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Chapter One: The Road from Innocence

“Isn’t it true, Ms. Crenshaw, that the defendant, Laura Wesson, was so obsessed with your lesbian relationship, that she wanted her husband out of the way at any cost?”

“No,” Julie said from the stand.

“Wasn’t she was so consumed with her perverted lust for you, that she would commit any act to get rid of him? Even murder!”

Judge Katherine Pool glanced over her glasses at the defense table, waiting for an objection.

“Objection, your honor,” Laura’s lawyer said, half-heartedly.

“Sustained,” said the Judge.

“Let me bring your attention to the night of February 12th, Ms. Crenshaw, a full two weeks before the two of you ‘Got a little too drunk.’ Do you recall the night in question?”

“Yes,” Julie said.

“Would you recount it for the court?”

“Our husbands were co-founders of Polytech Corp,” Julie started, “Laura and I frequently joined them for evenings out with important clients.”

“The boys were up in New York, but they were supposed to meet us in D.C. for some serious shmoozing. Laura and I were at her house getting ready when the call came.”

“And this call was from…” the prosecutor prompted.

“Dave,” she said, pointing to her husband at the defense table, “Something came up, and they were catching a flight to England.”

Laura Wesson watched Julie from the defendant’s table. She hardly recognized her. Hairstyle, makeup, her new ensemble, nothing looked the same. It was as if she was trying to recreate herself. She still exuded her raw sexuality, however, and Laura’s mind went back to that cold February night when it all started. She could still see Julie standing in her bedroom, staring at the phone in her hand.

“They won’t be home tonight,” Julie had said.


“They’re catching a flight to Heathrow, they might be gone as long as a week.”

Laura balled her hands into fists as she stood there in her panties and bra. Her new gown covered half the bed.

“What are we supposed to do?” she asked.

“We go, make apologies, and they mend the fences when they get back,” Julie said.

“This is going to be a nightmare,” Laura said prophetically.

Four disastrous hours later, Laura’s car sat rocking in her driveway after she slammed it into “Park.”

“All that, and now I have to come home to an empty house,” Laura said. “I’m about ready to start smashing things. Why don’t you just stay at my place tonight, it would be a great help.”

“I’d love to,” Julie said, “Can I break that orange lamp in the den?”

“Very funny,” Laura said. “It is awful though, isn’t it?”

“All you have to do is take care of the details,” Julie said, straightening a picture in the vestibule as they went in. “Like accidentally breaking those gawd-awful things men always want to save.”

“We all know you’re a great housekeeper,” Laura said, tipping the picture off kilter as she followed Julie in. “But Jim and I like a little chaos in our lives. We’re both artists at heart.”

“That’s why you need Dave and I,” Julie said, placing her purse carefully on the phone table. “Dave to keep you on the right side of the rules, and me to play with all that lovely money.” She rubbed her hands and gave her greediest grin.

“Sometimes I think we were happier before we got all this money,” Laura said, tossing her purse in the general direction of the couch. “All those lawyers and accountants drive me crazy.”

Julie stuck out her bottom lip.

“Except for you and Dave, of course,” Laura said. “Sometimes,” she added.

Julie was looking at her funny, and Laura was afraid she had hurt her feelings.

“You’ve never tried our hot tub, have you?” Laura said. “I’ve got to unwind. Come on, let’s hit it before we turn in.”

“You’re a genius,” Julie said, “Do you have a suit I can borrow?”

“Yes, but you don’t need one. No one can see.”

“You go out there naked?”

Laura wiggled her eyebrows and nodded.

“We’ll freeze.”

“Only for a second. You won’t believe how good it feels when you get in. Come on, I’ll race you.”

Bitter cold knifed thru their naked bodies as they pushed the cover off.

“Is it supposed to smell like that?”

“Eewww, get the cover back on, quick,”

“I’m fra…fra…freeeezing,” Julie said, trying to dance and help wrestle the cover back on at the same time.

