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The petite blonde, an attractive sophomore in college, wakes up first, and obeying the inevitable first-thing-in-the-morning call of nature, swings her feet out of bed, her feet and legs, like the rest of her, bare and susceptible to the slight early morning chill in the spacious bedroom. Her nipples are erect from the chill, the rough-pebbled flesh of her tiny pink protuberances goose- pimpled into small eraser tips. She feels a cool breeze between her legs, as the morning air hits the still-moist pink surfaces just inside her full labia.

Her lovely bottom is reluctant to leave the warm, satin sheet and goose down mattress that lies beneath her, but a rumbling and pressure within persuades that same bottom, that moving is necessary and right. Her long blonde hair, quite attractive when attended to, lies tangled across her smooth, muscular shoulders and back, in spite of her lover’s attention to it the previous night during their frenzied lovemaking. Her small, pink feet root around instinctively for the soft, warm feel of the fuzzy bunny slippers that she favors, while her eye is drawn back to the attractive girl, a brunette, lying asleep next to her in the bed. The two had spent the night entangled in each other’s arms, as they have spent nearly every night since last September.

The other girl, a freshman, lies exposed to the blonde’s fond gaze, as her movements throughout the night have thrown off the bed coverings on her side. The blonde’s hand strokes the brown- haired girl’s naked bottom and part of her smooth, creamy thigh, her finger absently tracing a reddish mark along the side of one ass cheek, a crease from a folded bit of bed sheet during the night. The brunette stirs, and turns in her sleep, mumbling some sleep-generated words, which are entirely incomprehensible to the cute blonde, but she is used to her partner’s sleep habits and merely smiles. The brunette has a small trace of drool along one cheek, from the corner of her mouth, and the blonde wonders idly if it is solely her own saliva there, or both girls’, or perhaps some other bodily fluid the brunette may have come across not so many hours ago.

As the freshman girl rolls over, her full breasts with their relaxed brown nipples, and curly brown pubic bush are exposed, and the blonde can see that there remains residue from their lovemaking of the night before, in the form of crusted dried female cum on the hairs above her clitoris, which is sleeping now, but was so very noticeable and prominent, pink and lovely, in her excitement the previous evening. They had awakened in the wee hours of the night, and obeying an irresistible compulsion, made love for nearly an hour before falling back asleep, exhausted. The freshman girl’s labia, too, less swollen now than when she was in full heat, but still quite plump and juicy to the blonde’s eyes, have a thin rime of her own feminine lubricant, this still slightly sticky, and the blonde inhales the sweet, musky familiar fragrance of her lover’s cream, and feels a tingle of her own in her clit. She scratches her own trimmed blonde bush unselfconsciously, and rises up from the bed.

As the mattress rebounds from the blonde’s slight weight, the sleeping brunette rolls back over, still mumbling in her sleep, her full round ass again exposed for her partner, and the sleeper scratches that sweet rear end, fully unconscious of the pleasure she would experience, were she awake, and were those her lover’s fingers. Her fingernail scratches right into the puckered folds of her anus, a most satisfying relief, as we all know, but she would be embarrassed were she awake, and aware she was being watched in such an intimate and personal moment. The blonde shuffles her small feet more tightly into the slippers, and picks up a pair of still-damp Scottie dog panties from the floor, where they had been tossed in some haste the night before. Coincidentally, they lie on top of an equally damp pair of plain white cotton panties, so she picks them up, too, bringing them to her nose. Inhaling their fragrance, a feminine aroma both musky and earthy, she smiles at the memories they invoke, of sleepily and pleasurably intersecting mouths, pussies, nipples, and ass holes, and feminine lusts sated.

She crosses the immense room, and enters the nicely appointed bathroom directly off the bedroom. The bathroom features a granite vanity with 3 full size basins, each with gold-plated fixtures, and a generous additional counter for use in applying makeup, with a counter-to-ceiling mirror running the full length of the vanity, a good 9 or 10 feet in length. The room is warm and steamy, a contrast to the not unpleasant early-morning chill of the bedroom.

The floor is a lovely Italian marble, set without grout, but covered with small Persian rugs in traffic areas, so as to avoid the possibility of slipping. There are a toilet and bidet set side-by-side, a full size Jacuzzi, and a generously sized shower stall, almost a room in itself, with polished limestone walls on opposing sides, bursa yabancı escort and decoratively frosted safety glass walls on alternate sides, with glass doors set into each side. The blonde muses on the thought that this bathroom is a little more than half the size of the bathroom serving her entire dorm floor. On the opposite wall of the bathroom is a door to a guest bedroom, now open.

