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Hi again…..back for some more I see….?

Well before I get started I should warn you that it might be an idea to have a box of tissues within easy reach as you hear about Cathy and Julie making a mess in the kitchen.


Read on if you must then, you have been warned….


The next morning I was up early as usual, but being a Saturday meant that the girls probably wouldn’t emerge much before lunchtime, so I knew I’d get some time to myself and I intended to use it wisely, I was going to tinker with the footage I’d recorded from the night before on the tiny video camera I’d planted in my daughter’s bedroom.


Cathy had her friend Julie staying round to help out because she had hurt her wrist the other night in the bathroom and couldn’t do all the everyday things she wanted to do, Julie Jones lived next door and it seemed as though the girls had practically grown up together, the two eighteen year old beauties had got up to quite a lot last night on Cathy’s bed, her wrist seemed perfectly capable of movement when she used the vibrator on her dark haired friend and brought her to a screaming orgasm with it…..and believe me, Julie was loud having sex!

As the girls shared the outrageous sex toy and made sweet lesbian love to each other I had watched spellbound with my good friend and neighbour sitting right next to me in front of the computer, Bill had been unable to stop himself getting his hard cock out and having a wank as the girls cavorted, our daughters turned us both on so much that it was hard to say who liked who the most, so of course I had to do the same and we both spilled our load in my study as the unsuspecting teens licked each other’s girly bits, it was glorious.


Sadly, we only had the view from one camera, so even though it was trainable, with the girls stretched out as they were across our field of vision we couldn’t really get the crotch shots we wanted which was a shame, but I was going to save it to disc anyway as a lovely reminder of the first time we saw them together in splendid abandon, also they were wearing stockings and I most surely had to preserve that for a rainy day!

I did a couple of chores, quietly of course, then I made a cup of tea and headed for the computer, I booted it up and looked outside, at nine o’clock it was lovely and sunny, it looked like being a nice day in fact, just right for getting out in the garden later on.


I sat down and started to get busy, clicking the mouse on stuff, selecting the best bits of video, of course I couldn’t resist a quick look from the live camera as well, it was still perfectly placed and I did a big brother style check on the girls, they were tucked up in their own beds sleeping soundly, nothing much to get excited about really, so I got back to editing and…..would you credit it…..the bloody phone rang.


“Hi Dave, you busy mate?”

“Err…..well I was just going to err…..I was just about to edit some of the footage from last night actually Bill.”

“Oh yes, this early in the day, you rascal, can’t leave it alone for five minutes can you….?”

“No…’s not like that…..I need to get to grips with the editing software, it’s all a bit new to me.”

“Oh, of course, well you get to grips with whatever you have to and I’ll pop round a bit later to see how you’re doing, hey, fancy a cook out this afternoon in the garden, it looks like summer has arrived?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”

“Great, bring a few beers and we’ll do the food, the girls can bring their bikinis and we’ll all be happy, hey Dave?”

“Oh man, last night was so hot watching them, but I can’t help feeling a bit guilty, and I’m scared stiff they might find the camera.”

“Relax, they won’t notice it I tell you, they’ll be too busy preening themselves in front of that mirror, you know what young girls are like these days, all make up and mobiles, boob jobs and celebrity gossip, just play it cool and enjoy the time we have them around, they’ll be off back to college soon enough.”

“Yeah, okay, you’re right, life’s too short and all that.”

“Exactly… get cracking with that mouse, I want to see a fully fledged porn movie by the time I come over, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll try to keep my hands off my dick while I’m doing it, but it won’t be easy.”

“Save it for later Dave, you’ll enjoy it much more, see ya!”

I settled down to the keyboard then and started to discover the joys of editing video on a computer that’s nearly four years old…..not terribly easy, as I soon realised.


It was quite a learning curve, but I took the basic precaution of copying the raw data before I tried to do anything else with it, which was just as well because I would have lost the lot with my clumsy clicking, the time flew by, it was tecavüz porno very absorbing and the stockings were delightful all over again, then before I knew it the clock said eleven fifteen, I heard movement and voices.


