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This story will make more sense if you read “George and Ryan” first.

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George and Ryan and Erica

Erica walked up to the bed. Her best friend was lying there; she was completely naked, on top of a boy; and after watching them have the most amazing sex together, her emotions were in a whirl of shock, embarrassment and arousal. Her chest felt tight, her hands were clammy and there was a tingling in her nipples and pussy.

“Erica, this is Ryan, the ex-virgin. And for a newbie he’s damn good. Reckon I did quite a good job teaching him!” When Erica was close enough, George pulled her down to her knees. She stared into Erica’s eyes. Erica sensed a wildness, an untamed, insatiable, dangerous George. It combined with the smell of sex and her stark memory of what she had seen. A dangerous cocktail.

She had come in as George had had her first climax and she had seen Ryan’s fingers in her friends cunt, seen her pussy lips contract with pleasure and leak her juices down her quivering thighs. Then he had entered her, his long shaft sliding easily into the wet channel. Erica had not seen many real live cocks, and none actually in the act, so she had been fascinated by everything. She had almost studied his pink shaft with its smattering of hairs, the stretched-back foreskin and up to the red helmet, parted so neatly. Was there some come on it already? The cock swung wildly up and own. It seemed to know exactly where to enter through George’s hairy lips, and it slid home in one smooth action. Coming out, it shone with George’s plentiful juices. Her come stuck his hairs against the skin of his shaft, and glued hers down as well. At full withdrawal her cunt gaped open, the slippery walls almost sucking the cockhead back in. As Ryan thrust up into George, her buttocks shimmered with each impact and her anus twitched in and out.

George’s skin flushed and quivered as her second climax built up and washed over her. At this point, Erica’s hand had found its way into her own shorts and was pushing on her clit, rubbing it between her closed lips. She brought it out to smell it, further exciting her.

The thrusting had not gone for long, as George’s gasping climax had pushed Ryan over the brink. Erica watched closely again as his balls rose partly up his long shaft and he buried himself deep into her willing cunt. When they both relaxed (there were now pearly white streaks around George’s pussy lips), Erica realised she had been holding her breath all through both orgasms. Her gasp had abruptly altered the situation. And now George’s fiery brown eyes were demanding submission.

Erica leant down and kissed George. It was so natural, so easy. George’s soft lips opened for her as their tongues entwined. Erica’s mouth tingled with different sensations as George explored every corner inside. At the same time she felt hands on her shoulders and breasts. George was stroking and pushing her plump mounds, rolling the nipples in her fingers. She felt hot and breathless as her body demanded more.

George had now undone the buttons of Erica’s blouse. Then she pulled the fabric down over her shoulders. The air on her bare skin only added to her excitement, as the skin all over her responded. She could feel her shorts, her panties getting damper and damper, her blouse bunched down her arms.

Watching all this, and enjoying it in a wonderful daze, was Ryan. He couldn’t respond to Erica suddenly being there in the room as he lost his Etlik Escort virginity. It was, just all part of his crazy day. What would be next?

He got up and moved behind Erica. She was plumper than George, and had soft, generous curves. Putting his hands around her and feeling her soft tummy, he kissed her shoulder and neck. She sighed. George had an idea.

“Your punishment for catching us fucking, is to be our slave! Ryan, hold her arms!”

Ryan and Erica were both astonished, and aroused. Ryan easily held her arms at her sides and pulled them back slightly, pushing her breasts forward. George grabbed her shorts and pulled them down roughly, making Erica gasp again. She gave a smile that was both playful and wicked as she stroked the plump thighs, alternately brushing and kneading her fingers into the flesh. She brushed her vee of curly hairs. The scent of Erica’s arousal, milky but more tangy, came to the other two.

George hooked her fingers in and peeled down Erica’s bra. The heavy breasts rolled out, nipples already hard and eager. She sucked on one, then the other, while somehow guiding her two friends onto the bed.

Erica found herself sitting on the bed, arms still pinned, with Ryan above and behind her kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders, and George… George was everywhere, circling each hard nipple with her tongue, kissing her on the mouth and chin and neck, hands reaching and spreading her thighs. She pushed her hands into Erica’s soft tummy. She pulled and kneaded her breasts. She ran her hands around her wide hips to tickle her buttocks.

