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Big Dicks

I opened my eyes to morning light filtering into the hotel bedroom. Bruce’s white noise machine was still putting forth its synthesized ocean noises. I reached over and turned the volume down, yawned and stretched.

Next to me Charlie was still asleep, as were Bruce and Lloyd in the other bed. I looked at the clock. Seven-thirty. Kind of early for a Saturday morning.

My bladder was full, so I got out of bed, being careful not to wake Lloyd’s partner, and tiptoed toward the bathroom. As I passed the other bed I looked at Bruce. He seemed so peaceful lying there, his muscular shoulders and the swell of his chest visible above the covers, that I smiled despite myself. I thought about what I had overheard last night, he and Lloyd making love while they thought Charlie and I were sleeping. Would I say anything to him about it? I couldn’t make up my mind.

I shut the bathroom door as quietly as I could and let my morning flood loose into the toilet. I decided I might as well go ahead and shower since I was dressed for it. I flushed, stepped into the tub, and turned on a warm spray.

I had shampooed my hair and gotten up a good head of lather when the bathroom door opened. I looked around the shower curtain and saw that it was Bruce.

“Good morning,” he said. “Sorry to bust in, but I really have to pee.”

“Fine, go ahead,” I said, trying to sound normal, which proved difficult. I’d always loved the way Bruce looked just after he woke. There was something endearing and sexy about seeing a man so put together during the day with his hair sticking up, his face dark with stubble and his eyes heavy with sleep. Right now my affection was clouded by the knowledge of what he had done last night. Not for the first time since we’d all gotten together I felt an ache in my chest, love and pain in equal parts.

I ducked back under the spray and went back to rubbing my scalp, listening to the sound of his pissing, then the toilet flushing. Then, to my surprise, Bruce stuck his head in.

“Could I join you?”

My heart leaped. “Sure.” We hadn’t showered together in private in goodness knows how long. Bruce stepped in and stood before me, smiling, still looking sleepy.

“I’ll be done in a minute,” I said, hurrying to rinse off.

“Let me help.” Before I could reply or protest he stepped forward, turned me around and began to massage my scalp, pouring handfuls of warm water over my head. I had to admit it felt good.

“This is nice,” Bruce said. “We haven’t done this in a while.”

“No, we haven’t.” My body was responding to his touch, almost against my will.

By now the shampoo was out of my hair. Bruce stepped closer and put his arms around me. I stiffened, prepared to resist. He spoke softly into my ear.

“I have a confession to make. Promise you won’t be mad?”

“What?” Despite the sensual situation we were in, naked and embracing under the shower, every muscle in my body was tense.

“Well–Lloyd and I did it again last night, while you guys were asleep.”

Relief flooded into me. He wasn’t going to hide what had happened. I didn’t let on that I already knew, though. I turned and looked at him, keeping my voice even.

“Wasn’t that against the rules?”

Bruce’s shoulders sagged. “I know. I woke up and his hands were all over me. I went along because I didn’t want to make a scene and wake everyone else up. You’ve got to believe me.”

“Well,” I said, “Lloyd’s pretty persuasive.” I thought of the massage he had given me that had ended in his plowing my ass, and blushed.

“So you’re not mad?”

I shook my head. “No.”

My partner heaved a sigh and gathered me into his arms. “Thank goodness. I felt so bad when I got up. I had to come in and talk to you.”

I leaned my head against his broad chest, the hair on it matted down by the water. This was a very different Bruce than the one that had ordered me out of the house the night of Richard’s party. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing for him to face his own vulnerability. “I’m glad you did.”

“Well, I owe you big time,” Bruce said. He smirked and grasped my cock. “I could pay you back right now, if you want.”

I laughed. “I’m tempted, but we shouldn’t hog the shower.” I got out and reached for a towel on the wall rack. “There’s one thing you can do for me, though. Actually, two things.”

“Sure, what?”

I paused and stuck my head back in. “Be nice to Charlie. He’s a little shy about all this, as you can probably tell.”

Bruce nodded as he soaped himself. “You were sweet to him last night.”

“And the other thing.” I leaned close and gave his long, soft cock a squeeze. “I want you to fuck Lloyd.”

Bruce looked astonished, then broke into a grin. “Turnabout’s fair play, is that it?”

“Something like that. Charlie says Lloyd wants you but he’s scared. He needs to get over that.”

Bruce chuckled. “You all are bad. Okay, I’ll do it. But I’d rather do it with you.” He fixed me with his dark eyes, which were smoldering in a way I hadn’t seen in a long time. Küçükköy Escort My breath began to come faster and I felt the blood rush both to my face and cock. Bruce’s cock was stiffening and rising too, I noted.