I left the PC on, with everything minimised just in case of snoopers, the processor was churning away merrily, converting a big file to mpeg4 and it looked like it might take a while judging from the progress bar, so I thought I’d go and say good morning, I coughed loudly as I entered the kitchen as a way of announcing myself but the sight that greeted my eyes made me stall and I felt a flush of heat shoot through my body.


The two girls didn’t hear me because right then they were standing with their bums pointing right at me as they bent forward with their heads in the open fridge, they bumped their hips from side to side as they gently pushed each other in some juvenile game, like they were competing, perhaps to see who could find something nice to have for breakfast first.


I should have done something more to alert them I know, but the view of their bums was so captivating, their panty covered parts were winking at me.


I’m ashamed to say that I just stood there and examined their curves as they rummaged around the shelves, unaware of my scrutiny…..I think.

They were both wearing short nighties, I recognised the old pink cotton one that Julie had borrowed from Cathy, it had frilly lace edges and was very thin after many cycles through the washer, the lower halves of Julie’s rounded buttocks were exposed and her small pink knickers were wedged well up between her cheeks, creating the thong effect I like so much, bending from the waist like that allowed me to appreciate her lovely legs and I thought back to the stockings she’d been wearing the night before.


Right next to Julie was my daughter Cathy in a short white tee shirt, her pert bottom jutted from beneath the hem, encased in the pale blue panties I’d seen her wearing last night on camera, the plain panties were very sheer and it was easy to make out the crinkly cleft between her thighs, my mind went straight back to the incident in the bathroom when she’d bent over for me to dry her girly parts with the fluffy towel in my oh so shaky hands, Cathy was a pretty girl with peaches and cream skin, nicely complementing her shortish light blonde hair.


It must have been only a few seconds I suppose but I felt the blood coursing through my veins and my manhood filling up as I stood there watching…..I put a hand in the pocket of my shorts and touched my cock, they still hadn’t noticed me and I could easily…..

“Hello David, nice to see you.”


I turned to find Bill’s lovely wife Pamela sitting at my kitchen table, smiling broadly at me and smartly dressed!

“Hope you don’t mind, I thought you were out, before I went shopping I was just going to leave you a note about coming over this afternoon.”

The girls stayed down, heads in the fridge, giggling mysteriously, I wondered if it might be something to do with me.


“Why don’t you come and sit next to me, we can talk while these two get themselves sorted out with some breakfast, or should we call it lunch…..hurry up you two, there must be something you like in there!”

“Morning daddy.”

“Hi uncle Dave.”

“Morning girls, just about morning I think, but not for much longer by my watch.”

“Oh David, don’t be a grouch, teenagers on holiday…..remember?”

I went over and sat down next to Pamela on the bench seat, we were both facing the girls and it was impossible to pretend I wasn’t looking at them, Pamela looked like she was revelling in my discomfort, she’d caught me ogling them red handed… coin a phrase…..she had a right to be concerned if she wanted, there I was, staring at her precious daughter’s scantily clad backside, she turned to speak very quietly in my ear…..

“Are you okay David?”

I nodded a response and she continued to speak very quietly, close to my ear, her breath tickled me and sent a shiver down my back.

“Sweet aren’t they… can look, I don’t mind…..most men would.”

Pamela’s hand fell to my thigh and she squeezed, making me jump, thankfully the table cloth hid her movements.

“Have you been busy this morning, Bill said you had another project going, more writing I suppose?”

“Err, yes I did a little.”

She squeezed my leg again and then her hand returned to the table to resume making a grocery list, she pushed her post it pad nearer to me so I could see what she was writing.

Apples…..bananas…..oranges…..Bill told me about 18 porno your camera…..


Tomatoes…..lettuce…..cucumber…..he told me about the stockings too…..


Potatoes…..carrots…..onions…..put your hand on my leg David…..


