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Editor’s Note: story contains incest content.


Gordon Proctor had been watching the breathing of the lump beside him in the bed for almost an hour, and after sleep finally overtook his wife of 31 years he gently lifted the sheet a bit so he could slide out of the bed without disturbing her.

A look back as he reached the door just to confirm that Eloise Proctor was still in dreamland, and then Gordon turned the knob slowly. The door swung open – silently because he had always kept the hinges oiled excessively – and then after he exited the room the door closed just as quietly.

“All in the planning. You’re good Gordon,” the 57 year old insurance man whispered to himself before tiptoeing down the hall to the bathroom for a quick tinkle and a slug of mouthwash.

After peeing he shook his organ several times, smiling as he felt the already sizable organ become even more so, and it wasn’t only the handling of his cock that brought it to life but the anticipation of what was about to happen that set his soul on fire.

Eloise. Gordon shook his head as he looked into the mirror at his reflection, and after giving his penis a long stretch he was happy that while she didn’t appreciate his considerable asset any more, there was somebody home for the holidays who would.

That person was his only child Jason. Home from college for the holidays, Gordon was ecstatic that his months of celibacy would soon be over. No words about what would be happening had been exchanged after Jason got home that afternoon, but none were needed because both father and son knew without saying. Jason’s eyes gave Gordon the answer to the question that Gordon’s own eyes had asked and as it had been almost from the start that answer was yes.

They knew each other like a book, probably because they were alike in so many ways, like the meticulous attention to detail they shared. Not in one important way, because young Jason was as submissive as his father was dominant, but that was good and as they both knew that was the way it should be.

Like a cat Gordon stepped back out into the hall and down to his son’s room where the door was just slightly ajar, and Gordon sighed as his eyes adapted to the dim lighting for Jason’s room. The tiny night light provided just the right amount of illumination for Gordon’s liking, and as he swung the door open he was pleased that the hinges on his son’s room were also silent.

Jason was on his back under the sheet. That was a choice Gordon had left up to his son recently, and either way was fine for the old man. Gordon from the start had preferred taking his boy from behind, but he thought that Jason liked it better on his back and had even come up with some touches that helped Gordon enjoy it more.

The blindfold for instance. Jason had figured out that his father felt guilty if he could look into his eyes while they made their savage brand of love, so he had come up with a wrap that shielded his eyes and allowed his father to more freely enjoy himself without the guilt.

The bindings that secured the young man’s wrists to the bedposts – those were Jason’s idea and Yenibosna Escort Gordon felt that they helped Jason out with his guilt issues. If he was being forced into this, that relieved the boy of any shame, and Gordon had to admit that the lithe young man looked erotic spread out like that looking helpless.

The bindings were merely vinyl bracelets with Velcro closures, but they weren’t meant for physical restraint but more for the mind games they symbolized. The same could be said for the gag in Jason’s mouth which could be spit out easily. Neither of those were actually needed, at least not these days

“Good boy,” whispered his father almost inaudibly as he neared the bed, and as just before Gordon pulled the sheet down and unwrapped his pride and joy he unsnapped his own pajama bottoms and let them fall to the carpet.

Jason had made a muffled gasp upon hearing the clicking sound which was able to be heard because of the quietness of the room, and Gordon could hear his son breathing in through his nose as he took the sheet and slowly pulled it down.

His father imagined that the feel of the fabric felt good as it slid down Jason’s body. As the sheet reached Jason’s belly button the effect of the pillow his son had placed under the small of his back was visible, there to allow for Jason to be presented easier for the taking.

As Gordon coaxed the sheet lower still his son’s manhood came into view almost immediately. Fully erect, the absurdly long and slender prong was curled up to just below his navel, and Gordon took a deep breath as he admired the undercarriage of his boy’s considerable endowment.

Gordon had found it both unusual that the two of them, both so slight in height and frame, could both be so well endowed. While his son’s manhood was as absurdly slender as his own was thick it was nearly as long as his father’s and was a breathtakingly beautiful piece of flesh, and as time passed the old man expected it would fill out just as his had.

Jason’s mother had insisted on having him circumsized, probably because she though her husband’s organ so hideous, and while Gordon often regretted going along with it there was no denying that the sleek prong was magnificent regardless.

The unveiling complete, Gordon let the sheet fall off the foot of the bed, and as he stared as the nubile young man he know that even though it had been three months he knew Jason’s body by heart.

He hadn’t changed much, although as Gordon ran his hands up the young man’s calves it seemed like they had got a little furrier, although his chest was still smooth. Except for the dusting of hair on the insides of Jason’s calves, a modest tuft of blonde curls above his penis and tiny wisps of hair under his arms his lad was virtually hairless, taking after his Mom in that way.

“Mine for the taking,” Gordon mouthed as he climbed onto the bed and looked down at his son with the pillow raising his butt and his knees raised with his feet flat on the sheets.

Gordon parted the bony knees to expose the long wrinkled scrotum that housed his nuts, and when he reached down and grabbed Yenibosna Escort Bayan the sac Jason groaned through the gag, something he continued to do as his father rolled his nuts around in his palm.

“What’s this then?” Gordon said as he looked in the shadows at the valley under Jason’s raised ball sac, and when he saw the end of his wife’s former toy he stifled a chuckle.

