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Thanks must go to ‘Jill’ yet again for giving me the inspiration, plot and route to take. Without whose help this story would have gone west. Thanks again for bearing with me!

This story contains consensual sex between adults if you don’t like this genre don’t read it! Otherwise enjoy.

Oh and it contains naughty words, if you don’t like reading words like slut, bitch, or cunt look away now!!


Angie was over the moon she had just had news that she had been accepted as a contestant on a brand new reality show for TV. “Ray!..Ray!” she was shouting at the top of her voice. The letter clutched in her hand she jumped on top of the bed and shook Ray, her boyfriend until he came too. Ray was a rather nerdy guy who was into electronics and not much else, well apart from Angie who he adored, He felt slightly groggy after the previous night’s party with his mates.

“What the Fuck Angie?…my heads killing me calm down will you?” Angie was all hyped up, giggling like a little girl “I’ve got in!.. I’ve got in!” she kept shouting.

“What the hell are you raving about woman?”

“You know that new TV show I applied to go on?… the one where we all live like nineteenth century factory workers… well I’ve been accepted. This is my big chance to break into acting for real… I have to be there next Monday to start filming… Ooooooh I’m so excited!” she threw her arms around his neck and planted her lips firmly on his and kissed him hard. “Ooooh I can’t wait!…if I win I get 100G’s…that would be soooo coooool we could get married straight away baby!”

“Yeah I suppose we could, but that’s unlikely don’t set your heart on it there will be other competitors you know!” reminded Ray. Angie was having none of it she ran round the flat jumping up and down, dancing, rolling around on the sofa, kicking her legs in the air, Ray just shook his head and muttered ‘crazy woman’ over and over to himself.

So Ray found himself outside the studios where filming was going to take place. They showed everyone where the parts of the set were. The daytime factory set, the actors reporting room and their accommodation. They each had a pod, which consisted of a bed, storage locker, a shower and a toilet. Compared to some reality shows it was fairly plush, no cameras in the pods as too many issues with licensing and possible sex issues. Angie was so excited that she threw her arms around Ray, “It’ll be alright baby it’s only the maximum of a month and as you yourself said I could be out in days from now!”

The rest of the contestants seemed an okay bunch as Ray eyeballed each of them in turn, there were equal numbers of male and female contestants. Ray did notice a couple of the guys eyeing up his Angie and made sure they spotted him holding her close to him, or giving her a kiss ‘she’s mine boyo’ he seemed to want to say to anyone who looked like a possible threat to him. Nerdy I may be, but I can still spot a threat a mile off’ he seemed to be saying to himself.

It was late on that night before Ray made it home, and although he disliked these reality pretences of wannabe actors, actresses or has been actors, actresses he switched the TV on and switched channels till he found the one his Angie was on. It was pretty humdrum stuff as everyone seemed to be trying to figure out who was the favourites and who were the most likely to be first out. Angie was third most likely to be out within the week, and Ray seemed more than pleased that his fiancée would be back within the week. He rubbed his groin area, at that thought and muttered to himself ‘behave yourself boys no playtime tonight’ and with that switched off the TV, and went to bed.

Ray spent the next few days fiddling with his electronics, computers and cameras during the day and glued to the telly at night watching Angie. He noticed she was fairly good at the factory bit and she seemed kocaeli escort bayan to be winning the public over if the comments seemed to be anything to go by. As well as her there was a guy called Tim, a hunk of a personal trainer in the outside world, seemed to be going well, also in the public eye. The fact they were all in period costume did little to reduce the sexual tension between certain contestants. Angie’s costume for instance gave her breasts a huge push upwards and a large amount of cleavage was visible most of the time. Ray wasn’t such a prude to not be aware that sex played a big part in selling any programme like this. So although he was aware of the tension he trusted his fiancée to reject Tim’s advances.

As the days passed Ray noticed this Tim trying to get on with his Angie, but she seemed to be coping well and able to reject his advances. Despite this he was pretty persistent and kept trying to engineer opportunities to be alone with her. Several times the cameras picked up him chatting to Angie, and going by the reactions from Angie he was making suggestions of a sexual nature towards her. Angie had a habit of looking shy and coy when talking about sex and several times Ray spotted her doing this when the camera was on the two of them. Ray thought that this Tim was a pretty persistent guy and that made him concerned. He had every right to be, as their growing relationship was becoming public knowledge and wherever he went people were talking about them.

