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For Joey and Christi, thanks for being so patient waiting for this!

She woke up snuggled next to her husband, nestled into his arm, her head on his bare chest, and wondered if it had all been a dream that had left her face flushed, her body feeling completely satisfied. The brush of a smooth, toned leg that belongs to neither her husband nor her reminds her that it was, in fact, not a dream, but a wonderful, erotic night.

They both had been friends with her for several years over the internet and found her quite attractive. The first time they heard her voice, they both had the same impression, that she even sounds sexy. It was only a matter of time before they met, which they did.

None of them ever thought their first meeting would end like this; Christi was just not that kind of girl…usually. She is hot by normal standards, but by gamer girl standards, one word comes to mind…Smoking!

They had met at the mall for lunch, but quickly decided to go back to Melissa and Joey’s place to play the game. What happened next started innocently enough with a bet. Christi said her neck hurt a little, so they decided to see who can give a better neck rub.

Joey went first. As he got into position behind her and began to rub some of the kinks out of her neck, Melissa realized that she was staring at his hands. It occurred to her at that moment she had never seen him so much as hug another woman, but now she was getting the opportunity to watch her husband’s hands as they made her skin come alive with every gentle rub over her muscles.

Christi thought to herself that it would be hard for Melissa to top the massage that she was getting from her friend’s husband. I am definitely going to be spoiled tonight, she thought to herself as the tension released itself from her neck.

Melissa had to think of a way to make it seem as if she was not staring, so she gently slipped Christi’s sandals off and began rubbing her feet. As she worked the arch of each foot, she looked up at Joey. His fingers are starting to cramp, I know it, she thought to herself.

When he noticed she was looking up at him, he laid a gentle kiss to the base of Christi’s neck and told her it was her turn. This could get quite interesting…and hot, he thought to himself with a slight inward chuckle.

After getting up from her position on the floor by Christi’s feet, Melissa settled into the corner of the couch, one leg along the back, where the back meets the seat, the other with her foot on the floor, and guided Christi back so she was leaning against her.

Using her thumbs, Melissa began to work the muscles at the base of her neck, the other fingers of her hand on Christi’s shoulders, working those muscles there. Joey began to massage her feet, and Melissa was forced to inwardly admit that he does give a better foot massage then she does. While his hands work her slender feet, paying extra attention to her tender arches, Melissa used her fingers and thumbs to work the tension out of Christi’s delicate neck. She is beginning to relax, Melissa mused to herself. She began to trail small, soft kisses along Christi’s neck each time her fingers moved.

When she realized what Melissa was doing, Christi turned her head and their lips met. They were soon locked in a deep kiss. Christi’s velvety soft tongue caressed Melissa’s. Her arms reached up behind her to circle her friend’s neck and she tangled her fingers in the hair at the nape of Melissa’s neck. Joey finally looked up only to see them caught in this lip lock. I was right, this is going to be hot, he thought to himself as he watched a side of his wife he had never seen before for a moment, and she has good taste, too.

He slid up Christi’s body, leaving one knee on the couch and his other foot next to Melissa’s on the floor, and joined the kiss. All three tongues mingling in a forbidden tango; their bodies shifting to make room for all three on the couch.

When all of their lips parted, Joey began to kiss her throat, nibbling a little at her ear. Her hands roamed his body while the girls’ lips met again. I never imagined kissing a woman could feel this good, Christi thought to herself. Melissa allowed her fingers to roam, and as if they had a mind of their own, her hands began to creep to her friend’s chest. Joey’s fingers gently slipped under the strap of the tank top Christi is wearing to move it and make way for his lips, his other hand brushing back her hair from her shoulder.

Christi and Melissa let their lips part for a moment and she begins to kiss Melissa’s neck and collarbone, mimicking Joey’s kisses to her own tender flesh. Melissa’s hands leave her chest to explore Joey’s body. His lips have moved from Christi’s neck to her shoulder to her arm. As Melissa reaches to remove his shirt, Christi’s fingers start to gingerly explore and roam his now naked chest. Wow! She thought to herself, his arms üsküdar escort are so strong, like they can protect anyone from all the hurt in the world! She is visibly thrilled by this thought, the strength one can assume they possess, the protection their embrace can provide.

