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I didn’t get my threesome with Jake and Marcus after bedtime. It wasn’t that my cousin and his buddy didn’t recover themselves after the jerk-off we’d had before tea, it was just that by the time the three of us collapsed into Jake’s bed, we’d had so much fun with Uncle Rob that we were all just too bloody knackered!

It had started after I’d checked in with the folks back in Brisbane to let them know I was okay. I talked for a while with my mom over WhatsApp, with her chuckling all the time that I was starting to sound like such a pommy, before dad came on to throw in a few snide quips.

“It sounds like your Uncle Robert has all and sundry coming and going,” he’d sneered, hearing the chatter and laughter coming from the living room.

“Yeah, he had one of his friends to stay over last night and now Jake has a friend up from Surrey for a couple of days.”

“No females, I hope,” dad replied sharply. “There’d better not be anything untoward going on.”

“No, we’re a houseful of guys, dad,” I told him truthfully. I didn’t offer a comment on the ‘untoward’ part.

When I’d finished the call and was back in the living room having a beer poured for me, Jake came downstairs from having a pee.

“It fucking stinks up there!” he announced to the rooom with all his usual decorum. “You can still smell our arses from where we were frigging each other’s fudgers off!”

“Don’t be so crude, Jake,” my uncle told him.

“You really can smell it though… I’m not saying it’s a bad thing!”

Now Uncle Rob allowed himself a chuckle. “You boys were a little odorous when we were anally masturbating together!”

Marcus laughed too. “It was really hot, though, wasn’t it? Fingering each other and smelling each other’s butts!”

“The funny thing is,” Uncle Rob nodded, “I could tell exactly which smells were wafting from between which of your legs. Your three hairy little openings each have very distinctive aromas.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the way my uncle spoke. The way he could say such vulgar things in that posh English accent of his, but also the way his attitude to sex and bodily stuff was so at odds with my dad’s.

Jake laughed too but his amusement was borne from his dirty imagination. “We should make that into a game!” he suggested. “You get blindfolded, dad, and then you sniff one of our arses and try and figure out who it belongs to!”

Marcus and I grinned over at each other – that was a ripper idea for a game. Uncle Rob, though, while clearly interested in the concept, wanted to clarify the practicalities.

“I’d be kneeling down, would I, and the young man offering his bottom would be bending forwards in front of me?”

“Hands on knees,” Jake nodded. “Crack open a bit but not too splayed.”

“And there’d be no flatulence of course,” his dad was keen to establish.

“Absolutely not,” Jake agreed. “The only clue you’d get would be the smell of the hot juicy gape.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do it through your jeans,” Uncle Rob added, smiling at the three of us. “Though I think I’d have a good chance of figuring out who was who from the whiff of the backs of your underwear.”

“You’d get ten points if you could manage that,” Marcus declared. “But only five if you need us to pull our boxers down and sniff our bare bums!”

“Yeah, and if you need to stick your nose into our cack-cracks, you’d get only three!” Jake decided.

“And if I need a lick of the cherry, would that be just one point?” Uncle Rob asked.

The three of us laughed. We thought he was joking.

While Jake fetched one of his ties to use as a blindfold, I told my uncle, “If you can get to fifteen points after three goes, I’ll be really impressed!”

“I think I’ll be able to manage twenty,” he grinned. “One ten and two fives. Jake’s backside has a characteristically pungent bite to it which I’ll be able to smell quite easily through his underpants. With you and Marcus, I’ll probably need you to present your bare bums to my nose if I’m to figure out which is which.”

“You’d think Jake and Shane’s butts would have similar smells,” Marcus said. “You know, with them being cousins…”

“Yes, that’s true,” Uncle Rob nodded. “But earlier on, when both of your openings were just starting to be masturbated, I found your anal scents quite difficult to separate. Marcus, however, emerged as having a much meatier flavour once Jake’s fingers were pumping in and out at full speed!”

Marcus chortled. “Yeah, well I’m not surprised about that! There’s plenty of meat been packed in back there!”

I laughed too but I was really intrigued – and quite excited as well – to find out how sensitive Uncle Rob’s nose would be when poised in front of each of our butts.

Once my uncle had been blindfolded, Jake volunteered by mime that his arse should go first.

He pulled his jeans down, bent forwards a bit and offered the twin mounds straining the back of his dark grey ‘Next’ boxer briefs up to Uncle Rob’s face. Marcus and I smirked together on seeing Jake’s izmit escort arse so close his dad’s nose and mouth and Marcus nudged me to gesture at the semi-hard-on pushing the crotch of Jake’s shorts prominently outwards. My cousin sure hadn’t been lying when he’d said that he recovered his horniness quickly after a spunk-off!