Erica felt every inch of her skin alive and tingling. She panted with desire and moaned with pleasure as George’s fingers pushed through her sodden pussy lips and stroked her sensitive clit. Her legs were now pinned wide open, and she felt fingers under her, inside her, against her anus.

“Oh God oh God oh God, I can’t stand it!” she moaned, but she was forced to. Her climax rose up as George strummed her clit and kissed her face. Her juices seemed to flow over George’s fingers, making it easier to slip in and out.

“Oh please please oh. Ahhh, AAAHHHH!!! She cried out into George’s mouth. Her whole body shuddered as her orgasm engulfed her. Stars exploded in her pussy, sending flashes up and down her body.

She slumped back against Ryan, hot, damp, hair spread over her face. George kissed her still, but gently, tenderly. Erica put her arms around her and they kissed again.

Ryan could recognise George’s desire in her embrace and husky breathing. Erica was still in a dreamy orgasmic cloud as she was gently pulled forward until she was lying on top of her friend, but with her face against her smaller, firmer breasts. George pushed them up for her to suckle, which she did, still in her dreamy state. George started to wriggle her hips, working her way up the bed until her pussy hairs were rustling against Erica’s fuller breasts. Erica stopped and looked up into George’s face.

George’s smile and her caresses somehow convinced her to go on. Making herself comfortable on hands and knees, she inhaled the strong mixture of smells coming out of George’s pussy. The sweat and love-juices of the earlier lovers was mixed with the fresher scent of arousal from watching (and causing) Erica’s own orgasm. Erica paused then tentatively nuzzled the damp pussy lips with her nose. George sighed.

It was new, yet familiar, to Erica. She had often Keçiören Escort played with herself and imagined lovers of different kinds, and knew her own cunt well. This cunt had all the same lips, hairs, vagina, clit; but all different. A sweeter smell filled her nose as she spread George’s trim labia. Ryan’s white come leaked out and added its own strong scent. Gently pulling at the inner lips, Erica exposed her clit, small but shiny white. She blew on it.

“Ahhh, fuck, nice. More!” George quivered and thrust up her hips. Encouraged, Erica licked and sucked. George’s lips swelled and darkened, her juices flowed over Erica’s chin. “God that’s good don’t stop,” George managed to whisper, while pleasuring her own nipples. Erica could take sips of George’s fluids.

Ryan watched all this with an odd mixture of astonishment and calmness. This night had just got weirder, but hey, who’s fussed? The sight of Erica’s wonderfully round bottom, shiny with come around the cleft, was stirring his cock. Combined with the noises and smells coming out of George, he found his cock hardening and rising. Then Erica opened her legs slightly.

Her big hairy pussy lips parted slightly and a wave of her own tangy scent came out. Ryan couldn’t resist. Gently he parted her lips and admired the complex inner folds of her labia. Her vagina was actually open and made an inviting dark hole with shiny walls. He took the invitation, guiding his shaft to her channel and slowly sliding in. Erica barely registered him entering her as she gorged herself on the pussy in front of her.

Doggy style, her vagina was wide open, and Ryan marvelled at the warm looseness of her. It felt wonderful but so different from George’s urgent fucking. He slowly buried his rod all the way in so his own hairs mingled with hers. Her belly and heavy teats hung below her. Ryan stroked her breasts, feeling them wobble as he thrust into her hot channel. George spoke up.

“Easy does it, sweet boy, you’re bumping her off. This is my turn, remember!”

Ryan smiled back and slowed down his rhythm. He bent over Erica and pushed his hands Into her warm tummy. He played with her pussy lips and stroked her thighs on his back-stroke. As he pushed in he ran his nails up her back to her neck and she sighed. He ran his hands down past her shoulders, around her hanging breasts and lightly squeezed her nipples. His cock moved in and out, sliding easily on the plentiful juices.

Then he noticed George’s feet spread around Erica as she knelt down to eat her. Carefully he picked one up and kissed the sole. George squeaked. “Sweet boy! You watch out!”

