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“Oh, Trent, feels so good. Wanna cum, love, please, let me cum.” Trent said nothing; he knew Jay was still so novice he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Instead of words he just increased the speed of his strokes, flicking his thumb across the almost purple head each time he reached it, moving the pre-cum down the shaft before, as he reached Jay’s balls, blowing across the slit and making Jayden writhe next to him.

“Ohhhh, lover, can’t hold it. Trent, please.”

“Cum for me, baby, cum now.”

“Arghhh, oh, oh, oh, Yesssss!” Again spasms overtook Jayden and his legs jerked, his head fell back and his crème shot out over Trent’s hand, onto his wrist and even as far as his own snowy white robe. The final sensations were too much for Jay and he slumped forwards, all his energy gone, as darkness surrounded him.

To be continued …

Jayden couldn’t remember ever feeling so tired for such a good reason. He also felt isolated, alone, in ways that were hard to explain. He had driven home in a pleasurable fog, his mind occupied with images of the hours he’d spent with Trent. Lucy had been her usual excitable self when he arrived back at the nursery and it was all he could do to remain standing while she took her final visit to the back garden before the two of them climbed the stairs to go to bed.

It was when he snuggled down under the covers that the emptiness first struck him. He had missed Trent all of the previous week but not in such an overwhelmingly physical way. He heard his voice, the way he spoke, and the things he said. No one had called him ‘baby’ before, or ‘angel’, even ‘honey’ made his heart beat faster. His hand went to his groin, fingers travelling through the dark pelt of fur before grasping his cock. As his hand began to stroke it to hardness he could see Trent bent over, sucking him to completion, or sitting next to him gently encouraging him to have a second orgasm before he went home. With a moan he fought to leave himself alone. He had all weekend to satisfy and be satisfied and instead he let his hands drop to his sides before closing his eyes and drifting off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

One of the advantages of the new twenty-four hour supermarkets were that Trent had every opportunity to put his plan into action without being away from home the following morning. As he’d spoken to Jay, telling him he should pack an overnight bag and return the following morning, the images of what he wanted to do filled his mind and all he needed was a little shopping time to put it into place.

Pushing a trolley around his biggest local store at almost midnight was quite a revelation to Trent. It had never occurred to him before that people shopped at such a late hour but he had by no means been the only person in the place. He had tried to keep a straight face as he picked up various items from the shelves realizing he was quite probably grinning like an idiot most of the time.

A little over forty minutes after he started buying things Trent was ready to head for home. His trolley of self-indulgence was piled high with goodies, some of which he knew they’d use others he wasn’t so sure about. He didn’t envisage either of them having to leave his house unless they wanted to and so there were a few of the more boring necessities slipped in with the luxuries he had purchased along with three tins of pet food and two packs of brightly coloured and rather strange looking dog chews.

He quickly unpacked everything when he got home, making sure none of his surprises were on show. Then, full of excitement and anticipation, he headed for bed, hoping Jayden wouldn’t arrive quite at the crack of dawn.

The car park at the nursery was busy on the Saturday morning as Jayden walked across to the main entrance looking for Bob as he went. He had already packed his bag and it was resting on the back seat of his car. The nursery van would remain on site; there was no way he would turn up for his weekend with Trent in that. There were three extra staff on duty, students from the sixth form college in the next town, and they were stacking green baskets and refilling the information pamphlet stand as he entered.


“Morning, Boss.” The young man who spoke looked a little surprised and Jayden realized he didn’t usually speak to his employees unless they spoke to him first.

“Seen Bob about?”

“Yep, he’s in seeds with Mr Granger from, um, somewhere or other. Sorry.” The boy blushed and Jayden smiled.

“I know who you mean, thanks.” He recognized the name of one of his regular and friendlier suppliers and, with a heavy heart he hoped he was hiding well, made his way over to say good morning.

It had taken half an hour for Jayden to speak with Mr Granger and then tell Bob he would be away for the weekend. If his manager was surprised he didn’t show it and nodded before wishing Jay a nice time. The blush that spread across his face caused Jayden to turn away quickly but then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“I mean it, boss, you need some down Merter Escort time.”

Jayden had no idea how to reply to the kind words and so he smiled a little awkwardly before heading out towards his car, trying not to run and make a total fool of himself.

