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Big Tits

Though weekends are the most reliably crowded periods, at times, the rushed aspects of that resulting free time can be frustrating. I was even losing faith that something more than quick endings would occur, to my semi-frustration. Glory holes certainly offer speed in getting off as a main attraction, but taking less time from beginning to cumming than even a couple of minutes is rushed, broadly speaking.

Of course, I couldn’t resist having enough time to enjoy Rush at the gloryhole as soon as possible, again on a Saturday. Business remains spotty at this local gloryhole, but at least there are some visitors on Saturdays, though at least half stay in the private video cabins.

Settling into the now quite familiar space, flicking through the porn, I closed the slider on my side. I began stroking myself, then sounds next door caused a leap in intensity when the other door closed, followed quickly by the slider also being closed, and the clinking of a couple of coins being put in. Just as I was settling down comfortably and ready to show off how hot my cock was, he apparently came. The sounds of cleaning up aren’t unfamiliar at this point, as he finished redressing, and left. The shortness was a complete surprise, though it has happened once or twice in the past.

Only a short interval after he left, someone else entered, though by this point, my excitement had noticeably subsided.

My half-hard cock sensed promise as the slider on his side opened. My cock was full in my fist, due in part to some mildly kinky porn, a bound woman being dominated by another woman. The woman, tied slackly in thickly braided, pure white ropes, looked like a mother of maybe 35, quite sexy, playing the role of unwilling sex partner well, even as you could see how open her pink and glistening pussy was, spread in the air, her arms over her body, her legs in a sling, totally exposed and helpless.

The entire experience had already crossed a certain line; watching the show on the screen simply added to the feeling. This time, I wanted a man to suck me as I used Rush, wanting to experience the uncaring gay sex of decades ago, just sticking my cock wherever felt best, no concerns outside of the sheer pleasure of it.

I opened the slider a bit, and saw little beyond a sitting figure in dimness. Opening the slider more, my excitement grew, in part because I really couldn’t see his crotch, except as a mysterious darkness. I was certain he had a good view of my side, legs spread and shirt open, my cock again hard in my closed hand.

His fingers came through the opening, making my breath quicken audibly while pumping my cock more provocatively, working myself into a state beyond restraint. After offering and withdrawing his fingers several times, my shaft was rigid, and my fingers were at the bottom of my cockhead. I tried looking again, and still saw only darkness from the booth, as no movie was playing on his side.

I leaned back, already determined to be coy, when sucking sounds started coming from the other side, an unmistakably direct invitation which was new to my ears. And very tempting, since there was no doubt what would happen.

This was making me really hard, leading to my showing off the stroking motion along my shaft, my panting in rhythm getting more obvious. In a way, I was playing a role – that of a man about to stick his cock through the divider into glory, after getting turned on enough that stopping would be impossible. The parallels to the porn were certainly hard to miss, even if my bonds were of an immaterial sort.

I rose, took my hand from my cock, and twisted open the bottle. Breathing in, I moved my cock through the hole, his fingers curling as the desired feeling started to grow through my body – a swelling of pleasure, with the promise of more as my cock slid through his lips. Now, I wanted a man to suck my cock, and it was so good. I needed my cock deep in a man’s sexy mouth, male lips circled around my shaft, his tongue swirling wetness around my swelling cock head, a need not only beyond resisting, but one being satisfied so well by an unseen stranger.

This had been one of my earliest gay sex fantasies. And the first touch of his warm lips on my sensitive cockhead just reinforced how good what I was doing truly was. This was pure gay sex, unconditionally – I wanted a man to suck my rigid cock as I finally experienced what had only been imagined years ago.

My universe filled with pleasure centered directly at my sucked cock, one going deeper into glory as I sank into his willing mouth, wanting nothing else but for him to keep going, completely lost. Rush turns me into a complete slut for cocksucking, a perfect compliment to what the man sucking my cock had earned. I had enjoyed trying to cock tease him before, even if I couldn’t see his cock, and now, I was helplessly enjoying what seemed to be his idea of payback.

