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She pulled him by his sleeve.

“Please, just stay… I’ll do whatever you want!”

The tone of her voice shifted from desperate to something almost challenging.

Guy´s thoughts raced through his head.

There was absolutely no doubt in his mind that she meant it exactly like it sounded.

Was she really that scared of being alone, or was it just her cruel and calculating self, taking pleasure in seeing how far she could push people?

It was one of those parts about her that Guy only realized after their relationship.

She loved toying with people, even if she sometimes did not realize it.

The all too familiar anger started to boil up.

But as soon as it started, it went away.

Rather it changed. Changed into one single thought.

`What if I played with her?`

Guy turned around, looking first at the hand that was holding him, then at Lou herself.

“Bold words for someone who´s still dressed.”

Lou´s face told him that it took a few moments for the words to get through.

Clearly surprised at his bold answer, she then smiled a wicked smile.

“So that’s what you want, huh? You want to see me naked once more?” she asked, grinning.

Guy did his best not to let his face show how anxious he was to see if his plan would work.

“Never said that. I was just noticing that those words don’t fit your attire, is all.” he said as plainly as possible.

Way too often he had been at the receiving end, second guessing everything she said. Now it was time for him to make her taste her own medicine.

He could see her thinking about it for a second.

Not wanting to give in even a little, instead of drawing back she quickly took off her top.

“Better?” she asked, her voice sounding almost proud.

Without even looking down at her body, Guy dryly noted “Tits in a bra. Big whoop. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

He spun around, walking towards the door.

It took a few seconds, but when he reached for the handle, he heard her shouting. “Wait!”

He quickly repressed a grin, before slowly turning around, facing Lou again.

“Yes?” he asked, eyebrows ever so slightly raised.

Without saying a word, Lou reached around her back, and opened her bra which fell straight down, exposing her pretty sizeable breasts.

“Yes?” Guy asked once more, still not looking where he wanted to.

Lou seemed almost shocked at his non existent reaction to her being topless.

“Do we… do we really have to do this whole spiel now?” she asked.

Guy put on his best overly dramatic puzzled look, and just said “I have no idea what you mean. Are we done?”

He once again went to turn away from her, but it seemed his plan came to fruition, as Lou quickly pulled down her pants, and seconds after stood in front of him, fully naked.

She shyly looked to the side. Guy guessed that it wasn’t because he could see all of her -They were together once, he knew her body- but because she was realising that he didn’t give in to her games anymore.

A few moments of silence.

Lou realized that he wouldn’t do a thing, so she repeated “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“You can go fuck yourself,” Guy said, calmly.

Lou´s eyes shot forward, anger in them. “Well fuck you too, then!” she shouted.

But Guy stayed calm, holding her gaze.

“No,” he answered. “You can go fuck yourself.”

Lou was about to lash tekirdağ escort out again, but then she understood.

“So that’s what you want… ” she said, her smile slowly coming back.

“Follow me then.”

She walked in front of him, doing her best to let her hips sway from side to side, giving Guy an amazing view.

When she was about to enter her bedroom, Guy held her by the arm.

She looked at him, questioning, but he simply shook his head, and pointed towards her living room.

For a second she seemed to consider, but then simply walked over to her couch.

When she was about to sit down on it, she heard Guy beside her, as if talking to himself “What a nice and sturdy looking table.”

Understanding the hint she let him sit down on the couch, while she sat opposite of him on her small couch table. She flinched at first, as her bare butt touched the cold wood.

For a moment she waited for him to say anything, but when he didn´t, she just took it as a sign to start.

Looking straight at him, she let her hands wander over her body.

First she cupped her breasts, pushing them together lightly before letting them drop down.

She then repeated the motion, and again, but this time she squeezed them more.

Instead of letting them drop again, her fingers slid over to her nipples.

They were visibly hard, which didn’t surprise Guy one bit.

When they were together, Lou would constantly try to push him to be more… well, pushy.

But whatever he did, how much he tried to be more like she wanted, it never seemed to be enough.

He always figured what she wanted was one of those bossy machos that you read about in fantasies.

That had never been him. Back then his feelings prevented him from being that.

Loving her, wanting to be what she wanted him to be, but also fearing that he might somehow hurt her, or overdo it.

But now? Now their relationship has gone sour. It ended long ago.

There were no more feelings.

Only curiosity. Curiosity of how far he could push the one person who relentlessly tried to push him. The one who played with him for those years they were together.

And that thought was the reason he sat there, stone faced, looking at his naked ex-girlfriend, playing with herself at his command.

Lou´s right hand slowly wandered down her belly, the left still playing with her nipple.

She was still looking at him though her gaze was unsteady, lids heavy.

Her breathing got deeper. She really did enjoy it.

And so did Guy whose pants felt quite tight at this point.

But he didn’t plan on doing anything about that. Yet.

Lou slowly spread her legs, giving him a great view on her already wet folds.

Her inner thighs were also glistening.

“Like what you see?” she asked with a slight grin.

Guy´s eyes quickly wandered upwards, meeting her gaze. “It’s quite alright, I suppose,” he answered in as bored a voice as he could muster.

He saw anger flicking across Lou’s face, if only for a split-second.

It was obvious that she was hoping for a different reaction.

He was pretty sure he knew what kind.

Knowing her she was counting on him breaking, maybe begging her to let him fuck her again. He knew she wanted nothing more than to regain control of the situation.

But Guy was not going to give her the satisfaction. tekirdağ escort bayan He would either stay in control, or, if he felt it slipping away, just stand up and leave. Either way, he had more leverage.

