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Double Penetration

If you haven’t read part 1, you should understand the story as the character development is significant. I’ll give a summary of the story:

The story is true; the names are fictitious. Everyone is 18+ years old. The time is the early 1970s, and the location is San Francisco. Frank is just returning from serving in Vietnam and is about to commit suicide when Denise, a hot “hippie” girl, talks to Frank and rescues him. She lives in a house with three girls, Carrie, Sue, and Linda. Sue and Linda are sexually experienced. Denise and Carrie are not virgins but are not as wildly experienced. There is a deeper emotional connection between Frank and Carrie and Frank and Denise.

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I woke up wonderfully entangled with Carrie. She was lying close, looking at me with her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair was in a sexy mess, and her perfect breasts were touching me. My morning wood was tenting the cover, and she reached between us to gently massage my manhood.

“Good morning! I see you woke up raring to go. Thank you for yesterday. It was a dream come true for me. I thought I would never have a full experience with a man and that maybe something was wrong with me.” With that, she kissed me tenderly.

I could taste our mixed juices on her lips and reflected on all we had done. Not just the incredible sex, but the heartfelt talk as well. She was the whole package; bright, magazine beautiful, sweet and caring. I marveled at how I had come to be in her arms and the arms of the other three girls. I again thought how it felt to me like Denise was my angel and now was feeling like Carrie was also an angel. It was weird to think that I was fucking two angels. I mean, who fucks angels, right? As I became more awake, my urge to pee was more pressing. I told her I needed to go pee and began to untangle myself from her, which she made difficult as she did not let go of my cock.

She squealed and said, “I’m so glad because I get to aim the hose again!”

“If you don’t let go of me and let me get at least a little softer, I’m either going to piss the bed, or if I make it to the bathroom, you’ll have me pissing on the ceiling. Besides, who said you got to ‘aim the hose’ again” I joked.


“Okay, but give me a minute to get able to be aimed downward.”

“Can’t I just push it down?”

“That would hurt a lot and maybe damage me. Don’t worry; it will go down soon.” With that, I walked to the bathroom with Carrie right behind me. I splashed my face with cold water and even put my now cold wet hands on my penis, and it got soft enough to be aimed. Carrie again stood behind me and reached around and pulled my foreskin back, and gently aimed. When I started peeing, she acted so thrilled and excited and seemed to have as much fun as she did the first time I let her handle my hose, dancing around, giggling, aiming me all around the toilet.

When we walked out of the bathroom, the other three girls were waiting. Carrie couldn’t wait to tell them about “helping me pee” and about how great the sex was the night before. I went to get dressed, and all four followed into Carrie’s room, I guess so they could watch me. Before I could get started dressing, they asked if I wanted to take a shower, which I thought was a good idea.

They immediately decided that only 2 of them could shower with me at a time, and they would draw straws to see who it would be. Linda quickly came back with four straws, two short and two longer, which she handed to me and said the two long straws would shower with me today. I turned around and put the straws in one hand, and turned back to them. Denise and Sue drew the long straws, and we went off to shower.

Denise got in, then I got in, and then Sue got in, so I had a girl in front and back of me. I started at her very sexy honey blonde hair, which had strands of slightly darker hair. I soaped Denise up generously, making sure not to miss even the tiniest spot. I paid particular attention to her fantastic tits and nipples, massaging and caressing, enjoying how her nipples became rigid and more colored. I knelt so I could get to her legs (I am 6’4″ and she was about 5’6″), and I massaged and soaped my way up her calves to her shapely and well-toned thighs.

Her muff was trimmed and the same enticing color as her hair. Her labia was plump but just large enough to house her vagina and clitoris.

I gently washed the outside and all around her labia, then rinsed her spreading her nether lips slightly. She had started moaning, which increased when I began licking up and down her slit, lightly flicking her clit. She made a little “yip!” when I drove my tongue into her vagina and nearly collapsed when I found her g-spot with a finger and then my tongue.

