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Tuesday afternoons are always the slowest in the mall. Few customers, even fewer purchases and, in my store, very little task work. Alan and I were bored out of our minds by 2:00 when he asked if he could take the trash out.

“Actually,” I said, “I was thinking about doing it, myself.” Alan expressed surprise as I usually delegated trash duty to the part-timers, a perk of management, I suppose. But I was really in the mood for a change of scenery and it was a beautiful, warm day out, which I’d had little time to enjoy that morning. We decided to flip for it and I won. Boy, did I win…

No one had taken the trash out for a few days and several boxes and waste bags had piled up. I knew it would take some time and I planned to drag it out as long as possible. Loading up one of the wire frame carts with some broken down cardboard and a couple bags, I set off through the back corridors of the mall. As I rounded a corner to the freight elevator, I almost bumped into another cart waiting near the doors.

“Oh, sorry,” I muttered as I pulled to a stop. I looked up to see two of the young women who work at one of the many fashionable clothing stores. Hell if I could remember which one, as I rarely frequented them, but their store always drew a glance from me on passing, though, because of the caliber of employees they hired—all female, all in their early twenties, most impossibly gorgeous. The two I had almost run into were prime examples.

“That’s okay,” said the taller of the two, a stunning, longhaired brunette with a porn-star body. She wore a short, tight red leather skirt beneath a white blouse that did nothing to hide the black lace bra beneath and the ample cleavage it accentuated. She was well tanned with bare legs that stretched forever until they reached her shiny black clogs. I was almost positive all of these clothes were available in her store.

“We’re taking up the whole hallway here.” She flashed an apologetic, yet flirty smile at me. I wondered how many guys she suckered into buying similar wardrobes to hers for their girlfriends. “Looks like you’ve got a lot of trash, too.”

I ataşehir escort bayan smiled and laughed slightly. “You could say that.” As the elevator arrived at our floor, I finally noticed the second girl as she moved to open the doors. I found myself even more intrigued by her. The first was the kind of woman you expected to see in a men’s magazine or a good skin flick, but this one was the kind of gal I liked to think I could fall in love with.

She was about half a foot shorter than I, with a small, but very fit, build. Her body seemed so perfectly proportioned and natural under the flowery summer dress she wore. She had slightly pale skin, short, blonde hair and a round face fitted with beautiful green eyes when she glanced in my direction.

The three of us managed to load ourselves and our carts into the elevator, squeezing up against the wall, the brunette to my immediate side and the blonde beside her. After closing the doors I moved to press the lower floor button, but the brunette leaned in to do it first, her body pressing into mine, ample bosom cushioning into my chest. She smiled again and held for a moment too long (not that I was upset) before standing back again.

“You work at the bookstore, Jason?” she asked, staring at my chest. I glanced down at the name badge that hung there. It was an obvious question. I responded in the affirmative.

“I’m Lily,” she said, extending her hand. She nodded to the blonde. “And this is Janice.” I shook both their hands, lingering with the latter. “You probably know Janice. She comes to your store a lot.” I realized I had seen her before, but only a couple of times. I remembered being intrigued by her but never having the chance (or the nerve) to talk. She seemed shy, but had a slight glimmer in her eyes that betrayed an intelligence and sense of adventure I wanted to know more of. Why hadn’t I talked to her before?

At the compactor, I helped them unload their trash first, figuring a) this gave me more time away from my store and b) more time with the two lovely ladies. I made small talk and sly jokes, suddenly escort kadıköy finding myself being much more charming than I would ever usually take credit for. I tried to make regular eye contact with Janice, but found Lily always there to distract me with smiles, laughter and progressively unsubtle touches. Janice seemed to take it in stride. She must have been familiar with her coworker’s charms.

The girls continued to talk with me as I did my work, too, rather than return immediately. Finally, we all got back into the elevator and began our ascent. Just moments after we started moving, Lily slapped her hand on the stop button and pressed herself against me, grabbing the back of my head and smashing her lips forcefully against mine. It wasn’t long before her tongue was plunging in.

I was quite taken aback, but didn’t resist. After a few stunned seconds, I started to slide my hands across her body, feeling the light fabric spread across her back and the pliable leather covering her tight ass. She parted from me and pushed me to a sitting position on one of our carts.

“I’m going to suck your dick, Jason,” she purred. I didn’t want to argue, because said piece of my anatomy was straining in my jeans for attention, but I looked hesitantly at Janice. Lily noticed and licked the smile on her lips. “It’s okay, Janice has seen me act like this before. We’re roommates, you see. She’s a little more reserved in the sex department than I am, but she does like to watch sometimes, don’t you, you little voyeur?”

Janice nodded and smiled sheepishly, turning slightly red. “Let her suck you off, Jason. I’m told she’s damn good at it.”

I needed no more persuasion as Lily unbuttoned and unzipped me, freeing my cock from its cotton and denim prison. She started placing gentle kisses along the shaft and then the head. It had been months since my last sexual encounter and I felt like I could explode already, but I willed myself to relax and enjoy her ministrations.

Janice was right. Lily was incredible. Her tongue began sliding frantically about my thick penis, tracing veins and caressing bostancı escort taut skin with incredible ardor. She sighed and moaned sporadically in ways that made me feel she was having as much, if not more, fun as I. Where her mouth and tongue weren’t, her delicate hand was, stroking me with just the right motion and firmness.

Finally, Lily turned her attentions to the head, licking around its base with maddening slowness that had me squirming. I had that incredible feeling where you get so sensitive, it almost becomes unbearable. The tip of her tongue touched the opening and she held it in place as she pulled her head back, a band of saliva and precum stretching across. I looked up to Janice, who had started to lean in for a better view, biting her lip slightly, still flush, but from something more than embarrassment. I reached out a hand for hers and pulled her to sit beside me.

Lily was now entering into the last phase of this blowjob I could take. She was engulfing my prick and bobbing up and down with precision, still using a hand for friction. I tossed my head back and moaned, and pulled Janice in to kiss her. We made out passionately and as I began to nuzzle her neck, I felt Lily pause with my cock halfway in her mouth. Her tongue flickered with incredible speed across the underside of the head. I could hold back no longer.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned into Janice’ neck. She turned her head to watch as Lily sank my dick to the back of her throat as I shot my load in four or five solid spurts. She swallowed all of it and held me in her mouth as I withered. Janice was squeezing my hand still as I buried my head near her bosom and sighed contentedly.

We waited a few minutes to get composed before continuing our journey. We were all fairly quiet as we came to the girls’ back door, just a few down from mine. I stopped and turned to look at them. I thanked them, and leaned in to kiss Lily, tasting some of my saltiness.

“My pleasure,” she replied. I kissed Janice next, and it was quite longer and more delicate. I had plans to see more of her, if she didn’t feel awkward after all this. I touched her cheek and we smiled at one another.

Finally, they went in and I returned to my back room, wondering what I’d tell Alan, if anything, and what would happen next. Suddenly, working retail at the mall was much more exciting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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