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This is the continuation of my earlier story, Fun in the Supply Room. You may want to read that one first.


“Tom! Wake up!” a harsh voice ordered. I shot upright in bed and quickly made to cover my rock hard erection.

“I’m up, I’m up,” I mumbled sleepily. The trouble with finally hooking up with the woman of your dreams is that you dream about her, a lot. It was only three days after Jess had bent over for me and we were still yet to hook up again. The one true peril of casual hours, nothing is set in stone, so we’d been working around each other since then.

“Your phone’s been going haywire for the last half an hour! Answer it!” Mum yelled as she stormed off.

True enough it was ringing. It was Jess. The second I saw the name the phone was to my ear. “Hello.”

“Hey Tom, it’s Jess. Quick question, would you like to come catch a movie with my friend and me? It’s on in an hour or so,” my earpiece told me.

“Sure, meet you there,” I said, nodding despite the fact she couldn’t see me.

“Will see you then,” she giggled back before hanging up. I’d dreamed of things to do to Jess ever since we hooked up and things in the dark cinema was definitely on that list.

Three quarters of an hour later, I arrived at the movie theatre. Jess was sitting with a girl about her age, with short, blue hair and a nose stud. Punk is the new hot, I thought to myself as I walked over.

Jess looked over and waved. I smiled and moved faster.

“Howdy stranger,” I said to her, hugging her.

“Tom, Cass, Cass, Tom,” was the introduction I received.

“I think we’re going in now,” Cass noted observantly, so we hurried in and found three seats. Jess sat in the middle and we sat on either side. I figured I could get away with putting my hand on her knee, so I did. Fortunately, we were the only ones in our row. Jess was wearing jeans again, and a white tanktop with a grey jacket.

When the movie started, my hand began to slowly slide up her thigh. Her breathing had started to get faster as my hand went higher. When my hand met her crotch, it also met Cass’s hand. We both snapped our heads to look at eachother, which was convenient as Jess had her head back.

I saw the plan in those green eyes, so Cass undid her zipper, and I popped the button at the top of her jeans. Cass slipped her hand into Jess’s jeans and found the right spot because Jess was forced to stifle a moan. I however, ran my hand across her stomach under her shirt, running up to her enormous globes. Jess was biting her wrist from whatever it was Cass was doing, as I slipped my hand under her bra and teased her nipples, her moans were becoming audible through her arm.

Cass pulled her hand out of Jess’s pants and ran her fingers across Jess’s lips, which she licked hungrily. I saw an opportunity and slid my hand out from under bra, down her stomach to the wet lips between her legs. The shapely legs parted a little and I slid a finger into the tight slit to find her clitoris. She had to stifle another moan as I began teasing her with small circles, but Cass thought ahead and planted her mouth over Jess’s.

Needless to say, I was rock hard right now. I began teasing Jess’s opening, which was just that wet. The movie went for about another twenty minutes, and until the credits rolled, I was teasing Jess’s entrance while she and Cass made out.

“So, I’m more than ready,” Jess proudly beamed as we left the theatre.

“Did you want someone to join us this time?” sancaktepe escort Cass asked her, referring to me. At this point I caught on that they were a couple. If I hadn’t caught on then, they way that they slid their hands into eachother’s pockets definitely caught me up.

“Cass, I think I might’ve found a guy you’d like,” came her quick reply.

“Why’s that?”

“He touches me like you do.”

I looked up and over at that point, Jess smiled at me and Cass gave me a quizzical look. Clearly not a conersation I was meant to be privy to. Over the space of the next hour, on the walk back to their place, that they were exclusive to their own gender, but Cass didn’t like guys overly, after two or three tries giving up all together. They’d been together since late high school and lived together in a quaint little house.

“So yeah,” Cass finished talking as we all sat down. Despite the fact she wore the pants, Jess was clearly the bitch of the relationship. Jess rested her head on Cass’s chest and was giving me all these looks that Cass would have been jealous to see. Mainly, they were focused at my groin while occasionally going back to my face to make sure I was watching.

Cass pulled Jess’s face to hers and kissed her very passionately. While my rock hard member straining in my jeans. Jess whispered something to Cass, and Cass giggled and said, “Why not?”