He had her in his palms. And he’d try his best to keep it that way.

It was pretty apparent that Lou held back her anger. Or maybe just disappointment.

But after a few short moments she kept moving her hands while her eyes were fixated on his.

She slowly let her fingers glide through her wet lips and over her clit. She inadvertently closed her eyes due to the sensation.

When she opened them again, Guy was still looking at her face.

She shot him a glance that signaled him to look down, and he obliged. Her index finger and her middle finger were spreading her pussy slightly open. “What about now?,” she asked, her voice playful, but with a hint of hope that Guy found very amusing.

He didn’t answer at first. A few moments of silence, and as expected, her expression began to slightly falter again. Not very noticeable, but Guy could see a hint of doubt on her face.

He then sighed, and said casually “It looks like there was something you wanted to do?”

Lou got visibly angry now. For a moment Guy wasn’t sure if he didn’t go too far.

She huffed angrily, but after a few seconds she seemed to give in.

One hand started to play with her breasts again, while the other moved around her pussy.

Without a word she slid her index finger inside. She let out a small moan.

Her finger slowly slid in, then she pulled it back out. Then back in, and back out.

Guy couldn’t help but enjoy the view.

On this day he had just stopped by to get the last few of his belongings that she had found in one of her boxes. And now his Ex-Girlfriend sat in front of him, legs spread, masturbating at his command. And he was determined to enjoy it a bit longer.

“I feel like a faster tempo would be better, wouldn’t you agree?,” he asked in a tone as if discussing the weather.

Lou understood, and without a word her finger started to pick up speed.

Her thumb then started to massage her clit every time her finger went into her pussy.

The view was great. Guy´s cock was already rock hard. But he still did not do anything.

He just watched. In the beginning Lou was fingering herself pretty tame. Slow and steady, as if not to get too much pleasure. Probably as to not give Guy the satisfaction. But the longer it went on, the bolder she seemed to get. After a few minutes her fingers were gliding all over, pinching her nipples, stroking her clit, plunging in and out of her pussy.

She also did not seem to care too much about her moaning. Holding back in the beginning she was now audibly enjoying herself. She almost was not looking at Guy anymore, her eyes mostly closed, and her head jerking back in pleasure every now and then.

She did not even notice him standing up, and walking next to the table.

Lou flinched slightly when she felt his hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw him next to her.

His pants were open, and his erect cock was standing attention right before her eyes.

“Oh?,” she pressed out slightly breathless. “Someone seems to enjoy the show.”

Without a word Guy grabbed the wrist of her hand, and without any resistance pulled it from her breasts escort tekirdağ towards his dick. Lou grinned, she let it happen.

As soon as her fingers were wrapped around his cock she started stroking.

Guy held back a sharp breath. He did not give any orders, he just wanted to see what she would do. Lou shifted a bit, and when she sat stable she increased the speed of her stroking slightly, while simultaneously letting her other hand pleasure herself.

Guy felt her hand run up and down his shaft, all the way to the head and back.

Meanwhile her own pleasure seemed to increase as well. Her eyes closed again, she did her best to concentrate on both hands. Fingering herself more fervent as time went on, she couldn’t help but jerk him off faster as well. Guy enjoyed it, but also tried his best not to give in. Her hand felt great, the view of her masturbating while stroking his cock was incredible, but he did not want to cum yet. He feared that as soon as one or both of them climaxed, this whole situation would just implode. So he would keep it up as long as he could.

Then he felt her movements becoming quite irregular, and her breathing getting harder.

She seemed close. But Guy wanted a bit more fun.

He leaned down slightly, and carefully placed his hand on her chin. Only the smallest pull was enough to make her look in his direction and she understood.

While still moaning, Lou took his cock in her mouth.

This time Guy couldn’t hold back a moan, because as soon as his dick met her lips she started to suck and let her tongue wander. Guy felt that she was very close to her orgasm, because she seemed hellbend to get him there too.

He felt her tongue on his head, moving up and down and around. Meanwhile she sucked him in with what almost felt like desperation.

Guy was about to burst. He placed his hand on her head, guiding her to a better rhythm.

He Saw her hand almost aggressively fucking her own pussy. Lots of wet sounds filled the air, making it even harder for Guy to concentrate on not cuming.

Then he felt it.

Lou´s body jerked and with a muffled cry she came. In a fast pace she rubbed her clit, her whole body moving. She tried her best to keep his Cock in her mouth, fervently licking and sucking still.

This pushed Guy over the edge as well. His balls contracted, and he shot his first load right into her mouth. But before the second came out, his hand that was still on Lou´s head, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away. She let it happen, still pleasuring herself through her climax, and a moment later his second load hit her face. And a third, and a fourth.

Guy needed a few moments to get a grip. Then he looked down.

On the table before him lay Lou, breathing heavily, one hand on her breast, the other between her legs. Her eyes closed, and on her face, chin, and neck there were thick white lines from where he came on her.

He grinned to himself, but careful as to not let Lou notice that.

But she seemed to notice very little, her eyes still closed, and her breath only slowly getting back to normal.

After a while she propped herself up and looked at him.

None of them said a word. She brought her hand up to her face, scooped up a bit of his cum and looked at it covering her finger. “I… uhm… ” she stuttered, not really sure what to say.

“I think… I´ll take a shower…” she said slowly.

Without a second glance at him, she stood up and walked towards her bathroom.

Guys thoughts raced. About what they just did. About the whole situation. And then…

He grinned again. He had heard her entering the bathroom and turning on the shower.

But he had not heard her locking the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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