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Chapter One

I slowly awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside my open window. My eyes fluttered open and I stretched out in my bed, yawning loudly. I could hear footsteps pattering around outside my door and I knew my servant would come knocking soon. I relaxed back against my bed, closing my eyes and listening to the singing birds. They were the only normal thing about this special day. I smiled softly at myself. Today was the mark of an exciting week.

I sat up in my bed and stretched out, yawning again as I heard a soft knock on the door. It quietly swung open to show my servant, Gilbert, standing in the doorway. He looked at me in surprise and quickly bowed his head.

“Sorry, your Highness. I didn’t realize you were up already.” He quickly said, his blonde hair hiding his soft blush from me. I grinned at him and dismissed the bow with a wave of my hand.

“It’s alright, Gilbert. I just woke up.” I told him. He nodded before proceeding into my room, walking around and opening the curtains to the windows. I blinked rapidly for a moment as I got used to the sunlight. He stood by the edge of my bed when he finished, folding back my bed sheets.

“I presume you know what day it is, your Highness?” He asked me. I nodded as I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

“Yes, I do. Today is the start of my coming-of-age ceremony.” I could feel a grin from ear to ear when I thought about. Five nights, five different princes. It gave me a shiver just thinking about it.

I stepped away from my bed so Gilbert could make it. Walking over to the window, I looked out at the gardens that my room overlooked, letting out a soft sigh. I couldn’t believe that it had been fifteen years since I played down in those gardens. I was only five back then and I was allowed to do that, but now that I’ve turned twenty, it isn’t very prince-like. Any more than it is to talk and eat at the same time.

I turned away from the window and briskly walked over to my wardrobe, opening up its wooden doors. Looking over its contents, I glanced back at Gilbert. His backside was towards me and I couldn’t help but stare at his rear. It was so round and cute; it was hard not to stare. Or do anything else to it for that matter.

“Gil, what should I wear today?” I asked him, turning my head back to my closet. I knew he shrugged without looking back at him.

“I’m not sure, my Prince. I would suggest something extravagant but not too flashy. You want to look like a royal but nothing too gaudy.” He suggested to me as he finished up with my bed. I nodded at his suggestion and pulled out a tight pair of black trousers along with dark blue linen shirt. It opened up in the front but I would keep it laced up for the day.

I stripped off my pajamas and got dressed with Gilbert’s help. He was always so gentle and helpful. It was nice to have him around; he was useful with more than just dressing. After pulling on some black mid-calf leather boots, I stood in front of my full length mirror, looking over my body.

“How do I look, Gil?” I looked at him in the mirror for a response. “Is it nice enough for my suitors?” He grinned and nodded politely.

“Yes, your Highness. I think your suitors will be most pleased once they see you.” He told me. I smiled back at him in the mirror before turning and walking over to the door. It was time to meet the princes.

Chapter Two

I made my way to the Throne Room of the palace, Gilbert trotting at my side to keep up. The guards bowed and stepped out of my way as I pushed the doors open and stepped into the room. Mother and Father were already seated in their thrones, their eyes turning to me. I bowed at both of them before quickly taking my seat at my own throne. Gilbert stood off to the side against the wall with the other servants. Our thrones faced two large oak doors, hiding my future behind them.

“Gilbert, please let in our first guest.” My father told him. Gil quickly nodded before briskly walking over to the oak doors and pulling them open. A moment later, a tall, slender man stepped into the room.

The man had fair hair and a chiseled face. His eyes were a fierce green and his lips were full and pink. His skin was a tanned brown color and his body had a good build to it. He bowed before us, his bright green outfit practically glowing. It gave a sense of calm and serenity.

“May your kingdom be full and bountiful.” He said to my father. His voice was deep and loud, but it had a softness to it that surprised me. He looked up at me and gave me a toothy grin. “And may you always find happiness no matter the circumstances.” I gave him an acknowledging nod as he stood up.

“My name is Prince Octavius Ollivander, and I hail from the planet Nublar. I have a gift for the prince from my home. If I may?” He looked to my Father for permission, who nodded his head in response. Octavius smiled his bright smile again as he stepped forward and drew a bouquet of exotic flowers from the inside Ankara escort of his green jacket. I grinned as I took them from him, my fingers brushing against his tanned ones. With a wink, he stepped back and bowed again.

