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Like many married people, Johnathon and Felicia both were missing something in their marital relationships. After time, they had lost interest in their respective spouses, as their spouses had also lost interest in them. Simply put, after many years of marriage, both Johnathon and Felicia yearned for something new and exciting. They had met each other online, talking first in a chatroom, and then privately online. A common thread of interest had developed, which grew into friendship.

Both had been involved in an affair before, Johnathon’s lover having moved away several months earlier, and Felicia had suffered a falling out with hers. Both wanted the touch of another person, but more importantly, they both wanted the friendship, the closeness, the personality. Sex was a byproduct of their desires, something that would be made much more fulfilling and special with the hoped for personal relationship. Both feared the possibility that sex might ruin what they already had.

Over the space of the next month they had talked frequently, usually at least once a day, sometimes online, sometimes by phone, sometimes in person. Both were hesitant to jump into something after having been hurt before, yet a definite physical attraction was there for both. They had both resolved not to push things, if anything happened, it would be the end result of cumulative cause and effect, not by plan or design. As it happened, the cumulative cause and effect was just that, talking and interplay that led to fevered passions and lustful need and desire.

Felicia was employed as a sales associate for a new home builder, assigned to a specific new model home. The home was a beautiful and spacious model, fully appointed with furnishings to best show off the site. Johnathon had stopped by on that day, just to say hi, as he had been in the area. Felicia was alone that day, and due to the heavy rains of the day, there had been little for her to do. They sat and talked in her office for awhile, enjoying each other’s company. After awhile, Felicia suggested that they go to the family room of the house where they could sit more comfortably.

The family room was a large area, complete with sofa and chairs, surrounding a large fireplace. Large windows on either side of the fireplace looked out into the yard, although the rain hid anything outside the house from view. They sat on the couch, nervously like teenagers, yet wanting to touch and be touched by the other. Johnathon, seeing Felicia yawn and stretch, took the initiative, offering her the chance to lay against him and nap. Felicia smiled, and slid across the sofa, laying against him, stretching out her legs. Johnathon wrapped his arm around her, pulling üsküdar escort her in closely, smelling the fragrance of her body, the warmth of her being. They sat quietly that way for a time, not talking, simply enjoying the closeness and comfort of each other’s company.

They had only kissed a few times before this day, and never anything more intimate than that on a physical level. Yet Johnathon was sorely tempted, he had her in his arms and wanted her as badly as anything he had ever desired before. He did not know that Felicia felt the same way, the closeness had brought their feelings to a new level, one where they would feel most comfortable with each other, touching and sharing themselves as well as their feelings. Yet, both held themselves back, denying themselves as they both thought of the possible damage to their friendship if the lustful attraction was not returned.

Softly and quietly, Johnathon stroked Felicia’s hair, tracing soft patterns in it’s downy softness. She had wonderful hair, full, thick, and a beautiful deep auburn color. He lowered his head to drink in the full aroma of her, succumbing to temptation and kissing her head. Felicia moaned softly, obviously enjoying the attention and touch. They continued lying there quietly, Johnathon running his hands or fingers along her shoulders and arms, lightly tracing patterns with his fingertips, pausing every so often to kiss her softly again on the top of the head.

Felicia sat up, asking for a neck rub. She sat back up against Johnathon, finding the full hardness that she had expected to. She sat fully against him, knowing that he would realize that she knew he was hard and that she was happy to have not only found him that way, but also that she had been the one to bring him to that state. Johnathon began a deep neck massage, kneading her shoulders, loosening her muscles, relaxing her in a way that only a massage can do. He brushed the hair from her neck, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck lightly. She begged him not to stop, to continue the magic his hands were doing to her body. He continued down her back, and sides, lightly brushing the sides of her breasts as he did so. Felicia began to moan softly again, making her pleasure and desire known. Johnathon began to kiss her more, still soft kisses, but with more frequency.

Felicia could stand no more, she turned and kissed him fully on the mouth. Johnathon opened his mouth to her warm soft tongue and they kissed like lovers parted by many years, first soft, slow tentative kisses, and then building the intensity with stronger, harder kisses, nibbling and licking. Johnathon reached for her full breasts, cupping yenibosna escort and squeezing them, massaging them as he had her back. Felicia raised her top, guiding his hand underneath, quietly asking him to pinch her nipples. Johnathon did so willingly, gladly, overjoyed at finally, intimately, touching the body of his friend. It was just as they had wanted it to be,, a simple afternoon of laying about and talking that had developed into physical contact.