The challenges the contestants had to perform, were fun and on several occasions, he watched Angie and Tim having to work together to win points and awards for the group. Through time the two of them seemed to remove the previous friction and they became firm favourites with the public. Ray started to become a little concerned that his fiancée was falling for this hunky actor. It became fairly obvious to Ray that Angie was slowly but surely falling for this Tim, despite her having told him on live TV that she was engaged.

If Ray had been inside the set he would have been even more concerned. Not only were Angie and Tim openly flirting during live showings, but she was spending nights with Tim and had been sleeping with him after the end of week one, and had been for the last two weeks. Tim had seduced her and their lovemaking was common knowledge in the cast, not that they were the only ones but they were certainly the loudest lovers, amongst all the other lovers. Tim had shown Angie so many different positions and had taken her to places in ecstasy that she could only ever imagine. The first night he had kissed her all over, paying particular attention to her mouth, lips, ears, neck and throat before making his way down her body to gently nibble, kiss and suck on her firm young breasts, spending some time tweaking, nibbling and sucking on her large, hard nipples.

Angie had to start with, tried to push him away but Tim knew what he was doing and persisted to work towards seducing her, and in the end his persistence paid off. He had her in his arms, naked and trembling with excitement and anticipation. His hands roamed over her silky skin, tracing her most sensitive spots, raising her arousal, making he moan and groan with pleasure “Oooooh!… Mmmmm…Oh Tim don’t, don’t!… please stop!” Within seconds that changed to “oh no don’t stop!… keep doing that its sooo goood!” Tim had her exactly where he wanted her. He continued to work Angie, causing her to want him even more.

His hands slid up her sides, over her breasts, down over her stomach and back again. Tim kept kissing her body all over, and began tracing his tongue around her naval, up the centre of her stomach and onto her aching breasts, onto her throbbing nipples and back down again…

As Ray watched at home, he couldn’t have known what was happening even if he did suspect something was going on, between them. izmit escort bayan He could sit there suspecting anything he wanted, but couldn’t prove anything as there was no contact between cast and outside members or relations.

… Angie was his, and she couldn’t stop him now even if she had wanted too, her body was demanding more satisfaction, more desires building within her mind, within her body. Tim noticed her stomach was quivering, her legs were shaking and her breathing was becoming more erratic. He smiled knowing full well Angie was in the throes of an orgasm that was about to rip through her body “Oh God Tim, Tim I’m Going to Cum!… Oh My God Yes, Yes! YES!” and her body tensed her head rolled back her eyes closed tightly and her hands grabbed her breasts to pull and push on them as her orgasm took hold. “That’s a good girl, cum for me, let it go baby, let it go!”

Tim allowed her to subside and then returned to kissing her on the mouth, deeply, passionately, with real feelings of love and tenderness. Then he slid himself down her body until his mouth was nibbling on the small triangle of hair at the top of her sex. His hands were stroking the inside of her legs, lifting them up and placing them on his shoulders. His hands then began stroking the backs of her knees. This was like little shots of electricity that shot through her body causing it to tense and relax; Angie moaned and groaned throughout soft gentle moans not loud, almost inaudible at times. Then he placed his mouth directly onto the outer lips of her pussy.

Angie let out a louder sigh “Uuuuuh!…Ummmm!” and then when Tim began sucking on her lips, and his tongue flicked over her clit once again Angie felt herself losing it and she came again quickly and heavily. “Aaaargh…Oh Fuck!…Oh FUCK!… I’m fucking Cumming again! Oh shit! Shit! Fuck!” Tim kept her on the crest of that wave for several minutes teasing her from one orgasm to another almost simultaneously. Once he allowed her to stop Cumming e slid up her body again. Kissed her on her mouth allowing her to taste herself, she sucked hard on his mouth and their tongues beat a staccato of love inside their mouths…

‘Not many more episodes to go’ thought Ray, then I can have my Angie back and that prick Tim will be gone from our lives. ‘God I fucking hate that pompous arsehole’ he muttered to himself.

…”I’m going to fuck you now Angie, slowly surely and gently! Do you want me too fuck you baby?” Angie answered by lifting her legs up and behind his back locking them together around his waist. “Do me now Tim! fuck me until I scream for you to stop!” she moaned.