The two girls both stood and removed their shirts and kissed passionately again. Cass was nowhere near the size of Jess, but she was still an impressive C cup. They kissed again and looked at me with innocent eyes. Their bras soon came off as well, and their breasts pressed into eachother as they made out more hungrily.

They stopped and moved over to me, sauntering slowly as I took in the sight of these two topless beauties. They both had hard nipples, a sway in their walk, and the button on Jess’s jeans had been popped.

The two girls knelt on either side of me and undid my jeans, and lowered my boxers.

“Oh,” they both said at once when they saw my lack of flaccidity, as you’d expect when two beautiful girls pull your pants down. My penis got harder when they kissed eachother over the top of me so that their nipples traced small circles on my groin.

Jess giggled, then went down to suck on my balls as Cass took my cock in her hand, not sure what to do with it. I sighed as the sensation of Jess sucking on my testicle hit me. Cass looked innocently at me, and then crawled up to kiss me. I heard the sound of Jess’s zipper coming down, and Cass slid her tongue in my mouth. I ran my tongue around Cass’s and flicked it gently as Jess took my cock into her mouth. Jess was a true master at sucking, the sensations flowing through me I’d never felt before.

Cass broke away to look down at me, and we both looked down at Jess. She noticed our looking and took my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at us and tilted her head slightly, making her E cups bounce around. She was sitting in her panties, between my thighs and she decided to wrap her enormous breasts around my shaft, moving her chest up and down, then Cass turned around, putting both knees beside my head. They started kissing and the soft pillows around my cock slowed greatly.

I had a great view up Cass’s skirt, at her pink panties, with a wet patch between her legs. Before I moved to touch it, both girls stood up. Jess threw one leg over me and planted herself at ümraniye escort my chest. Reaching up, I cupped her soft breasts with my hands, flicking her nipples and just roaming my hands around them. Cass’s hands soon joined mine, as she nibbled Jess’s neck, Jess moaned while we both showed her this attention.

I let my hands roam south while Cass fondled her breasts. Her panties were black, and as I discovered from touching them, wet. I stroked her groove through the fabric with my knuckle. She giggled her little giggle and continued to make out with Cass. Slipping my fingertip under her only clothing, I began teasing her clit. Now she was moaning into Cass’s mouth, and gripped her girlfriend’s head. I teased her for another minute before she swiftly slid down my torso, lined herself up, and slowly inserted half of my seven and a half inch penis into her pinky width vagina.

Jess moaned loudly and pulled Cass’s breasts into her mouth. Cass whimpered a little as Jess fully took my cock into her, watching her girlfriend’s pussy spread. Jess began moving around, feeling the penetration. Her tight pussy began sliding up my shaft, leaving her shiny juices over my cock. The fabric of the underwear she was wearing scraped painfully as she moved up. Her hands were running over Cass’s thighs and tugging her skirt down, as Cass squeezed Jess’s nipples. Jess moaned a little and slid further down my shaft than she’d intended, her eyes popping greatly out of her head. Cass looked a little scared at this.

“Are you okay?” Cass asked.

“Yeah, haven’t… been… this… OHH!!!” Jess moaned and gripped my cock even tighter with her vagina. I started thrusting upwards and Jess squeezed tighter, Cass stepped out of her skirt,then straightened up her panties. Jess bucked and dropped to her knees, taking the full length.

“OH!!! FULL!! OH!!! Hmmm,” she exclaimed, causing Cass to quiver a bit in anticipation, her hands cupping the massive, bouncing globes before her. The combination of Cass’s boob play and my thrusting must’ve been just what she needed.

“COMING!!!” Jess yelled before Cass smothered her mouth in a passionate kiss. Jess became alot less vocal, but her vagina squeezed alot harder. I almost shot my load inside her, but she jumped off and took my whole cock in her mouth.

She began milking my cock,with her butt in the air, until Cass planted her face between Jess’s thighs and gave her vagina some extra attention. Jess shuddered a little, her moaning stifled by the cock in her mouth. The sucking slowed, but still felt amazing with her shudders and stifled moans. I looked over to Cass and noticed Jess’s spectaclar arse was on display, and a blue head was firmly pressed a little under it. Jess’s shuddering was becoming more frequent, until she released my cock from her mouth and yelled, “I’m coming!!! I’m coming!!!”

