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By Rayne416

All characters in this story are 18 or older, and the author does not in any way condone non-consensual sex. This story is a work of fiction and contains rough anal, painal, humiliation, misogyny, reluctant or coerced sex, degradation, rough oral and other dark themes; if such content offends you, please do not read or rate it. This is an erotic FICTION story not meant as any sort of political or societal protest. This is purely for entertainment and never meant to happen in reality, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Many thanks to Psylent for encouraging me to write when I was torn between projects, working through ideas, new and old, and providing feedback and direction for the characters and situations in this story. I don’t know if this story would have been possible (or out at this time) without him.


The bathroom we entered was familiar to myself and quite a few girls I’d seduced at Darren’s prior parties. The large marble countertop provided a solid surface for my indulgences, and the elegant luxury and hot tub of the bathroom had an inexplicable allure to it. Darren didn’t mind me storing a few things in it, as my escapades in it resulted in freshly turned-out girls for him to also enjoy.

“I don’t want this getting in the way of your flesh and mine,” I said hungrily, tossing the pale opera mask into the corner of the counter as I backed her into it.

“I… Please!” she moaned into my ear, her hips grinding desperately towards my playful fingers. Her black lace panties were sopping wet at this point, a dark stain visible in the bathroom lighting.

“You want me to touch you here?” I teased, my fingers glancing over her clit through her panties before quickly returning to the other curves of her body, nails lightly scraping her naked skin.

Her only response was a short gasp, her mind unsure how to process the spectacle of her friends in the lounge, but involuntarily wanting something in that vein.

“Want me to finger you like a nasty little whore?” my voice turning gravelly as I continued to run my hands over her exposed flesh.

Wordless, she nodded frantically up at me, soft eyes glistening with desire and desperation. I pushed her gently against the vanity counter and sank to my knees in front of her.

“Let’s get you out of these,” I stated, not awaiting her answer as I peeled the lacy black panties down over her matching stockings. A tiny little strip of pubic hair indeed matched the drapes.

“Looking to impress someone tonight?” I asked, tracing the meticulously landscaped strip of fire to her labia with my tongue. Not expecting a response, I took the opportunity to gently lick and kiss her from stocking to groin.

“Oh!” she murmured out, spreading her legs slightly, letting me lap at the crease between her thighs and suck at her petite lips. As my tongue wound deeper, circling her clit, I felt a hand press into my hair from above. I began to eat at her more ravenously, preparing her slit for the imminent onslaught, feeding both of our hunger.

My efforts were rewarded as her hand began to push me deeper into her folds, but I pulled back, teasing her flesh, allowing her to cool down before lapping her back up again. Pitiful whimpers began to emanate from above as she struggled to push me deeper into her.

“I-I heard what you did to Katherine,” she said haltingly, her breath coming in spasms as her body contorted, trying to find release from my tortuous edging.

I froze, not sure how to react to this statement, my fingers cupping her mound and my tongue trying to find new skin to tease her with.

“I-…I want to be able to do that,” she finally breathed out after a pause, “I think I can take it.”

I pulled away and stood up, looking deep into her green eyes: fear, excitement and lust staring deep back into my soul. I think she saw my own lust materialize in my eyes, the usual aloof façade disappearing and replaced by carnal hunger. The usual bored or unsympathetic demeanor transformed to that of a man who was about to dominate and prey on a defenseless girl. It caused her pause, seeing the intensity in my eyes grow in a flash, matching the experiences her friends must have told her about.

“Don’t… don’t break me though,” she gasped out quietly, “this is all very new…”

“Don’t you worry, Jessica,” I said as I stepped closer to her, one hand still holding her up by her mound. I pulled her close, growling into her ear, “I’m going to break you in all the right places.”

She shuddered and her nails clawed into my shoulders, hanging on as her legs threatened to give out from beneath her. I shoved her backwards until she reached the marble counter, then lifted her up onto it. As I stepped in closer, I roughly sank two digits into her beckoning pussy, eliciting another convulsion and gasp from Jessica.

“I heard redheads have a much higher pain tolerance Amazon prime izle than everyone else,” I said, my own face inches from hers, fingers pumping in and out of her steadily.

