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Sat quietly in the room I can’t believe how peaceful it is in here. It’s strange but I can almost smell a faint trace of the weekends’ events, but maybe that’s my imagination. A faint smile whispers across my face as I remember what happened where my boss is sitting right now.

The meeting goes on for what seems like forever, I smirk when someone says something that reminds me of the weekend I’ve just spent here, unknown to everyone – as if I’d been able to think about anything else since I got home.

My mind casts back to when I first saw you, drenched with rain waiting at the train station for me. I smiled at you and you grinned back when you realised who I was. The short journey back to the office was filled with pleasantries as we talked about trains and how unreliable they were. Secretly, I was thinking about what we’d talked about and how unreal this situation was. Sexual tension seemed to crackle in the air and made me squirm in my seat and reminded me of what I’d been feeling these last few weeks.

Before we went on to meet up with everyone else, you wanted to change out of your soaking wet clothes so we popped back to the office where you jumped in the shower to wake yourself up. As I waited, I smiled as I remembered what I’d said about sharing showers. It seemed trivial at the time but I was really waking up to the idea. I tiptoed to the shower rooms and watched your naked silhouette wash yourself all over. Curiosity got the better of me when I leaned closer to get a better view and knocked a bin to the floor

“Hello?…” came an enquiring voice.

“It’s only me” I whispered, not wanting to draw attention to my embarrassment

“Oh ok” you replied, stepping out of the shower, as I slowly stepped closer, my eyes wavering downwards.

“I…er….” I tried to speak but my throat was inexplicably dry, making me blush .

You smiled and reached out to smooth away some hair that had fallen over my face. I stepped forward and summoned up the courage to kiss you longingly on the lips. Our eyes met, and you stepped forward to kiss back gently, your hands cupping my head sadakat izle gently. I sighed as your mouth followed your hands movements. I hesitated before reaching out and drawing you closer to me while kissing you harder, nibbling your lips and slipping my tongue suggestively between your soft lips.

Your hands trailed downwards and slowly began peeling my top off, while I followed your lead and slowly wriggled out of my skirt to reveal my lack of underwear. Soon we were both in the shower, my hands exploring your body while your mobile lips explored mine. I pressed my body against yours enjoying the feel of our wet bodies rubbing against each other. I stepped back to rest against the wall and pulled you with me, my lips working their way down your neck and chest while your hands slowly moved in circles down my back. When your hands finally reached my ass you squeezed harder as you tickled my skin gently with your soft lips. My hands moved down to touch you gently and you gasped in delight and pulled away from me to let me continue.

I knelt down and planted kisses on the inside of your thighs then I started snaking my tongue around your cock making you shiver uncontrollably. Suddenly you pulled me back up, spun me round and planted my hands firmly on the shower rail, I tilted my body back and felt your slow entry. I sighed and held you there momentarily, just to enjoy the sensation of you there inside me. You then start sliding in and out slowly as you kiss my neck hungrily. I slowly circle my hips in time with your movements allowing you push deeper and deeper inside me. Our rhythm increases as I slip a hand underneath my body to rub my clitoris using my two other fingers to feel your movements inside me. That, coupled with the sound of wet skin on skin as you thrust into me, sends my head spinning and my body into convulsions as your body grinds into me.

My body is shaking now, so you pull me close to you and start rubbing me down with a towel while staring intently into my eyes. You tilt my head back and plant lingering kisses on my neck. I step back and kneel down in front sadece arkadaşız izle of you and start feathering my tongue around your inner thighs, gently grazing and kissing your balls. You moaned when I tried to take all of you in my mouth, as I flicked my tongue against the head of your cock and as I used my hand to simultaneously stroke your balls. Then my hand moved round to squeeze your ass as you guide my head up and down your cock. I sucked harder, working my hand in between the crack of your ass, running my fingers up and down it. Your moans grew louder and more insistent as I continued, finally thrusting hard into my mouth as you came.

Later on we reluctantly laid out the booze for our office party, promising more of the same later on. Occasionally my eyes would meet yours and we would smirk knowingly at each other and when my boss drunkenly decided to formally introduce us, we gazed at each other smiling.

“He wouldn’t believe it if he knew.” You whispered seductively.

“No he wouldn’t, but then you won’t believe what I’ve got in store for you,” I retorted, “Meet me in 5 minutes in the board room.”

I turned around before waiting for a reply and snuck carefully out of the room, grabbing a bottle of champagne on my way out. I opened the bottle of champagne and waited patiently in the dark for you to make your exit. You finally snuck in, walked straight over and kissed me insistently then pushed me back onto the table. You paused to start stripping your clothes off, then performed the same task on me. I grabbed the champagne bottle and dribbled it all over myself. You dipped your head and started licking and sucking it off, I shivered at the exquisite sensations that rippled through my body, my skin felt taut and alive with every touch of your lips.

As I leaned back on the table to let you continue, you trickled some more champagne over me, letting it dribble down over my clitoris. I gasped at the shock of the cold liquid mixing with my own juices that were now seeping from me, and squirmed in delight as I felt your warm lips suckling mine şahmaran izle as you lapped up the cool liquid. I gasped again as I felt the bubbles tickling me, I felt like I was on fire and I begged you to continue as you drew your body away. The touch was definitely different this time – I quickly realised that you were toying with me with your fingers, stroking me up and down until you pushed two fingers inside me. I jerked forward involuntarily to enclose them as you slid them slowly in and out, then I pushed myself up so I could watch what was happening, you pulled me close kissing me hard, making sure that I could taste the sticky, musky scent that covered your lips.

I pushed you back into the big leather chair, then sat on top of you, wrapping my legs around you as best I could, then moaned as I felt your warm lips on my nipples as you sucked them, drawing them to taut sensitive peaks making an erotic shock flow through my body. I lifted myself up to let you slip inside me amazed with the way my body reacted, we both started grinding against each other, circling our hips to maximise the pleasure. We got more and more animated as lust coursed through our veins until you lifted me away and encouraged me to climb off, you then pushed me forward over the table splitting my legs as far open as they could before plunging to your depth, thrusting quickly as you approached your climax. I slipped my hand under my body to stroke my pulsing clitoris as you began to knead and squeeze my ass. We both cried out as we climaxed together, our bodies shuddering with pleasure as you pushed yourself in as hard as possible one last time.

I suddenly became aware of several pairs of eyes watching me. As I came back to reality I suddenly realised that I’d been asked a question by my boss, sitting across the room. I shook my head to try and clear the fog and tried to remember what our meeting was about in the first place.

“Sorry….I’m not feeling too well….” I managed to stutter out, blushing furiously.

“That’s ok,” replied my boss, “You worked hard last night, you must be exhausted.”

I smiled coyly and asked “Could I be excused, I really need some fresh air?”

“Sure, I’ll give you an update on what happens here Monday, you may as well go home now, you deserve it”

“Thanks” I said, while I wandered out of the room, smiling when I realised who was waiting for me in bed at home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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