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Gang Bang Club Part IV – Cory’s Second Try

It had been several weeks since Irene and I attended the club’s “dinner party” and the women decided it was time to reconnect. We met for an early evening barbeque. Cory is still looking for her opportunity to join the club. Joan and Arlene had already searched the gangbang opportunities but did not find anything they believe Cory would like and or would allow her to play. They had just gotten done filling everyone in on their findings.

“So we know Cory wants in. Nancy, what about you?” Arlene asks.

“Still interested in hearing about it. But I just started dating Jason and the sex is great. I’m pretty content for now.” Nancy replies

“You think that is going to make us jealous?” Joan teases. “We’re getting it pretty good too!”

“Oh, not that I don’t want to. Just Jason is kind of kinky and I’m enjoying some new things now. Mostly tie up games and such. Just not sure I feel like messing it up if he finds out about the club yet. He thinks he is so sexually adventurous. If I told him what I was up to I’m afraid I’d damage his ego! OK, enough small talk! Irene tell us all the details of your session.” Nancy changes the subject.

Irene replays the evening. Recounting the sensuality of servings drinks and then dinner from her nude body to the formally attired guests. She then describes the dinner in graphic detail. She leaves nothing out. Recounting all six vaginal penetrations, three blow jobs and two anal fucks in detail. Nothing shocks the other women until Irene describes having her cum filled pussy cleaned out by another mouth.

“Uummm! That sounds so nice.” Joan chimes in.

“Oh it is.” Irene responds. “I was already so sexually charged from the foreplay and sucking. I just craved cock when the first man got into me. The fullness of my vagina got me off. Then I felt him shoot in me and outside of me…his cock twitching away as he shot the white goo out. The next thing I felt was that open sensation when your freshly screwed pussy is vacated by the cock.”

“Oh yes, that just fucked feeling is so good!” Moans Cory. The women all nod in agreement.

Irene continues, “I know. You are all open and wet from your juices and the warm cum. And then a tongue and a hot breath start to probe into you. God, if I didn’t have a cock in my mouth I would have let out a bigger scream than I thought I was capable of. The probing just made me orgasm in waves.”

“I hate these meetings! They get me so horny.” Says Nancy “I just love being eaten’ out. I don’t think I’d care who was doing it or for what reason.” With that the women graphically described how much they enjoy receiving oral sex…and how much they crave it.

“Now that we are all completely horny I need to ask you a question?” Irene states, “How do you feel about eating the cum like the guests did?”

“I like it!” Joan states quickly. “Usually it means I’m giving a man I really like a special blow job treat. But, in the context of the club it means I have dived deep into my sexual desires and am so horny somebody came on me and somebody else is sucking it out. Either way it’s a winner!”

“Don’t disagree, but what about licking cum off of somebody else. I mean, licking it off of a woman’s tits!” Irene questions. The group generally agrees it would not be their number one thing but in the right mood they would. Irene continues, “How about out of another woman’s pussy?”

“I could see that being interesting.” Arlene responds, “I didn’t really like licking vagina’s of women I didn’t know during my session but it was tolerable and an interesting experiment. And, with the taste of semen it could be better.”

“We knew you wouldn’t mind!” Nancy chides, “or Joan for that matter.”

“Wait a minute, I agree with Arlene. That session in Los Angeles was the only time I ever did that…and only because I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t know if I would do it again. Maybe I would but I would really need to think about it. Being eaten’ out is wonderful…giving is a little different.”

“OK, point taken. So Arlene is a likely yes, Joan a reluctant participant. I don’t think I could. What about you Irene?” Nancy continues.

“I feel a lot like Arlene and Joan. The initial thought is not that appealing. But if the smell of semen can offset the woman’s scent and I am already really horny I could see doing it.” Irene responds. “OK, that leaves Cory. Any thoughts?”

“I just couldn’t do that!” Cory responds in her innocent voice.

“Yeah, just like you couldn’t fuck in public at the ball!” Nancy chides back.

“Oh, if I get that worked up who knows what could happen.” Cory sheepishly responds. “I get so out of control I’d probably eat the cum out of my own pussy if I could.”

“That would be a sight!” Irene giggles. “That is how Sarah, the hostess, described it. A taste only a few desire. The weird part was the men were also sucking down their own and other men’s ejaculate. Could you do that?” She asks me.

