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When my wife went back to work and I decided to work from home, I thought it was going to be a good thing. It all started well; I had the house to myself during the day, and when she came home, we would spend quality time together. Then came her promotion; the longer hours, and quality time ended up with me being a sleep by the time she wandered in. Adding to the struggle, my business started doing better, so keeping up with the house duties became more difficult. My wife had the idea of finding a maid to help out around the house; she would do laundry, clean, and even help cook meals when I needed it.

Fortunately, the interview process was easy because my wife had a friend who used a particular service; however, we were warned that many of the workers were illegal immigrants, so we would have to be discreet. About a week after our decision to find help, Maria showed up at the front door. I must admit though, I was not expecting Maria to be as young and attractive as she was. When I opened the door, I was half expecting a 50-60 year old Latina woman with a cranky disposition; instead, there was this early 20s vision of beauty with long brown hair, hazel eyes, an lovely girlish figure and a nervous smile that made me melt. I knew from the previous warning that Maria understood English well, but was not very good at speaking it. I knew this would be a small problem, because I did not know Spanish at all.

My wife was already at work, so it was up to me to get her situated with her duties and to show her around the house. We were pretty well off, and the house was large, even though we used very little of it these days. Maria was mainly going to focus on cleaning and laundry as well as light upkeep of the rooms left vacant lately. I was pleased that the tour went better than expected; Maria seemed to understand every word I said and after each instruction would simply reply with a shy smile and a “Si, Mister Juan.” My name is John, but the fact was that I loved the way she said it better.

As I finished the tour, I grabbed a bag that my wife had left on the kitchen counter for Maria; she said she thought I would enjoy the traditional idea of the maid outfit on our new girl. The concept might not have been that great had I not seen how attractive our “new girl” actually was. I pulled out the little black and white outfit, that I was surprised seemed shorter than I had expect; I cannot begin to tell you how glad I was that Maria was not some 60 year old woman.

“I hope the outfit is okay Maria,” I said, handing it too her and pointing to the restroom off the kitchen for her to change in.

“Si Mister Juan,” was all she said as she disappeared to change.

About that time my phone rang; it was my wife Sara. “So how is Maria doing on her first day honey?” she asked, with almost a hint of flirtation in her voice. “I thought you’d enjoy a little eye candy around the house since we don’t get much quality time these days. Just try to behave yourself. She is a ‘LOOK ONLY’ employee.”

“I understand baby. She is easy on the eyes.” I replied, letting her know my approval.

“Is the skirt short enough for you; I picked it out myself after finding out what size Maria was. Again, I just wanted it short enough for you to enjoy the view.”

“I miss you these days baby. Thanks for the treat,” I said, just before she had to hang up for another call.

At that moment Maria walked into the kitchen looking absolutely amazing. I had only noticed the black dress with the white collar when I looked in the bag. My wife had also added the customary white apron and the white knee-high stockings with the 2” black high heels; she had gone all out to give me a pleasant show. Damn I loved that woman. I wanted to ask Maria to give me a little spin but decided that would be inappropriate; besides, I was already thinking of items for “dusting” that sat low throughout the house. I could not wait to see this little beauty bend over a few times.

Since it was her first day, I decided to make us both some lunch before we both got to work. Maria leaned against the counter listening as I muddled through some small talk while making hot ham and cheese sandwiches. I would ask her questions, but her English was truly terrible, so the most I could understand was still “Si Mister Juan.” I grabbed a couple plates from the cabinet, pointing out in the process where all of the dishes were placed. I put a sandwich on each plate joined by a handful of Doritos and turned to head to the dining room table; but then I stopped. I looked at the regular chairs around the table, and then noticed the high standing stools at the kitchen bar. The two tall stools faced each other and I knew would give me a great view of Maria’s legs. I slid one of the stools backward and encouraged her to hop up onto it. As I had hoped, she was a little short for the stool, so her legs dangled downward, just shy of missing the floor. Her smooth golden legs seemed to display their softness in the sunlight from the window. The man in me just wanted to caress my hand up the inside of them both and explore under that short skirt; but the married man in me resisted.