Gordon reached down and after taking hold of the end of the black plastic dildo, slowly extracted it from Jason’s ass, spinning it slightly while his son squirmed on the sheets until it popped out.

It was light enough for Gordon to see his son’s anus still gaping somewhat, which made sliding the greased weapon back in easily, and after pushing it in to the hilt and relishing Jason’s reaction Gordon noticed the tube of lubricant at his son’s hip.

Attention to detail, just like a chip off the old block Gordon mused, and after squirting a wad of gel into his hand reached down and lifted Jason’s erection up off of his stomach, the hot prong pulsating in his hand as Gordon wrapped his hand around it.

Gordon bent his son’s cock down so he could rub the two tips of their manhoods together, pushing Jason’s conical head into his long foreskin and sharing the shroud while crushing the gooey openings together.

Gordon moved up further between his son’s spread thighs and let his slick hand slowly slide up and down the throbbing 8″ of manhood, and as his fist reached the tip Gordon could tell that his boy wasn’t going to last.

Jason didn’t, and after his father’s greased fist went painfully slowly up and down the length of his cock a half dozen times with the boy’s hips rising off of the pillow, Gordon heard Jason snort and choke. Seconds later, Jason’s cock erupted like a geyser, spurting semen all over his upper torso and the surrounding bedding, and Gordon kept milking until his boy’s dick went limp in his hand.

Gordon let go of Jason’s cock after squeezing the last drops of sap from the deflating organ, letting the skinny tube fall backwards onto his belly, and then reached for more lube, greasing his thick tool liberally with his right hand while lifting his boy’s long hairless sac upwards so he could see the puckered treasure which was being stretched by his wife’s dildo.

“It’s too big.” That was what Eloise had said after Gordon had bought it for her, hoping that she would use to it it get her more accustomed to the size of his cock, but she hadn’t bothered to even try.

Jason never complained, as and Gordon extracted the dildo from his boy’s ass for the second and last time he was proud of his son for taking the 8″ toy like a man. The pink puckered ring was gaping still, but not as much as it would when Gordon got done with it with an organ even larger than the toy.

Gordon brought the shrouded glans of his organ to Jason’s entrance, his hand shaking a bit in anticipation as he pressed the tip into the steamy orifice. It wouldn’t go in easily despite the preparation, and this Gordon knew although by the end of his son’s visit it would be less and less difficult each Escort Yenibosna time.

The hard part was getting the bulbous head into Jason’s ass, and after that ridge squeezed in much of the shaft would easily follow. Gordon never pushed it all in no matter how excited he got because his cock got so thick as it neared the stump that it would hurt his boy and rip him up, so with that it mind he braced himself after the head popped in, stopping about halfway in.

Down at the other end of the bed, Jason’s face and neck was beet red as his head rolled back and forth on his shoulders. Trickles of sweat rolled out of the wisps of hair under his arms and onto the bedding as the boy writhed around on the sheets while his father began sliding the end of his dick in and out of the tight ass.

“So tight – so good,” Gordon muttered as his tempo increased, and as he eased a bit more of his cock into the tight orifice he grunted, “You missed your Daddy’s big cock, didn’t you boy?”

Of course Jason couldn’t answer but he nodded, his face beet red with every vein in his neck bulging, and Gordon chuckled as he put his left hand on his son’s knee to balance himself while reaching down to grab Jason’s flaccid tube.

His son would be hard again soon, probably before he was ready to cum himself and Gordon reveled in the fact that his son had inherited his endurance and sex drive from him as well. Already after pulling on his boy’s slippery cock just a few times he could fell in being to pulsate in his fist.

Gordon began to pull on Jason’s cock harder, stretching the organ out preposterously, and while this would seem like abuse to the normal man neither Jason or his dad were normal in that regard because they reveled in having their cocks yanked savagely and their balls practically twisted in knots.

Gordon fought to keep his orgasm back but he knew that going so long without his son’s sweet ass had made him exceptionally horny. Tomorrow night he would last longer but tonight he had to cum and cum now, and he bit his lip to stifle the sound as he erupted, filling his boy’s bowels with his seed.

Then there was the matter of finishing his son off, so after he cock slithered out of Jason’s gaping anus Gordon went to work yanking on the nearly erect cock while kneading his son’s balls with the other.

Sensing Jason was about the cum, Gordon grabbed his boy’s cock in both fists and yanked hard, and although the orgasm wasn’t as explosive as the first it seemed to last longer, causing Jason’s entire body to shake well after the cum stopped flying around the room.

Gordon flicked his wrists, allowing the cum on his hands to fly down onto his boy’s heaving chest, and then Gordon was leaning forward, undoing the blindfold and velcro cuffs and kissing Jason on the forehead.

“Missed you son.”

“Missed you too Daddy. I love you so much,” Jason replied and reached up to wrap his arms around his father.

They relaxed in each other’s arms, the father and son’s sweat mixing and their spent cocks rubbing against each other until Gordon announced he had to go back to his own bed.

“Tomorrow night,” Gordon said.

“Can’t wait,” Jason said. “I’ll be your doggy tomorrow because I know you like me that way.”

“I love you in every way,” Gordon said as he smiled before closing the door and heading back to the coldest room in the house.


Thank you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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