“Thank you, your Majesties.” Octavius turned and walked to the side of the room, sitting in one of five chairs that sat empty against the wall. I watched him from the corner of my eye as Gilbert ushered in the next prince.

This man was completely different from Octavius. He had no hair at all and his eyes were a cold black color. His skin was pale and translucent, and his muscles were way too large for my taste. His ears were pointed and tilted far backward. The man wore thin black robes that did little to cover his long body. With a low bow of his head, he spoke in a harsh whisper.

“May your enemies tremble at your armada.” His cold eyes glanced over to me. “And may you always be a true warrior.” I nodded at him as he stood up straight and pulled out a metal box from his robes. “A gift, from Prince Allus to Prince Darrel.” He said, looking at my father. My Father nodded his permission at the man who took three long steps towards me. Stretching out his thick arm, he handed me the box. I reluctantly took it from him, my fingers brushed against his surprisingly warm ones. I opened the box, smiling when soft music quietly floated out of the opening. I looked at Allus and nodded my thanks to him. He nodded back before bowing again at my parents and moving to sit beside Octavius.

Three seats left. I closed the box and chewed my lip softly. If he was weird, I could only imagine how weird the others would be. Gilbert opened the door for the next prince, allowing him to step into the room. With him came the delicate smell of flowers and earthy things. I smiled softly as he stepped into the light and bowed.

The man was of shorter stature and a light build. His hair was dark brown, almost like chocolate. His skin was yellowed and looked tough to the touch. The eyes were bright yellow and they seemed to have difficulties looking away from me. His robes were a mix of oranges, reds and yellows, with living flowers intertwined into the cloth. He gave me a wide smile as he bowed to my parents.

“May your lands be fruitful and your lives grand.” He told them before looking at me. “And may your youth be lush and vivid.” I smiled and felt a light blush rise in my cheeks. I looked away from him for a moment before looking back at him as he straightened up. “I am Prince Flores Erolf and I would like to present a gift to the Prince.” My Father nodded at Flores, who quickly stepped towards me and produced a crown of flowers from under his cloak. I grinned as he placed it on my head, nodding at him as he stepped back and bowed again to my parents. Flores then stepped away and took a seat by the other two princes. I took a deep breath and stared at the door.

Two more to go.

Gilbert opened the doors again and the next prince stepped in. I held back a gasp as he stepped into the light. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had sandy brown hair that covered his pointed ears. His eyes were an earthy brown that mesmerized me to the core. His skin was a lighter shade and his body had the perfect build to it. He wore a dazzling outfit that was a bright red with a dark red cloak tied around his neck. He gave a deep bow as he stood before my father.

“May your life be fulfilling and all your troubles be abolished with flames.” He turned to me, flashing a wide toothy grin. “And may your love be fiery like the sun.” I felt my cheeks flush a deep red, but I only nodded and smiled sheepishly at him. He stood up straight and fixed his cloak before continuing. “My name is Prince Sol Lancet from planet Siring. I would like to give Prince Darrel a gift, your Majesty.” He said confidently, looking to my Father for permission. He nodded at Sol, who strode forward and held out a metallic sphere to me. I took it from him, his hands soft and warm against mine as the sphere slid into my palms. It immediately glowed and its surface showed an aerial view of the galaxy. I grinned and nodded my thanks to him. He smiled back and bowed to my parents before sitting next to Flores. I set the orb on my lap before looking at the doors.

The last prince.

The doors opened again and the final prince stepped inside. I held back a grin as he stepped into the light. He didn’t look too bad, either. His hair was jet black and seemed glow an ice blue color. His skin was a light brown and his build was on the large side. His outfit was simple with cream colors and browns blended nicely together. He bowed his head to my Father and Mother, speaking in a soft, husky voice.

“May your kingdom be strong and never back down from a fight.” He turned his gaze to me and bowed again. “And may you always find courage when you need it most.” I nodded back to him. “I am Prince Xame Xore from the planet Zoluck. May I present the prince with a gift?” My Father nodded Ankara escort bayan at his request, both of us watching Xame approach me with his hands outstretched. He held out a beautiful black cloak made of exotic fibers. I carefully took it from his hands, smiling as my fingers touched his gentle ones. I nodded my gratitude towards him as he stepped back and bowed to my parents. He then made his way to the last open chair. Then it was my turn.