I sat down next to her, turning my body toward hers, allowing my knees to casually touch hers; how I wish I was wearing shorts instead of jeans. As we talked, I would “innocently” allow my fingers to nonchalantly brush over her soft thighs, as if only to make a point. At no point did she seem bothered by the contact, so I continued my slightly flirtatious gestures.

After lunch, Maria immediately took on her role as cleaner, and cleared our plates and proceeded to the kitchen sink to wash the plates and the skillet I had just messed up. I stood there for a moment as I watched her hands in the soapy water and her ass moving around in her black skirt; I thought about how fun it was going to be messing things up on purpose just to see her cleaning them up. Reluctantly, I decided to return to my desk in my office that was right off of the kitchen; I figured if Maria needed anything, she would come ask.

Throughout the afternoon, I could hear Maria working on laundry and cleaning the bathroom across from office. The laundry room was next to the bathroom, Sex hikayeleri so I watched each time she passed my door; she would look in at me with this shy nervousness about her and smile. Each time her eyes would then quickly look to the floor as she quickly shuffled by. I was thankful for that shyness because it would give my eyes a chance to stare at the small sliver of cleavage that seemed to be peeking out of the tight little dress or her sexy little ass as she swayed by. Fortunately, from where I was sitting I could see Maria wonderfully, but she could not see the bulge that keep forming throughout the day.


I wish it wasn’t the case, but most days went by without innocent over the first month, which included me ending up masturbating over the thought of my little Hispanic house-cleaner because my wife did not make it home to help relieve my frustration. My wife would make efforts to tease me over Maria though, trying to at least let me know she was okay with my growing lust for her. She would even encourage me to stroke my cock while I was on the phone with her, telling her what thoughts I was having at that moment concerning the sweet mocha honey she had provided for her husband. To push the envelope even further, my loving wife convinced me to sit behind my desk one day completely exposed from the waist down, but hidden to Maria’s view, while I kept her on ‘facetime’. We made Maria dust and organize all the items on the upper shelves on the other side of my office. Due to her short height, Maria had to stand on a stepladder and reach high over her head, which exposed her cute little ass to me. I was surprised that she was not wearing the conservative white cotton panties I was expecting, but rather, she was wearing this very tight white satin thong that disappeared delightfully between her round little ass cheeks.

My cell phone was under my desk, giving my wife a close up view of my fully engorged cock. I would take turns looking up at Maria’s ass and then back down to my wife’s face on the phone only a couple inches from my cock. My thoughts went from fucking Sara’s wonderful throat to spreading Maria’s tight little pussy and ass. My hand squeezed and pumped my hardon as inconspicuously as possible beneath my desk, but as my orgasm took over, my first gasp caused Maria to turn around abruptly to see why?

“Is okay Mister Juan?” she asked, her curiosity peeked by the nervousness I am sure was on my face.

Though I kept my hand locked tight around my shaft, I paused on my pumping long enough to give her a smile and a nod, as though I was still working hard on the project on my laptop. “Si Maria,” I responded, using her own short answer as a means of discretion. “Is everything okay over there?” I asked, “Is the stepstool high enough?”

“Si Mister Juan, though is…” her hand started imitating the shaking motion of the stool when she stepped too high; “if I get high Mister Juan.”

Even as my hand dripped the hot cum from my explosion, I looked down and saw my wife holding a note in front of the camera that read, “Hold it for her.” I smiled down at her as Maria had turned around to continue her dusting. I smeared my wet cock over my wife’s face on the phone only to have her reply by licking her tongue up her own camera. Believe me when I say that my wife can suck a cock like a pro…and she loves to swallow my cum. How I wish she were home more.

Discreetly I hung up with my wife, and then took a wash rag I had prepared in advance, and cleaned up my cock. While carefully watching the sweet ass in front of me, I quietly managed to slide my pants on without alerting Maria. There was still a slight bulge in the front of them because her ass was not allowing me to go completely soft, and that I had no briefs on, but I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. On the other hand, maybe I was hoping that she would.

I startled Maria when I reached behind her and grabbed hold of the stool. At first she grabbed tight to the bookshelf, thinking she was about to fall; but then she relaxed when she saw me smiling up at her. She smiled back at me as my other hand reached behind her and held the other side of the stool, almost appearing a little nervous by my “helpful” behavior.

