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“God, she’s hot. It’s so unfair,” my friend muttered, looking at Kala. I followed her gaze, seeing the girl that lived across the hall getting the keys to her apartment out. She had long light brown hair with streaks of blonde that came down just below her shoulders, light golden skin, a perfectly shaped face with pouty lips and angled eyes, and the typical impossible combination of a thin, tight, toned body and large perfect tits.

“I wish I could look like that,” my friend continued. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Don’t we all,” I said, giving Kala a once over with my eyes. “Then I would definitely have a guy.”

Kala looked over at me with her large brown angled eyes and smiled. I found myself thinking that she was incredibly attractive when she smiled. After she went in her room, I shook the feeling off. I wasn’t really attracted to a girl! It was only for a moment, and it just meant I wanted to be like her, not … with her. I thought nothing of it.

“See you later,” I said to my friend, and went inside my own apartment.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I lifted up my shirt, looking at my flat athletic tummy. I wasn’t so bad myself! What did I have to be jealous of? I ran my eyes down the mirror me, checking myself out as if I was some stranger. I took off my shirt and ran my hands across my white skin, and around my sizeable breasts. I had great tits for the athletic body behind them, too! I pinched my pink nipple absently as I continued to check myself out. Long blonde hair, seductive green eyes, great tits and a toned body… I was especially proud of my flat stomach. I turned around, looking at my sexily toned back and ass. Yeah, I had nothing to be jealous of! I actually found myself attracted to the half-naked girl in the mirror… but the feeling passed when I saw my own face there. I realized I was attracted when I was looking at the body as if it was someone else’s… I shook my head. I had to get ready for the party at Kala’s apartment later.

“You goin to the bar with us?” a guy asked Kala as people began to filter out of the door, the party over.

“Nah, I think I’m gonna stay,” she said, and then she looked over at me. Taken aback, I just said, “Yeah, me too,” without thinking. I had a sudden flash vision of the future: we were going to have sex. I could see it in the way she looked at me. She smiled wickedly and knowingly at me in that way that only one girl can to another. I felt the alcohol buzzing in my head, and I could only stare back at Kala as everyone else left, leaving us alone in the apartment.

There bursa evi olan escort was silence for a moment, and then she moved over on to the couch next to me, finishing the last of her beer.

“Take a shot with me?” she said, and my insides tightened as I stared at her gorgeous neck, of all places. It was just so muscular and… indescribably attractive. Did she have any idea I was having these insane thoughts? She was only a few inches away from me on the couch.

“Sure,” I said, pouring us both shots of 151. “This’ll make us drunk as hell.”

She smiled at me, and I noticed her gaze lingered on my mouth after I spoke. I offered her the shot glass, and she downed it without a chaser. Surprised, I did the same. My throat burned, so I picked up my beer and drank some. I offered it to her, and she drank some, too. She handed it back. I drank a little, and then gave it to her again. She took a long, slow, drink, her eyes on mine the entire time. Then, instead of handing it to me, she put it down on the table, never taking her eyes off me. My heart pounded. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it definitely was, and I was overpoweringly attracted to her. There was no question she felt the same – a girl that looked like that, overwhelmingly drawn to me! That was a stronger high than any alcohol.

I leaned in, and she instantly took the cue. Our lips met, and I was surprised by how soft her mouth was. Her wet tongue circled with mine, and we kissed deeply. The high from breaking the taboo of making out with another woman blew my mind. Somehow I knew I was going to break a lot of taboos tonight… my heart raced and my breathing was fast in between desperate makeouts with her gorgeous face. She seemed just as turned on. I’d never even thought about another girl before today… but I wanted it all. I wanted to be so fucking wrong, yet have it feel so right because Kala was so goddamn gorgeous and I was so fucking attracted to her just as she was to me.

We ran our hands across each other’s bodies as we made out. The soft skin over toned warm body felt incredible. Her body was so comfortable. I pressed against her, feeling her tits press against mine through our shirts. I kissed her neck wetly, and kissed down her shirt’s neckline. I felt a soft resistance a little ways down that I’d never felt before, and I knew I wanted to fucking lick and kiss a tit. I pulled her shirt off, and she helped me gladly. I stared at her toned tan tummy, her feminine shoulders, and her large perfect tits in her black altıparmak escort bra. This was so fucking wrong, the pull was amazing. I slowly unclipped her bra and slid it off, staring at her incredible tits. I ran my hands around them, trying to wrap my head around feeling another woman’s breasts. I gently kissed and sucked her nipples, licking around the base of each breast, enjoying every new sensation.