I looked to my left and admired the confident woman I saw there, how did an ordinary guy like Bill end up with a sophisticated person such as Pamela?


Under the table I was rapidly developing a boner, I couldn’t stop it when faced with the sight of the girls across the room, they were still at it in their flimsies, bending and reaching for stuff, moving about in a taut jiggling ballet that I could not ignore and now this sexy woman sitting next to me was starting to play some kind of kinky game….!

Rice…..tea bags…..biscuits…..I’m wearing stockings this morning, for you David…..

Julie sprang up and turned to face us with her unrestrained boobs and hard nipples straining the fabric.

“Is this proper cream, could we put it with the fruit?”

“Yes Julie, fresh cream… can have some if you want.”

“It’s very tempting, got to watch my figure though uncle David.”

I dropped my left hand in what felt like a sneaky movement with Julie watching and found Pamela’s firm thigh, her leg twitched towards me and I took that as a sign to explore, she was wearing a straight skirt with her summery cream blouse and as I felt her leg I soon discovered that it had a slit up the side nearest to me, she didn’t flinch or pull away so I tentatively slid my fingers into the gap quite high on her leg and felt bare skin, then moving down slowly towards her knee I felt the tightness of a stocking top and a thin elastic strap…..


Soap powder…..ketchup…..tissues…..have a good feel David, I knew you’d like them…..

Julie had turned back to the fridge and bent forward again, presenting her sweet rump once more to my gaze, her hips gave another little side to side shimmy and my cock gave a lurch as I watched her panty clad nether regions bulge from between her thighs, Julie’s mum dropped her right hand to my lap, she felt for the outline of my hard on through the material, I wasn’t wearing anything else under the shorts so it was easy for her to manipulate my manhood, she did and I started to breath deeply, trying really hard to stay calm but it was a hopeless task and I could feel myself blushing.


Pamela kept on fiddling with my cock under the table and I parted my legs to give her better access.


When Pamela had let me come on her cleavage that time I had wondered how long it might be before something else happened between us, having Bill there at the same time somehow made it seem legitimate, but now with just the two of us together and her leading me on I wasn’t quite sure how to react, he was my best mate after all, I didn’t want to cheat behind his back, even if his wife had the hots for me.

“Hurry up girls, the fridge will be working overtime with the door open like that.”


By this time Pamela had skilfully got my erection lined up along the inside of my left thigh like some kind of erotic splint held against my leg, it was pointing directly at my daughter and her friend and with a little more nudging from Pam I suddenly felt cool air on my helmet as it emerged from the loose leg of my shorts, I gasped as her fingertip made direct contact with the sensitive skin of my glans and she spread the drop of pre come being secreted there around the little opening.

“Right then, stop messing around girls, choose something quickly and close the door, David and I have seen enough of your knickers to last a lifetime, haven’t we?”

Both girls turned to us and stood up straight, looking aghast, all shy and demure suddenly, they pulled down on the hems of their nighties to cover their pants modestly, but doing that only emphasised their chests and the hard nipples they both had from the cold fridge.

“Sorry Mr B, we didn’t realise…..honestly…..hope we haven’t made you uncomfortable.”


“I’m fine Julie, you two carry on, you must be hungry.”

Julie was holding the bowl of fresh fruit salad which I had prepared earlier that morning, she held it up and asked Cathy to get the cream, my lovely daughter half turned and reached up on tiptoe for the half full pot of cream in the top part of the fridge door, her tee shirt lifted to show her flat tummy, the shape of her young body in profile was absolutely delightful and my cock gave another strong lurch as I studied how well she was developing.

Julie…..dear playful Julie…..she just couldn’t resist the chance and she reached out to tickle Cathy right at full stretch, causing her konulu porno to shriek and snatch the cream from the door, the freezing cold pot slipped from her fingers and glanced off her chin, the lid was loose and about half of the contents spilled down her front as the pot headed for the floor.

“Butter fingers….!”

The plastic pot bounced between their feet, splashing cream on their shins and ankles, they both squealed loudly as the cold cream got them, Cathy was really cross and rightly so because she was covered in the stuff!


