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Frank walked into work with a raging hardon knowing he’d be getting a big cock when he got out of work. He had been talking to a black guy online who showed him a pic of his 10″ cock that had his mouth watering ever since. Frank had just started sucking cock at the tender age of 15 but he had been dying for a big black cock ever since he had started watching interratial porn and reading stories about young boys getting gangbanged by black gangs. It was starting to get late at work there was nothing to do for another hour until it was time to close so Frank went out back to take a piss.

After he pissed he started thinking about that 10 incher and also about his coworker who was closing with him. He was an old black guy named G who was really jacked and Frank just knew he must have a big cock. Suddenly G came in and stood at the urinal and took out his cock. Frank couldnt help but take a peak over. He barely stopped himself from gasping at he huge cock hanging out of G’s pants. It must already be 8 inches long and it was still soft. Suddenly Frank realized hed been licking his lips and staring at G’s cock and when he looked up at him he realized G had been watching him.Frank nearly pissed himself as he zipped up and ran back out to work. When G got back Frank refused to look or talk to him since he was so embarrassed. After about 20 minutes though G told Frank he wanted to show him something. Frank saw G walk behind a wall next to the sink which was area everyone used to hide shit or just go when they didnt wanna be
on the cameras. Frank was really nervous but he walked over and around the wall. “What up G what do you wanna show me?” Frank barely whispered.”Listen you pretty little cocksucker I saw you in the can staring at my cock and if you wanted it you shouldve just said so” replied G as he took out his cock again. Frank was about to scream and run until he saw it was rock hard and atleast 10″ long if not longer. Frank couldnt help himself. Even though he knew it was really risky and a customer or coworker could come by at any point he slowly Sex hikayeleri got down to his knees and reached up to grab a hold of the rock hard cock. G moaned ” Ya boy that feels good. Why dont you stroke it alittle before you start sucking the cum out of it.” Frank knew he should tell him to go fuck himself but he couldnt fight it he needed the cock in his mouth and down his throat so he began licking the head to G’s delight.”Good boy. You know what to do dont you?”Frank couldnt help it. He
stopped licking the head to reply “Yes G I know how to make love to a cock with my mouth” As he slammed his head down on the long cock and took over half of it all the way down his throat as he began gagging and choking. “holy shit man whered you learn to do that?” “frank took his mouth off the giant cock just long enough to say “some of my friends” with a smile and go back to swallowing about 7 inches of the huge cock.”your friends from school?” replied G. “yup some of them.” said frank for a sec inbetween sucks. “but not all? who else? asked G but frank told him after as he continued taking more and more of the huge cock in front of him.
Damn boy if you keep this up Im gonna cum soon” said G as he held FRanks faced and fucked it hard deep and fast. Apparently G said it too loudly tho because in acouple seconds another black guy from work (lets say Tyrone) walking around the corner say “WTF is going….” but he didnt finish as he whitnessed G fully fucking franks throat all the way in and out until he slammed franks face all the way down and moaned out he was filling the little sluts stomach up.
“God damn man how long as this been going on?” asked Tyrone.
“first time” laughed G as he zipped back up.
“Do you mind if i get some?” asked Tyrone.
“Not at all man. Open up slut” replied G as Tyrone stepped up and took out his cock which must have been atleast 9 inches long and put it right in front of Frank’s face.
Frank knew he shouldnt but he couldnt help himself he had to take hold of this beautiful cock in front of him and start licking Sikiş hikayeleri the head while he stroked it up and down.
“Damn man hes good” replied Tyrone as he grabbed ahold of Franks hair and started fully fucking his throat.
Frank moaned around the hard black cock fucking his face as he reached up and started massaging Tyrone’s balls while repeatedly deep throating the huge cock.
“Oh fuck man hes gonna make me cum Tyrone moaned out as he slammed his cock all the way down Franks throat and filled his stomach up with cum.
“Damn kid that was amazing I’m gonna have to cum back for seconds.” said Tyrone. “Actually speaking of that. Do you want me to give you a ride home tonight? I’m giving G one so we could have alittle repeat.”
“Mmmmm I like the sound of that” replied Frank. “I was planning on getting picked up by another black friend though if you guys wouldnt mind sharing”
“Oh shit man this kid is a real nasty slut.” said Tyrone and G at the same time.

After work the 2 black thugs and the little boy slut drove over to the boys black friend.
“Hey I just wanted to let you know I’m heading over now but I’m getting a ride from 2 other black guys if you wouldn’t sharing me with them” Frank said smiling in the car.
“Oh you don’t! That’s great see ya soon.” said Frank as he closed his phone. “Right over here guys just pull in.”

The 2 guys and 1 bitch walked into the house of the big thug Frank had been teasing for weeks. “Finally I get to see you you little slut” said the black thug(lets call him tod who was already naked with his rock hard 10″ out.) “Get over here and on my cock quick you slut!”

Frank was sure to comply quickly by basically jumping on the hard black cock pointed at the ceiling. He started by licking around the head thoroughly before sliding his lips all the way down to the base and chocking all over the rock hard cock. Frank suddenly felt hands at his ass groping and squeezing as he moaned around the cock. He had never considered actually getting fucked but as he turned around to see Erotik hikaye G licking and fingering his ass he knew he wanted G to fuck it and hard.

Tyrone basically ripped off his clothes so he could get his cock in this little sluts mouth.

“Move over nigger I want some fucking head” yelled Tyrone as he grabbed Franks head and slammed it down on his cock.

Frank struggled to breath as these 2 big black cocks were shoved down his throat while another was being lubed up along with his ass. Before he could even realize what was going on though the huge cock was now being pushed into his asshole which was fighting the urge to open up, Frank knew he was going to get fucked and figured he should relax and go with it so it didnt hurt as much so he started pushing out as the head popped into his ass causing him to scream around the cock in his mouth.

“Damn this bitch is tight!” screamed G just as load as his slowly started slipping his cock into the vice grip that was Franks ass while his head onto the cock infront of his face.

Frank was going crazy feeling a dick deep up his ass and one down his throat and the pain was soon turning to intense pleasure as G started picking up the pace. Frank suddenly thought he felt Tod’s cock swell and twitch in his mouth before the cock exploded and completely filled the boys frantically swallowing mouth. Now Frank started to settled down on Tyrone’s cock hoping for a similar treat when G shouted from his ass, “Yo, you want some of this T?” “Sure G you wanna bust your nut down this sluts throat?” “Fuck ya!”

Frank began to worry about sucking something that had just been up his ass but as that throbbing cock touched his lips and he first tasted the faint asshole on it he knew he couldn’t help but swallow the cock over and over as Tyrone picked up his pace in Frank’s ass.

The three got a great rhythm going but it only lasted a few minutes before both thugs unloaded there loads up Frank’s ass and down his throat.

“Damn that was great!” the thugs all said at once with huge smiles on their face as they looked at their cum covered cockslut. “We’ll have to do this again soon,” said G as they got their clothes and heading out the door to drop off Frank with his ass full of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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