Cass stood and left the room, her wonderful bust bouncing as she went. Jess and I watched her until she went into the bedroom. Jess looked around for a minute and tried to piece together what Cass was doing, her mind running a little slow. I reached down to play with her boobs and she took my cock back in her mouth.

A few minutes later, Cass remerged with a purple strapon around her waist. She slowly crept up behind Jess, who seemed to enjoy the cock in her mouth. Cass began teasing Jess’s entrancewith her fingers, which Jess moaned in approval, before suddenly ramming the plastic phallus tuzla escort into her girlfriend. Jess nearly jumped, but moned around my cock alot. She was enjoying just sucking, but she enjoyed being spit-roasted alot more. With the added moaning from her fucking, her deepthroating, and watching Cass plough her girlfriend, I couldn’t hang on anymore.

“Jess, I’m coming!” I exclaimed, and she seemed to double her efforts. Shooting my load down her throat, she swallowed what she could with my cock still in her mouth.

“I’m glad you came today, OH YES!” she whispered to me, before Cass started fucking her again.

“He can stay the night,” Cass told her, and Jess was very happy. She smiled as her head bobbed, and she grunted through her moans as Cass fucked her harder.

“If that’s the case, ladies,” I started and they stopped. “Should we move to the bedroom?”

Cass slammed into Jess one more time, “Ah-OH!”

I stood, Cass unstrapped her penis and joined me. The thoroughly fucked Jess, who has a six inch purple penis still inside her, tried standing and needed help. Cass put Jess’s right arm around my shoulder, before slinking under my right arm, and the three of us walked to the bedroom, Jess a bit bow-legged, and Cass pushed us both down.

I stared back at her nude figure. She had two inches over Jess in height, but Jess had rounder hips, and two more cups of boobs. But she shaved her pubes completely. Cass ignored me, crawled upto Jess, and Jess started kissing her; I knelt behind her with my face between her thighs, her female scent strong on my nostrils. I traced a small circle with my tongue on her clit, causing her back to arch. I was joined soon by Jess, and we put the alpha female on her back. I started eating her the way Jess said I could, leaving Cass moaning towards her first orgasm of the night.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned loudly. Jess had shimmied back up so that she could fondle Cass’s boobs, so her tight pussy was in front of my face. While still licking up Cass’s sweet juices, I grabbed the base of the phallus in her girlfriend and moved it out a little before moving it back in quickly.

“Oh fuck!” they both exclaimed together.

Jess pulled herself off the purple toy and took it off me. I resumed eating Cass’s little pussy, getting it wetter, and wetter. She got to the point her juices had run down her buttcrack.

“Jess, I want him, I need him, inside of me,” she said to Jess tiredly before, “FUCK! I’m COMING!” I sat up slightly, only to have Jess grab my penis and slide the head into a pussy so tight I’m not sure there was actually a hole. I watched Jess strap the phallus just bellow Cass’s ribs, then she climbed on and began bouncing, so I slid in inch by inch, stretching Cass’s incredibly tight vagina, until my crown hit her cervix.Then I started a gentle rhythm in and out, before building pace, Jess was facing me, leaning forward as she humped Cass’s chest, and I got to watch her boobs bounce, while Cass got to watch her pussy.

I got faster, and Jess matched my speed. Cass was squirming on me, I could here muffled moaning on the other side of Jess, soon followed by Jess moaning as another orgasm hit her. She collapsed on Cass, her head about even with Cass’s lips, so she moved her tongue to lick Cass while my penis was pounding her, and the girl couldn’t take much more before coming hard enough to squeeze my cock out.

Cass was squirting, and moaning loudly. and shaking. Jess noticed I was still hard, so she rolled over beside Cass, and said, “I’ve started the pill Tom, come inside me… please.”

The last bit was all I needed, I lined up and thrusted into my coworker, looking her in the eye and fucking her hard. It didn’t take long before I shot my semen into her. I fell onto the bed, and both girls put their heads on my chest and we dozed off into a good sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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