They were climbing Kolej Escort all over each other trying to get back thru the sliding glass door, and had a squealing race back to Laura’s warm bedroom.

Julie was all hyped up once the bedrooms heat banished her chill, but Laura was crushed.

“A warm shower is my last hope of salvation,” Laura said.

“I have a better idea. Lay down.”

“Do what?”

Without answering, Julie stepped behind Laura, put her thumbs into the juncture of her neck and shoulders, and then dug them in.

“Ahh,” was all Laura could say as her shoulders slumped.

Julie marched her to the bed, got her to lie down, and then perched on her naked butt.

“Oh, god,” Laura said as Julie’s strong fingers dug into her. She was pulling the knots out of Laura’s neck and shoulders, and it felt so good, it hurt.

“How am I doing?” Julie said, shaking out her hands.

“Oh, god, I’ll pay you a million dollars not to stop,” Laura said, her tension fading into memory.

“Dinner at the Olive Garden?” Julie said, her fingernail teasing Laura’s back in tickling figure eights.

“Anything, I’ll give you my first born,” Laura said, drooling.

Laura’s moans sounded nearly orgasmic as Julie’s hands went rhythmically up and down her back.

Jim gave her backrubs every once in a while, but the time was always subtracted from her limited foreplay quota. Julie was more like the Energizer Bunny. She was throwing her entire body into it. Laura wanted it to go on forever, but she could hear Julie getting winded.

“That was wonderful,” Laura said.

“You want me to stop?”

“No,” Laura said, “but if I get any more relaxed, I’ll start wetting the bed.”

“Eewww,” Julie giggled.

She bounced before getting off, and pushed a section of sheet onto Laura’s ass and smacked it.

“Getting a little frisky, aren’t we?” Laura said.

“Yep,” she said, flopping down spread-eagle, and taking up three quarters of the bed.

“You really wore yourself out on me, didn’t you?”

“I’m out of shape. If I work out like that every day, I’ll look like Arnold in no time,” she flexed her arms as if she had muscles.

“No problem. I’ll make up charts for you and everything. Come on wimp, is that all you’ve got? Make it burn, one more, come on,” Laura said in her best drill sergeant voice.

Julie let her tongue hang out and panted like a dog, “Arrr… I can’t do any more…” pant, pant. She did a death twitch and went still with the tip of her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth.

“I’ve killed her,” Laura said in mock horror, “I’ll have to use the lifesaving “Hiem-Tickle-ick” maneuver.”

Julie screamed and scrambled out of the bed before Laura’s fingers could reach her ribs.

“Thank goodness you’re all right,” Laura said, not stirring from the bed to chase her, “I’ve had it. Maybe I’ll show you later.”

“You’d better not,” Julie said, getting back in the bed.

“Gitchi-gitchi-goo,” Laura taunted as she rolled to her side, facing away from Julie.

That got her another swat on the backside. She responded by wiggling once before letting herself doze off.

Nature called Laura in the middle of the night, and she was taken aback when she woke. Her friend was curled up in a tight little ball, and Laura was all over her back. She was drifting back to sleep when Julie rolled over and returned the favor. Her eyes popped open when the erect nipple poked into her, with the rest of Julie’s breast pressing into her back close behind. It felt strange, but she didn’t push her away.

Spooning, she mused, as the warm body snuggled its way to comfort behind her, it’s the most underrated part of sleeping with someone. Sex wasn’t why she hated sleeping alone so much; it was this. She squirmed herself back into Julie the same way she did with Jim, and drifted back to sleep with a sigh. She dreamed that Jim was cuddled up behind her, kissing her neck, and caressing her breast. She could even imagine his lips on her nipple, sucking gently, like a ghost.

“Rise and shine.”

“Go away.”

“Coffee’s on, and breakfast will be ready in a sec., come on,” Laura said, pulling the covers off Julie.

“No,” Julie whined.

She was on her tummy, shoulders hunched, arms underneath her, and her ass dimpled as she squeezed it several times.

Laura Rus Escort swallowed hard, and the covers slipped from her hand.