Uncle Rob sniffed at his son’s two round buttocks in his underwear, before moving in closer to get a stronger whiff behind the deep, narrow valley running down between them.

Then he smiled and announced, “This is a rather fruity vintage… a little crass but with a satisfyingly piquant bite! I would wager this rump as belonging to Mr Jacob Richard Furlong!”

We all laughed and announced that Uncle Rob had started off with a clean-sweep ten, as Jake bent down to pull his jeans back up. While Marcus was asking my uncle what it was about his son’s bum that made it so easy to identify, I stopped Jake from buttoning himself up and quietly suggested something that might confuse even his dad’s discerning nose.

“The front pocket of my rucksack’s got my dirty laundry in it,” I whispered to him. “Find the skankiest pair of my daks and put those on… see if your dad can still figure out whose arse he’s sniffin’!”

Jake grinned, “Fuck yeah!” and headed upstairs to change his dirty undies with mine.

Meanwhile, Marcus was pulling his jeans down and bending forwards to push the backs of his stripy boxer-trunks towards my Uncle Rob’s eager blindfolded face.

“Ooh, this is very different,” Uncle Rob announced after taking a few deep sniffs of the crack between Marcus’ bum-cheeks. “There’s a rich, juicy impudence to it and some rather delicious barnyard undertones. It could belong to my nephew or my son’s favourite friend… I’d need to smell it in the flesh, though, to figure out which…”

I chuckled, “Okay, five points max on this one!” as Marcus pulled down his shorts. His cock sprung outwards, half-hard and steadily rising upwards. Like Jake he clearly enjoyed having the older man sniffing his butt.

Uncle Rob inhaled deeply just an inch from Marcus’ bare crack and murmured appreciatively at how much he liked it. “It’s got a real oakiness to it… a lovely crisp harshness…”

I glanced down at my uncle’s trousers and smiled at how a patch of material next to his zipper was being pushed steadily upwards. As I watched, the shape of my uncle’s hardening cock grew more obvious until the thick rod of it was clearly visible running diagonally up towards the left pocket. Soon the ridge around his helmet was pressing conspicuously outwards making the big, blunt head of his cock rise up blatantly even through his briefs and trousers.

“You’re really enjoying this, Uncle Rob!” I laughed.

“I certainly am!” he sighed, inhaling Marcus’ butt odour as deeply as he could. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to reduce my score to a maximum of three…”

His pushed his face into Marcus’ arse-crack and snorted hungrily at the odours lurking among his damp, wiry hair. Marcus’ cock stood up at full mongrel between his legs, and a dark circular damp patch formed on Uncle Rob’s trousers where his swollen helmet was leaking copiously.

“Oh yeah!” he gasped with his nose and mouth wedged firmly in the tight grip of Marcus’ solid buttocks. “This is a much more elegant vintage… evocative of warm summer Surrey evenings…”

“That’s amazing, Mr Furlong!” Marcus chuckled, pulling his arse away from my uncle’s face and leaving some of curly blond butt-hairs clinging to his nose. He swung around to offer further congratulations and accidentally smacked the full length of his hard chopper across Uncle Rob’s face.

“Gee, sorry, Mr Furlong! You were closer than I thought…”

“That’s fine,” Uncle Rob smiled, his blindfold still secure. “I’m pleased the game is having the same effect on you as it’s had on me!”

Marcus laughed at how my uncle’s large erection was tenting his trousers upwards and making a spreading damp patch between his zipper and left pocket. He started talking to him about why he thought bum smells could be so arousing, just as Jake crept back into the room wearing the dirty boxers I’d had on when I’d flown over from Oz.

“Oh fuck, not that pair!” I whispered.

“They were easily the whiffiest,” he grinned. “By a pretty long margin!”

“I bet they were… they were riding up my arse-crack all the way from Sydney to Heathrow!”

He bent over again in front of his dad and, while Uncle Rob was clearly expecting that the third butt to sniff would logically be mine, he was quickly confused by the combination of his son’s crack odour and the back of my smelly shorts.

He sniffed a few times, getting his nose quite close to the crumpled material, before announcing, “This is very strange… I really can’t place the smell! You haven’t sneaked a fourth young man in here for me to sniff his bum, have you?”

We chuckled and Marcus said, “The arse definitely belongs to one of us!”

