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I work in the city, I’ve got a little office that I own and run by myself. Every night as I drive home in the peak hour traffic I see a little xxx store, you know, books, movies and toys. I’ve always been curious, but never actually visited the store. Anyway, one afternoon, I was doing my normal tasks like paperwork and accounts when a woman walked in. She was stunning, blond hair, skinny body and a perfect set of tits. I was stunned because of her beauty. She came over and started talking to me, while I was imagining bending her over my desk and slamming my cock in her pussy. She was flirting a lot with me but my hopes were dashed when she said goodbye and left my office. My cock was straining to get out so I looked at my watch, I realised there was only ten minutes left in the day so I decided to go home.

As I was driving, I saw that same little porn shop, and as I was very horny I decided to take a look and maybe buy some new porn. I entered the store and looked around, there were some racks with Sefaköy Escort magazines and some videos. I walked up to the counter and asked to look at a video, he pointed to a door and said 5 bucks for a movie, so I gave him 5 bucks and he gave me some tokens. I walked through the door and it was a dim lit hallway with many doors and the sounds of soft moaning. They were all porno booths. I looked in the various booths, some were girls getting fucked and some were lesbians licking each other, so I stepped into one and sat down to watch a gorgeous blond getting anal from a big black guy. He had a huge dick and she loved it.

I pulled out my cock and started stroking it when I heard a tap on the wall; I looked across and saw a finger poking out of a hole in the wall. The finger pulled out and was replaced by a cock. I’ve heard of this before, it’s called a glory hole. I thought, ah what the hell, no one knows me, and I was horny enough to try anything so I grabbed it and took a lick. Sefaköy Escort It was real warm and tasted sweet so I plunged my entire mouth around it till my nose was against the wall. I stayed there for about 20 seconds and sucked hard while working my throat muscles around the head. He must have enjoyed this coz I could hear him moaning and groaning. I continued my assault on his cock by slowly pulling out and ramming back down again. After about a minute I pulled out and left just the head in my mouth and sucked real hard, he started jerking round wildly and I knew he would come soon so I swallowed as much cock as I could as I felt a torrent of warm cum slide down my throat as I swallowed, trying to get every drop.

He pulled out so I put my cock in there and waited for my reward, but nothing happened. So I put my cock away and went to see if he was there. I walked out and into the booth next to me, as I stepped in I looked down and there he was, naked and bent over the stool. Escort Sefaköy He was waiting for me to fuck him, and I wasn’t going to waste any time. I pulled my pants down, stepped forward and started to rub my cock up and down his crack. He was moaning and pleading with me to slam it up his ass, so I pushed with all my strength and rammed my cock till my balls were touching his cheeks. He screamed in pain and pleasure as I held my seven-inch cock up his hole. I could feel his ring pulsating so I stopped torturing him and started working it in and out of him, pulling it almost all out and ramming it all the way in again and again. While I was doing this he was relentlessly pounding his cock trying desperately to come. So I picked up the pace and slammed my cock in and out until I started spewing my come into his bowels.

This was too much for him; with a huge scream he blew his load all over the floor and his leg. I pulled my cock out of his ass and he knelt down and cleaned all the juices of my cock while it was slowly deflating in his mouth. I pulled my pants up and left the room, got in my car and went home.

I visit that place quite often now and have become a regular to all the other people. I’ve had many great fucks there and have many great stories now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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