Trent had set his alarm for eight, when had a quick shower and headed to the kitchen to begin setting things up. The paper had been forced through his letterbox and he took that with him, glancing at the headlines as he walked through the lounge before placing it on the dining table, it’s presence a part of the first section of his day.

When the doorbell rang a little after nine-thirty Trent was ready and waiting in his favourite chair for Jay to arrive. He got to his feet, took a deep breath, and went to the door, hoping he could restrain himself from just sweeping his lover into his arms and ravishing him on the step.

“Hi, I’m not too early am I?” Jayden couldn’t believe how bashful and self-conscious he felt. Lucy had no such problems, delighted to see Trent again; she leapt up at him, over and over, until he acknowledged her. After that she dashed into the house, looked back for a second, and then made herself comfortable in Trent’s still warm chair. The two men, the ice broken by the little dog, laughed and moved into the house together.

Trent took Jayden by the hand and turned him so they were facing each other. He leant forward and kissed him tenderly on the lips as he ran his fingers into the soft brown hair he loved.

“Missed you, baby, missed you so much.” He could feel Jay’s hardness as their bodies touched and he knew he needed to calm things down. If he didn’t they would both lose control and the languorously romantic weekend he had planned would be finished before it started.

“Would you like breakfast?” Trent looked at the handsome face, the hazel eyes, and the tanned skin, as he waited for the reply and knew he was falling in love. The thought excited and scared him. Jayden was so inexperienced, so young, maybe he should pull back now, before he hurt him.

“Trent? What is it, sweetheart? Tell me?” Jay had seen the look of adoration in his lover’s eyes and then, in a split second, it was gone, replaced by a sadness that almost broke his heart.

“Kiss me, angel, please, just kiss me.” All the planning, everything he’d looked forward to, disappeared as Trent realized just how needy he was. The younger man’s lips touched his and he was lost again, the doubts, the fears evaporating as the warm tongue began to explore and dance against his own. He just had to be honest, truthful with Jayden and the rest would fall into place.

“I love you, Trent, but if you don’t love me, that’s ok.” Jay hesitantly placed his fingers against Trent’s cheek only to have them trapped there by his lover’s own hand for a second before they were released.

“No, no. I love you too, I just don’t want to hurt you, to make you feel obligated in any way.”

If Trent had wanted to lower the passion in the air he had done it wonderfully. Both men were now scared, fearful of what might happen next, and, to his surprise, as Trent worked out what to say, Jayden took the lead.

“My mum told me there is one person on this earth for each of us and, if we are extremely lucky, we’ll find them. She and dad, well, he was never the same after she was killed. His best friend became a bottle; I sort of faded into the background as he just died one day at a time until he was gone altogether.”

“I’m so sorry, baby, so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you. Trent, they never dated anyone else, they both knew straight away they had found their soul mate. I know that too.”

There were tears in Trent’s eyes as he listened to Jayden. He thought about his own parents. He didn’t know if they had dated anyone else, but he did know they were as happy after forty years, if not happier, than they had been when they first fell in love.

“Come with me, let me show you what I have planned, how I want it to always be for us. Share my life with me this weekend, Jay, let me show you how it could be.”

Receiving just a nod in reply Trent took Jayden’s hand and, relieved beyond belief, led him towards the conservatory. A table was set for breakfast, cereal, milk and bowls were already out, an empty toast rack waited for its hot contents and the newspaper was spread out on a small occasional table within reach of both men’s seats.

“You didn’t eat, did you?” The uncertainty reared its head again and Trent realized he felt like the teenager on a first date he’d expected Jayden to be.

“No, I was hoping we’d breakfast together. Let me help you.” Jay didn’t sit down but followed his lover into the kitchen. He began putting bread into the toaster as he watched Trent switch off the coffee percolator and pour two steaming cups of the dark aromatic liquid.

The atmosphere relaxed and became stress-free as they ate. The conversation flowed, both men talking about items in the paper as well as whatever else came Merter Escort Bayan into their heads. Lucy roused herself and came to beg for scraps and Trent, unused to having her around, was only too happy to oblige.

“You’re spoiling her, she’ll get fat.” Jayden tried to look stern but failed miserably.

“But look at her, how can you refuse that little face?” Trent tried his own hangdog expression and was laughed at for his pains.