They continued, kissing and touching each other for quite some time. The rain had increased it’s intensity, the likelihood of anyone visiting the model home would be remote at best. Felicia got up from the sofa, pulling Johnathon along with her. She made her way to the front of the model home, locking the door, and then leading him slowly upstairs to the master bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, they acted as one, neither saying a word. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they knew that this was the right place, the right time. The intensity of their desire dictated it, to have done so any earlier would have been a mistake, to have delayed might have stolen the moment forever. Quietly and slowly they reached for each other, undressing each other as they kissed. They took their time, enjoying both the moment as well as the newness of exploring each other’s body for the first time. Finally they stood naked, at the foot of the bed, holding each other’s hand.

Johnathon led her to the side of the bed and lowered her down, kissing her the whole time. He climbed onto the bed, alongside her, and began kissing her, starting from the top of her head and working his way down. His hands played over her body, teasing and tempting. As he made his way down her body his hands found her wetness, and any doubt of her desire was erased forever. He kissed his way along her stomach, heading still further down her body. He traced his tongue lightly and briefly across her lips and clitoris, enough to make her shudder with anticipation, but moving on. He kissed her thighs, her legs, behind her knees, giving attention to every part of her body, luxuriating in it’s warmth and softness.

Having reached her toes, Johnathon headed back up again, only to stop at the center of her desire. He lowered his head, kissing and licking. Slowly his tongue entered her, tasting her warm nectar for the first time. He traced his tongue over and around her lips, nibbling lightly at first, and then harder on her clitoris, causing her to squirm under his touch. Felicia was grabbing the bedding with one hand, and the back of Johnathon’s head with the other. Johnathon continued until he brought her to orgasm, her head thrown back zeytinburnu escort and the moaning having increased from it’s previous softness. Johnathon brought her back down slowly, enjoying the sweet ambrosia of her wetness, cleaning what he had wrought from her body with his tongue.

Johnathon moved up on the bed, lying aside Felicia, stroking and calming her body. Her hand reached for his hardness, she moaned again, finding it hard and warm, yet the skin was so soft to the touch. She traced her fingertip across the crown, finding the sweet liquid she knew would be there, and raised her finger to her mouth to take her first taste of him. She turned to her side and raised herself up on top on him, finding his hardness and impaling herself deeply onto him with one swift, sure movement. Johnathon groaned, in ecstasy, not pain, feeling her velvety softness surrounding him like a warm, soft, wet glove. Felicia tightened her muscles to give him an extra squeeze and smiled as he groaned again.

Felicia rode him, slowly at first, and then increasing in tempo and speed. They were like a well oiled machine, working together. Johnathon reached for an sucked one of her breasts into his mouth, nibbling on her nipple when he pinched the other with his hand. The force of their coupling, combined with their fevered moans, and the power of the rain outside made for a symphony of noises that drowned out all other stimuli. Felicia was rapidly approaching another orgasm and increased her speed and forcefulness to bring Johnathon along with her. They reached orgasm together, looking deeply into each other’s eyes and feeling the intensity that the other had felt. Felicia collapsed upon Johnathon’s chest, lying there as their breathing slowly resumed to a normal level. They laid together for a long time, quietly kissing each other, him still inside her, she still squeezing him with her muscles from time to time. They enjoyed the warmth and touch of each other’s body, laying there listening to the rain.

After awhile, Johnathon got up and went to the bathroom. After making an inventory of what was available to him, he drew a warm bubble bath for Felicia, setting candles around the sides. He went and brought her back to the tub, leading her hand in hand. He helped her step into the tub, and began washing her, relaxing her muscles again. When he was finished, he helped her out and dried her body, kissing each place the towel had touched. Quickly he took a shower himself, and then after dressing, he joined Felicia who had dressed and returned downstairs to her office.

“No calls”, said Felicia, “Other than the last wonderful two hours, this would have been a totally wasted day at work!” Johnathon reached for her, bringing her close to him and kissing her fully and deeply. They looked into each other’s eyes again, knowing that though this was the first time for them, it would likely not be the last, and more importantly, they were now bound as friends and lovers, but friends first and foremost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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