“I doubt it. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.” I answer.

“Is akbatı escort that the taste, etc., is not appealing or is it kind of homosexual?’” Cory asks.

“Probably homophobic since I haven’t really even thought about it. But, I couldn’t see myself doing that.” I conclude.

“Just like you didn’t think you’d like sloppy seconds!” Irene laughs recalling my first experience at the club.

The conversation returns to getting Cory and Nancy into the club. Arlene and Irene review a list of open plans but none sound like a good opportunity for them to showcase their talents.

“So, we keep waiting?” Nancy asks, “Are you going to do any of the events?”

“I saw one I was thinking about.” Irene answers, “It was basically the same as the one I just did so I will probably pass. I was only thinking about it because the money would be so good. I got $80K for the last session because I let them cum in me. This is more of the same.”

“Is that the cum eating session?” Joan asks. Irene answers it is. The women ask for a description of the event. “Basically your job is to get fucked, let the man ejaculate on or in your pussy and then he or his designate will eat it out. Doesn’t really sound as erotic as Irene’s dinner party but if the pay is that good that might convince me to do it.”

“I thought we weren’t doing it for money?” Cory questions

“Oh, it would not be just for money. I’d still be going to get gang banged and have my pussy licked out what…six or seven times. That sounds pretty good. But, you can only take so many weekends out of your normal life for the club. I either wait for a better session or jump on this one!”

“Well, let us know if you do!” Nancy responds. “Time’s getting late. I think I’m going to go surprise Jason with a quickie.” The other women need to leave as well. On the way out I notice Cory and Joan talking but think nothing of it.

Later that night Joan calls. She has decided to participate in the session and is awaiting the club’s reply. Cory desperately wants to join so she is going as well. Joan is worried Cory has made a bad selection but could not discourage her. I agree to be her guest as well and await further details.

Joan invites me over to her cube later the next day and we read the Gang Bang Club’s response together.

Dear Joan,

We are happy to accept your application for this event. You and your guests will fly private charter to Aspen, Colorado where you may enjoy a day of skiing before and after our session. The accommodation will be within town in your own condominium.

This fantasy is requested by several of our members. Relax and enjoy as they use your body to ‘milk’ their man juice out of them. After they are done they will feast on theirs and your juices, making a hearty meal of the outcome from your coupling. The members will be at their own party. They will take breaks to visit a separate feeding area you will station. As such, not much foreplay is expected. Our ratio of men to women will be quite high. While we only require you to service five men opportunity to service many more will be available.

The club is happy to honor your request for a male and female guest; however, we must remind you of the participation rules. As always, your male guest is allowed to play as any other member. Your female guest can only play as your partner in the scenario we are staging. In this scenario your partner must eat his cum from you. After he has done this once he is allowed to have a second round where he can donate his deposit to somebody else. Your female guest will only be able to play after a member makes a donation on her behalf.


The Gang Bang Club

Cory also read Joan’s e-mail. Despite the warning she was game to give it a try. “Cory, that means you need to eat cum out of my pussy!” Joan warns Cory.

“I think I can get excited enough to do that. I’ll just focus on joining the club and on all the cocks I can get afterwards.” Cory said. Joan and I continue to worry.

The private jet service was very comfortable and the flight non-eventful except for the usual turbulence over the Rocky Mountains. We had a wonderful dinner in town and retired to the condominium. To my disappointment Joan and Cory talked a lot about the upcoming session but did not want to wear themselves out ahead of time. I went to bed frustrated.

Cory and I skied that morning and met Joan back at the condominium for a soak in the hot tub prior to being picked up for the event. Rather than use the one in the unit the girl’s decided on the common area which had a better view of the slopes. Cory and Joan wore sexy bikini’s that accentuated their best attributes. Cory wore a nice black thong bikini that highlighted her tight little butt while Joan wore a nice blue string bikini that barely covered her magnificent tits.

The first five minutes were very relaxing and hardly a word was exchanged. We had each relaxed back into our own thoughts when the door opened. Two men opened the door to the spa and came in. They initiated conversation with aksaray escort Joan and Cory, obviously working them for dates later that night.

“So, that bar in town is really that happening?” Joan asks, raising her torso so her boobs rest at the water line.