Rush swells the feeling of cock to immense and massive dimensions, ones perfectly surrounded by a mouth which keeps Bomonti Escort sucking that immenseness into timeless warm wetness. As I pumped, the pressure kept building, while he kept me firmly enclosed in his mouth. I pulled back a bit, and his mouth moved down my shaft, though I could still feel his panting breath on my length. The pause was necessary, simply because I couldn’t imagine cumming so quickly.

Panting, the wave started to recede, though the pleasure remained almost overwhelming. This led me to pull back farther, not wanting to cum yet, then slowly putting myself back through the beckoning opening, all plans forgotten, eyes closed, arms spread against the wall. He quickly resumed practicing his fantastic talents on my hot shaft, and as my thoughts drifted to how to deal with opening the bottle again, the feeling in my balls grew more demanding, as my moaning picked up.

I was almost fully enthralled, but remained greedily determined to repeat the experience of having a man suck my cock after having filled my lungs deeply with jungle juice, the smell of locker room, a decadent pleasure from decades ago. I reluctantly pulled back completely to my side, remaining balanced on the edge of pumping hot cum, the same state I had been in for the last couple of minutes.

Then his slider closed, followed by the sounds of cleaning up. It had been fairly brief, but he had obviously had his fill, even if I hadn’t filled in his mouth in that short interval. I watched the porn play to the end, the first pair of women being replaced by another, still sexy and obviously turned on by their games. Good as the porn was, it wasn’t quite the same as another person on the other side.

But Fridays seem distinct from Saturday, as perhaps, time seems more available to the visitors. The contrast between the previous Saturday visit and the current Friday experience was wide, even if the rushing desire remained the same.

Last Friday, around 11:30am, I entered the booth, not even taking off my coat or otherwise making preparations. I sat, and put a coin in. Before entering, I had looked at the selections, and noticed that the one which had made me hard last week was still available.

As the counter slowly ran down, I went through the choices, until coming to the bottom of the keypad, which was the porn from last week. It was just at the start of one woman tying/dominating another, both clearly playacting, and both women enjoying their roles. It was actually earlier in the story, making the slow undressing/stroking even more enticing, knowing how it would go, with a naked panting mother getting her pussy fingered and licked, after long teasing.

Well, maybe I knew what would occur with two sexy women in the video, but when someone came in, with the door to the other booth closing, the script was no longer in charge of events.

I decided to use the time after the door closed to get ready – coat off and placed on the padded bench seat, Rush out, coins stacked, tissues/condoms at ready, then unbuttoning my pants and shirt, unzippering last to free my bush and cock, touching it, certainly more than half ready, as I pulled my pants down a bit. Turning and sitting down, I saw the dominated woman topless, her grey skirt no real protection, moaning gently as the other woman’s hand went inside that skirt, sliding against the outside of her cunt as the skirt was lifted.

This time, I was only minimally coy moving the slider. A small gap showed an erect cock already being stroked to full readiness, and as my own pumping increased, I slid the panel half open, then fully, in pace with my own still lengthening shaft. We had both grown thoroughly turned on in just that short time, and as my fingers went through, it took just a bit until he turned and stuck his hard cock through.

Holding my stiff cock in my right hand, my left went to his cock, and I explored it, looking down on another strange man’s horny and hot cock. He was clearly uncircumcised, but his cockhead was quite clear of his foreskin. My left hand grasped his shaft, the edge of my palm against his cockhead, my thumb moving along the side of his cock, which was beginning to develop the silky velvetness which feels so good.

My hand started to move with more certainty, fingers starting to tighten as I began a tugging motion, clearly signalling that he should let himself go deeper into glory. Slowly, but unstoppably, his cock came closer. So close and so turned on, I knew that this time, I would be able to play one of my favorite games, one only recently discovered after decades of sexual enjoyment, unknown to me until first actually enjoying one of the best sensations a glory hole offers.

I quickly stood, reached for the bottle with my right hand, the left hand never leaving his hot length. Opening the Rush wasn’t simple, but in the past, learning how to twist the top carefully using my teeth had been an enjoyable skill to acquire. Standing, my bent left leg braced against the Bomonti Escort Bayan bench seat, I took a long and deep breath, then closed the top and placed the bottle on the selector pad. Not being the first time, the motions were fairly quick and smooth, being finished as the first sensations of total lust started to spread through my existence.