“You will,” I said. “We’ll settle up once this weekend’s over.” I gave him a quick kiss, then hitched my towel around my waist. “I’d better get out of here before they start pounding on the door.”

When I walked out into the bedroom, Lloyd was lying in bed awake, while Charlie was just beginning to stir. He smiled when he saw me.

“Good morning.”

“Hey,” I replied. “Sorry we’re taking so long. Bruce ought to be out in a minute.”

“It’s okay,” Lloyd said. He winked. “I thought maybe you two were having a little morning fun in there.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Oh, no. That’s against the rules, right? No hiding away or sneaking around behind people’s backs.” He had the grace to look a little guilty at that one.

“Well,” Lloyd said, recovering, “Once Charlie and I get showered we could have a little mixed doubles. What do you think?”

“To tell the truth, Lloyd, I could use a cup of coffee and some breakfast. It must have been all that activity last night, but I’m starving.”

“Hear, hear,” said Charlie from the other bed.

Lloyd sniffed. “You guys are no fun.”

I shrugged and smiled. In a few minutes we heard the water stop. Bruce came out, rubbing his hair with a towel. He had shaved in the shower.

“Morning. What’s going on?”

“These gentlemen,” Lloyd said in an aggrieved tone, “Would rather feed their faces than play.”

“Well,” Bruce said, “I was thinking I was kind of hungry myself.”

Lloyd tossed the covers aside and stood up. I pretended not to see the discarded rubber lying on the sheet before he quickly replaced the blanket.

“Well, since I seem to be outnumbered, I’ll get ready. Charlie, you want to join me?”

“In a minute.” Lloyd shut the bathroom door. Charlie threw back his covers and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Bruce sat next to him and draped an arm around his shoulder. “How’re you doing this morning?”

Lloyd’s partner suddenly looked a lot more awake. “Great,” he said, his voice a bit breathless. I’d always known Charlie held Bruce in awe. I could understand–I’d felt that way myself.

“So, how are we going to get your man to open his little rosebud for us, Charlie?”

Charlie turned beet red. I cracked up. “What’s this ‘little rosebud’ shit?”

Bruce looked at me with mock indignation. “I was referring to a very private part of Mr. Kothman’s anatomy. Please be respectful.”

“Oh my god.” I was in hysterics and it proved contagious. The three of us took a minute to calm down. Finally Bruce said, “Seriously, Charlie, do you think we can get Lloyd to play bottom? I mean, I get the idea so far that’s not his thing.”

Charlie nodded. “I think he’ll do it for you, Bruce. When he was talking to me about this weekend he kept mentioning your–cock.” His voice fell on the last word. “He said I’d love it, that he’d even thought about taking it himself but he didn’t know if he could.” He blushed. “I’m sorry, Bruce. That wasn’t a hint.”

Bruce shook his head and smiled. “We’ll get to that. We just need to get him into a situation where he’ll have to put his money where his mouth is.”

Charlie’s eyes brightened. “You know he brought toys, right?” We nodded. “I think he has his leather handcuffs. Maybe we could get him to demonstrate them or something.”

Bruce’s eyes gleamed. “Take him prisoner.”

Charlie said, “He might go for it. Lloyd’s always wanted to try bondage scenes. That’s why he bought the cuffs and other stuff. I wouldn’t do it. I’ve never been into that.”

My partner laughed. “Charlie, you just might change your mind.”

“I’d better get in there. He’ll wonder what’s going on.” Charlie got up and walked toward the bathroom. When he disappeared inside Bruce turned to me.

“You know, he’s actually kind of cute. Nice smile. Nice butt too.”

I clicked my tongue in mock annoyance. “It’s Lloyd’s butt we’re after, in case you forgot.”

Bruce’s eyes twinkled. “So maybe I’ll have both, since I can’t have yours.” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the bed with him. “You’re a tough nut to crack.” He rolled on top of me and planted a kiss on my lips.

“Damn right,” I said.

“But worth it,” he murmured, nuzzling my cheeks. “Ouch. You’re like sandpaper.”

“That’s right, I forgot to shave. I’d better do that as soon as they’re out.”

Bruce sighed. “Four guys sharing one bathroom is a drag. Next time we’ll have to get a place with two.”

“Next time?” I raised my eyebrows.

Bruce smiled and didn’t answer.