“Does that mean they feel pleasure differently, too?” I said breathily in her ear, rewarded by an audible gasp as my fingers continued to stimulate her.

“Uhhhmmm…” she trailed off as I fingered her on the vanity, my other hand swarming to her breasts and prying them from their lacy enclosures.

Adding a third digit to the gushing orifice, I rapidly pistoned in and out of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” she wailed, hunching over into me as her first orgasm finally hit her, the prolonged buildup finally dousing her in ecstasy. Her vagina clenched and unclenched around my fingers, and I afforded her some respite, locking my hand like a vice to her mound and holding her tightly in return.

“Oohhhhhhh, Marcus!” she finally exhaled after a long while, recovering from the onslaught of sensations and trying to breath normally again.

“I think you might be ready for this now,” I said, slipping my cock out of my pants, solid and glistening with precum. With my hands gripping her hips and ass, I pulled her towards the edge of the counter and began to force my way into her loins.

“Ohmygod,” she cried out through clenched teeth, my cock wedging itself past her pubic bone with the stupid amount of lubrication her body was releasing. Her orgasm had wound her pussy tighter than Fort Knox, but her body and mind wanted it anyway, struggling to pull me into her deeper.

“Fuck you’re so fucking wet,” I grunted, wrapping my hands around her neck and using the leverage to pressure more of my cock into her sheath.

“Ohgod,” is all she was able to whisper before her legs began spasming against me again, her second orgasm rolling through her.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty little slut, aren’t you,” I grinned maniacally, my hands holding her neck as I ignored her protests and continued to saw in and out of her spasming pussy.

“Yes- please… No!” she stammered out, tongue falling outside her mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her hands tried to stop my penetrations, the sensitive regions in her groin overwhelming her as I rocked back and forth into her. She didn’t want me out of her, but she needed time to catch up, to try to regain control of her erogenous zone.

Each stroke I pushed steadily deeper into her, my cock finding new spots in her she didn’t know existed, another 4 inches still to go.

At this point, she had collapsed into me, her body pressed against me frantically as she struggled with the cock seated deep inside her.

Taking advantage of her reeling state, I eased her off the counter, making sure to steady her as her heels struggled to find purchase on the bathroom’s tile. A whimper slipped from her mouth as my glistening member fell out of her noisily. Turning her around and bending her over, she drowsily embraced the counter for support, her holes open for business as I kicked her heels wider apart. Teasing her from behind for a second or two, I waited for her whine before plunging myself deep inside her again.

“Unnhg… fuuuuck!” she grunted out as I filled her to the brim in one stroke, my cockhead mashing against her cervix.

“Mmmm this pussy is so hungry,” I murmured as I wrapped a hand in her bright red hair, eliciting another moan from her. With solid, measured strokes, I rammed her into the marble countertop, giving her no time to familiarize herself with my size in this position.

“OOOOhhhhh,” she whimpered out in reply as I kept her head held high, jerking her back onto my vicious strokes with a fistful of hair. Her eyes shone with lust and rapture in the mirror as I took her from behind, hard.

I quickened my pace, palming her pale ass with my other hand, enjoying the firm flesh in my hand as her tight cunt throbbed and squeezed me like it was milking my cock.

Looking down at my cock as it speared her again and again, her tiny asshole peered up at me from between her pale cheeks, shaking with every impact. It was tiny, clearly having never been explored or played with. My favorite.

I released her hair, using both my hands to stretch her cheeks apart as I fucked her. The tight pink balloon knot winked slightly with each thrust, the girth in her pussy jostling her virgin orifice.

When her next orgasm arrived and her legs buckled beneath her, I quickly withdrew my cock from her, this time allowing her a momentary respite to bask in her orgasm. Pushing her deeper onto the counter for support, I again sank to my knees, plunging my lips between her spasming cheeks.

“Unhhhgggg!!!??” Jessica moaned out in surprise, my tongue dancing around her sphincter as her orgasm washed through her. As my tongue strove to penetrate her tight knot, I felt her shiver in response, the new sensations overwhelming her.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod,” blutv izle I heard Jessica panting above me, sprawled on the bathroom vanity as I assaulted her body with sensation after sensation.