“That isn’t going to work either you know.” Jayden laughed again as the older man got to his feet.

“How about this?” Trent leant over and kissed Jayden’s lips. Although he wanted to be tender his passion overtook him and he plundered the willing mouth, taking his fill of the toast and coffee flavoured tongue while his hand once again weaved into Jay’s hair, pulling at it as he angled Jayden’s head to give him easier access.

“Y … yes that would do it!” Jayden caught his breath as Trent finally released him. His heart was pounding and he could feel his awakening passion as it concentrated itself in his groin. “I … I need practice though.” Again he was swept up into a kiss, just as he’d wanted to be. His hand shot out to hold onto the table as his chair wobbled and he feared Trent would tip them both over.

“Want you, baby, now, want you so bad.” Trent paused, but only to plead for more.

“Yes, lover, want you too. Make me cum again, Trent, please.”

Trent growled his response. He pulled Jayden to his feet, claiming his mouth in another urgent kiss before propelling him up the stairs and into his bedroom. Jayden’s shirt was over his head and in a heap on the floor along with the rest of his clothes almost before he realized it. His cock stood proudly, pre-cum already dripping from its tip, as he watched Trent remove his own clothes. Again he was almost speechless as he realized this beautiful, powerful man wanted him.

“Lie back, baby, let me make you cum, touch you. Take you to all those places you’ve only read about.” Trent looked at the angel lying before him. The hair, spread out on the pillow gave his lover an ethereal look, and made him want to ravage him all the more. His hand went towards a nipple and Jayden raised his body to meet it.

“Yesss, Trent, yes, ahhh.” The sudden sensation of hot wetness on his other nipple caused Jay to grasp at the sheets, his hair tousling and knotting beneath his head as it rolled from side to side.

Trent ran his hands into the fur that covered Jayden’s chest. It was soft, springy and oh so sexy.

“Love this, you look so hot, baby.”

“Touch me again, Trent, please.”

With a possessive growl Trent nodded. He bent his head, sucking in a nipple as he carried on massaging Jayden’s chest. Then, he began to move lower, his mouth nipping and licking as he went until finally he was breathing heavily against Jayden’s rock hard sex and then he heard another gasp that turned into a cry of need.

“No! Trent!” Jayden bucked his hips as Trent ignored his want and began to plant tender kisses down his soft smooth inner thighs.

“What, baby? Do you want me to stop?” Trent’s long surgeon’s fingers began to trace a lazy pattern up Jay’s legs, lingering where the thigh met his groin and pressing just a little harder.

“No, oh, God, no, please, want to cum, Trent, so … need … ohh.” The final sound, almost a choked sob, told Trent he needed to move on. With a smile, he licked his lips, causing Jay to moan his arousal. He blew a waft of warm air across the hot cockhead, and then took it into his mouth, flattening his tongue as he did so and laving it as he moved up and down.

Jay’s hands were fists now, the sheets bunched up inside them as he tried resolutely to hang on. Trent’s expertise however, was too much for him. As the suction increased and fingers began to trace the line between his balls and his hidden portal, Jay cried out his release. Over and over he said his lover’s name as he shot load after load down the older man’s throat before collapsing, spent and unaware but complete.

Trent let Jayden lay undisturbed for a while. The younger man had shot a huge amount of cum down his throat and he knew it would take a while for him to recover. He wasn’t finished with him yet, however, and so, lying next to him he softly ran his fingers over Jayden’s upper torso, gently teasing him and gradually bringing him back to full awareness.

“Thank you, that was wonderful. Teach me, Trent, I want to do that to you.” Jay’s eyes, full of expression were like deep pools and his lover just nodded.

“Rest a while, we’ve got all weekend, and I have every intention of showing you all sorts of different things I like and know you’ll love.” Trent rolled over onto his back and was delighted when Jayden moved so he could rest his head on his chest. He felt the soft lips of his angel as they sought out his skin, kissing and then licking it languidly as he did as he was told.

Gradually, Jayden felt his strength returning and he moved so they were facing Escort Merter each other as he felt the older man’s lips lock against his own. He ran his hands down the muscular back, kneading his fingers into the smooth globes as he reached Trent’s ass. He moved again so Trent was supine and then he leant in and took a dark chocolate nub into his mouth. He ran his tongue over it for a moment, feeling it harden to his touch, before nipping at it and then licking again, pleasure and pain, over and over until he saw Trent raise his hand to touch the other, neglected bud.