“You idiot, just look at me!”


We were all looking at Cathy’s front as the white stuff dribbled down into her cleavage and further, her big eyes were wide, her face looked startled and so it should have because the cream was very cold, she held the clingy wet top out from her skin but gravity was winning and the creamy goo started to drip from the lower edge of her nightie onto her thighs, it looked so much like something else that my dirty mind had her drenched in spunk…..the cream had spread quickly and the wet cotton was plastered to her pert tits and I got a fantastic look at the upturned shape of them again, they were nicely rounded and perfectly symmetrical with wide aureoles to the nipples, they had those giant goosebumps around them that I find so fascinating on some women, they were the kind of tits that any girl would love to have…..or any man…..oh you know what I mean.

“Julie…..when will you learn to behave?”

“I’m sorry mum, I didn’t mean to…..”

Both girls stopped gasping then and saw the funny side, they started to giggle uncontrollably as though it was a huge joke, they just stood in front of us in their skimpy nightwear and shook with laughter as the cream formed a puddle on the floor, Julie looked sheepishly towards me and her mother, maybe expecting all hell to break loose, but Pamela just pointed to the cloth on the side with her free hand, the other was still groping me under the table, she was now easing back the edge of my shorts to get a proper grip of my hard cock as I stared at the come splashed…..err…..I mean the cream splashed girls.

“I’m so sorry Mr Brown, it was an accident really, we’ll clean it up right away, you just watch.”


Cathy reached up on tiptoes for the roll of kitchen paper on top of the fridge as Penny put aside the fruit and fetched the cloth, then both girls went down on their haunches to start soaking up the sticky mess from the tiled floor, as they moved around, bending and mopping, Pamela and I were treated to the sight of their lovely young bodies in the skimpy tops, Julie’s full breasts moved like ripe fruit as she reached out and her nipples made a brief appearance more than once, Pamela continued to play with my cock as we watched them wiping up the cream.


I looked at Pamela with a desperate expression on my face, not knowing what she intended to do next, was she going to wank me to a climax right there under the table?

“Don’t you girls miss any now, we don’t want any slip ups.”

“Yes Mrs Jones, we’ll get it all, won’t we dear Julie?”

“I hope so, I have to get to the shops soon and I know David’s got better things to do.”

Pamela let go of me then and returned to her shopping list.

Cereal……..bread… it for when I get back David…..


Eggs…..coleslaw…..ham…..the next time I make you come, I want you to be inside me…..


Pamela turned to give me a no nonsense look, surely she wasn’t going to go shopping and leave me in such a cruel condition, I looked at her with the saddest puppy dog eyes I could muster but she just wrote me another note.

Save it for later…’ll be glad you did then!

“It was your fault!”

“No it wasn’t!”

“Yes it was!”

The girls were bickering and Cathy dabbed some cream on Julie’s nose, Julie responded by flicking a creamy finger at my daughter which caught her on the cheek, as the milky blob ran down my penis pulsed uncontrollably.

“You rotter!”

With that, Cathy gave Julie’s knee a playful push and before she could stop herself, Julie lost her balance and sat back against the now closed fridge door with her legs apart and her bottom right in the greasy puddle.


“Got you back for making me spill it!”

“You rotten cow, now I’m soaked as well, I’m sitting right in it, oooh, it’s so cold up my fan…..”

“Yes…..up your what, dear Julie?”

Julie looked down at her crotch, with her legs splayed apart like that it was easy to see the outline of her cunt through the wet knickers and she suddenly realised what a display she was putting on for the rest of us, Julie looked up innocently.

“I’m so sorry uncle David, whatever must you be thinking?”


I stared at my neighbours’ lovely daughter in her state of luscious disarray, she looked like some kind of pinup girl painted on the fuselage of a world war two bomber, I used to love images of that kind, such a shame that modern porn is so clinical, so full in your face, I love a partly clad body just as much as a nude…..

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