My left hand still on his cock, I shifted to move closer, then pressed my cock against his, my right hand at the base of my shaft, thumb and first finger circled, the other three fingers cupping down along my hairy balls. I couldn’t stop looking while holding my breath in, my cut and his uncut cocks against each other. My left hand began to slide down to his balls also, my cockhead now against his, sinking in the sensation of hot sexual contact with a man.

The slutty satisfaction was incredible, and slowly, one of the other effects of Rush began to draw attention to itself as my fingers reached beneath my balls, start to feel the skin, my ass starting to fall into a familiar pulsing feeling. Time was slowing down, and when I finally exhaled, the moaning tumbled quickly from my mouth behind my expelled breath, beginning to pump my cock against his.

My right hand moved as I shifted a bit, creating an angle where our cocks were now fully shaft to shaft. A warmly sliding wetness was spreading, engulfing our cocks together. I looked down again, both of our cocks so sexy to watch as the feelings of timeless ecstasy kept growing. ‘Man .. oh man .. fuck .. yeah … cock .. fucker’ was just part of the stream of now flowing words, uncaring about anyone hearing, except for the man who was making me feel so good.

However, as always, the tide began to slowly ebb, even as the pleasure remained impossible to resist. Being cock to cock with a man is a simple luxury, one that I can’t stop desiring.

But when his cock moved back, it was an unavoidable signal that now would be a good time to put my own turned on rod through, to whatever awaited on his side. I took another hit of Rush, then let my erect and quivering cock slide through.

There was a quick pause in my thinking, as without touch I kept focussing on holding my breath, even as the jutting need to be pleasured rose, waiting as long as possible before exhaling. His first touch was wet, just around the point when exhaling was impossible to prevent. The lure of pure gay sex was overwhelming, and I desperately wanted whatever he would do to me, desire filling me utterly as the seductive rush pulled me in, uncaring.

Especially the rush of sexy wetness spreading over my cockhead. This time, I had already decided, there would be no holding back when riding this wave

The motion in the wetness became engrossing, whether mouth or hand was impossible to know, beyond caring in any but the most abstract sense as my body started moving deeper. I kept moving until the wall stopped me, my moaning starting again, all thoughts of discretion or restraint abandoned in the pleasure.

And surprisingly, the porn became entwined in my bliss, as the tied woman with the spread and wet pussy began to say ‘no, no’ as the other woman, still in white bra, panties, garter and stockings, fingered her. With each repeated ‘no,’ I moaned ‘yes .. oh .. yeesss,’ my cock helpless in his touch. The porn was filling my mind with sexy thoughts, knowing that like the tied woman, someone of the same sex was making me helpless, taking advantage of my own open desires.

This time, the first wave was the one that rushed down, as I started to moan and buck, beyond any concern but cumming so good. Especially considering how the last two times, this had been the only time to cum.

The orgasm started in my depths, waves of cum pumping from my rigid cock, the liquid feeling drowning me in bliss, having found yet another gorgeous man to cum with, one who knew how good it was to get me off so completely.

I slowly pulled back as my cock softened, thinking in practical part of cleaning up, and in turned on part of inviting his cock to my side again.

While slowly withdrawing, it was impossible to ignore how his hand followed, as he kept manipulating me with still intensely enjoyable motions. Normally after cumming, my cock is just a touch too sensitive to enjoy continued games, but he seemed to know right where the edge was, rarely crossing it. His hand kept demanding contact, and I weakened as it stayed on me.

The pleasure thickened as he kept touching me, and after a couple of moments, I looked down. His hand was wrapped around my 3/4 hard cock, sliding in a wetness that did not quite feel like cum, though clearly, cum must be a part of it.

The irresistible sensations continued even as my cock shrank. His touch was utterly captivating, and several times, after lazily deciding to finally clean myself, he kept me in his hand, preventing me from moving further away due to the pure satisfaction he was creating, much less breaking all contact with Escort Bomonti his hand. I was riding a see-saw, with all the weight on the other side.

