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Bi Wife


There was no choice! Jason slapped on more tape and Leon couldn’t hold on any more – he just had to piss! He did that, and Jason laughed so much it must have hurt him. He then went into another room and didn’t come back until 6am. Leon spent the rest of the night lying in his own piss gagged and still tied up as tightly as he had been when he arrived earlier that day. The door knob rattled, and Leon woke round. Jason poked his head round to make sure Leon was OK.

‘See you later pal, I’m going to work!’ Jason shouted as he slammed the front door

Jason’s day…and night!

You’re at work enjoying yourself, until the end of the day. Thank god it’ time to go home!! Anyway, I’m just going out of the car park behind someone, and their car just stops! Slightly irritated by this delay, I get out and go to the drivers window, and as it rolls down, it turns out to be Dylan! (I gotta tell you, Dylan is the one guy at work that is soooo hot but sadly not gay!) Flustered, I offer to help him out – it seems the car has given up! After a lot if effort and sweat, and the occasional curse, we manage to get the damn car out of the way and back into the car park. Seeing as the rest of the place is deserted, I offer him a lift back to my place.

‘Thanks for offering to bring me back, Jason. I live a little out of your way though’ Dylan says.

‘OK, well if you won’t let me take you home, how about you come back to my place, freshen up and call a cab?’ I ask

Dylan accepts this, and we have a quiet, uneventful drive home. I have a horrific thought – Leon is ‘resting’ in my spare room!!! It bothers me so much, Zeytinburnu Escort I run a red light!

‘Hey, man! You just ran a red!!’ exclaims Dylan ‘Oh, what?? Oops, sorry pal, I didn’t even notice’ I answer slightly nervous

Anyway, we get back home; I invite Dylan into the lounge and tell Dylan to make himself comfortable.

We sit down, have a couple of pints, and after a couple of drinks, Dylan needs to ‘relieve’ himself and asks where the bathroom is.

‘Just down the hall, on the right mate’

As Dylan skulks off, I can’t help but check out that cute butt swinging it’s way down the hall.

‘My god, Dylan. I wish you were into the same as Leon and I. You’d love it’ I whisper to myself I’m rudely shaken from my thoughts as Dylan shouts out

‘Is someone in there??’

SHIT! He’s tried the locked door that Leon’s in! I gotta think damn quick here!! Gotta think quick! What’s the answer???

‘No, mate, there’s nothing in there! I just keep that one locked for these dumb insurance rules about keeping valuables locked away and stuff!’ I answer him hurriedly.

Hopefully Dylan won’t ask any more…..

Anyway, Dylan uses the bathroom, and decides it’s time to go

‘Hey man, thanks for letting me crash here for a while. I’m chilled out now, and I still wanna get down to the gym!’ Dylan says as he gathers his stuff together.

‘You gonna go home first?’ I ask, hoping that he’ll stay longer.

‘Nah, it’s OK – I’ve got my gym gear on under here’ he says back

On the off chance that I might still be able to get to Dylan and have a bit Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan of fun that I probably shouldn’t have with a straight man, I disappear and wind up the heating a little bit. Dylan calls a taxi but apparently they can’t be there for another hour, so what’s a couple more drinks, alcohol of course? Anyway, while Dylan’s drinking away, I cancel his taxi.

‘Hey yeah, my boyfriend, Dylan Kennedy, just called a cab, from 33 Apex Park apartments….yeah, can you cancel it? Cheers!’

I make sure I don’t speak too loudly, and for some subconscious reason, even slip in that he’s my boyfriend! Oops!

After the hour elapses, Dylan’s had a few more than I thought – and he’s hot because of the heating! While he’s getting sleepy, I slip into the spare room to see me – and tell Leon all about Dylan, just for a little extra teasing of course!

Anyway, I need to hide Leon – where’s the best place for most things – under the bed!

I go back to Dylan and find he’s taken his top off and his body is beautiful!! It’s an amazing, toned, bronze shade of skin, with equally stunning muscles – strongly defined and tight. Barely able to control myself I just stare at him!! Dylan notices and in his drunken state slurs

‘W-wwhat you lookin at man?’

I stumble a little here and exclaim that I’m just a bit surprised he hasn’t stripped completely!! Anyway, he complains he feels a bit funny, so I just tell him that as long as he has something under the trousers, he can take those off to cool down. He does just that- he has some very nice shorts on – amazingly tight lemon yellow Escort Zeytinburnu lycra trunks on – and says he feels much better that he’s only wearing his gym kit. I can’t help but wonder if he is gay wearing those!!

It’s getting late, and I’m getting incredibly turned on, with a hot guy in my apartment wearing nothing but tight yellow trunks and another strapped down in my spare bedroom!

Dylan vaguely wonders why the taxi hasn’t yet arrived and slurs more and more, so in the end I just tell him I’ll cancel the taxi as he isn’t in a state to go anywhere and offer him the spare room – as he’ll be out for the count he won’t know what else is in there with him….!

Dylan’s virtually asleep in the short time it takes me to get myself a drink, so I help him to the spare room. The moment I drop Dylan onto the bed, he drops off completely, and I take another moment to look at his body. I take a longer look at his bulge in the trunks…so clearly defined…so big…so inviting!

I lie him down and wish him a good night. As I step out of the room, I can’t help but worry slightly that he’ll wake up, or something, and start poking around….after all, Leon is under the bed with Dylan!!

I go to my own room, and get ready for bed. Not long after, I switch off the lamp and settle down. It’s been a busy day!


I wake up with a start – I quickly check the clock – it’s 1am! What the hell was that noise?? I get up quickly and quietly, and pad over to the door. Peeking out, I can’t see anything…. I creep to the spare room, put my ear to the door and hear Dylan exclaim

What the f….? What the hell is going on here???’ his voice is slightly raised

It suddenly hits me – Dylan’s found me and my secret…

The door knob turns and I know Dylan wants one of 2 things 1)a word or 2) to get out.

Either way, I’ve got to stop him from either….there’s no way he can leave – not now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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