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I come home from work and don’t see you. I run to the bedroom to see if you are there, no where to be found. I know you must be in the shower, so I run to the bathroom. I slowly open the bathroom door and see your shadow through the shower door, I hear the sound of water beating down on the shower walls and floor. God, I want you so bad, I just have to have you.

I quickly strip off all of my clothes, hoping you don’t get out of the shower before I can get in there with you. I scramble to the shower door and jerk it open. I see your sexy body all wet as you turn around and start to say “What’s wr–”

But I cut you short by gently placing my hand over your mouth and telling you nothing is wrong. I remove my hand from your mouth and see a naughty smile upon your face. I slide my hands down over your chest and abs as I lean in and softly kiss your neck. I put both of my hands behind your back and push you up against the shower wall.

I lick up your neck and across your cheek to your sweet mouth. bursa otele gelen escort I kiss you and slide my tongue between your soft lips, and into your mouth. Allowing my tongue to explore your mouth, massaging your tongue with mine. I slip my tongue out of your mouth and across your lips. Back down the left side of your neck and down over your chest to your breast.

I take your nipple into my mouth and softly nibble on it. Flicking my tongue back and forth across your nipple as I hold it between my teeth. I release your nipple from my teeth and suck it. Alternating between sucking and flicking my tongue across it.

I slide my hands down your back and cup your ass in them, squeezing gently. I slide my tongue across your chest and repeat the same to your right nipple. Nibbling, licking and sucking it. I slide my right hand around your side and down your stomach. I step back and look into your eyes as my index finger finds your clit.

I lean in close escort bayan to you and whisper “I love you” in your ear. I lightly kiss your lips and continue to kiss down your chin. Bending my knees as I kiss down over the center of your chest and stomach. My finger finds your wetness and slips inside you. I slide my tongue from your belly button down and get on my knees in front of you.

I look up at you and smile so devilishly. I lean forward and flick my tongue across your clit as I push my finger deep inside you. I take your clit into my mouth and suck on it. Sliding my middle finger inside you with my index finger, working them in and out of you.

I slide my tongue up and down your clit, applying as much pressure as possible. Fingers working in and out of you, fast and hard. I feel your knees begin to buckle a bit and I support you with my left arm. I remove my fingers from inside you and push my head completely between your sexy legs. Sliding my tongue deep inside you as mudanya escort my finger finds your clit.

I slide my finger up and down your clit while my tongue penetrates you. Sliding so deep inside your wetness, lapping up your sweet juices. I apply pressure to your clit with my finger and run it in a circular motion. I feel the muscles inside you tighten on my tongue. I know your orgasm is nearing. I push my tongue as deep inside you as possible and wiggle it around.

I put both arms under your legs and hold you up while I allow my tongue to explore inside you. I feel your body tense and hear your loud moans. I push my tongue deeper inside you and stop. I feel you pushing down on my tongue as you take a deep breath and everything goes silent for a moment. You scream so loudly and all of your weight falls entirely upon my arms. I hold you up while you ride out your orgasm on my face.

You body lays limp in my arms. I slide myself out from under you, and stand up with you in my arms. I push the shower door open with my foot and step out of the shower, leaving the water continue to run. I carry you to our bedroom and lay you in our bed. I kiss your soft lips, run back to the bathroom, turn the shower off. I walk back to the bedroom and close and lock the door behind me…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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