As she enters, slightly more alert now, the blonde notices the shower running. There are shower heads at both 4′ and 7′ in height, and from her experience, the sound tells her that both are running. Due to the steam being emitted inside the shower, and the frosted glass, she can’t make out exactly who it might be in there, but can see that it is someone pink, feminine, and very shapely.

She sits down on one of the white lacquered toilet seats, and waits patiently to let loose a long, satisfying morning piss, her bladder emptying what sounds like gallons of her brightly colored urine. The clear, golden nectar leaves small yellow globes of pee, like monochromatic Christmas balls, attached to the dried cum from the night before, which then disappears in a flash of fluffy white perfumed toilet paper as she wipes her vulva clean. She crinkles her nose prettily at the slightly acrid smell, as she remembers not to flush

Standing naked, bereft now of even fuzzy slippers, the blonde tosses the still fragrant and damp panties onto the rose granite counter, as she hears the water being turned off in the shower. She sees a hand, with pink fingernail polish on each nail, reach out of the steam, and grope for a large blue terrycloth towel hanging on a peg on the wall next to the shower cubicle. As the blonde hangs back by the vanity, giving the bather room to exit the shower stall, the bather steps out, and a look of utter happiness comes over the blonde’s face.

She gives a small cry of gladness, and the person stepping from the shower, resembling the other slightly, and clearly equally as feminine, though with very short copper colored hair on her head, and none at all at her mons, looks up and appears equally happy to see the newcomer. Her body is tan, and slim, and bedewed with drops of water from the shower. Her breasts are slightly conical and perky, a young girl’s breasts, fresh and full, ready to attract attention. They both exchange quick words of greeting, as their bodies, followed by their full, pink lips, come together in a passionate greeting. The water from the red head’s body drips all over the blonde, but neither seems to care, as their hands quickly survey each other’s body lightly. They step apart. The copper haired girl spots the two discarded pairs of soiled panties on the counter, and, smiling slyly, picks up the panties with the little Scotties printed across them. Bringing her nose to the cream-encrusted front panel, she sniffs it lightly, stroking her own left nipple as she does so. Then, quickly spinning the panties around, she covers her nose with the faintly stained rear panel, and takes a deep breath through the fabric, her fingers now dropping to her smooth, bare pussy.

She removes the panties from her face, and hands them to the blonde, who also brings the soiled, used panties to her own face, this time dabbing at both the front and rear panty sections with her delicate pink tongue. The copper haired girl, meanwhile, picks up the other pair of dirty panties, cocks an eyebrow enquiringly at the blonde, and then repeats her smelling of the panties, smiling appreciatively at the results. They discard the panties, and their bodies come together once again.

It is apparent that they are intimately familiar with each other’s bodies, as the blonde’s fingers are soon cupping and squeezing the full, B cup breasts of the shower-wetted girl. She, in turn, has brought her hand to the blonde’s mons veneris, and is actively teasing the girl’s rapidly hardening clitoris, and already wet vagina.

The blonde brings her other hand to the wet girl’s bottom, and fiercely rubs and squeezes her rounded posterior. The 2 girls indulge each other in this way for a few minutes, and as the one humps her partner’s hand, the other rubs her cream-wet crotch on her partner’s thigh. It is apparent that the 2 girls quickly reach orgasm at around the same time, their passionate kisses turning sloppy as each feels waves of feminine ecstasy wash over her being and consciousness, their hips jerking against each other’s soft body as they are hit with wave after wave of ‘little deaths.’.

The 2 girls giggle together in each other’s arms, taking loving pecks at each other’s cheek and mouth, then the blonde girl takes the other’s hand and pulls her into the spacious bedroom that she had previously exited, as the wet girl hurriedly wraps her towel around herself. They enter, and close the door behind them loudly, the previously sleeping brunette sitting up now, awakened by the noise.


“Rachel, Rachel, come see, it’s my sister Emily! She’s bursa sınırsız escort home!” Kira said, with a look of excitement on her face. Kira had spoken quite often of her beautiful twin sister, and there were numerous pictures of her on Kira’s side of their dorm room. Kira had remarked on occasion to Rachel, that Emily was more attractive than Kira herself, and Rachel had had trouble believing that to be true. Now, seeing her ‘up close and personal,’ she wasn’t quite so sure.