This whole shirt is in the way, Joey thought to himself as he pulled her tank top off and tossed it onto the floor next to them. Joey and Melissa both dipped their heads and each went for a nipple, gently sucking them between their lips. His fingers went between her legs, to the growing spot of moisture that was becoming evident through her jeans. He stroked her, bringing her closer to orgasm. Her breathing became quicker as she rode the wave of her first orgasm of the night.

Can it be? Did he just get me to orgasm so quickly? She thought to herself.

I never realized until now how good he looks when he knows he can make a woman cum just by touching her, his wife thought to herself as she watched Joey easily bring their friend to orgasm.

Christi gently nudged his face back up to hers, their lips joining for the first time alone. He continued to rub the ever moistening spot between her legs as Melissa kissed her way down her abdomen. When she reached the waste band of Christi’s jeans, she stopped. Don’t want to rush things. I should probably give her a few minutes to come down from the orgasm, she thought to herself, gently kissing and teasing Christi’s stomach. Her fingers tangled in Melissa’s hair, her tongue mingled with Joey’s, his hands were on her breasts.

This feels so good, Christi thought to herself.

Why did she stop? Joey wondered silently when he realized Melissa did not go as far as he thought she would.

As Melissa kissed her way back up Christi’s torso, she slid her body along that of her friend. As if just realizing that Melissa’s breasts were still covered, Christi ran her hands down the sides of the shirt to the hem line and slowly pulled it up, removing it and adding it to the pile on the floor. Joey stood and reached to remove her bra. Once Melissa’s breasts sprang free from the cloth holding them in, Christi’s hands were all over them. I wonder…would it drive her as wild to do to her what I like to have done to me? Christi wondered internally. When Melissa leaned in to kiss her once more, a deep groan escaped her throat, as if she were finally giving in to some deep seeded secret desire by doing this.

Joey reached for her waste band and finally unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, meanwhile, her hands were sliding into the waste band of Melissa’s jeans to grab at her backside. The pungent scent of pheromones permeated the air as they all shifted to the floor of the living room. During the shift, the girls removed one another’s jeans, leaving Christi wearing only black cotton boy-short style panties with red lace trim and Melissa white lycra boy-shorts in a white on white argyle print. Joey fondled Christi’s breasts while she lowered herself to the floor, sitting against the couch. Her hand began to stroke over the crotch of his jeans, the fabric stretched taut from the obvious effect these activities were having on him.

God, I can hardly stand it anymore, I need one of them to take these off me, soon, he said to himself.

As if able to read his mind, Christi unbuttoned the button, sliding her hand behind his zipper. Ever so gingerly, she pulled the zipper down, slowly, teasingly, with a smile on her face at what she knew she was doing to him.

When he sprang free of the restriction of the denim, causing his boxers to tent, Christi was amazed at the size of him for a moment. I wonder if I can even take all of that, she asked herself. As if the pondering was a silent, personal challenge to herself, she decided to go for it.

Still with her back to the couch, Christi pulled his boxer shorts down, caressing his ass as she did so. As soon as the garment was off, she leaned over and began to kiss and lick the head of his cock. Pulling only the head into her mouth, she closed her lips around it.

When Melissa looked up to see what was going on, she decided not to wait any longer. Nudging Christi’s hips up slightly, she removed the boy short panties and encouraged a nervous Christi to open her legs and allow her access to what she craved.

Is this really happening? Christi wondered

m I really about to go down on a woman in front of my husband? Am I really about to watch another woman go down on my husband? Melissa pondered as she breathed in the heady aroma of Christi’s previous orgasm, her mouth hungry to taste her.

This is every man’s fantasy, to have his wife AND another woman at once. And here I am living it, Joey thought to himself as the realization hit him that this was really going to happen. Is Melissa really ok with this? Is Christi?

As şerifali escort Christi took him deeper into her mouth, Joey peered between her legs at Melissa. She seems to be enjoying herself as much as I am. So does Christi. As a deep groan of pleasure at what he was experiencing escaped his lips, Joey’s eyes locked with Melissa’s, as if they alone could voice his concern for the girls. He did the same with Christi’s eyes. Both of them gave signs that they were, in fact, enjoying themselves as much as he was.