Once I was sure her maiden orifice was covered in spit, and her body was humming along to the tune of euphoric reprise, I stood back up. Reaching into the bathroom shelves, I grabbed a conveniently placed inflatable butt plug and set it by her on the counter. It looked relatively harmless, a 4″ black latex plug, the only difference being the foot of tubing connected to a bulb. The previous girls I’d fucked here knew that this plug could expand from 1.5″ diameter to 5″, but Jessica did not.

“What’s that?” she asked when she finally regained some composure, her gaze locked onto it on the counter.             

“Just a training plug,” I said casually, unsure if she knew enough to detect the half-truth, “It’ll help you adjust.”

“So,” I asked conversationally as I played with her slit, rubbing my bulbous head up and down her slick cunt, popping just the head in and out of her, “What did you hear I did to Katherine? And why would a delicate flower like yourself be interested in such a thing?”

“Ooohhhh,” she moaned, wiggling her hips and ass back at me, trying to suck more of my flesh into her gushing cavern, “I heard you fucked her hard! In the ass… choked, slapped her… really made her into a little whore.”

She trailed off, realizing what she was saying now that her body was cooling down from the throes of lust.

“So, you want to be treated like Katherine, do you?” I mused out loud. While she didn’t say no, she kept quiet, unsure now what the evening might devolve into. Soon enough.

Massaging her tight pucker with my finger, I pressed into it, feeling the taught resistance as her body refused to let me in. Nothing a little relaxation couldn’t help with, I thought as I slid my cock back into her slick pussy. The full sensation caused one of her legs to twitch again, and I took the opportunity to forcefully sink two slick digits into her backdoor. Holding it in place took effort as her ass involuntarily tried to expel me. Mashing my hips forward into her, my fingers found the purchase it needed to stay inside her fiery hole as her body became accustomed to the multiple penetrations.

“Hnnnnhhhggg!” the hissing and groaning began as I finger-fucked her tight starfish while humping her again, sawing my thick digits in and out in counterpoint to the thrusts of my cock in her slippery cunt.

I could tell she was struggling with the new sensations, my large cock stuffing her to the point of bursting, and now more was trying to find its way into her.

“I don’t know… I don’t know if I’m going to be able to…” Jessica trailed off through gritted teeth as I kept a steady rhythm in her, perhaps remembering Katherine’s testimony.

“Don’t worry about it, Jessica,” I grunted into her ear, leaning over and pushing the ass end of the inflatable plug into her panting mouth, “We’re going to take it slow.”

She sucked on the buttplug cautiously, probably unfamiliar with the taste of latex, and concerned about what the next step was, even as she lubed it up. The large cock massaging and jostling her insides did a great job of pushing out caution and replacing them with compliance. Everything just felt too good right now to be bad, right?

Once I was satisfied with her lubrication and familiarity of the buttplug, I took it from her now-enthusiastic mouth. The plug glistened with enough saliva to catch her pale reflection before it descended into her. She grunted slightly as the new material took its place in her, but the constant stimulation at the mercy of my cock appeared to keep her too overwhelmed to react consciously.

Likewise, I replaced the buttplug in her mouth with my now-free fingers. If she knew they were the fingers from her ass or not, she didn’t acknowledge it, sucking them hungrily as I continued to plow her into the vanity.

“Needy little whore, are you?” I grunted out, my thrusts building in her pussy as I seated the small buttplug firmly into her. It entered the tight hole and suctioned itself inside her pale bottom, putting new pressure on my seated cock.

She responded with a whimper and shaking her hips, trying to entice me further into her.

Good enough, I reasoned, immediately squeezing the bulb a few times and feeling her body tense up immediately.

“How does it feel?” I asked, my fingers hooking into her cheek for a half a fish-hook.

“Unnggghhh,” she grunted, her insides trying to adjust to the growing invader, before stammering out, “Full… I guess!”

“Your pussy feels so good,” I cooed, my cock indeed pleasured by the new pressure of her expanding rectum on the top of my cock.

“Yeah?” she breathed out faintly, hopping between the pleasure caused by my cock and the stuffed sensation in her virgin asshole.

“Let’s see just how much you can take before beIN CONNECT izle I absolutely destroy that pretty asshole of yours,” I breathed down at her as she lay on the vanity, pumping the plug a few more times in time with my fucking.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned, her hands fighting for purchase on the marble, trying to contort her body to ease the internal pressure, in vain. My posture allowed little leeway as I continued to crush her rhythmically from behind.

