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“I know! It was Mrs. Green in the Butler’s Pantry, with the Silver Candlestick.”

“Jenny, that’s not a Butler’s Pantry.” Sam smiled indulgently at her.

“Yeah, Jenny, it’s a Dining Room!” Dianne chirped happily while bouncing in her seat.

Jenny huffed, and her adorable pixie face scrunched in a pout that thrust her lush lower lip out. Sam shifted uncomfortably as the vision of himself licking his tongue along that lip flashed through his mind. It was something that he found himself dreaming about on a regular basis lately, and more and more, the mantra that she was his daughter’s sitter, and that she was only twenty, was not doing the job of keeping Jenny off his mind. It wasn’t just her lips or that pretty, heart-shaped face that had caught his attention. It was her shapely legs that went on for miles, the sweet curves of her hips, the fullness of her breasts that pulled at her almost-too-tight shirts. It was the scent of her; the high, flowery tones of her perfume that mingled with the darker scents that proclaimed her most definitely a woman despite her youth.

Suddenly, Sam was thrust from his fantasy when Jenny said: “Fine then; Mrs. Green, in the Dining Room, with the Silver Candlestick.”

She sat there with a big self-satisfied grin on her face. A moment passed as they stared at each other in silence; her with the smile, him with a slightly puzzled look on his face, and Dianne bouncing. Finally, he asked, “Well, are you going to look?”


Dianne explained, “You have to look to find out if you’re right or wrong, silly!”

“Oh!” Jenny picked up the slender envelope, and pulled the cards out of it. She sifted through them, her eyes lightening up as each card passed under her vibrantly green çukurambar escort eyes. “Yes! See, Mrs. Green, the Dining Room, and the Silver Candlestick!”

“Aww.” Dianne grumbled. “I was so close!”

“Oh well, Bug Juice.” Sam ruffled his daughter’s hair affectionately. “You’ll just have to try again tomorrow when Jenny comes to watch you again.”

Jenny smiled, “That’s right. We’ll play again tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Pacified, Dianne continued her bouncing for a few moments before going completely still. “Does this mean I have to go to bed now, Daddy?”

“I’m afraid so.” Sam gave her a big hug and started up the stairs. He looked over his shoulder, and called out to Jenny, “I’ll be right back down in a moment to pay you, Jenny.”

A few minutes later, he descended the staircase. Jenny was standing by the front door, wrapping a lime green silk scarf around her neck; a decoration that highlighted her dark hair and shimmering eyes. Sam pulled a check from his wallet and held it out to her. Their fingers brushed as she took it, and a jolt of electricity seemed to pass between them. It shot from the tips of her fingers, straight to his cock.

Her eyes rose to his. It would have been a demure look had her tongue not grazed her lower lip in the exact manner that Sam had imagined himself doing not ten minutes earlier. “Thank you, Sam.” The low resonance of her voice seemed to vibrate through him, sending his mind tumbling into nothing. As such, he did not realize that she had moved closer to him; close enough for him to feel the heat of her body. He did, however, notice when she placed a balancing hand on his chest so that she could rise to her tip-toes. And he did notice the mint on her breath demetevler escort as she leaned closer. “I really, really appreciate it.”

Then her mouth was on his, pressing softly. The heat of her lips invaded his senses, their softness his undoing. He wrapped his arms around her to pull her close, and his lips parted. His tongue (thank god, finally!) dragged along her lower lip, and her mouth opened to him. Sam plunged his tongue into her mouth, thrusting in and out in such a blatant mimicry of sex that had Jenny moaning.

Her hands wandered over his body; up his shirt to run her fingers from the thickness of his chest hair down to the button of his jeans. She cupped him through the rough fabric, feeling the rigidness of his erection pressing firmly against the restraints of the pants. Rubbing her hand up and down, she caught the rhythm of his tongue fucking her mouth with her clever hands.

What restraint he might have had was broken by her brazenness. He pushed her against the front door, and caught her hands together with one of his larger hands and raised them above her head. Jenny arched her back, thrusting her large breasts out for his attention. With his free hand, he ripped her blouse from neck to hem. Buttons and scattered around the room, and the ruined, black silk shirt gaped open two large orbs encased in black satin and lace.

“Aww, Sam,” Jenny moaned, “That was my favorite shirt!”

Sam barked out a slightly maniacal laugh, “Be glad your bra opens from the front, otherwise it would have suffered the same fate.” And with that, he unhooked the front clasp, and bared her breasts to his pleasure. Despite their fullness, they were high and perky, with nipples that were small and puckered dikmen escort hard from arousal. Sam drew one into his mouth and laved his tongue across it, eliciting a deep groan from Jenny.

For a while, he played — his tongue licking, his teeth plucking, his fingers twisting — until Jenny was twisting and thrashing about. Then he picked her up and carried her to the couch. They sat, her straddling his lap, and Jenny took the advantage of grinding her sex-starved body down upon his throbbing cock. Rocking back and forth, she rubbed herself against him until Sam could take it no more.

Blindly, he swiped at the game board that still sat on the coffee table. Game pieces and cards flew through the air, leaving the surface clear but for the board. Sam lifted Jenny from his lap and dumped her on top of the table. Wrestling together, they managed to pry the tiny shorts from her legs, leaving a skimpy black lace thong to adorn her. Sam sat back for a moment to admire her body — so utterly perfect — then spread her legs, and dipped down to taste her.

She was hot and dripping wet, and she tasted of the sea. The dark, woman’s scent, which had been teasing and tempting him so for the past few weeks, was even more potent with the heat of her arousal. Sam immersed himself in her, his tongue lapping and sliding into each and every crevasse of her until Jenny bucked violently in her release.

Sam rose above her, pulled himself from his jeans, and plunged his hard, throbbing cock into her convulsing body. Her orgasm, almost spent, was rekindled from the sensations created by their bodies coming together. Her body contracted around him as he pounded into her again and again. The liquid silk of her enveloped him as her muscles tightened fiercely around him.

Plummeting deeply one last time, Sam came in a sudden gush of pleasure. It washed over him as he emptied himself into the most mysterious recesses of her body, and he slumped against Jenny; three weeks of erotic fantasies, finally fulfilled, left him completely spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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