My increasingly feeble efforts to separate us were being completely overwhelmed by the feeling of my cock in his demanding hand. By now, it was obvious in my still horny state that he wanted to keep playing with my cock, and that there was really no effective way I could stop him, since I couldn’t even stop myself from wanting him to keep playing with my cock.

Actually, I was a bit surprised by how the game was developing, because each time I began to move back, the pleasure subtly stopped me as it diminished. Then reversing, making his touching easier to enjoy, wanting nothing else as I stood there, my pants stretched tight mid thigh, legs spread. I was occasionally moaning either ‘noooo .. noooo’ or ‘yeessss .. yeessss’ depending on whether the motion was backwards or forwards. Forwards always being cause of the ever louder ‘yes – yes’ sounds, naturally.

In a fairly deep way, I understood what he wanted, to simply play with another unknown man’s cock. I had had the same feeling the couple of times I had sucked a stranger’s wrapped cock, the desire to keep it in my mouth forever, to keep my mouth filled with another man’s being. And understanding this, I decided to keep playing, without worrying about cleaning up at all.

Still lazy as he kept me completely in hand, I reached again for the Rush, after putting some more coins in the slot.

Incredible sensations started again as my lungs filled and then emptied, expanding into something new – my cock being fondled by a talented stranger, neither soft nor hard, after having already cum. I was completely under his control, and my moaning and motions were more explicit than before, as those explicit needs were met by the one who knowingly created them.

I had slumped against the wall, lost in the total concentration caused by my cock being played with by a man. I pushed back, and looked down, my mind filled again with unstoppable lust. And saw his hand enclosing me, thick fingers and a thick wrist, moving in desperately wanting patterns over my captivated cock. The view was hotter than any porn, until I slumped again, unable to remain upright.

A smell of cologne, purely male, was in the air, adding a different element to what he was doing to me, a scent was directly connected to a stranger completely unable to leave my cock alone. Just like I could no longer leave his hand alone. I shifted against the wall, then moved my right hand down to feel his pumping action. As my hand squeezed, his moved down to the root of my shaft, fingers cushioned on curly pubic hair, tightening their grip as I touched my cockhead.

A number of men just love cock – and having sucked a couple of men off, I thoroughly understand the power of cock worship. It is also what makes me helpless when a cock comes through glory to my side of the wall, demanding attention.

My legs spread a bit wider, one on the ground, the other kneeing on the bench. By now, my cock and his hand were in motion, causing the hanging ring of my belt to start swaying, in time with my knee and hips moving against his hand, until stopped by slumping helplessly against the wall, the only thing solid in the total ecstasy his touch was creating.

Different rhythms and sensations arose, still occasionally on the seesaw edge of freeing myself from his touch, when the feeling verved into one too-ticklish or boring. He always recovered and found another irresistible pattern. Not only I was helpless against it, thankful he had again overruled my will through his pumping and squeezing hand, but now, it seemed certain he would not stop until he felt my hard cock cumming again.

And I was quite hard again, something that rarely happens with Rush after the first orgasm. He knew my inability to leave his grip, and my cumming was obviously part of his plan. I opened the bottle for the last time, breathing in again, completely unconcerned about anything but the pleasure a man was giving me,

After taking a long hit, thoughts of sucking him swirled, just having him stick his hard cock into my waiting and willing mouth. I wanted cock, the same as the man that had mine in his glorious grip. Cock is fantastically sexy, and sucking one, tasting cum for the first time, appealed immensely as I exhaled, making my own cock swell. I was lost in thoughts of sex with men, wantonly fucking and sucking any man in reach.

But his hand obliterated even my fantasies, the sensations of the present causing me to start moaning again about what was happening, ‘man … fuck good … man … fuck yeah … man cock …’ I heard a sound of tapping metal, and realized it was my belt buckle. I also realized he was using the sound to gauge the effect of his stroking on my now wonderfully thrusting cock.

The sound of my body moving, the pull of my lowered pants against my spread legs, looking at his strong large hand still questing, I reached another orgasm, overwhelmed by his cock loving attention. Though private in the booth, this felt by far my most public sex at this gloryhole. And like the tied and hot woman on the screen, I couldn’t help myself from wanting it. And not caring who knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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