She tasted sweet-salty-tangy. I just couldn’t stop eating her out. I reached around and stuck a finger into her tight asshole, and she announced she was going to cum. Her climax wasn’t as earth-shattering as the other day, but her juices began flowing, and she asked me ankara ucuz escortlar to stop so she wouldn’t fall. She dropped down and began to wash my legs and worked her way up to my balls and penis, on which she lavished great care. She rinsed then started sucking on me with enthusiasm. Sue, who had been washing my back and playing with my ass, asked when I was going to “take care of her,” so I reluctantly pulled my dick out of Carrie’s mouth and washed and pampered her.

I eventually managed to get Sue next to the shower so she could rinse off. The shower started to run cold, so we decided it was time to get out and dry off. This was also a lot of fun as we dried each other off and kissed. We eventually went out and got dressed.

As we sat around just idly talking, I told them I would like to make them dinner later. The girls told me they planned to have some friends over and had anticipated just getting pizza. I told them I made a pretty good pizza, and I would be happy to do that. They said they might have 4 or 5 people, and I assured them that would be no problem. I would need to get stuff and make the dough soon so it would have time to be ready. Denise said she would go with me and show me where to get things and that she wanted to help me get some more clothes anyway.

Denise took me to a second-hand store that sold clothes, picked out a couple of pairs of jeans and a few shirts and a couple of bandannas. I think she wanted to dress me in style more like herself and her friends. Then we went to a park where we sat close together on a bench. She nestled close under my arm.

“My friends like you, and I’m so glad they do.”

“Well, I like them too, but I think they like my cock mostly,” I said with a laugh.

“I can’t imagine any girl that wouldn’t be in love with your cock, but I think they do care about you. For certain, Carrie thinks you are the most wonderful man ever, and I have to agree with her. Linda and Sue think you are great, and even though they may not show it the same way, they do care about you.”

“I feel like you are my angel. That may sound crazy to you, but you saved me and made me feel like I could be human again. When Carrie said such sweet words to me, and everybody just hugged and kissed me, I felt like you all were forgiving me even though I am not sure that I deserve to be forgiven. It felt like you had gathered your angel friends to carry me through the darkness and back into the light.

That day when you came and sat beside me on the curb still fills me with amazement. You had no reason to sit with me. You had no reason to stay with me after I told you what a monster I had been. I figured you would spit on me and leave, and I didn’t want to make any excuses for myself. That’s why I didn’t tell you what had happened just before I got drafted. You see, I was engaged and my fiancé wrote me a letter saying she was too young to be a widow or to wait for me and further, and that I was too nice, I would probably not be coming back, so we were over. I believed I was going to die and didn’t care, but I also knew that the other guys were depending on me, so I fought without fear or hesitation.”

“The only thing monster about you is your cock, and believe me, that is fine! Your ex-fiance is a sick and stupid person, and I can only hope she fixes herself before it is too late. You deserve someone who loves you and won’t desert you. When she is old and looks back, she will have regrets. It is horrific what she did to you. You are strong and good and will get through all of this and come out better than ever, trust me.”

It was soon time to get back to the house so I could get to work on the pizza. Denise and Carrie asked if they could help, and I gladly accepted. Soon my sous-chefs and I were scurrying around and had things ready. We just needed to wait for the dough to rise and the guests to arrive.

Carrie and Denise said we should relax in her room and she wanted to see me in the new clothes (new to me–they were from the second-hand store). We went to her room, and the girls had me down to my underwear quickly–they seemed to enjoy stripping me. I did put the clothes on, and they said how great I looked. They decided I should wear bell-bottom jeans and a tie-dyed shirt with a bandana, shades of Jimmie Hendrix! I agreed, and we laid on the bed with me in the middle and them with a leg each thrown over me. It felt perfect. They felt and smelled fantastic.

“This feels like heaven to me, two beautiful girls with me, no anger, no threat, just peace, and comfort.”

Carrie started rubbing my dick through my jeans, and soon I was straining to push through the jeans. Denise unbuckled and unzipped and slid my jeans and underwear down. The girls then had a little discussion.

Denise said, “I’m okay with sharing with you, but we need to decide what to do. I think I should blow him first, and if he wants to eat you, that’s okay, then you can fuck him while I sit on his face. Is that good with you, Frank?”

I quickly agreed. Almost immediately, ankara üniversiteli escortlar I had a face full of pussy while my dick was treated to another fantastic bj. I grabbed Carrie’s hips and feasted as she became more juicy and flavorful. I licked up and down and whipped her sweet clit with my tongue. Meanwhile, Denise was going to town on my dick, sucking, licking, and moaning.