I stood up and held the gifts out to Gilbert, who was already standing at my side. I turned to the five princes and bowed at them. I blushed slightly when I felt all of their eyes on me. I cleared my throat as I stood back up.

“Um, I thank all of you for the gifts and I want to welcome you to my home. For the next five days, I look forward to all of your company and I hope you all enjoy your stay here. But for now, I will return to my quarters. So, if you will excuse me.” I bowed again to them before bowing to my parents, turning on my heel and leaving the room with Gilbert at my side. Oh the choices to make…

Chapter Three

I sat on my bed as Gilbert paced around my room in front of me, his hands folded behind his back. It was in the evening and he was explaining to me the rules that I needed to follow over the next few days. I listened intently as he told me the rehearsed lines.

“Now, tomorrow night will be your first night with one of the princes. When the time comes, you must obey everything they tell you, okay? You must fulfill their every whim and desire, and you must also be available to their emotional needs.” Gilbert explained. His face flushed a little as he continued onto the next part. “Now, um, tradition dictates that both partners must, um, climax a minimum of three times before dawn the next day. So from midnight to dawn, you both have to do your best to meet the, um, requirement. If neither of you can make it, then you are not suitable partners and he will be asked to return home. But ultimately in the end, you get to choose who your husband will be. Do you understand?” He turned to look at me when he finished explaining. I nodded quickly, but a question popped into my mind.

“But, Gilbert… Um, I’m still a virgin. Isn’t that kind of unfair to all the other princes?” I asked, feeling a flush of my own coming over my cheeks. Gilbert blushed in a deeper red at this.

“Well, um, since you’re not broken, by tradition, the prince’s personal servant has the honor of taking the prince’s virginity…” He said to me. I sucked in a breath, staring at Gilbert. I had to let him do it to me… I couldn’t believe it.

“There’s no other way around that?” I asked. He winced slightly but shook his head. I sighed softly and nodded. “All right… I’m guessing you’ll have to do me tonight then, huh?” Gilbert nodded again.

“Yes, my Prince. If you are not broken by midnight, all of the princes will be asked to return home and you will have to wait a whole year before you can be wedded.” I stared at him before shaking my head. This was all starting to become overwhelming. I had no idea it would be like this. Sure, Gilbert and I had fooled around in the past but nothing as serious as this. I looked over at him.

“After my parents come to bid me good night, you and I will complete it.” I told him. Gilbert nodded his head, continuing to pace around my room.

“Yes, my Prince. As you wish…” His voice sounded sad but it was something that needed to be done. I would not wait another year just because it was something we didn’t want to do. It was a necessary action and it would happen before midnight, it just had to.

The sun had set and my parents had already come to say good night to me. I lay still on my bed as I waited for Gilbert to return from his bedroom. He had gone off to retrieve some gifts for me before we began. I was propped up against my pillows when he returned with a basket full of goodies. I smiled at him, sitting up in my bed as I watched him.

“What did you bring me, Gil?” I asked, crawling towards the end of the bed. He came forward and placed the basket on the blankets. He gestured with his hands to tell me to dig into the basket and I did so gladly. I was soon red in the face with embarrassment when I saw all the gifts were to prepare for the next few nights. Different kinds of lubricants and gels lined the basket, along with a pair of shackles, and a vibrator. I looked up at Gilbert, seeing that his face was a little pink as well.

“Where did you get all this stuff from?” I asked him. He only grinned and shrugged.

“I’ve been saving them for you for when this time came.” Gilbert told me, his face beaming. I only shook my head with a grin.

“Well, thank you, Gil.” I smiled as I pulled him into a hug, holding him close against me. I felt him return the hug, his small hands rubbing over my back.

“Anything for you, my Prince.” He said quietly to me, his face pushed into my neck. I turned my head slightly and softly kissed the side of his Escort Ankara neck. I felt him shiver and press up against me. I slowly kissed up to his ear, closing my eyes as I sucked on his earlobe. A soft moan escaped his lips as I slowly laid back, pulling him on top of me. He straddled my hips as I softly kissed over the side of his face. I could feel his hands sliding over my chest, his fingers gripping my shirt loosely as I kissed his lips gently. Gilbert carefully returned the kiss.