Christi took him deeper into her mouth, still working him all the way in, and Melissa’s head disappeared between Christi’s legs. Suddenly, he felt Christi moan around his shaft, and he knew what Melissa was doing to her. He looked down just in time to see Melissa’s lips close around Christi’s now pronounced clit at the same time Christi pulled the last of him into her mouth.

Oh My God! Christi thought as Melissa’s lips closed around her bud like clit.

Oh My God! Joey thought as he felt the surge of pleasure when he was all the way in Christi’s mouth.

Oh My God! Melissa thought as she closed her lips. She had almost forgotten how wonderful a woman can taste.

From her spot between Christi’s legs, Melissa could see what was going on above her. While she worked her tongue into a rhythm, flicking it over and around Christi’s clit, swirling it around and around, she could see as her friend took all of Joey’s length into her mouth. She added a finger, moving it in and out of Christi’s wetness as she licked and sucked her clit and labia. She moaned from the wonderful taste. Oh my, Christi thought as she sucked Joey’s cock into her mouth once again, how does she know to do exactly what I like?

Joey threw his head back as he enjoyed this new mouth sucking him. He reached down to his side to stroke and grab Melissa’s backside, the fingers of his other hand tangled in Christi’s hair. He reached down to stroke Melissa’s pussy through her panties. These have got to come off her. He pulled himself out of Christi’s mouth and kissed her once again, tasting the saltiness of his own pre-cum on her tongue and moved behind Melissa.

I wonder if I can get Melissa to cum while she is making Christi, he pondered to himself while he leaned over to kiss Melissa’s shoulder, leaving a trail of soft kissed down her back. Christi’s hands, which she had been using to help guide him in her mouth, were now in Melissa’s hair, directing the pace and pressure of the tongue on her clit.

With his hands a mere inch before his lips, Joey begins to slide Melissa’s panties over the curve of her ass, kissing the newly exposed flesh. Christi looks to see where he is. Maybe I should move up a litt……her thoughts are interrupted by a sudden surge of pleasure that caused a moan to escape her lips as Melissa slipped a second finger inside her.

To both delay the second orgasm she felt building up inside her and to allow Joey easier access to what he was after, Christi put her hands on the couch behind her both for balance and directional guidance, and slowly pulled herself back onto the couch, causing Melissa to break her contact with her clit and her fingers to slip out.

Melissa got up onto her knees and leaned her chest on the couch and began kissing the inside of Christi’s thighs, working her way back to the clit she was now hungry to taste more of. She let out a deep but soft moan into her friend’s pussy as she finds what she wants, slipping her two fingers back in.

Meanwhile, Joey sits on the floor behind her and buries his face in Melissa’s pussy. His hands were on her ass, Melissa’s free hand was on the floor to help balance herself while she used two fingers to fuck Christi, and Christi’s hands were in Melissa’s hair. It was apparent that they could not get enough of touching one another, exploring their bodies with their hands.

She is getting tight, almost time, Melissa thought to herself as she felt Christi begin to tighten around the fingers inside her.

Just as suddenly, Joey felt Melissa begin to tense up as she neared her peak as well. Both girls let out deep, throaty moans, Christi reached her hands back to grasp the couch cushions and arch her back, Melissa buried her face between Christi’s legs deeper, and moaned into the pussy she was licking, as they both orgasmed at the same time.

After a minute to come down from the pleasure of their orgasms, as if they were all thinking with the same brain, they all wanted the same thing at the same time. With a gentle kiss to her lips, Joey helped Christi lay down on the couch and knelt between her legs. Melissa reached over from the floor and began to fondle Christi’s breasts. With a final look into both of their eyes to be sure they were both still willing, With one slow motion, all three watched as he slid himself easily into Christi’s pussy.

Melissa leaned up from the floor beside the couch to kiss Christi, the taste of her friend still on her tongue. She kissed her throat, collar bone, shoulders, working her way to Christi’s nipple. Melissa sucked one into her mouth, gently closing her lips on the tip. Christi was doing a little kissing of her own on the side of Melissa’s breast, urging the mound of it to the side. When she finally got to the pink tip, she mimicked what Melissa had done to her nipple and sucked it into her mouth.

