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I didn’t hear from Renee or Nick for a few days. My guess is that they probably needed to catch up on some sleep. I did get a very pleasant surprise Tuesday evening, Amy came back. I came back to the dorm late in the afternoon and the shower was running, the only person that could be in there was Amy. I realized it right after I opened the door, so I shut it softly. I knew that the bathroom was well insulated, so she probably didn’t here me. The bathroom door was slightly ajar, we always had trouble getting it to latch.

I was practically giggling with delight as I stripped down. I opened the door slowly, just enough to slip inside. “Oh my God, there’s a beautiful stranger in my shower!” I said as I opened the curtain suddenly.

Amy, her hair full of shampoo, just turned to me and said, “C’mhere.” We kissed with longing and passion, like we had been separated for months instead a weeks. Our wet bodies rubbed together in the steam of the shower.

“God, I’ve missed you,” I said as I kissed her neck and began moving lower.

“I’ve missed you too.” My lips were on her breast then, and my fingers were stroking her pussy. I kissed her stomach, and then her navel. She never shaved her bush, only trimmed it, and she had the most adorable line of hair between her navel and pubes. Incredibly light and fine and only visible if you were lucky enough to be kneeling directly in front of her. I kissed all around her beautiful cunt. I didn’t tease her for long. I knew that she hadn’t had sex the entire time that she was gone. She put her foot on the side of the tub to give me better access, and put her hand against the wall to brace herself. I licked the length of her lips and slowly tongue fucked her. Then I nibbled on her labia, like Renee had done to me. When Ankara escort I put my fingers inside her and flicked her clit with my tongue she grabbed my hair and thrust into my face. The walls of her pussy sucked at my fingers as she came.

“Don’t stop,” she commanded as her juices coated my hand. Her second climax hit on the heels of the first. She kissed the juices from my face, then sat down at the back end of the tub. “Squat down on my face,” she said. I straddled her and lowered my hips until my cunt met her tongue. I was so hot by then that I knew it wouldn’t take long. I rubbed my crotch across her mouth, pressing my clit on her chin as her tongue explored within me. The sight of her body in front of me, her hand on her pussy, brought me to orgasm. I gasped and trembled as she accepted the liquid from my cunt.

She stood up and we embraced. “Um, I should tell you, I was with Nick and Renee all weekend,” I told her.

“Really? Tell me more.”

“Oh, there’s way too much to tell right now,” surreptitiously, I grabbed the bar of soap from the tray. “I had a lot of new experiences, but there’s one thing I didn’t do, I wanted you to be the first.”

“What’s that?” She said with a smile.

“Turn around and I’ll show you,” I said then kissed her. She looked into my eyes and slowly turned around. She knew exactly what I was talking about. I rubbed her ass with the soap and kissed my way down her spine. Soon I was kneeling behind her with a soapy finger between her cheeks. When we had had sex before I had never gotten a good look at her ass. It was round but well muscled, she had fine, blond hairs around her asshole, which was larger and darker than Renee’s.

I ran a soapy finger down her crack and circled her anus. She bent over Ankara escort bayan farther, arched her back and brought her knees together. I toyed with her asshole, then inserted the soapy tip of my finger. With my other hand I mimicked the action with my own ass. Her ass muscles flexed, and her anus clutched around my finger, my response to my other finger was almost as strong. She didn’t know it yet, but this was just preparation. The water from the shower was dripping down her back, I used it to clean the soap from her cheeks and flush it from her crack.

I spread her cheeks and studied her anus. “This is so perverted,” I thought, “I’m about to put my tongue in someone else’s, a woman’s, asshole.” But Amy was right, I knew how much pleasure this would bring her, and that fact trumped anything else. I wasn’t about to delay. I gave her asshole a full open mouthed kiss. My lips pressed against the tender, pleated skin, I circled my tongue inside the tight, wet hole. I don’t know what I expected it to taste like. Six weeks before I would have been repulsed by the mere mention of the act, and without having any idea of what it would taste like, I would have been sure that it would be repulsive. Now I was enthralled.

Her ass tasted different from her pussy, sort of musky and sweaty and meaty. At first she gasped, then she wasn’t even able to do that. Her body was writhing and I thought she might slip or fall over. I lapped at her anus, probed it with my tongue. I felt it dilate just a little, opening, and accepting me. I put my tongue in as far as it would go, knowing what I was doing to all the nerve endings of her sphincter. She was babbling in strange, soft syllables. With one hand I reached around her leg and found her clit, with the other I played Escort Ankara with her pussy lips. She made a guttural sound as she came, pressing her ass into my face and rubbing it lewdly up and down. Her juices were so abundant that they coated her asshole as well. She turned around quickly, and before I could even get off my knees she practically attacked my face. She reminded me of a puppy dog the way she kissed and licked and almost slobbered on my cheeks and chin. She took my tongue, that just a minute before had been in her ass, and sucked on it. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” was all that she could say.

The water in the shower was beginning to cool. “We better dry off and go in the other room,” she said. As we dried off Amy looked at me with more hunger than I had ever seen before. I thought I’d tease her a bit. I “accidentally” dropped my towel, turned around and bent over at the waist to pick it up. I got more than I bargained for as Amy grabbed both my cheeks, she kissed them, saying, “Show it to me, I have to see it.”

“In the bedroom,” I said, standing up and running to the bed. Amy pursued me. I jumped on her bed, landing on my knees. In one motion I put my butt in the air, my head on the pillow, and spread my cheeks with both hands. She wasted little time. She slid the back of her tongue down my open crack until she reached my backdoor, then began to worship my anus. She flicked at it, lapped it, circled around the sensitive hole, then inserted her tongue. She fucked me, slapping her whole face against my butt cheeks. I played with my clit, and she rubbed her face side to side and made little growling noises. I had a strange and wonderful orgasm, as if all my nerve endings went so far into an overload of pleasure that they went numb.

When my body stopped bucking her face was in front of me. I kissed her hard so I could taste the faint muskiness of my ass on her lips and tongue. “So did Renee teach me well?” I asked.

“Oh, I think the student has surpassed her master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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