see everything from up here … up here high on this mountain … I could see the stars, the moon … red rockets bursting in air … oh, shit … yes, yes, I was cumming too and my orgasm was in perfect timing with Penny’s.

It seemed to take a long time, but I felt myself drifting back again. I had moved up on the bed and Penny was holding me tight. She was rubbing my back as I wrapped my arms around her, holding on, not wanting to come down too fast. The scent of Penny’s skin filled my senses and I wanted to taste the scent. I kissed her shoulders and licked ever so lightly at her skin like a little kitten nursing on her mother. Then I drifted again into the fading light. I was drifting off into a peaceful sleep … a sleep that for the very first time in my life I can ever remember welcoming with such a blissful feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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