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Francie’s Cherry Blossom Festival

The characters in this story are of legal age she likes the extra sense-edge that gives her, and she likes how every tum-grumble and hunger pang adds to her own anticipation. (Plus, Francie’s a practical girl and she’s expecting to get her buns drilled today.)

Let’s go, she thinks, there’s a lot of balls to drain. Francie stands up, hands her husband the mostly-full glass, says: “Be a good cuckold and stand by with the water and the lube.”

** Episode Four: “Francie’s Wing-Slut”

There’s a blur in the corner of her eye and a hand on her waist and warm breath in her ear: “Hiya pretty!”

OMG Francie says. Gemma!

Gemma: “I know you don’t need a fluffer, but mmmfff!” Francie shuts her up with a kiss over the shoulder.

Gemma was Francie’s first girl crush (well, her first girl crush that went beyond a little flirty kissing) back in college, a cutie in Russian Lit class that kept giving Francie the RSVP eye. Study Buddies With Benefits.

Years later when Francie and graeme got into the lifestyle, by the wildest coincidence ever in the whole wide world ever EVER, the SBWBs reconnected at a club. What a wonderful surprise that was then, what another wonderful surprise it is now, what a thoughtful cuckold husband she has!

Francie takes her tongue out of Gemma’s mouth, feels her cheek, runs her finger along her jawline, that familiar chin and throat. She bends over to kiss her navel, breathes the scent of her soft soft skin, feels the faint trace of Gemma’s tummy-down.

As she tongues a wet line from Gemma’s belly button to the waistband of her bike shorts, a memory from that Russian Lit class pops into her head: “skin smooth without luster, for all the world as if she were made of ivory or meerschaum.”

She reaches around to feel Gemma’s pretty backside when (WAIT! What? Is that a buttplug?!?) Gemma scoots away, giggling. “Naughty girl!” she scolds. “You’re here to play with BOYS today!”

** Episode Five: “graeme’s Guest List”

“And these boys,” Gemma says, with a wave of her hand that Francie can barely make out. “These gentlemen are all here by special invitation.”

Francie knew about this party of course, and by now she knows graeme isn’t putting on just any ol’ kind of gangbang for her birthday. This is no random bunch of guys running a train on her. First, her first-ever partner, then Gemma. Francie’s excitedly wondering who-all has been ‘specially invited’.

And graeme did make up a special list. He went back ankara moldovyalı escortlar through all their partners and playmates, remembering Francie’s favorites, especially her “first-time-I-tried THAT” dates. Then he got in touch (bless the internet!) and — as if this were any surprise — they remembered Francie, alright.

And he wasn’t going to script out a gangbang in three acts or anything like that, but he did want a sort of story, something with a rhythm and a pace. Spontaneity of course — no director barking PLACES EVERYONE — but with a coherent flow. What he needed was an MC.

And who else but Gemma, that arsty girl Francie knew from school? And she sounded even more enthusiastic than the guys — or at least she felt more O.K. expressing it: “We’ll call it Francie’s Frisks and Capers!” she said. “I’ll curate the party like a piece of performance art!”

And here she is now, artfully curating Francie out of her pretty wrap dress.

** Episode Six: “Gemma’s Victorian Party Game”

The dress falls off Francie’s shoulders and drapes around her feet. She steps out, slips off her flats, flexes her toes and rubs her instep. Gemma gives her a hand and Francie hops up on the divan.

“The Empress of All Russia!” Gemma announces. Francie’s looking royally sexy in nothing but her lavender panties (not quite Royal Purple, Francie thinks, but she’s sure it’s showing off her wet spot). Gemma turns to the Empress’s subjects and says: “It is my duty to see that all rules are kept.”

This lights another Russian Lit lightbulb in Francie’s mind. She recognizes that line, it’s from a Turgenev story… oh the name’s escaping her right now but… Now Gemma’s pushing something into her hand, shaking it a bit so Francie can “see” what is it and what’s in it. It’s an upside-down hat, full of folded-over sheets of stationery.

And now she remembers the name, the title of that story. Gemma’s doing a bit from “First Love”. And then another lightbulb goes off: Francie’s first swing date, Francie’s first girly-girly… grame’s gangbang theme is “first love”! What a clever boy that husband of her is! She turns her toward that fluorescent blob and gives him an I-get-it wink.

Then Francie turns back and — remembering how the story goes — stands like a young princess, holding out the hat. All the young men cluster round her, trying to put their hands in the hat. She keeps it above their heads, shaking it violently every now and then.