They were both going after me like there was no tomorrow. Carrie was grinding her pussy on my face and starting to twitch and groan. Denise reached under me and started playing around my ass hole. She lifted off my dick and asked to cum, then started deep-throating me. Carrie’s movements became more frantic, and I knew Carrie was about to cum. Denise pushed her finger into my ass and plunged me into her throat, and started thrashing as she came with abandonment. Carrie and I came at almost the same time, and we all rested for a few minutes before Denise said it was her turn to ride my tongue.

The girls switched positions, and as I lapped at Denise, I realized that her taste was a little different, maybe a little sweeter. Whatever, she was delicious, and I eagerly stuck my tongue into her love tunnel, spooning her heavenly juices into my thirsty mouth. I could feel Carrie slowly impaling herself on my rod and engulfing me in her tight, slick pussy. She got it all in and began, slowly and then gathering speed, riding up and down and moving her hips forward and backward.

Despite the urgency with which they were fucking and riding me, there seemed to be some extra passion and maybe caring driving them both. I licked and gently sucked Denise, then folded my tongue and gently at first, then more forcefully stabbed at her engorged clitoris, which made her start moaning and shouting. I got my fingers lubed with her juices, then reached around her gyrating hips and grabbed her ass, making my way to her puckered hole, and pushed a finger past her ring. I held her still while I continued to lick her pussy, stab her clit and ream her ass.

She began flapping her thighs around my head and screaming that she was going to pop. Carrie, who had been bouncing on my cock was now leaning forward and grinding down on me while exclaiming that she was going to fly to pieces and begging me to fill her with cum. Denise’s orgasm started an atomic chain reaction of cum.

The door opened, the girls got off me, and I looked and saw Sue, Linda, two other girls, and two guys, all of them staring at us. I heard the girls saying things like, “Wow,” and the guys saying things like, “Holy Shit.” I wanted to cover myself, but Carrie and Denise were lying in my arms. The people in the doorway just kept looking. I eventually said, “Hello everyone!” I managed to get my arms free and sat up to pull my pants up.

Sue laughed and said, “No need to hurry. Everyone has had a pretty good look by now.”

The girls had somehow managed to get their pants back on, so I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up to pull up my pants. My cock was nearly wholly erect again, making it difficult to get dressed. I told the group in the doorway that I needed to go to the bathroom. They parted, leaving me a pathway between them. The girls murmured, “Is that real?” The guys just smirked and looked.

Linda was at the end of the gauntlet, and as I approached, she grabbed my dick and, leading me along, said, “I’ll give you a hand.”

When we got to the bathroom, Linda said, “You didn’t think I was going to miss the opportunity to help you fire your hose, did you? I know we have to let it go down so I can aim it properly.”

“What is it with you girls and me pissing?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but it was thrilling for Denis and Carrie, and I’m going to find out soon.”

I washed my hands, turned the water to cold, and swathed my semi-hard until it relaxed enough to be aimed and waddled (as my pants were still down) over to the toilet. Linda stood beside me and pulled my foreskin back, and told me to fire away. I soon let loose, and just like the others, she squealed and giggled and played, aiming me to different spots in the toilet.

“That is so much fun. I can feel the pee under my fingers as it flows, and it is like controlling a powerful hose. None of that is possible when a girl pees. Does it turn you on to pee?”

“No, it’s just pissing to me.”

I finally pulled up my pants and was able to fasten them. When we walked out, it was apparent that a few more guests had arrived and were being regaled with the story of walking in and seeing Denise and Carrie fucking my huge dick. I was embarrassed, but that didn’t stop the speculation on just how big my cock was. The girls were quite eager to measure me, and there was no objection from the guys either. I told them that I would not be measured and that I didn’t think it was that important.

One of the guys said it was easy for me to say that as I was sporting 8 or 9 inches and probably made girls cum just by thinking about getting stuffed by my tool. ankara vip escortlar I told him to ask the girls if they felt a big dick was critical or if they could have fun with a smaller dick too. I also said that just pure sex was a lot of fun, but nothing could beat sex with caring and passion. I added that I had gotten as many girls off with my mouth as I had with my dick. A lively discussion ensued. The girls all agreed that a big dick was a lot of fun, but passion and love made the most difference.