“Hurry up,” she said, clapping twice and running out of the room.

Laura kept her eyes glued to her untouched mug of coffee as Julie breezed into the room. She was trying to get her arm into the inside-out sleeve of one of Laura’s bathrobes.

“Earth to Laura, where’s my coffee?” Julie said.

Laura jumped up and poured her a mug. She almost dumped it on her when one of Julie’s breasts popped out of the bathrobe.

Laura had to tear her eyes away, and nix the morning’s second crazy impulse. She had just had a strong urge to touch Julie’s breast. Earlier, on the bed, she’d wanted to slide her hand up between Julie’s legs, up to where she could see the tips of her fingers under her pussy, and rouse her by tickling her most sensitive places.

Julie was a great friend, and Laura knew she could take all kinds of liberties with her, but that kind of stuff was over the line, way over the line.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” Laura said, afraid to look up.

“So what’s the plan?”

“First, I’m going to call those spa people and find out why my hot tub smells like a sewer,” Laura said, coming to herself, “I can’t force you to knock yourself out every time I have a hissy-fit.”

“Don’t be silly. I didn’t mind a bit,” Julie said, patting Laura’s hand, “Besides, I’m going to eat like a pig at the Olive Garden tonight.”

“What? You’re going to hold me to that?”

They got to the Olive Garden before the dinner crowd, and were seated right away. Julie was in fine spirits, but Laura was upset from the man who’d come to fix the hot tub.

“What a jerk.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“He as much as said we were filthy pigs and took baths in it.”

“He was able to tell all that from those little test tubes?”

Laura stuck her tongue out a Julie.

“Garçon,” Julie said, snapping her fingers over her head, “A bottle of your finest wine. Money is no object.”

“Let’s get drunk,” she said to Laura.

“They have some real expensive wines here,” the young man waiting on them said.

“How expensive?” Laura said.

“Okay, we’ll have a bottle of pretty good wine, and get a little tipsy,” Julie said after he told them.

Three bottles of wine, and one fabulous meal later, they were back at the house seeing if the hot tub full of fresh water was warm enough for the cold winter night.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me, again.”

“It’ll be perfect in no time,” Laura said.

Instead of answering, Julie stood with her hands up by her shoulders and wiggled her fingers like small claws. Laura grinned and lay down on the floor.

Laura was smoothing out her dress under her, when Julie climbed aboard. The knees of Julie’s slacks came down on the dress, and the cloth held Laura’s hands pinned to the floor. She could have pulled her hands free, but it felt as if Julie was holding her down as her helpless prisoner, and the thought made her heart race. The fingers were just as magical, but Laura wasn’t getting relaxed.

“Your turn,” Julie said, swatting Laura on the ass.

“Me? I don’t know how….”

“Learn,” Julie said, lying down next to Laura.

As Laura took her position, she saw Julie’s ass go up and down in anticipation of what was to come. In her mind, she could see the flesh dimpling beneath the slacks, just the way they had that morning.

She sat down on Julie’s ass, but lifted up again with a jolt. Her teeth nipped at her lower lip as she tried to ignore how nice it felt to press herself down on Julie’s tight, round bottom.

“Oh, you’re a natural,” Julie said as Laura kneaded her flesh.

Laura was trying to concentrate on what her hands were doing, but the feel of Julie’s ass between her legs kept distracting her. She had gotten into a slow rhythm up and down her back, and then stopped, suddenly embarrassed. Her hips had started echoing the movement, and other, deeper, muscles were picking up the cadence as well.

“Don’t stop,” Julie said.

“Cramp,” Laura said, shaking her hand. She started to get up, and then quickly sat back down. There was a wet spot on Julie’s slacks where Laura’s panties had been rubbing. The cold spot Julie would feel if she got up had her trapped.

“Let’s give the tub another try,” Laura said.

“No. Yenimahalle Escort Do me first. Do me, do me,” Julie said, kicking her feet on the carpet like a child having a temper tantrum.