She upped the ante, sliding her hand down my tummy into my pants. She put her hand down my panties, just rubbing, as I sucked on her tits. I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans to give her better access, my mind overwhelmed. I was so fucking turned on by how wrong this all was! I wanted to be totally into total insanity. I wanted… to have sex with a girl!

She took off my shirt, leaving me in just my bra and unbuttoned jeans. Desperately, I pushed her down on the couch, unbuttoning her jeans. I was so fucking attracted to her I felt like I could never satisfy it no matter how taboo I got, but I could certainly try. I slid her jeans off, and I stared at her black panties and traced my eyes up her toned body, perfect tits, and gorgeous face.

“You are so fucking attractive,” I whispered to her.

“I’ve never felt this way before,” she responded. “I want to fuck you SO bad!”

That was all the invitation I needed. I slid her panties off, and got on my knees as she lay back on the couch. I moved in close, approaching her wet pocket of womanhood. I’d never seen another girl up close; the smell was musky, and turned me on like hell because I knew it was another woman’s pussy smell! Oh god, I thought, burning with attraction. I’m going to eat pussy.

I leaned in towards her totally shaven pussy, but I didn’t lick yet. I wondered how it might taste, and the taboo thought about tasting another girl’s pussy drove me absolutely wild. I quickly took off my bra, jeans, and panties, knowing what I had to do. I pushed her back on the couch, kissing her hard. I moved back, and she looked at me with wild lust, practically begging me to do what we both had in mind. I climbed on top of her, swinging my leg over her head, and her pussy became inches from my face. I felt her put her hands on my toned ass cheeks, and pull my pussy towards her face. This was all so amazingly fast, so unexpected, so wrong… it blew my mind. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life. Ever! I wanted this so bad.

I leaned in to her pussy, giving it a tentative lick. It tasted good, and my whole reality shifted as I realized I was gemlik escort now licking another woman’s pussy! I felt her tongue sliding up and down my pussy lips, and her tits pressed into my stomach as my tits pressed into hers. Oh god, I thought. This must be heaven! I cupped her tight ass and pulled her pussy close, licking and sucking and exploring the wet folds, loving the smell and the new sensations and the insane wrongness of it all. She tasted so good; it felt so good to lick her! I couldn’t believe it! The thought of us two naked, sweaty, fucking gorgeous women sixty nineing each other, lost in a world of pussy, drove me over the edge. An incredibly explosive orgasm ripped through me, the best I’d ever had. I kept licking throughout, the licking making my pleasure even better. When Kala came, I kept my tongue in her, feeling her vagina contract around it. The feeling was so intimate…

I moved back to her face, making out with her, tasting my juices in her mouth. She slid her hand down and started fingering me, and I did the same to her. Her folds felt incredible; so wet, so new, so different. We fingered each other to another amazing orgasm, and then spent hours exploring each other’s bodies, sweaty, exhausted, but so hot, and so gorgeous.

I was so turned on, and it just lasted, and lasted! She was so damn attractive… she… a girl! Her perfect round tits, her wonderful pussy, and her toned body became my intimately familiar playground. I just couldn’t seem to get tired of the taste, the soft feel, the wrongness, and how she was so attracted to me, too. It overwhelmed me, honestly. I’ve been dating her ever since.

I don’t know if I’m a lesbian, but I honestly don’t care. She’s just so fucking gorgeous I can’t help but want to have sex with her constantly. I feel like a nymphomaniac, but it’s alright, because she is just as horny and turned on by me. It’s been two years, and we still have passionate sex at least twice a day. My friend wonders how I suddenly went from straight to addicted to pussy in one night – well, let’s just say I’ve peeked in the door more than once to see her secretly masturbating to nude pictures of Kala I ‘accidentally’ left in her room one night. Some girls transcend sexuality – Kala is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen, and I have no regrets fucking her every night. I also think pretty much every girl is bi; any given girl that thinks she’s straight would change her mind if given the chance to have sex with someone like Kala. I know first hand – that, and the fact that we’ve made a little game of converting girls to lesbianism, and it’s been ridiculously easy. It’s almost like eating pussy is the natural thing for girls to do. So far, Kala has converted twenty five girls, and I have converted twenty two. I hope to make that twenty three tonight, when I ‘accidentally’ walk in on my friend masturbating to Kala’s picture. *wink*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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