My cockhead began to tingle with sensation as her organs put even more pressure on her vaginal canal, contorting my cock into new dimensions.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…” Jessica chanted as my penetrations touched new inches of her pussy, grinding roughly against her g spot.

I only grunted in acknowledgement, ramping up my thrusts harder and faster, pushing her upcoming orgasm into staggering territory. The intense sensation of being fucked in both of her holes proved to be too much for Jessica. She came in a screaming orgasm, his fists trying to grab anything on the counter as her body tried to come off the vanity.

“Fucking cum for me, you little anal whore,” I rasped out as her body exploded in convulsions, her first anally-instigated orgasm entrenched in her memory. Her pale moons jiggled and spasmed on the countertop as her orgasm consumed her, a tight red ring clutching the inflated plug. Her heels scrabbled fruitlessly on the tile below us, my unceasing penetrations keeping her splayed across the countertop as she babbled nonsense.

I was close as well, the immense pressure on my cock from the buttplug removing any leeway I had in her pussy. I rode out her orgasm until I was cumming as well, pulling out momentarily to spray her cunt with my sperm, only to push it back inside her for a few shallow thrusts, my churning balls erupting into her juicy pussy.

“Oh my god,” she finally sighed, laying on the countertop, my own body draped over her as I regained my own breath. We both twitched a few times before I finally stood up and let her off the vanity. While the area between her legs was a messy warzone, her face was still immaculate, her cheeks flushed enough to match her hair, eyes sparkling with a hazy satisfaction. As she stood shakily on her heels, she realized her rectum was still occupied. Hanging between her legs was the bulb, which she embarrassingly tried to hold and hide. I laughed dismissively, rapidly regaining the strength for my main event.

“Time for me to fuck that ass,” the comment catching her by surprise as she looked at my hanging cock, not quite as flaccid as she expected.

“Already? How are you…?” her voice trailed off as she held it in her hands, mesmerized by its size and weight.

“Shhhh, you’re gonna help,” I said, one finger to her lips, the other on the top of her head, compelling her to her knees. She stumbled a little, the black balloon remaining an awkward occupant in her bottom as her knees touched the cold tile. She eagerly took me into her mouth, licking away both of our juices from my head.

She wasn’t bad, but far from a pro like the others, I mused as my hands entwined in her fiery hair. She paid a lot of attention to my cockhead, cleaning it while trying to play with my balls.

“I wonder if your throat is as tight as your ass,” I said, my grip locking her head in place, and my hips guiding more of my cock into her mouth. Her hands gripped my thighs feebly, knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle my full length. I gave her a few easy strokes, discovering the length of her mouth with my cock, enjoying the warmth. Once we were both acquainted with the limits of her mouth, I proceeded to drive my hips towards her nose, trying to slip my cockhead down her throat.

“You can do it, babe,” I tutted above her, gazing down into her watering emerald eyes. Her tummy convulsed, her gag reflex trying to reject me. My hands gripped her scalp tightly as I pushed her back into the bathroom counter, trapping her between it and my cock. As she tried to melt away beneath me, my cock found the angle and I shot down her throat.

Coughing erupted from around my cock as I drove down her throat, eager to fill her esophagus with meat. When I finally withdrew, her dark mascara had found the telltale path down her cheeks.

“It’s a good thing we’re doing this now instead of having you compete in the blowjob competition,” I said lightly, “That would have been embarrassing.”

She barely comprehended my snub as she took gasping breaths between my legs. Gripping her hair tightly again, I brought her mouth to bear again and tried to ram my thick 9 inches down her throat. She did better this time, taking a deep breath as I descended into her. Still, new streams of black tears wound down her cheeks as I tried to get more than 6 inches into her tight gullet.

I could feel her uncomfortably shift beneath me, the buttplug causing discomfort from the other end. Every time her thick ass tried to rest on the floor, the plug and pump would jar her enough to keep her back on her knees.

After a few deep strokes in her throat, though never enough to land my balls on her chin, I finally released her from my grip. She coughed and retched, barely aware as I picked her up and again draped her over the counter.

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