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All parties in this story are 18 years or older.


Growing up in a farm town, I quickly took to motocross and being outside taking risk. While it may have kept me out of legal trouble, it would only keep me out of relationships for so long. I’m Tyler, high school senior, friends with mostly those who do extreme sports like myself, and I’m in for a world of fucked up pleasures. Growing up with this loner girl down the street from me, her brother, myself and few others always raced and rode regional tournaments and for the most part I never really gave Ally any thought other than she’s kinda cute, I have classes with her, but outside of that I had no real relation with her except for the constant back and forth teasing and bickering we found ourselves doing for the past 2 or 3 years.

So here I am sitting in my last class on a Friday, Ally in front of me and I’m starting to get feelings for her. When the bell rang I took my opportunity, “Hey Ally”, I called out to her as we walked towards the senior parking lot. “What’s up?” She responded.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I’m not scheduled to work so probably sleep.” She laughed.

“Wanna go do something?” I asked bluntly.

She stopped walking and looked at me for a minute before continuing to walk with me, her jaw dropped slightly when I asked, her eyes grew too. It felt like an hour before she responded.

“Yeah, you got something in mind?” She asked.

“No, I figured I’d ask first.” “Alright,” She said, come pick me up around 1pm tomorrow.

Saturday came around and I still had no plan on what to do with Ally, hopefully something comes to mind. Getting to her house, she hurried into the car and we drove off. Getting to the stop sign, I looked at her, and what she was wearing, black polka dot skater dress and high top sneakers. Giving her Dikmen Escort a grin, she spoke up, “Let’s go towards the coast.”

Heading down to the Connecticut coast line, we drove along route 1 before she said, “I got cash to burn, do you?” So we headed towards the outlet mall. “Save it.” I said to her. She just smiled and said, “Good luck.” Laughing as she did. Walking through the stores, she spent quite sometime in Victoria’s Secret, but made it worth my while, sending me photos while she was in the dressing room, from that to three more stores we spent more than four hours and several hundred dollars on her alone. “Wanna go eat?” I asked, realizing I’m starving. We went off to some pub by the water and got a corner booth, continuing small talk through out before she asked, “Why me? You know my brother will try to kill you.” Smiling as she ran her foot against my shin.

“Because I’m tired of kicking myself for the last two years not asking you the first time.” I said bluntly.

Watching her face change to a soft blushing look, she smiled and said, “I’m glad you did. It makes for better memories than just back and forth harassment since elementary school.” The rest of the meal was mostly silent but comfortable.

It wouldn’t be until after sunset before we started heading back to our boring farm town. Driving up the backroads, she took my hand and placed it on her upper thigh. We got to one of the few crossroads before we would cross the town line, she said Take a right, I was told of a good spot I want to check out with you.” Giving me a devilish grin. I followed verbal directions and sure enough, five minutes out of the way was a desolate dirt road concealed by tall grass and farming land. Turning off my truck it was just silence between the two of us except for the peepers not far off in some marsh. Eryaman Escort

She opened her door and went off to the truck bed opening it and sitting down, I joined her. I felt my gut tighten into a knot and my heart in my throat not at all confident in my next move. Leaning over, I cupped her face and went to kiss her. Which to my delight was received well, as she pressed her lips against mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth, making out for a while before she repositioned herself, straddling my lap. Still making out, she leaned me onto my back and pressed herself against me, while lifting her dress and gave me a show. Showing me her blue lace thong, she grinned against me slowly, finding my bulge pressed down my leg she lifted her dress more and pulled her thong off down her legs, showing me her beautiful, smooth pussy. “You like what you see?” Ally teased me.

Leaning in with her thong in hand and running it along my face, giving me a scent of her sex. Doing so, I could feel the fabric had a fresh wet spot, placing it in my mouth and kissing me again before taking it out with her own mouth, she tossed her thong to the side and unbuttoned my pants. Sliding my jeans down to my knees and wrestling my cock out of my boxers, she held it in her hands, taking in my size and width, leaning back in she pulled her breasts out of her dress exposing her rock hard nipples and she teased us more, rubbing her wet lips along the length of my shaft, costing me in her juices while she put her nipples in my mouth. Her moans started to become audible and she whispered in my ear “I need your cock now babe.”

Lifting up one more time, she took her hand, positioned my cock to pointing in her entrance, and she eased herself down, slowly taking each inch down to the base. Watching her eyes roll in the back of her head Esat Escort she worked her way down the base, moaning in my mouth, rocking back and forth over my groin, working herself into a rhythm, fucking my cock fast then slow, taking me almost all the way out then going halfway then going all the way. Watching her mercilessly impale herself on my cock and listening to her moans in pleasure I started to pull her down into my lap and thrust inside her making her moans turn to small whimpers and screams of pleasure. “I’m gonna cum.” She managed to moan in a breath. Working herself faster, she slammed herself back down and her body rocked completely, as her pussy tightened around my cock and creamed over my cock and dripped on my balls.

Watching her face turn red and her forehead lightly beaded sweat, she pulled off me and got to her knees swinging her knees at the side of my head, giving me a perfect view of her soaking pink pussy, and I knew what she wanted, sticking one then slowly two fingers in her pussy I started to eat her out as she sucked my cock, her moans vibrated around my shaft as she struggled to take my entire shaft in her mouth. I felt my balls tighten and cock stiffen, and I managed to warm her yet she continued sucking, taking as much of my cum as she could in her mouth, swallowing it and letting some dribble down to her breasts, she licked my groin clean of my excess cum and hers. Turning around she showed me her cum covered breasts before licking them clean in front of me.

Laying on my chest we made out some more before she looked into the cab of my truck and saw the time, “Holy shit! It’s almost midnight!” She exclaimed startled but content with why it was so late. “Wanna take me home and come over tomorrow too?” I nodded and we got back in the truck. Driving back to her place, she continued to tease me, rubbing my cock through my pant leg biting her lip when we got back to her place. She leaned in giving me a kiss before grabbing her stuff and said “I’ll see you tomorrow late morning.” Before she hurried to hopefully not be heard entering her house. I watched her turn her bedroom light on before I drove off, completely riding cloud nine and wondering what she had in store for tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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