“Oh yeah. All the cool people are there. We were just there last night.” One of the guys explains.

“Maybe we’ll go tonight.” Cory responds. The guys play it cool.

“We’d love to see you there tonight. How about we go together?” They suggest. “If you went with us we can get you in. We know the bouncers and owner of the club.”

“Oh, you don’t think we are cool enough to get in on our own?” Joan suggests. The women start to torment the men with their own words. Quickly the men’s’ egos get the better of them.

“Well, it is exclusive with models and a really fun loving hedonistic crowd. Maybe if you dressed really sexy. But with us, we know the people, you’d get in for sure.” Cory challenges them back on what they mean by sexy. “You know, people that live for the moment. Aren’t conservative and like to be sexually free.”

“You don’t think that’s us?” Cory asks.

“Well not really.” A man answers, indirectly challenging Cory and Joan to prove him wrong.

Cory smirks over at Joan and then at the men. With that Cory removes her top and flashes her tits for the two men. “Oh big deal!” They start to answer, becoming argumentative with Cory. She does not stop her motion during their muttered comments. She stands on the highest step of the tub, turning her back to us and presents beautiful tight ass cheeks to us. She looks over her shoulder and while looking the man directly in the eye; she pulls down her thong and steps out of it. Cory knows her pussy is clearly visible to them as she bends down to pick up her small black piece of fabric.

The men have only started to mutter a response when Joan whistles to them. Her top already off she fondles her tits in her hands. She tugs at her nipples as she seductively whispers to them, “Would you like to lick my tits? Too bad!” With that she covers her mounds with her hands.

“Your just teases!” The other man says.

“Oh yes, we tease!” Joan says in a husky low voice. She raises her hips out of the tub and sits her ass on the outer edge. While Cory was stripping she had removed her bikini bottom. Joan sits opposite the two men. They have a direct view of her crotch as she spreads her legs wide open.

“Oh yes, I like to tease a lot!” Joan whispers as she runs her right hand over her breast before it descends down to her pussy. “I like to tease men.” She continues as she runs her fingers over her labia. Joan smiles at the men as she inserts one and then two fingers into her pussy and finger fucks herself. She seductively removes them and licks them clean before standing up.

Naked in front of the men she says, “I hope a prude like me can get into your little club. Maybe I will see you tonight.” Joan gives them one last smile before she and Cory walk out of the door into the hotel lobby completely naked. I follow closely behind. The girls quickly grab their towels from me and start to laugh recalling the look on the two young guys faces as they watched Joan finger herself in front of them.

The hot tub was a good warm up for Joan. We had just enough time to shower and get ready before our ride arrived. Joan and Cory knew the session would start with them naked. As a result they dressed plainly.

The car took us to a large log cabin just outside of town. We were led into a small music room where we waited for our hostess. While we waited we examined the room noting the large Steinway grand and immense music collection. This was another sophisticated house.

“Hi, I’m Julie!” Announced a cute blonde with shoulder length hair. She was trim with small breasts and a thin waist. “Are you Joan?” Joan identifies herself and Julie continues. “Good, it’s going to be you me and one other woman tonight. We have about fifteen gentlemen so we should be pretty busy.”

“But that’s only five per woman? Isn’t that the club minimum?” Cory asks.

“So, you do know our rules. It would be but a good percentage of the men will want a second turn. And I hope they get it. I know I’d like at least nine to ten fucks tonight!” Julie informs Cory. Turning back to Joan she continues, “Let me tell you what is going to happen.”

I watch in disbelief as this beautiful petite blonde describes how she is going to be gang banged for the next hour and a half. “There are not a lot of rules or protocol. Our house host has donated the main room to us. As men request your services feel free to pick any position you’d like and enjoy yourself. My only suggestion is you avoid positions were it will be hard to keep the cum in you until he eats it out.”

Cory looks confused. Julie notices her expression and explains, “You know, if you do it missionary with your legs straight up almost all will stay in until you squeeze it out with your vaginal muscles. But, if you are on top it almost always slides atakent escort out as his cock retreats. Just keep your guests happiness in mind as well. Are you Esmeralda?” Julie asks Cory.

“No, I’m Cory. Joan’s guest.” Cory responds.

“Sorry, I thought you were the other hostess. I remember. Joan was bringing two guests. What did you have in mind for tonight?” She asks Cory.