“Here you go Maria, let me hold it steady for you,” I offered as I felt my bare arm resting against the back of her bare thighs, nestled just beneath her ass. I wanted to slide my face under that short dress and smother myself in her sweet ass and pussy…again I resisted.

“Gracias Mister Juan,” she said, smiling as she turned back toward her duties. I know she must have felt my hot breath upon her bare ass cheek as she stepped up to the last step of the stool, but she made no hesitation in her work. Her skirt rose even higher as she was finally able to stretch up to reach the books on the top shelf, and I could not keep my eyes off her bare flesh literally close enough for me to lick. Once again I found myself tempted to disobey my wife but instead stayed obedient. My cock was as hard as a rock in record time as I kept my face next to this young little vixen, with no signs of softening as we worked together to get all of the shelves dusted. Finally she finished though; she turned to face me on the stool, allowing me to help her back down to the safety of the floor. For only a brief second her skirt caught on to the fabric of my shoulder and lifted it up as she descended downward; the view was incredible for that second though as I was treated to a close up view of her pussy lips only barely covered by the thin white fabric. Her pussy lips pressed at the fabric violently, letting me know that she had obviously removed all hair that once existed there. Her hand quickly slapped down her skirt though as her cheeks grew red with embarrassment.

I gave her a reassuring smile as I turned away acting as though I had not seen anything. The truth was though, I just didn’t want her to see the tent that was protruding out of the front of my pants. But then…

“Mister Juan? Excuse…ummmm Mister Juan?”

I had no choice but to turn around, but tried to at least get behind my desk before doing so. “Yes Maria?” I asked, though realizing that my cock was actually higher Sikiş hikayeleri than the edge of my desk, thus literally sticking out right over the top of it.

“Mister Juan, I need leave early today?” she asked almost timidly.

“Of course Maria…that will be okay.” I turned to sit down, but it was too late. I watched as her lovely brown eyes looked down as she always did, but this time they locked on to the sight of my erection.

“Gracias Mister Juan,” she quickly replied. I saw a quick, almost naughty grin cross her face as she quickly turned away and left the room.

She worked for about another hour and then I heard the front door close as she left for the evening. My cock was throbbing for attention even though I had just come earlier. I could feel it quivering in my pants and after a failed attempt to contact my wife at work, had no choice but to take matters into my hand once again. I closed my eyes as my hand eagerly stroked back and forth on my cock imagining what it would have been like to spin Maria around on that stool and bury my face into her smooth pussy. I could feel her hands squeezing to the back of my head as my tongue eagerly fucked its way deep into her lovely folds. My fingers reached behind her and squeezed at her soft tender ass cheeks, teasing her tender asshole as her nectar started to tease my taste buds. My hands reach up to her soft breasts and massage at them through her dress, feeling her nipples hardening beneath the fabric.

I wanted the fantasy to last longer but instead I found myself firing a fresh load of cum all over the floor. I pumped feverishly imagining the taste of her pussy as it exploded on my mouth; the sweet honey gliding down my throat as I hungrily lapped up every drop.

Later that night I crawled into bed and was just about to fall asleep when I felt the bottom of the blankets on the bed lift up off my feet. It wasn’t the first time my sweet wife had climbed up beneath the blankets to surprise me, but tonight the surprise was hers. As her hand reached for my cock in the dark, she found that it was already rock hard in her grasp. Quickly she flipped the blankets down from my face and peered up from me with her lips gently resting on the side of my thick shaft.

“Looks like someone is having happy thoughts…” she said, giving a slow lingering lick up the entire length of my shaft… “Not thinking about our sexy little maid are you?” Again, she made a long slow lick up the other side of my shaft, sending chills throughout my entire body.

“Let me just say honey, it was a rough day on your faithful husband; that woman was seducing me without even trying.” I smiled down at her as her lips gently kissed small pecks up and down my cock.

“I’ll tell you what baby, how about you tell me all about it while I take care of this throbbing problem before me.” Without another word her hand pulled my cock toward her mouth and engulfed the entire head inside; like I said, this woman really knew how to give a blowjob.