Rachel rubbed her still sleep-filled eyes with her knuckles, like a cartoon child in a fairy tale, and said, “Umm, hi Emily. I’m Rachel.”

Emily, with large, startled looking blue eyes, and an attractive, though not yet life-creased face, said, “Pleased to meet you, Rachel. Kira’s told me ALL about you.” Her emphasis on the word “all,” caused Rachel to look over at Kira.

Kira said, “Honestly Rachel, I have no secrets from you, nor from Emily. And um, in that vein, I guess I need to tell you a little bit about the 2 of us growing up.”

Rachel yawned, and said, “Is it a long story? Cuz, I’m not really awake yet.”

“Of course,” Kira said. “I’m being rude to you, sweetie, let me make you a cup of coffee, okay?”

“Mmkay,” Rachel mumbled, then laid back down to catch a few last winks of sleep, the floral patterned sheet laying on top of her huddled, still-naked body, the hem partially covering her cute face, and just the edge of her bare bottom peeking out from under the edge of the top sheet. Emily eyed the white slivered crescent of Rachel’s ass appreciatively, licking her lip unconsciously. Kira and Emily set to work making coffee in the coffee maker set on an antique oak Louis XIV commode..

After about 10 minutes, the smell of percolating coffee filled the air of the bedroom, and Emily and Kira broke off their whispered remembrances, with Kira filling a cup with coffee, 2 sugars and a dollop of half and half from the small refrigerator set inside an adjoining antique piece. She carried it over to where Rachel’s head appeared to be resting, then in a soothing voice said, “Coffee’s ready, lover!”

Rachel popped up like a jack-in-the box, then slid herself backwards to rest against the headboard, the sheet slipping down to her lap, her breasts exposed to the view of the other girls in the room. Emily’s eyes rested for a moment on Rachel’s B cup breasts, and assessed them as similar to her own, but more rounded in comparison to her own conical breasts, and with large brown nipples in place of her own moderately sized pink ones, which were apparently a Sterling family trait, judging by the color of her sister Kira’s nipples. She smiled at their beauty and pleasing form.

Rachel took the antique Limoges tea cup, and silently whispering a ‘thank you’ to the perky long-haired blonde, then sipped the coffee, slowly at first, then, nearly gulping, the hot fluid slipping over her full lips.

“Doesn’t she burn her mouth?” a towel-clothed Emily said in wonder to her naked older sister, Kira.

“You’d think so, but no,” said Kira, shrugging. “She goes through fried chicken practically right out of the hot grease fryer in the PWCU cafeteria like it was cold chicken. Amazing, isn’t it?” As Rachel’s eyes opened further, she began to see a clear family resemblance between the 2 sisters. Both attractive, with ‘girl next door,’ All-American looks, the older sister, Kira, a few inches shorter than her nominally younger sister. Both with luxuriant, shiny hair, with Kira’s much longer and blonde, Emily’s an attractive copper color, much shorter, nearly a masculine cut, similar to the book-loving Julie Christie’s, in Francois Truffaut’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

Both girls had full figures, Rachel was intimately familiar with Kira’s C cup breasts and full hips. Emily’s taller, slightly slimmer figure was feminine, but in some ways boyish too. Rachel found Kira’s sister to be very attractive in a way different from Kira, and wondered at the slight electric charge in the pit of her stomach.

Kira was now seated naked on the edge of the bed, next to Rachel’s feet, and Emily too, now let her towel slip off and gathered it up into one hand, displaying her beautiful form to both of the other girls, one her sister, the other her sister’s lover. Emily nonchalantly took the towel, and began drying her hair. As she lifted her hands to her head, her breasts sprang into more prominence, her nipples erect, and her hips set at an angle, one butt cheek pointed to the side, her naked crotch brazenly open and exposed to the two other girls as her legs were parted a little more than absolutely necessary.

Rachel took in the red head’s form with appreciation, and as she noticed the small tufts of brownish hair under Emily’s arms, her eyes widening, she suddenly recognized what the tingle she felt was. Her pussy became wet with her excitement at seeing 2 beautiful, naked girls so close, and knowing that she shared her bed with one. She wondered if she might do the same görükle escort with the other at some point in the future.

“Um, you were going to tell me about the 2 of you, I think,” Rachel stammered. After a brief moment of silence, a look passed between Kira and Emily, then Kira said, “Okay, but I’ve gotta go take that shower now. You two get to know each other, okay?”