“We’re using the permission slips sincan ukraynalı escortlar from their wives,” Gemma says to France. To the guys she says: “But in my version of the Kissing Forfeits game, I am the one who chooses the turns. So hands off!” They clear away obediently.

Gemma carefully picks one out and singsongs: “Here is a pretty thing and a very pretty thing, what is to be done to the owner of this?”

After a pause Gemma reads the note, says it’s from Will’s wife. “Will?” Francie thinks. “THE Will? Him?” Will’s the first uncut boy she ever played with!

She hears Gemma whispering to him, then out loud: “Oh what fun it is to give orders. There is no greater pleasure in the world.”

Francie feels herself taken off her feet like she’s a little doll, then laid gently back down on the divan. She remembers how strong Will is, thinks this may be why a cuckold would call his wife’s lover a “bull”. The name really fits him.

The name really fits and he’s really fit, too! (Will is also the first Olympics medalist — one those sports nobody’s ever heard of, but still — that Francie fucked. O.K., the only Olympics medalist that Francie’s fucked.)

She’s feeling him all over, those arms and pecs and abs, moving her hands around and back to his delts to the glutes and and and — yum, he’s already naked, Gemma probably stripped him so she could gawk at that bod — and back up front she touches him THERE and…

Yum, my wrapped birthday present! Francie puts her hand around the nob, feels his foreskin stretching and peeling back as he gets stiff, looks ahead to trying to feel that little extra bump when he slides in her.

** Episode Seven: “2 POVs of Romance the other comes off the bed and her wet panties wiggle halfway back up her calf. graeme watches the little lilac pretties wave around as his wife kicks her feet up. Her bull sinks in balls-deep and they settle into a rhythm together. graeme sees Francie peek around Will’s shoulder, squinting with a little smile in the corner of her mouth. She gives her husband a little bye-bye wave before she disappears into Francie-Land.

Gemma drains the rest of the martini, thinking: That girl sure loves her missionary. The body-on-body feel, front-to-front with all those nerve endings touching another person. The closeness, breathing each others breath, that part of your brain starts saying: here’s the part where you kiss!

She sees Francie half-open her mouth, but then she turns her head. In a room as well-populated elvankent minyon tipli escortlar as this one, Gemma thinks, the no-kissing problem solves itself! She giggle-snorts and thinks maybe she’d better lay off that gin…

With Francie’s mouth now full of dick, Will lifts off her a little to give the other guy room. Francie rearranges herself underneath him.

Francie’s too small to do things some other girls can. But that means Francie’s just the right size to do things some other girls can’t. Right now she’s knees-up with her feet up against her bull’s chest. She scooches her butt up and makes an inverted ‘v’ under his collarbone, and when she feels the penis settle back in her, she touches her toes together.

The girls at yoga probably have a name for this kind of contortion, some explanation about her core or whatever, but what Francie cares about is how it makes a cock rub her Goldilocks spot juuuuust right.

She reaches around to find a cock for each hand, past the point of caring whose dick’s in her mouth, or who she’s jacking off. She feels the mist roll in.

** Episode Eight: “First Intermission”

Afterward, Francie lies on the divan catching her breath, twisting the cap off a bottle of water. She’s really dry, she’s been sweating and must have been sucking a lot of cock. Just how many guys are here, anyway? Not knowing the answer makes her feel very dirty and very sexy.

She lifts herself on one elbow. It’s very quiet, and as far as she can tell, she’s the only person in the sitting room. Well, except for that martini-mixing technicolor smudge over there. She smiles and waves, then finally gets those panties off her leg. She tosses them his way; no reason her husband’s got to be the only guy her who doesn’t get a whiff of her pussy today.

She’s idly petting herself and sniffing the sweetish-smelling b.o. she’s worked up when a Gemma-shaped outline comes out of one of the bedrooms. When they’re snuggled up on the divan, Francie picks up a delicious tangy musk. What has SHE been up to?

Gemma pushes pushes away some strands of hair stuck to Francie’s forehead, says her lips look beestung and that she’s beautiful. Francie takes a sip of water and kisses her, playfully squirts a little water in her mouth.

“Well!” Gemma says after she swallows and drags the back of her hand across her mouth. “Aren’t you the spunky one? Makin’ me think you’re ready get right back to it!” She stands, pulls Francie up and they walk hand-in-hand (Francie wobbling a bit, her cuckold husband a few steps behind) into one of the big bedrooms.

** Episode Nine: “Cowgirl Kidney Punch”

Even through the cum-fog and blurry vision, Francie can tell what she’s getting right back to. Or rather WHO she’s getting to: That big dark man on the big bed can’t be anyone but Jonnoe, her first BBC!

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