His lips were soft and warm against me. They tasted sweet and I wanted more. I kissed him again, pressing my lips harder against his this time. He responded by opening his mouth slightly, his tongue pressing against my bottom lip. I slipped out my tongue and licked at him, wrapping my arms around his body. We both groaned into our parted mouths as our tongues flailed against each other. I held him close in my arms as the kiss became deeper and hotter. I could feel his cock start to grow hard through his pants, mine doing the same.

I detached myself away from the kiss long enough to tug off his shirt and toss it away. I did a quick scan of his chest, licking my lips. His chest was frail and bare of hair. And his nipples looked soft and kissable. He sat back on my lap as I propped myself up on my elbows, leaning up and kissing at his chest. I felt his hands hold the back of my head as I kissed his nipples; my own hands were roaming over his back. I rubbed in slow circles over his hips as I sucked softly on one of his nipples, holding his body close to me. I could feel our cocks swelling to the maximum and I knew we wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

I pulled away from his nipples and lay back underneath him, doing my best to get undressed as quickly as possible. Gilbert clambered off of me and proceeded to do the same, tossing our clothes onto the floor. He laid down on his side next to me, his hand on my inner thigh as we kissed again. This time, I curled my fingers into his blonde hair. Our tongues lashed together as he slid his hand up my thigh and gently pressed his forefinger against my entrance, rubbing in a slow, soft circle. I gasped and moaned against his lip as he traced my entrance, clinging tighter to him. Gilbert pulled away from the kiss to pepper my face with gentle pecks, his cock throbbing against my leg. My own member was starting to leak, as well, begging to be touched.

But there was no time for that. For now, it was the moment for myself and Gilbert to become one. I shakily reached over into the basket and grabbed a random bottle of lube. I glanced at the label to make sure it was the regular kind before handing it to Gilbert.

“Hurry, Gil…” I said quietly. My voice was husky with lust and I wanted to feel more of his finger. He quickly nodded and sat up by my waist, opening the bottle. He squirted some of the clear liquid onto his index finger, rubbing it in before reaching down and pressing his finger against my entrance again. I loosely gripped the blankets and tried to keep my body relaxed as the tip of his finger slowly slid inside of me. A quiet moan escaped my lips as he slowly slid his finger in and out of my body. It was soft warmness that felt so good I relaxed entirely.

I closed my eyes and moaned again, concentrating on his finger. It felt amazing as it slowly slid in and out of me. And then I felt it. A second finger slid inside, filling me up. I winced slightly and gripped the blankets. But the slow and careful movements of Gilbert’s fingers slowly calmed me again and I focused on the pleasure. If his fingers felt this good, I could only imagine how good his cock felt.

My imaginings were soon answered as Gilbert pulled his fingers out of me and he climbed between my legs. I spread them wide for him and he stared down at me with a lustful gaze. I shivered at the stare and trembled under him. I wanted him inside me so bad that it hurt. I grabbed my legs and pulled them back so that he would have easier access to me. He hastily spread a good amount of the lubricant onto his cock and rubbed it in before laying over me, his cock poking my entrance.

“Ready, my Prince?” He asked me in a soft, seductive voice. I shivered and nodded my head at him. He nodded back before slowly slipping inside me…

Chapter Four

The next morning I woke up slightly sore. I groaned softly as I sat up in my bed, rubbing my hands over my face. It felt amazing, though. I had never experienced anything like it before; it felt like I was in heaven. Turning my head, I saw that Gilbert was still soundly asleep beside me, quiet snores escaping from his nose. A soft smile played across my lips as I reached out and gently stroked his face. He was adorable when he was awake, but when he was asleep…

“G-good morning, my Prince.” Gilbert stammered quietly. I jumped slightly, seeing his eyes staring up at me. I smiled softly at him, leaning down and lightly kissing his lips.

“Good morning, Gilbert.” I stroked his hair as he stretched out and yawned loudly. “Today is my first day with the princes, Gil.” I told him with a grin. He seemed to give me a look but I couldn’t tell what the emotion was. However, it didn’t last long for it was soon replaced with a soft smile.

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