Tim began easing his hard cock into her slick pussy, just like he had promised. Slowly, softly and gently to begin with. He was taking all his weight on his arms and legs, so it was only his cock that was pushing into her body. “You like that baby?…Mmmm Do you like my cock inside you baby?”…”Oh god yes!…Yes!…oh god that feels so good! Please Tim fuck me harder!… Please fuck me harder.. Fuck me you cunt!.. Till I scream with pleasure!” By now Angie was shoving her hips up to meet Tim’s long cock as it slid in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Tim adjusted his position until his knees were hard against her ass cheeks, her legs being lifted up into the air as he did so. He then grabbed her ankles and pushed them over behind her head, her ankles beside each side of her head, pushing against the same pillow her head lay on. “Your wish is my command baby!” said Tim and he then began to pound her pussy mercilessly. “Oh God I’m so fucking wet can you hear it baby, can you hear my sloppy wet cunt as you fuck me?” she grunted. Tim was fairly worked up himself by then, “I fucking can you wet little slut!” he groaned. He pummelled her pussy for several more minutes in that position then he stood up telling Angie to hold that position. gebze escort He then straddled her legs and bent from the waist until he could push his hard cock into her pussy from above. It took him a couple of go’s to get the angle right but when he did, Angie appreciated the effort as it seemed to allow him to penetrate her even deeper. “Oh God Tim!…Yes!…Yes!…Oh Fuck yeeees!” whilst Tim worked towards his own moment of release. “That’s it baby take all of Tim’s big cock. Get that tight little pussy used to it!…It’s going to be getting used by it frequently from now on!” Angie heard him, and was so far gone she readily agreed “God yes, yes, I want more of that wonderful cock… It’s such a big cock!… a real pussy pleaser Tim!”

Tim grunted and began to groan “Yeah!… Yeah!… That’s it!… Here it cums… here it fucking cums!… Take it you little cock teasing slut, take the fuckin lot!”…”Aaaahhhh!…Hummmmph!…YEEEEEEEAH!” and he felt his cock expand inside Angie’s pussy and then he felt it spraying from the slit at the end deep inside her. Once he had finished Cumming he stood up, turned around and knelt on either side of her head and fed his cock into her mouth, “Clean it slut!”… “And don’t miss any!” Angie licked, sucked and slurped on that cock until it was totally clean. Then Tim got up, got dressed and left, but not before he told her “Same time tomorrow night Angie!” he didn’t wait for an answer, he already knew what it was…

There is only one more night to go muttered Ray, as he sipped on the whisky he had taken to drinking each evening. Despite hating the reality TV show he forced himself to watch it, this was the last night so either Angie or that arrogant fuckwit would win the prize, “Please let it be Angie and not that dickwit!” Ray shouted at the TV. Unfortunately for Ray it was Tim who won and Angie was second. Had he stayed sober enough to watch the end he would have witnessed Tim and Angie walking away hand in hand together. Instead he lay slumped over the arm of the sofa, the TV flickering away in the corner and the love of his life walking out of his life forever.

… From that first night, that first time Angie was hooked, every night from then on she allowed herself to be used that big cock of Tim’s. All thoughts of her fiancée were now gone. Tim taught her so many new things, so many different positions that it was so exciting she couldn’t believe she had wasted so much time on that wimp and techno Nerd Ray, who always made ‘love’ in the same old position and it was always over before she had satisfaction. Well not anymore, she had decided to accept Tim’s offer of becoming his girlfriend and future fiancée. Ray would just have to find someone else to be with.

When the show ended Tim won it with Angie second, they moved in together and were engaged within a fortnight of the show ending. Ray was left an emotional wreck, all his fears had come to fruition, the betrayal, the cheating and the obvious distaste that Angie now had for him were paramount to his current state of mind, lonely, defeated, and always breaking down sobbing like a spoilt child.

When Ray had woken up next morning with his head still in a spirit induced haze, he quickly became aware that Angie wasn’t there. He frantically sought out his phone and tried calling her; it however, went straight to ‘this number is no longer in service’ despite screaming at the phone that it was the right fucking number it wouldn’t connect. There was a knock at the door and the postman stood there with a letter to be signed for, Ray scribbled his signature on the electronic pad and ripped open the envelope. Inside was a simple note that simply read;


I have decided that I no longer love you. I am therefore leaving you. I have met someone I really love, and who really loves me. I had no idea sex could be so good until I met this person. The size of his cock compared to yours is like a pencil compared to a broom shank, his is so much bigger and he puts it to so much better use.

Bye Angie

But then that’s what can happen when your fiancée gets what she really wants elsewhere, isn’t it?

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