Uncle Rob shrugged and conceded, “I’ll yahya kaptan escort have to go for a five maximum, in that case. I’m going to be lucky to reach fifteen at this rate…”

Jake pushed the back of my cruddy shorts into his arse-crack and took a moment to rub the material up and down against his butt-hair. Having got my bummy odour smeared inside his furry gully, he pulled the shorts down to present his chunky bare cheeks to his dad’s blindfolded face.

Uncle Rob inhaled deeply the pudgy backside before him and said, “This really is strange… there’s the full-bodied juiciness of Shane’s modestly-puckered hole coupled with the astringent harshness of Jake’s much larger anus. I’m going to need to go for a three…”

He pushed his face in between his son’s round buns and snorted like a pig with its snout in the trough.

“Aw yeah!” Jake mouthed, grinning broadly at me and Marcus as his dad’s nose pushed as deep as it could into his hot ripe crack. My cousin’s cock rose upwards rapidly, making the mouth of his foreskin slide open to reveal its glistening red tip, and he leaned further forwards to open his big puffy bunghole right in front of his dad’s curious face.

“I’m sure it’s Shane,” Uncle Rob mumbled, his voice muffled between his son’s squat, dumpy buttocks. “I’m going to have to go for a one…”

Before we could stop him, we heard a wet munching sound from between Jake’s cheeks as my uncle’s tongue start licking at his son’s over-sized opening. Jake turned to us, his gaping mouth half-shocked half-amused, as Marcus and I stared disbelievingly at his dad crouching behind him feeding noisily on his arse.

Just then Jake pulled away shouting, “Whoa… dad, it’s me!”

Uncle Rob reeled back, red-faced and breathless, and he removed the blindfold to see his son’s solid round buttocks with his spit smeared two-thirds down the crack. He stared up at us, at first towards Marcus and then across to me. Then, to my surprise, his mouth broke into a smile and he chuckled, “Looks like I lost that round…”

“Oh my God!” Jake laughed, “you just brown-tongued my butt, dad!” I noticed his cock was now arching up on full-throb from the feel of his dad’s mouth slurping at his ringpiece.

Uncle Rob stood up too and his own large erection pushed his trousers outwards, the blunt tip of which was seeping with a sticky patch of drool.

“Jake’s wearing my dirty undies, Uncle Rob,” I explained. “He put them on to… er… throw you off the scent…”

“Well, you certainly did that,” my uncle chortled. He took his handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the excess of his cock slobber off the prominent helmet shape lifting the front of his trousers.

“Still, no harm done,” he went on, as Marcus and I sat back down, swigging from our beers again, and Jake went upstairs to pull his own boxers back on and recover his jeans. “That’s a part of my son I really would have preferred not to push my tongue into, but the game was fun and I was greatly enjoying it!”

As he poured himself another glass of wine, Marcus asked, “Should we think up something else to play?”

“Why not?” Uncle Rob smiled, sitting himself down and adjusting his big hard-on so that it was more comfortable in his briefs. “But I think it wise to ensure that such errors of judgement can’t happen again.”

“I like smell games,” I said. Then, remembering something Uncle Rob had told me when we’d been out for the day, added, “My uncle reckons that when there’s sex going on in Jake’s bedroom, he can figure out from the smell who’s doing who!”

“Oh wow!” Marcus chortled. “So when I’m staying over, you know which way round me and Jake are banging each other?”

“It’s quite easy,” Uncle Rob grinned over, taking a sip from his drink. “No doubt even easier now that I’ve lapped at the source, as it were.”

As Jake came back into the room and grabbed himself another beer, I suggested, “Okay, here’s an idea for a game… the three of us go into Jake’s bedroom and do some stuff together, and Uncle Rob has to work out who’s doing what…”

“What sorta stuff?” Jake asked, looking unimpressed.

“I dunno… two of us fuck, maybe, while the other one watches and jerks off. Your dad has to figure out from the smell of the butt and the bell-end, whose arse is gettin’ bummed and who’s standin’ wankin’ himself off!”

The three of them stared at me and for a moment I thought I’d overstepped the mark.

But then Jake’s mouth broadened into a gaping, eager smirk and Marcus called out, “Oh my God! That sounds so hot!”

I looked at Uncle Rob and he chuckled at me. “You’ve got such a naughty imagination, Shane. What would your father say?”

We all bounded upstairs and the three of us lads assembled in Jake’s bedroom while Uncle Rob lurked with his wineglass in the hallway outside.

“Okay, let’s make the first one easy for him,” Jake whispered to us. “You do me up the arse,” he said to Marcus, “and you stand next to the bed and jerk your prick off,” gebze escort he said to me. “He sat next to you when we wanked off earlier so he knows the smell of your bell-batter… and we’re all well aware of how intimately he knows the smell of my bunghole now!”