One of the guys turned to his girlfriend as asked if she wanted to try my dick. She said she would like to try just once. I told them that I thought she was lovely, but Denise and Carrie owned my dick for now, and they were all I needed to be satisfied. The two new girls put their heads together and looked at Carrie and Denise and asked if they would allow them to ride my cock just once, saying they knew I had fucked Linda and Sue, so what would a little more sex matter?

Carrie and Denise talked and said it would be okay one time. I was shocked. I told them I would do as my girls had spoken with a couple of conditions: first, the boyfriend was to get the girl ready by going down on her, and then she was going to suck his cock before she got to ride my dick. I also said nothing would be happening until after everyone had some pizza. With that, I stood and asked what everybody wanted on their pizza. Denise and Carrie decided to help again, and off we went.

After everyone finished the pizza, I asked what they had decided. Both couples said they were ready to go. We brought some blankets and cushions out to the living room, and I stripped and asked the first couple to strip and for the girl to lay down and let her boyfriend eat her out. The boyfriend was a little hesitant but did get naked; the girl got naked quickly. His dick was probably six and a half inches and reasonably thick. He was enthusiastic, and fairly soon, she was cumming.

I laid down, with a stiff dick pointing skyward, and asked Sue to bring some lube. I told the girl to lube my cock, which she eagerly did. Then I told her, “ride ’em cowgirl.” She straddled me and put the head of my cock to her hole, and just slid it inside her opening. She stopped and said, “It’s huge. I don’t know if I can take it.” I reached down and rubbed her clitoris, and she began to sink down on my cock.

She was glad she had lubed me and said so. Her pussy stretched as she descended, and she began to moan and groan and placed her hands on my chest. She started sweating but kept pushing herself further onto my cock. Finally, she had my cock balls deep in her throbbing pussy, and I could feel her cervix. She began twitching and screaming and rocking and then riding up and down.

I grabbed her hips and stopped her, and said it was time for her to suck her boyfriend’s cock while she rode me. She turned her head to her boyfriend, and his cock slapped her in the face. She grabbed his ready penis and sucked it in with one motion. She was gagging, and he was encouraging her and saying she had never taken him into her throat and how great it was.

She again began riding me and was quickly reaching her peak. I encouraged her boyfriend to shoot his load into her belly, and he started pumping more urgently as his girlfriend was screaming around his cock, and she was frantically impaling herself on my cock. He said he was cumming, and she began jerking like a drunken epileptic and fell off towards her boyfriend and quivered.

When the next couple was naked, and she had lubed my cock, I noticed that this guy was a little larger than the last one. He started kissing his girl and fondling her impressive tits, then worked his way down to her moist pussy and began licking up and down, then back up to her clit and back down to thrust his tongue into her eager vagina. She came with a few twitches and some clutching and moaning.

I went to lay down, and they asked if I would be on top this time. I agreed to compromise and do her doggy style to have better access to her boyfriend’s cock after I got into her. Her boyfriend sat with his legs spread, and she moved between them, with her ass high in the air and her eager pussy on display. The tip of my cock slid into her without much trouble, even though I could feel she was tight. I slid further into her, and I could feel her cunt pulsing on my cock.

I continued to slide into her slowly. Eventually, I felt my cock head pushing on her cervix, and she began bucking like a wild horse screaming, “Fuck me, oh. God, it’s so big and so good.” I told her it was time to suck some cock, and she said, “Just keep fucking, I’ll suck anything, fill me with cum on both ends.” I grabbed one of her nipples and pinched, which caused her to scream around her boyfriend’s pistoning dick.

I picked up the pace a bit and continued to smack her wanton cervix, each time causing her to scream. Her boyfriend said he about to cum, and I asked him if he wanted me to fill her pussy with cum while he filled her belly with cum. He said yes, and with a few more pumps, I shot several large loads, washing her insides with my jism. This set off her orgasm, and her boyfriend grabbed her head and shot his load. I disengaged from her still spasming pussy and saw the cum dripping out as her hole was gaping wide now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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