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The gentlemen’s club on Rose street was a discreet establishment. They didn’t advertise – membership was by invitation only, established members inviting close friends or important business associates who they knew to have similar interests. It had no sign over the door – you either knew what the place was, or you had no reason for being there.

Employees were likewise secured by introduction; either a current employee bringing in a friend, or a lower-class establishment of a similar nature sending along a particularly talented worker in exchange for a high finder’s fee, or, occasionally, one of the members would recommend someone, in which case the background check would be minimal – since no member of the gentlemen’s club would risk his high social standing (and all members had a high social standing) by so closely associating with an untrustworthy person.

A typical evening visit to the club went along these lines: A member would arrive at the doorway of the club, where he would be greeted in the foyer by one of the clubs hosts, who would be standing behind a counter. The hallway leading into the rest of the club is always curtained off, just in case anyone should be outside the door in the street, so only the tastefully wood-paneled, somewhat dimly lit foyer is visible. As soon as the door to the outside closes the club member would proceed to remove his clothing. He would then hand them over to the host, who would put them into the member’s personal locker, in a discreet room off to one side of the foyer, and from which he would bring out the customer’s mask. The masks were an additional safety feature for the sake of the customers – one could never be absolutely sure that an undercover reporter or some such unsavory person had not infiltrated the club. Plus, it made interactions among the members less awkward if and when they met again outside the club. Each mask was unique, so as to identify the member to the staff while hiding anywhere between half to all of the member’s face, depending on the specifications Kayaşehir Escort of the member.

Once the member disrobed and put on his mask, the host would step out from behind the counter, exposing his costume fully. While the top half of a club host’s costume was a tuxedo shirt, jacket and bow-tie, as befitting a gentlemen’s club serving-man, the lower half was more easily associated with a cowboy’s outfit in that it consisted of black leather chaps which enclosed his waist, thighs and calves while leaving his groin and buttocks completely exposed. The shoes were shiny black wingtips, matching the look of the top half – but few eyes ever traveled that far down. Invariable the host, aged about 25 to 40, would have a well endowed erection, and his anus and rectum would be lubricated, since club’s management understood that sometimes a customer would need to release some stress right at the door before moving on to the other activities available within the club.

Whether the customer avails himself to the body of his host or not, the member would then be led by the host to the main room – a large cabaret type room with many small tables and a stage at the back of the cavernous room. Meanwhile a new host would come to stand at the counter, awaiting other arrivals, while the previous host would serve as waiter for the member he’d greeted.

There was always a show on the stage, from the early evening till sometime after midnight, different acts taking place one after another. The type of performance varied from the theatrical, to song and dance, to magical acts; although the common feature was that they all invariably had an erotic sub-theme. Most nights there was a play, the most often performed being “Naughty School Boys Caught by Strict Headmaster”, “Innocent Farmboy Comes to the City” and other such simple stories where the action came fast and often, and plot and dialog were secondary at best. In the song and dance acts the performances were usually either a multi-dancer striptease or a copulation Kayaşehir Escort Bayan in which the participants sang as they fucked. The house magician had a small harem of young, scantily clad and comely assistants whom he would cause to disappear, only to find them in various places around the room in sexual congress with each other or a customer; or else he would cause unusually large objects to disappear and reappear out of their bodily orifices.

The members would be seated at a table, either alone or as a group, if they had so ordered in advance. There were two main types of seats available: padded or cushioned, where padded meant that the velvet cushion of the seat was replaced with a large sized, pre-greased dildo.

After being seated, the member would be given two menus – one with possible foodstuffs and drinks available that night, and another with the various activities available from the staff working that night. They would also be given the chance for a cocksucker to be brought to their table. Some members merely had a meal while watching the live entertainment, achieving release with the young man provided at the table, and left it at that. Others would look though the second menu, or, if they knew what they wanted, they simply told their host at once. The possibilities ran from a simple one-on-one session with a top or a bottom, to more complicated scenarios involving one or more of the club’s workers.

These activities usually took place above the main floor, where a long hallway on each of the three consecutive floors led to about a dozen rooms each. Some rooms were simply furnished: a bed, a chair and a mirror. Some were bigger and had more elaborate set-ups; a dungeon, high-school locker room, public men’s room (complete with working plumbing) and so on.

The club was open 24 hours, although most of its custom happened during the night time hours. During the day there were two men on call as hosts: one at the desk by the door and a backup who carried a pager in case the Escort Kayaşehir first man was called away. Being the greeter/host during the day shift was considered a cushy but boring shift. Most men sat on the chair behind the desk with a vibrator pushed up their asshole to keep them amused and on edge, just in case a daytime customer should come in. Meanwhile, the backup of the day-host was free to go into the kitchen or other service areas and have intercourse with any other members of staff who were in the mood – and it was rather a given that if you worked at the club, in any capacity, you were not only inclined to have sex with other men, but were able and eager to do so at a moment’s notice.

In that respect, the kitchen staff were particularly well endowed; the kitchen not only had a five star chef, but many of his unique recipes made use of sperm, either as a filling, stuffing or sauce – so he only hired kitchen workers who could not only cook well, but were all able to ejaculate in great volume. And, of course, do so repeatedly throughout an evening.

If a customer should come in during the day, he would know that the kitchen and main room entertainments were not available, although a drink could be had in one of the rooms upstairs. It was understood that if a man came into the club during the day, he would be in a hurry and would not have time to appreciate the niceties that were enjoyed during an evening’s more leisurely visit. Most daytime visitors never made it past the entry-hall, immediately falling to their knees to suck on the host’s cock, bend the host over the desk and shove their own raging hard-ons into his hole, or pull down their pants to have their asses greased and quickly fucked to satiation, before adjusting their clothing back to normal and returning to the jobs they had briefly slipped away from.

The fees for the club were high, but the service was undeniably the best. The managerial staff thoroughly tested every job applicant – whether they were applying for a job as a waiter, stage-hand or some other position – having them first do a thorough blood test, and, if passing these with flying colors, an even more thorough test-ride under the critical eyes of the heads of the various departments.

This is the Club.

The management hopes you enjoy your visit. And do cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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