As my wife eagerly proved her love and oral skills on my cock, I began telling her about our adorable maid’s thong panties and unfortunately discovery of my hardon. I shared every part in full detail, even the fantasy I had as I jerked off after she left. With each word my wife feasted even more hungrily on my cock, shoving more and more of my 9” cock down her throat. I knew better than to stop talking though, it was a lesson she had taught be much earlier in our life together…sex talk was her aphrodisiac. I felt my balls tightening up, I was so close to cumming…and fortunately, my lovely cock-sucker knew it too. I grabbed tight to the back of her head as she lunged her head deep onto my thick shaft; she didn’t stop until I felt her wet slobbery lips dripping down on my balls. With one hard thrust forward of my hips I fired my hot steamy load deep into her masterfully swallowing throat. Every spasm of cum was immediately and hungrily drank down by the princess in my lap.

Slowly my wife finished sucking and cleaning me up, taking great care to maximize my enjoyment. As she started sliding her naked body up against me, she finally brought her mouth to mine and thrust her tongue deep inside. I loved kissing her after a blowjob because she was just as passionate in my mouth as she was on my cock. My hands engulfed her 38C tits and pinched at her sensitive nipples causing her to moan in my mouth. Her body slides higher as she pushes one of her lovely globes into my mouth as her legs straddle my upper thigh, tenderly starting to grind against it. I can feel her juices starting to moisten my leg as she applies it like suntan oil with her pussy. My mouth devours her tit, sucking as much of that tender flesh in as I can, the rest of the tit smothering me as it blocks my nose. If I die, let me die this way, I think as my hands reach back and squeeze into her ass cheeks. I work my fingers over her tight asshole, knowing she loves to be finger-fucked there. As she slides up and down on my thigh, I let me fingers tease back and forth between her soaked pussy and her eagerly waiting ass.

Sara wraps her hands around my head as my mouth moves to her other tit and eagerly attacks it as violently as the other. One of my fingers presses at her tight hole and slowly begins penetrating her ass. I feel her bury her face into my neck, moaning for me to “finger fuck that ass baby.” As her mouth starts sucking on my neck, I push my finger deeper while using my hands to guide her pussy even more aggressively up and down my thigh. I can feel her juices running down both sides of my leg, but that only makes my cock start getting hard again. I sit up in bed a little, still holding her tit in my mouth, but giving me an even better angle to her asshole. Sara loves it.

As I push my finger a little deeper, Sara pushes her hips back fast, plunging it even deeper insider her. My cock is almost ready as I finger-fuck that tight ass faster now, her moans against my neck telling me her first orgasm is close. Faster and faster she rocks back and forth on my leg; my finger pushing in deep while my other fingers are reaching beneath her to grind against her pussy. Finally Sara drives her face into my shoulder, biting Erotik hikaye me hard on the meaty flesh there as her hips buck violently on my leg. My finger continues fucking her ass as her orgasm rips through her body and her pussy explodes juices all over my leg.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!” She screams out as I plunge my finger as deep as it can go.

She collapsed like a rag doll upon my chest, but my cock is not ready to stop yet. I quickly toss her little body off to the side of me on to the bed and beginning sucking her tits again, staring into her amazing blue eyes.

“No way stud!” she exclaimed, moving her hands to the top of my head and then aggressively pushing me downward. “You suck my pussy like I’m the maid.”

Just the suggestion made me eager to please. I hungrily thrust my tongue into her pussy, instantly visualizing Maria’s white thong panties as they strained at her hairless pussy. It helped that my wife always kept her pussy smooth for me because she knew how much I loved it that way. Her pussy was delicious as my tongue wasted no time lapping up the fresh juices that had just exploded from her. I was in a haze as I lost myself in the fantasy of sucking both Sara and Maria’s pussy. I wanted them both. I wanted to bury myself completely in both of them until they rewarded me with their nectar trophy.