We may have been two gay couples in the middle of a weekend of sexual experimentation, but nobody would have guessed it seeing us eating together a while later. We decided on a venerable old place down the street from the hotel that served up huge portions of classic American Küçükköy Escort Bayan breakfasts. Once we had sat down in one of the narrow wooden booths and ordered up plates of eggs and pancakes (Bruce was sensible and had oatmeal), we looked to all the world like four ordinary men on a joint business trip, or maybe in town for the weekend to catch a University sporting event.

Of course, anyone getting a little closer would have noticed that we were in better shape and more carefully groomed than most guys our age. Still closer, and our conversation would have been a dead giveaway.

“You got us all tickets to Carmina Burana at the Performing Arts Center this afternoon? I don’t believe it,” I exclaimed.

“Lloyd, you’ve got to let us pay you for ours,” Bruce said.

Lloyd smiled and shook his head. “We’re splitting the cost of the hotel, right? This is my treat. I’m in charge of the entertainment this weekend.” He winked. “In more ways than one.” He took a bite of his omelet. “So enjoy the ballet. It’s on me.”

“Well, thanks,” said Bruce. “The local paper’s been in a tizzy about the amount of male flesh exposed onstage. I can hardly wait.”

He was sitting across from me on the inside of the booth, next to Charlie. Lloyd was next to me and opposite his partner. Charlie was digging at his pancakes when suddenly he stopped in mid-bite. His eyebrows shot up and a grunt of surprise issued from his throat.

“Are you okay, Charlie?” Lloyd asked.

Charlie swallowed, nodding. “Sure. I just thought–“


“Nothing.” He went back to eating. I watched, a bit puzzled by this exchange. A few moments later I heard Lloyd’s partner draw in his breath. His eyes grew wide. Without moving a muscle in his face I saw him shoot a rapid sidelong glance at Bruce.

Intrigued, I turned my attention to my own partner, who was eating his oats. He avoided my attempts to catch his eye. I noticed that the hand not holding his spoon was nowhere to be seen.

I began to get the picture. I suppressed a smile and decided to join the fun. Underneath the table I pulled my right foot out of the slip-on loafer it was wearing, all the while engaging Lloyd in casual conversation. Without breaking my rhythm for an instant I raised my stocking foot toward Bruce, aiming between his legs. The next moment it found its target. He jumped in his seat and shot me a dirty look. I raised my eyebrows at him with elaborate casualness as I moved my toes, massaging his swelling crotch through the fabric of his slacks.

Bruce’s hand took hold of my wayward foot and caressed it. Then he let go, and I sensed his fingers lowering his zipper. As soon as he had it down I wiggled my toes through the opening. My partner helped me by working his underwear down so that my foot was in direct contact with his hard cock. By now Bruce’s breath was coming noticeably faster. His hand gave my foot a last squeeze, then went back to working on Charlie’s crotch.

All this time Lloyd was chatting and eating, oblivious to the shenanigans that were going on around him.

“Well,” he said, “I for one am glad that they show it all onstage now. Why should sex be just sneaking around in the dark? What fun is that?”

A strangled sound came from Bruce. He began to cough, and picked up his glass of water.

“Sorry, I choked, or something,” he explained.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” Charlie announced. He slipped out of his seat and walked toward the restrooms. I noticed that he was hunched over, as if ashamed of his height.

I waited a decent interval then said to Lloyd, “I need to get out too.”

“The bladder brigade,” Lloyd remarked as he got out and I slid past him.

“Yeah, right.” I hurried after Charlie. Since I hadn’t been receiving direct stimulation, my bulge wasn’t as prominent as his probably had been. All the same, I didn’t particularly want the whole dining room to notice.

I got to the men’s room door, pushed it open and walked in. Charlie was standing at one of the two urinals. He looked up as I walked in, a mixture of glee and embarrassment in his smile.

Pretending I had no idea of what had just been going on I stepped up to the other urinal on his right. “Really had to go, eh?”

“Um, yeah.” I glanced over at him. His hips were so close to the porcelain I could barely see his front side, but in the shadows I could see his erection jutting out from his fly.

“Charlie,” I began, but before I could rag on him a giggle burst from his pursed lips.

I sighed in mock reproach. “Can’t take you anywhere.”

“It’s your boyfriend’s fault, giving me a hand job right there under the table,” he protested. “If I hadn’t gotten up and come in here when I did, I would’ve blown my load in public.”

“I thought that’s what was going on. We were playing a little footsie ourselves.”

“How the hell can I go back out there looking like this?”

“Well,” I said, pausing for effect. “I could take care of it.”

“What?” Charlie hissed. “Here?”

“Like Escort Küçükköy you said, you can’t go back looking like that.” I reached my left hand over and took hold of his cock. “It’ll only take a minute.”

