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This story is pure fiction, pure sex too, not much else. Enjoy.


He lives just over two hours from me, and we had been chatting online for a while when I finally got up the courage to submit to him. He told me that the first few times I submit would be in his garage, and I would be blindfolded the entire time and wouldn’t be able to see him.

“Subs and slaves earn the ability to see their Master and enter Master’s home.” Were his rules.

And as a 25 year old spunky sub bottom, submitting to a 45 year old top man, I was harder than ever the entire drive there. I arrive fifteen minutes early, it’s a thing I do.

I park in the driveway as instructed, he lives just on the outside of town, down a short driveway, looking around, it was pretty private. I leave my wallet and my phone in my car, as instructed, stripp naked, after checking that no one could see me, lock my clothes in the car, and walk into the open garage door.

Once inside, I was instructed to slide the leather hood over my Silivri Escort head, which was hanging from a chain in the middle of the garage, and once it was over my head, I needed to clap my hands three times in a row, and he would close the garage door and begin my submission.

I hang my keys on the hook on the wall, walk over to the hood, unclip it, and slide it over my head, once it’s secure, and I can no longer see, I clap my hands three times. The noise startles me as the garage door begins to close.

Once shut, I hear another door open, then the sound of thick boots on a concrete floor, getting closer, and closer to me. I sort of jump when I feel a leather glove tighten around my neck, feeling his breath on the back of my neck.

“Good to see you slave. I’m glad you came through,” he whispers in my ear.

“Yes Master. I’m yours to use, Master.” I state back.

“And use you I will slave. I’m going to enjoy this naked body all evening long, then send you home begging to come back tomorrow slave,” another whisper, Silivri Escort Bayan sending shocks through my body, straight to my member, which is now standing straight out.

He releases my neck and begins tightening the strings on the back of the hood. Once they’re secured, he zips the back of the hood down over the strings, holding them in place. I then hear him clip the top of the hood to the chain once more. He walks away from me, then returns. The only thing I can tell is the sound of his thick boots.

He slides a thick collar around my neck and attaches two wrist restraints to me, he hoists each wrist up as high as I can get it, and clips them to the chain. He adjusts the clip on the top of the hood to pull my head upwards slightly. I’m on the balls of my feet now.

He stands behind me, his body against mine, and I can feel the leather clothing he has on. His crotch is rubbing against my ass cheeks, and I can feel that pouch getting harder and harder. His leather gloved hands rubbing against the front of my body, up Escort Silivri my chest, then down, grabbing both nipples, pulling them downwards until I grimace, and groan, and moan.

He whispers in my ear, “you like that slave? You like when Master uses and plays with his slave meat? This is what you came here for, isn’t it slave?”

“Yes Master. Please, play with me as it pleases you Master.” I mutter out through labored breaths.

He lets go of my nipples. Rubbing them slightly, he trails his hands down my stomach, reaching the top of my groin, skipping over my rock hard member to my balls. He wraps his hand around them, tugging on them, breathing deeply against my neck. His other hand scraping against the head of my cock, swirling his fingertips against the head, “open your mouth slave.” He commands.

I do, and he slides two leather fingers covered in my pre cum into my mouth, “suck those fingers slave, show your Master how much you want his cock in your slut mouth.”

I suck on his fingers as he pulls my balls down from my body. He grinds his hips, his crotch, into my backside, holding me as close to him as possible.

“Okay, slave, you ready to have some fun?” He whispers again in my ear.

His hands fall from my mouth, and my balls, “I’m already having fun Master, I’m yours to use Master,” I state.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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