Sara loved sex, even though we didn’t have as often as we used to. Her hands pulled me into her wet cunt like a woman possessed, thrusting her hips up to meet each emphatic thrust of my tongue. My hands slid up to her luscious tits and played with them as she fucked my face feverishly. “Oh fuck Mister Juan…oh fuck…suck Maria’s pussy.” Sara’s seduction was working…for both of us from the sound of her moans. It didn’t take much longer and I felt my face pulled tight against her throbbing clit as her second orgasm ripped through her body. Her body shook so violently that she almost made me cum just from the excitement. She held me so tight I couldn’t even use my tongue, but it didn’t matter; her hips were grinding hard against my mouth, pressing her swollen clit tight against my lips.

Finally she released her grip and lifted my head by pulling up on a fistful of my hair. “Time to fill Maria’s cunt with that monster cock baby…get up here NOW!”

I didn’t hesitate. I moved quickly up and grabbed a fistful of her hair this time, guiding my hard cock to her wet slit. Being gentle had ended 20 minutes ago. I hoisted myself up with my other hand and in one hard fast thrust forward, I drove my 9” cock deep inside that sweet little maid. “Aye Papi,” my wife moaned out as I started forcing even more of my cock inside her tight “cunt.” For the next five minutes, I did not see Sara, I saw Maria and that cute little black and white dress. “Oh fuck Mister Juan….fuck Maria….oh shit, fuck.” My wife’s speech did not help with reality; the fact was, I think she was as much Maria at that moment as I wanted her to be. She spoke with a Hispanic accent and never broke the roleplay.

“Oh Maria…oh fuck…” I muttered as I drove my cock in and out of her more violently than I ever had. Our bodies were so covered in sweat that we were easily gliding back and forth against each other. I felt fingernails digging into my ass, pulling me violently against that tight Spanish pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Mister Juan…..fuuuuccckkkkkk!” My little maid’s orgasm ripped through her body, her pussy locking tight around my shaft pushing me over the edge for my fourth orgasm of the day; but none of the others made my cock hurt like it did right now. Her muscles squeezed my dick as I plunged balls deep inside her body and held it there, dumping my cum deep inside. “Aye Papi,” my wife moaned again as our bodies finally started to relax against each other.

As I slid off of my wife and lay next to her, she rolled over on her side and tenderly began sucking my cock clean from our love making. “Hey baby, your cum mixed with her pussy juices is delicious,” she said as her mouth leaned forward to suck my soft shaft inside. My hand gently began playing where her hair as she finished cleaning up any remaining cum that had run down to my balls. She really was the best cock-sucker in the world.

As she finished her duties she nestled herself between my legs and rested her hands and chin on my tummy. I smiled down at her as she looked up at me with those eyes. “Now that my pussy is satisfied…we have some business to discuss,” she said, all of a sudden looking serious at me.

I was a little nervous from the tone change. “Why, what happened.”

“Well, it seems that our little Maria has a few secrets we were not aware of.” I was intrigued but just nodded as she continued. “First, it seems that though she is an illegal, she also knows English just fine. She has been playing you so that you would not learn her other secret…and that is that she is a thief.”

“I cannot believe that…she seems so sweet and innocent,” I exclaimed, trying to wrap my head around the idea.

“Honey, I am pretty sure that you were meant to see that thong today. The more innocent she seems, the more easily she can steal the silver from the drawer and the cash that I kept out on the kitchen counter today. So far, I think she has stolen about $200 and some of the silver dishes in the holiday cabinet.”

“So what are we going to do about it? Do you want me to fire her?” I was a little disappointed at the thought; aside from my fantasy, she was a still a pretty great maid.

“No way baby…that would ruin a perfect opportunity. We are going to make this girl pay for her life of crime…but I have a feeling she won’t mind too much.”

I had never seen my wife like this; I did not know if I should be nervous or excited. “What did you have in mind.”

“I want you to take it out of her ass baby…of course. You see, she is illegal, so she won’t report our blackmail. Starting tomorrow, I have two weeks off of work, a new outfit for Maria, and a camera to film all the ways my husband is going to fuck her…starting with her tight little ass.”

Without knowing what to say I just smiled, feeling my cock starting to harden against my wife’s tits. She lifted herself up and looked down at the growing erection and then back to me; “I thought you might like the sound of that,” she said, taking my cock back into her warm, eager mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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