Marcus and I chuckled and he unzipped his jeans and hitched the front of them down a bit. His eight inch hard-on sprung upwards when released from his underwear. He was clearly greatly looking forwards to pushing it up his favourite fuck-buddy’s bum, perhaps even more excited that I was going to watch him doing it and Uncle Rob was going to smell its effects.

While he lubed himself up, I pulled out my own larger cock which rose outwards, also nearly fully chubbed-up, and Marcus smirked across at me and said quietly, “I so wanna slam your tight Brissy butt too, Shane!”

I grinned back at him, wanting to kneel down in front of him and get things started between us by sucking on his lovely mushroom helmet, but Jake called over, “Cut it out, lovebirds – we’ve got a challenge to set for dad!”

He got on his bed and pulled the backs of jeans and underwear down so that his uni friend could work his dick up his hole, when I noticed that he was still wearing the dirty boxers he’d taken from my rucksack.

“Hey Jake,” I called out, “I thought you’d got back into your own undies, cuz.”

“Naah, I thought I’d keep these as a little momento… and I pushed my pair into your rucksack so you can take a little bit of Jakey back to Aussieland with you just for… you know… the long, lonely nights!”

I laughed like I just thought he was just being a dorf, but I knew that back home I probably would wank off sniffing the boxers Jake had given me. I’d want to relive all the stuff I was now doing and it would really spruce things up to have Jake’s crack-stink pressed into my nose.

“Aw, that’s so sweet you guys,” Marcus chortled, getting on the bed behind Jake and pushing his knees between his.

He pressed the slippery head of his dick into his buddy’s arse-crack, still wet with his dad’s spit, and Jake muttered, “Lower, dude… yeah, still a bit lower…” and then gasped with a laugh, “Aw yeah! Now push it right up!”

Marcus chuckled as he slid the length of his shaft up his lover’s butt, grabbing him by the hips to drive the last inch of it through the huge, swollen anus. Once his bollocks were pushing into the crease under Jake’s buttocks and his pubes were tickling the fuzzy softness around his crack, my cousin swung his head around and grinned at his blond friend, and then they leaned forwards together to share a lingering kiss.

As they necked for a bit, murmuring and giggling together as their two bodies were fused together, I wondered how they’d first discovered how much they enjoyed sex together in spite of them both being into girls. Perhaps some drunken fooling around together in their digs at uni lead to boxers being groped and then cocks getting sucked. Or maybe Marcus had told Jake about the stuff he’d done at school with Kiernan and they’d agreed, as casually as two mates setting up a night out, to play around with each other when their girlfriends weren’t about.

“Okay,” Jake whispered when they’d finished their little smooch. “Fuck me dead hard so it really makes a stink… and, Shane, you wank your dick off and waft your bulb towards the door so my dad can smell it!”

Marcus pushed Jake’s back lower, grabbed him hard by both shoulders and started rooting his arse as roughly as he could. The strong smell of male bumming quickly filled the air of Jake’s bedroom and my cock swelled upwards at how crude and sexy it stunk. I directed by cock towards the door and started jerking my foreskin back and forth across the slimy head, hoping the sharp muskiness of my dick would have a chance of competing with the raw pungence of Jake’s butt-fucked arse.

“Oh, that’s too easy,” Uncle Rob laughed from outside Jake’s bedroom door. “I’d hoped you boys would set me more of a challenge!”

“Come on, then,” Jake called out to his dad from where he was bent over with his face just above his pillow. “Who’s getting his butt paddled… and who’s bashing his prick off at how awesome it looks!”

“I’d recognise the smell of my son’s rump being mounted without any difficulty,” my uncle said, “and that was before I’d had my face buried into it!”

“Nice one,” Jake chuckled. “A solid ten points to open with…”

“As for the masturbator… the head of his penis is contributing quite sharply to the scent, but it’s not too strong and only delicately cheesy… so I’m guessing that my nephew is the one who’s standing ‘purving’, to use his own antipodean term!”

“Get in there!” Jake called out, as if he was watching his team score a goal on the telly. “Twenty points for starters… okay, let’s up the ante a bit…”

He and Marcus disentangled themselves and Marcus used a few tissues to clean off his dick. Dude sex could be very messy, I noticed, and I was sure that sex with girls would never produce this level of gunge or stink. But I had to agree with what Jake had told me early on in our exploits: the strong, bawdy smell of boys doing it up the butt with each other wasn’t in any way disgusting or a turn-off, but was instead a serious part of its appeal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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