“Oh, Jesus, if someone walks in…” Charlie’s voice trailed off into heavy breathing as I coated his shaft with his precum. Jacking someone off left-handed wasn’t the easiest way to do it but I managed to get a rhythm going. Sure enough, it was probably less than a minute later when Charlie’s chest heaved and his dick came to life, pulsing out its load in thick white spurts onto the porcelain.

“Good boy,” I whispered.

“Oh shit,” he breathed, his eyelids fluttering. As soon as his ejaculation subsided he zipped himself back into his trousers and flushed. He walked over to the sink beside us and started to wash his hands.

“Hand me a paper towel, would you?” I said to him. Some of his cum was sticking to my hand.

He pulled one from the dispenser and handed it to me. “Are we lunatics or what?”

“Yeah. Fun, isn’t it?” I winked at him as I wiped myself off.

He smiled back, shaking his head. “Guess so, as long as we don’t get arrested. See you back in there.”

He turned toward the door, then recoiled, startled, as it opened in his face. It was Bruce. He stopped and looked at us with an accusing expression. I was amused to note that his fly was bulging as well. He must have had quite a time stuffing his hardon back into his pants.

“Too late,” I said. “I jacked Charlie off.”

“You shitheads,” he said, grinning. “Lloyd’s royally peeved that we didn’t include him. He’s back there at the table, pouting.”

“Serves him right for plugging you on the sly last night,” I said. I turned to Charlie, who looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or run for his life. “Don’t worry,” I told him, “We’re not really going to kill each other.”

“If you say so,” he replied, still looking a bit uncertain.

“Well, kids,” Bruce said, “Go back to the table and calm him down. I’ve got to tinkle.”

“Yeah, right,” I teased. “No jacking off. Save it for tonight.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied with mock deference, as he stepped up to the urinal.

Sure enough, Lloyd was sitting at the table when Charlie and I returned, drumming his fingers on the wood and looking distinctly bent out of shape.

“Not very nice of you all to leave me out of your little party,” he said.

I decided to let that pass, even though I was itching to point out that Lloyd hadn’t invited us to his little party late last night. I’d get my revenge before the day was out.

“Sorry, Lloyd. We got carried away. Must be the sexually charged atmosphere you create wherever you go.”

At that he looked a bit mollified. “I got the check. What shall we do between now and the show?”

“Well,” said Bruce, who had just come back, “Gene and I are going to run home and change. We didn’t bring good clothes since we didn’t know you had gotten the tickets.”

“Then we thought we might do some shopping,” I added. “I never realized it, but there are some great stores downtown. It’s funny what you don’t do when you actually live in a place.”

Lloyd sighed. “Gentlemen, gentlemen. Clothes, shopping. May I remind you why we planned this weekend together?”

I sat down next to him, letting my body contact his. I put my hand on his thigh and squeezed. In a low voice I said, “We haven’t forgotten. Think about how riled up we’re going to be after we’ve seen those hot dancers this afternoon. I know why you got those tickets.”

Lloyd looked into my eyes, smiled and licked his lips. “Pre-dinner cocktails back in the room, right after the show.”

When we got back to the room after the ballet the light was beginning to fade. As soon as we were all inside, we started to strip. The secretive groping and teasing we had engaged in at breakfast, and the sight of numerous muscular and scantily clad bodies onstage at the show, had gotten us turned on enough that I knew this was going to be interesting.

As I threw my clothes off I noted with amusement that Charlie wasn’t the least reluctant about getting naked, in contrast to last night. When Bruce lowered his dress slacks the front of his light blue bikinis was stained with precum from his cock bulging inside. Before he could finish undressing Lloyd’s partner was on his knees in front of him, pulling my partner’s rod out and swallowing it like an expert. His shirt open and his pants down around his ankles, Bruce watched as his cock slid in and out of Charlie’s eager mouth, his hand on the bobbing head in front of him.

I tore my gaze away from that hot sight long enough to eye Lloyd. He had peeled down to his underwear of choice that day, a jockstrap, whose elastic pouch at the moment was barely concealing the swollen contents inside.

“Leave that thing on and come in the bedroom,” I told him. “Those two are doing fine without us,” I added, nodding at the others.

Bruce raised his head and grinned. “We’ll be in after a while,” he said.

Lloyd turned and headed for the bedroom. I followed him, feasting my eyes on the sight of his pale, dimpled butt framed in triangles by the straps of his jock. As much as I wanted to see Bruce’s monster invading that ass, I knew I wanted it for myself just as much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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