I want to taste her, Christi thought to herself as she urged her friend onto the couch. Mmm, that feels so good. He knows how to stroke it, she thought as Joey continued his slow thrusting into her. She coaxed Melissa to open her legs and allow her to take a taste for herself.

Mmm, Melissa thought as she straddled Christi’s face, I never realized what a turn on it would be to watch him fuck someone else! And watch Joey she did. Her eyes were alternating from his face to watch his reactions as he felt the inside of their friend’s pussy to his cock as it slid in and out.

Mmm, Joey thought as he slowly slid in and out of Christi. He looked up to see Melissa looking at him while Christi was tasting her. This is hot. They both look so beautiful. I must be a very lucky man to be sharing this with two very beautiful women! With that thought, he let out a deep groan, Christi moaned into Melissa’s pussy, and Melissa let out a long sigh as they were each pleasured.

He reached up and tweaked his wife’s nipple as she was reaching her hand down to rub Christi’s clit in small, quick circles, enhancing her pleasure while Christi applied the same motion with her tongue on Melissa’s clit.

With a deep, throaty groan of pleasure, Joey leaned forward to kiss Melissa. Christi started moving her mouth around Melissa’s clit faster, becoming bolder with her motions. She reached between Melissa’s legs with one hand and grabbed her left breast; the fingers of her right hand delving into Melissa’s pussy. Joey’s hands were on Christi’s breasts, his tongue in Melissa’s mouth. Suddenly, Christi let out a deep, primal groan into Melissa’s pussy as hers clamped around Joey’s cock.

Melissa slowed the motions of her fingers down slightly so Joey could feel Christi clamp down on him as he slid his cock into her completely and stayed there for a moment, enjoying the sensations Christi’s orgasm were giving him. When the waves of her orgasm calmed, Joey pulled himself out of Christi and slipped into Melissa’s mouth for a moment, where he was treated to long, slow caresses from her tongue.

He moved to the other end of the couch and took the place of Christi’s fingers in Melissa’s pussy. While Christi’s tongue worked slowly at Melissa’s clit, Joey began long, quick thrusts into her pussy. As the first waves of her orgasm began to build in her, Melissa dipped her head and lightly licked Christi’s pussy. The sensations from both her friend’s tongue and her husband’s cock were too much to withstand, and Melissa gave in to her orgasm, her pussy becoming vise like around Joey’s cock.

We may need to go somewhere with a little more room, Joey thought as he tried to decide where.

We need to move to a different room, Christi thought as she realized they needed to move in order to give her a little time to get over the earth shattering orgasms she just experienced.

We need to move to the bedroom, more space, and I need a moment, Melissa thought to herself as she got up and slipped one hand around Christi’s back, resting her hand on her friend’s ass and made a come hither motion with her finger to Joey, leading them into the bedroom.

Joey was walking a little slower behind the girls, watching as they ran their hands up one another’s backs and asses, admiring the view as he turned off the lights in the house on the way to the bedroom, I am a very lucky man, right now, he thought to himself, not for the first time that night.

The girls got to the bedroom first. When Joey caught up to them, he just stood at the doorway and watched for a moment, marveling again in the fact that his wife and his friend would be willing to do this. He watched as Melissa caressed Christi’s shoulders, brushing her hair away from her neck and Christi gently explored Melissa’s breasts with her hands. He watched as Christi dipped her head to take Melissa’s nipple into her mouth, and as Melissa helped Christi lay back on the bed.

In the blink of an eye, Melissa had her face buried in Christi’s pussy, but this time, slowly, gently, exploring. He heard Christi let out a soft moan at the pleasure she was getting from this, one hand tangled in Melissa’s hair, the other behind her to hold herself up into a semi-sitting position.

He ran his hand up Melissa’s ass, rubbing the rounded cheeks. Then, without warning, he knelt down next to her and began to kiss her, his tongue flicking Christi’s clit as the sides of their lips joined close to the bud. Ooh, this is nice! I like this, Christi thought as she enjoyed the two tongues tasting her together.

This is different, thought Melissa as they took turns sucking and licking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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