“No, that’s my job. Does it need touching, lover?” Jayden raised his head and looked into the almost black eyes that stared hungrily down at him.

“Yes, God, Jay, yes, don’t tease, angel, touch me, please.” Trent wondered momentarily if he’d taught the boy too well as again the fingers and tongue began to tease his body but then, suddenly, both nipples were attacked at the same time and he cried out. “Yesssss, Jay, ohhhh, yes, yes.” The sensations went straight to his cock, causing it to jerk and spill its pre-cum down onto his tightly curled pubic rug. He grasped his cock, wanting to feel its throbbing need, and then he felt Jayden’s hand on his wrist.

“Let me, Trent. Tell me what’s good, help me.” Jayden moved so he was between Trent’s legs and then, after kissing the tip and licking it with his tongue, he sucked the turgid member into his mouth moving so slowly Trent had to will himself not to force his cock down Jayden’s novice throat. The feelings became increasingly erotic and he felt himself harden more than he thought possible. The slow movements were exaggerating every sensation and his nerve endings were screaming for release, as was he.

“Jay, God, Jay, more, fuck, baby, more.” He thrust his hips up, pushing his rod against the back of Jayden’s throat, but this time the younger man didn’t gag or move back, instead he hummed, letting the vibrations move Trent nearer and nearer to the release he so desperately wanted. Jay’s cheeks were concave as he sucked back up to the tip, the suction pulling Trent’s crème closer and closer to release, and then, without warning, Jay reached up, pulling at Trent’s nipples, knowing it would take him over the edge, and heard a roar that showed he’d been right. The cum shot into his mouth and he swallowed as much of it as he could, luxuriating in the taste of the nectar his lover had given him. Some escaped and ran down his chin and onto his chest, as he reluctantly let Trent’s spent member slip from his lips. He caught it on his fingers, sucking it into his mouth in one final act of licentiousness before collapsing into the arms of his lover to kiss and pillage his mouth once more.

The knowledge that neither man had anywhere to be other than where he was sent them both off into a relaxed but deep sleep. Jayden, secure in Trent’s embrace, awoke first and realized where he was with a sigh of contentment. He closed his eyes once more as he relished the feel of soft warm skin against his own naked body, knowing, if he wanted to, he could probably wake this way every day.

Trent’s face, peaceful and worry free as he slept, engraved itself on his memory. He knew however long they were together the first time he had woken in the arms of his lover would be a recollection he would revisit often.

In the end it was Lucy barking that woke Trent. He moved lazily and turned to look into Jayden’s eyes.

“She’s your dog.”

“Thanks for that.” Jayden stretched in the bed before slipping out from under the covers and reaching for the white towelling robe he’d worn the previous evening. He shrugged himself into it and headed for the stairs, wondering whether he could persuade Trent to install a doggie door.

The bedroom was empty when he returned and, following a billowing cloud of steam, Jayden found Trent in the bathroom. He had showered and was drying himself off.

“I’d have waited for you, baby, but, well, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep my hands off you.” Trent was delighted to see Jayden blush at his words and the younger man nodded his head before disappearing into the shower, not trusting his voice to remain strong if he answered.

The remainder of the day was spent in quiet conversation or out in the garden. Jayden, still feeling guilty he hadn’t completed all the work, had spent a couple of hours in the afternoon clearing some more weeds and marking out a vegetable plot at the end of the long path that meandered from the conservatory door to the back hedge. Trent had helped for a little while, enjoying the sight of his half naked gardener even more now he knew he was his to bed whenever they both wanted.

Trent had also sat in the conservatory wallowing in the feelings of having a lover in his life again. He knew now Mark hadn’t been the man of his dreams and any regrets at his enforced celibacy over the past eighteen months had all but disappeared. He had wandered into the kitchen a couple of times to make coffee or cold drinks and taken them out to Jayden. He had also, feeling so young and in love, taken out his new gnome twice, holding it so the message could be clearly seen. Each time he had kissed Jayden tenderly on the lips before returning to his vantage point to savour the feelings and emotions the young man evoked in him.

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