Rachel looked at Kira’s memorable, retreating ass with a look of disbelief, then pointed a questioning look at Emily. Emily smiled at Rachel, and, still nude, advanced on Rachel’s bed, and climbed on, seating herself no more than a foot away, cross-legged right in front of Rachel, who was naked to the waist herself, and covered only by the thin sheet below that, the fabric barely covering her own pink slit, and none of her trim little bush. Emily’s eyes were fixed directly on Rachel’s, making her feel somewhat discomfited with the 19 year old’s frank look.

“Kira doesn’t deal with the truth, sometimes,” Emily said. “She really loves you, though.”

“Oh, really?” Rachel said, her gaze diverted by the sight of Emily’s slightly conical breasts, with their pink nipples, pointed slightly upwards directly at Rachel, as though she were offering them to her. Perhaps she was, but the slight buzzing in Rachel’s brain prevented her from thinking further about it. She imagined what those beautiful nipples might taste like, and feel like in her mouth, and the guttural sounds that Emily might make, feeling her nipples sucked on by the young college girl. Tearing her eyes from the lovely breasts, Rachel looked downward over Emily’s flat stomach, and her enticing navel, to her pussy, which was completely free of pubic hair, and in this seated position, her pussy lips were parted, and she saw a glistening pink inside. The tiny glistening pearl of the teenaged girl’s clit was emerging from beneath its protective hood. Rachel imagined she could smell the first faint wisps of the older girl’s seductive musk.

Emily casually stretched her arms over, and behind her head, displaying even more prominently her full breasts, with her nipples erect, and the small patches of brown hair nestled in her arm pits, contrasting with her otherwise hairless torso and legs. Rachel imagined she could smell a feminine, alluring scent coming from the tufts of hair under Emily’s arms, but it could have just, indeed, been imagination.

Following Rachel’s eyes, Emily was well aware of the effect that she was having on the freshman. Bringing her arms back down to her lap, she casually brought her right hand to her tan inner thigh, and lightly stroked herself, her fingertips stroking directly towards her unavoidable cunt, her nails leaving little ephemeral streaks of white on her skin. Meanwhile, with a slight twinge of irritation, she decided to tell Rachel of her relationship with her sister. It looked as though she would have to explain her sister’s actions to yet another girl, since Kira was avoiding it once again.

“Kira and I were always very close,” Emily began. “We shared the same bedroom all the way up until Kira left for school in Fresno. So, it’s natural that, as we entered puberty, and our bodies and interests began to develop, we would experiment sexually within the comforts and safety of being family members. We could learn how to bring pleasure to each other, and to ourselves, and not have to worry about pregnancy, or nasty rumors being spread by people from people outside the family.”

“I was the first to develop sexually, although I’m the same age as Kira. When my breasts budded out, Kira used to love sucking on my nipples. She’d lick, and suck, and bite at my nipples, turning ME on immensely, then we’d kiss for hours.” As she said this, Emily flicked the underside of her nipples, making them imperceptibly harder and longer, and Rachel shuddered as a tingle ran through her being. “Of course, I felt the same way about Kira’s, and when hers came in much larger than mine, I was ever so pleased, since I could play with hers!”

“Then, as we both developed further, as our asses became rounder, and our pussies so much plumper, and the first little threads of soft, curly hairs blossomed above our cunts, we discovered the pleasures of stimulating each other’s clits and vaginas. After that, we were very pleased to find out the fun that you can have with another girl’s ass hole.” Rachel discovered to her own surprise, that her own hand was now between her legs, and as Emily smiled, and said, “Go ahead, baby, it’s okay,” Rachel lightly stroked her own pussy lips, becoming lost in Emily’s deep blue eyes.

Emily’s face, a mere foot or two from Rachel’s now, slowly neared her, Emily’s eyes never moving from Rachel’s. “You’re Kira’s girlfriend. You love Kira, yes?” As Rachel slowly nodded her assent, Emily said, “I love Kira.” Emily whispered, “I want to love you, too.” As if drawn by an irresistible force, Emily’s full, moistened lips approached, then softly touched, Rachel’s quivering cheek, then were drawn to Rachel’s own, full, perfect lips. There was a distinct sizzle in the air as their mouths met in mutual pleasure, and, as if choreographed and practiced hundreds of time until it was a smooth and perfect routine, Rachel submissively slid down the bed, the sheet sliding off, and Emily lay on top of her, their naked feminine bodies in full contact.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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