“I was going to try and play.” Cory said tentatively, “I’m trying to get an invite to the club.”

“That’s a worthy endeavor!” Julie encourages, “but we need to figure out what you can do tonight under our club policy. Let’s see, as a female guest you can participate as a partner to Joan or as one of the female if there is space available. What we’re you hoping to do?” Julie asks Cory.

“I’m not sure…I just came to try and get in. I figured I’d have to eat the cum out of Joan but” Cory pauses slightly before finishing her thought, “I thought if I was having sex I’d get so excited I would like it and make the guys want to invite me.”

“Well, the way tonight will work is each man will get to cum in a woman and eat her out. For his first session he will need to eat out his own cum. If he decides to try again he can donate his semen to another person. So, since you need to be Joan’s partner the only real option is to hope a gentleman is nice enough to make a donation on your behalf.” Julie explains the scenario to Cory.

“I was hoping to have sex…any chance of that?” Cory begs.

“The rules are a female guest can play only if room is available and it does not disrupt the ratios. Tonight we have just over fifteen men and three women. I know myself and the other woman usually have eight to ten men. I don’t know Joan well enough but I really doubt we will have any opportunity for you to play. Sorry, we are really cock hogs!” Julie says.

A slender Hispanic woman enters the room as Julie breaks the news to Cory. She has wavy dark hair that highlights a beautiful face and draws your attention to her dark brown eyes. Her body is tight with nice breasts and a firm stomach. The woman’s breasts are pear shaped with dark nipples that are already hard and tight. Her legs are a little too muscular and short but they take nothing away from her sex appeal. She is already naked and ready for tonight’s events. Her pubic mound is covered in a thick matte of black hair.

“Hi Esmeralda, you look lovely as ever!” Julie comments. “Now that everyone is here let me go over the specifics with you. Look at the time. We might as well undress and get ready. We start soon.” Julie pulls her shirt over her head. She does not wear a bra. I only catch a quick glimpse of her succulent white mounds before she bends forward pulling down her pants and underwear. She continues talking as she steps out of her clothes.

“Esmeralda and Joan, thank you for joining me tonight for a fun session. If you enjoy fucking and getting your pussy licked you are in for a treat tonight.” With that Julie gives a little smirk, “I know I enjoy that. Women, feel free to get undressed while I explain what will happen tonight.”

I take in all of Julie’s nude body. She stands with her feet firmly planted. Long, slender legs reach up from the floor culminating in a wide set of hips. Her middle is shaved and her labia are getting engorged. They have started to turn pink and spread open letting a little moisture escape. Her stomach is flat and leads up to her small pear shaped tits. I eye her pussy wondering what it will feel like. I stare at her beautiful body imaging all of the cocks that will be filling it up tonight.

“OK, this one is rather straight forward. Our members are having a party and have asked us to provide special entertainment. We will make ourselves available in this room to fulfill their wish. No extended foreplay or oral contact is allowed. Our job tonight is to get fucked by members that enjoy eating their own cum out of a freshly screwed cunt. You are free to pick positions, etc. My only advice is to avoid being on top since it is much harder to contain their ejaculate in your vagina. Is everything clear?”

Joan has stripped as well. Her 36D breasts are larger than the others. Her pubic hair is tightly trimmed for tonight’s event. Her attention is on Julie as she absorbs the rules. “So, basically a man will come into the room and select one of us. We then fuck him in any position we negotiate and let him clean us up. That’s it?” Joan asks.

“That’s it!” Julie responds, “A member of the club will keep track of anything beyond that. How is that for simple fun?” Joan and Esmeralda smile. “OK, in five minutes we are open for business.”

Cory and I are escorted to a smaller antechamber that opens onto the room hosting the three women. We watch as the women whisper to each other anticipating the start of tonight’s session. They do not have to wait long.

The large oak double door opens and a large, well-built blonde man enters. He is already naked and sporting a good-sized erection. Like a predator he circles the three women who are huddled together in the middle of the room. He inspects the women drawing closer and closer to Joan. He steps between Joan and the other women isolating her from the herd. Joan is not the docile pray. Her eyes exam this man as her hands rub and fondle her tits. She seems to be turned on by this tall, muscular, tanned man.

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