This inspired Ryan. Playfully he kissed and tickled and nipped her foot. George wriggled and thrust her hips up at the cascade of sensations. Another orgasm was coming, and the tingles from her excited clit meshed with Ryan’s cheeky attention. He was now biting her toes and thrusting his tongue between them, but holding her hard so she couldn’t escape. It was distracting and arousing at the same time. As her climax built up she found herself surrendering to every sensation. Her cunt seemed on fire as Erica stretched her wide open. Her legs wanted to move up, or down, or somewhere, her skin burned and chilled.

“Fuck, I’m coming so hard… Oh God oh fuck oh AAAAAHHHH!!!” Her orgasm made her whole body tremble with pleasure. Ryan and Erica both felt happy to have given so much to their friend.

George stretched out, spent Kızılay Escort by her climax. Erica had paused, now more aware of Ryan’s cock thrusting into her. She looked around and gave him a look of bemusement, a sort of what’s-going-on-here look. Ryan pulled out. His two turns earlier had been incredible, he didn’t need a third. But George had ideas.

“Your punishment for fucking Erica, sweet boy, is to be tormented to orgasm by us! Lie down, prisoner!” George could only raise her forearm and wave one finger, so didn’t carry much authority, but Ryan submitted with a smile,

Lying down, he found Erica climbing on him. Walking on her knees up his torso she brought her hairy pussy up to his face. He could clearly see her big outer lips and the inner lips peeping between. She reached down to spread her lips, then sat on his mouth. She closed her lips over his nose and wriggled. The tang of her pussy overpowered him. Ryan’s lustful look turned to panic briefly when he realised he couldn’t breathe, suffocated by her big pussy.

But Erica only wanted to give him a quick lesson in respect. She slid back and Ryan hauled air back into his lungs. She wriggled back to find a steel-hard cock below – Ryan had clearly been turned on. Erica wanted to feel it properly inside her.

By now George had managed to get up. She moved above Ryan’s head and held his arms above. She swung her breasts above his face, just out of reach of his tongue. She watched as Erica raised herself up and slowly eased the hard cock up into her vagina. Pressing on Ryan’s chest so he couldn’t move, she bounced up and down on his cock. Her fleshy tummy rippled and her breasts rolled in every direction. She leant forward and pinched Ryan’s nipples. He cried out.

His face showed the pain/pleasure he felt, which only encouraged the girls. Erica took charge. “Stay on his nipples, I’ve got an idea for down here.” George smiled in response, pulling and tweaking the pink dots.

Erica got off Ryan’s cock and instead took it in her hand. The shaft gleamed with her juices as she pulled the sensitive skin up and down. Taking some of her own pussy juice, she worked the skin below his balls and down to his anus. Timing it with her strokes, she started to put a finger into the wrinkled hole.

Ryan bucked, but couldn’t do much about it. Anyway, after the shock he was starting to enjoy the penetration. He wriggled his hips and watched as Erica worked his reddening member. George was in time with the cock strokes too, pinching and pulling. His orgasm was coming.

Erica got her whole finger into Ryan and was moving it around when she sensed a change. Ryan was tensing up, thrusting harder against her hand and his anal ring was gripping her. Suddenly he paused, hips up, ring clamped on her probing finger. His shaft rippled and his creamy white come spurted out, a perfect arc onto his taut belly. He sighed. He settled.

George and Erica stared at the pool of come and the pearly trickle on Ryan’s cockhead. Then they laughed. A light, kindly laugh, the one Ryan knew so well. He felt fine. Shattered, but warm and good all over. Well, his nipples were a bit sore, but, hey why not tonight, when all this has happened?

The two girls had snuggled up either side of him, and everyone was feeling more than a little sleepy now. Someone found the covers and pulled them over the naked threesome. As a warm, sex-soaked tiredness took them, Ryan mumbled, “Should we go back to the party? And whose room is this anyway?”

“The party was over hours ago. It’s Alison’s room. She was the one who told me you two were fucking in here, which is why I came in. We can stay if we tell her what we got up to. And change the sheets.”



“You’re a sneaky bitch.”

“Love you too, Georgina. Now go to sleep, you’ll wake the baby.”

Not likely.

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