“I’ve created a monster,” Laura said, “You’re going to try my hot tub if I have to drag you in.”

With that, Laura slid down Julie’s legs and in a single motion, jerked down her slacks.

“Stop,” Julie squealed, trying to save them.

“Hot tub?” Laura said, keeping a death grip on the tell tale slacks.

“Okay,” Julie said, “but you still owe me a back rub.”

The temperature was marginal by the time they got in, and comfortably warm by the time they got out. Laura took a break to run in and take a pee, and came back with a bottle of Southern Comfort. Julie only took a sip, making a face afterwards, so Laura took slugs straight from the bottle, like a lush, as Julie made fun of her.

“Time to pay up,” Julie said as they dashed to the bathroom.

“I think we have some massage oil here somewhere,” Laura said, once they were dry, “Here it is, it’s not even open.”

“Wesson Oil,” Julie said, “That’s good stuff.”

Laura actually looked at the label before catching Julie’s grin.

“Aw, come on, that was funny,” Julie said, following Laura Wesson to the bed.

Laura just shook her head as she crawled onto the bed, but her shoulders shook once.

“Okay, sour puss, lay down,” Julie said, cracking the seal and pouring some in her hand, “You’re going to owe me big time after this.”

Laura got on the bed, head spinning from the booze, and waited for the warmth of Julie’s naked butt on her own. She sighed when it happened, and surrendered to a world of sensual pleasure as the soft hands slid up and down her back.

Once again, Julie proved her strength and endurance; she attacked the muscles in Laura’s back and subdued them with rising intensity.

“I’m dead,” Laura slurred, barely able to move her lips.

Julie did the same thing with the sheet when she got off as she had the night before. The sheet sliding over her butt under pressure instantly replaced the warmth of her lifting crotch. Laura understood now, that Julie had just wiped her moisture from the cheeks of Laura’s ass. If she’d known why Julie had done that last night, it would have upset her. Tonight, however, she didn’t find it offensive.

That night she dreamed it was Julie’s lips kissing her neck, and soft, feminine hands caressing her breasts. She dreamed that Julie was making love to her, sucking her breast, and caressing her ass. She could almost feel the soft hand slide up between her legs, and a gentle finger searching for the opening. Part of her dream mind wanted her to stop, but another part said it was only a dream, and she should enjoy it.

She had never come in her sleep before. She’d heard that men did it all the time, but she’d never heard of a woman doing so. She was mortified. Her cries of passion not only tore her from sleep, but woke Julie as well.

“I was having a nightmare,” she lied quickly, “go back to sleep.”

Laura ran to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. What was happening to her? Her hand slid down between her legs and into the slickness that shouldn’t be there. She tried to picture Jim’s beautiful body as she took a shuddering breath.

Jim’s face wouldn’t form in her mind. Instead, she saw the lithe body of Julie and could smell her sex. She pulled her hand from her pussy and sat on the toilet, dropping her chin in her hands. The smell of her own sex filled her nose, and she watched in amazement as the woman in the mirror sniffed the smelly finger, and then put it in her mouth.

The phone woke them up at 5AM.

“Hello?” Laura said after God knew how many rings.

“She’s here,” Laura, said, looking at Julie, “She’s been keeping me company while you two traipse around the world. Let me see if she’s up.”

“Dave,” Laura silently mouthed the name.

Julie just stared for the longest time. Finally, she seemed to snap out of it and took the phone.

“Hello?” she said. “Okay, okay, wait, let me get a pencil.” She scribbled for a moment. “Okay, ‘bye.” She hung up and looked at Laura. “They’ll be arriving at Dulles at 6:47 tonight,” she said in a monotone.

“Oh, good,” Laura said, quietly, without conviction.

The two of them sat on the bed, each lost in her own thoughts.

So ends chapter one, dear reader. A quick look back at the happy days of innocence, before we descend into the dark days of depravity ahead. The faint of heat or easily offended should avert their eyes when chapter two arrives.

Next chapter… Into the Pit.

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