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When I was 15 years old, I started thinking about sex a little differently. I enjoyed the sex appeal of women so much that I found myself wanting to be a girl more than I wanted to be a boy. It’s amazing the power a girl has over a man during sex. I wanted that power. I wanted to be able to put on a short skirt and a pair of heels and go out and have men drooling all over me.

I started experimenting with my sister’s clothes. She was 17 which ensured that all her clothes would fit me perfectly. I tried on all her skirts, her bras, her shoes, basically everything. The feeling of being a girl was a lot more arousing than being a man. I got tired of dressing up as a girl and simply jerking off, so one night when the family went out of town, I decided to take it to another level.

During the day I had ventured to a near by strip club called “Sensations.” Since you didn’t have to be 18 to shop at the store, I easily obtained an 8 inch rubber penis and a nice blonde wig. It was the most realistic one I could find, balls and all. When I got home I quickly jumped in the shower. I shaved every piece of hair off my body. It was easy since I was so young, it hadn’t quite grown in too thick yet. When I got out of the shower I went into my sister’s room and applied a layer of hot pink nail polish to both my fingers and toes. I walked over to her closet, knowing already what skirt to put on. It was a small black mini skirt and a halter top. I laid them on the bed, grabbed a matching thong and bra from one of her drawers and quickly slipped them on. I stuffed the bra with some soft socks, and then finally put the skirt and top on. I walked into the bathroom and applied a thin layer of eye Sex hikayeleri liner and blush. I have a pretty good complexion, so I rarely use foundation. Once the eyeliner was complete I could tell my transformation into a girl was almost complete. I put the wig on and walked over to her closet once more. This time I reached towards the floor and pulled up a pair of open toe black pumps. I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror. I got so horny just looking at myself, because I truly looked and felt like a woman. I scanned the mirror for any sign of looking like me, and I truly looked like a completely different person.

I jumped on the bed and slipped out the dildo. It was heavy in my hands, and quickly found that it’s heavy in my mouth too. I took in just the head first, like they do on all the pornos. I sucked on the head for a second, then went down to suck on the balls. All the guys go wild when girls suck on their balls, and I was anxious to find out what they felt like in my mouth. I sucked on one, then took both of them into my mouth. I gently sucked and pulled them towards me, then let them out with a popping sound. I licked up the shaft eight inches back to the head, and plopped it on my tongue. As I took the shaft in my mouth for the first time, I found that it was not as easy as it looks. I took three or four inches before the head hit my throat, and pulled back a little. I sucked the four inches as good as I could. I turned my head sideways and put the head in my cheek, popping it out like there was a sucker in my mouth. I licked back down to the balls and gently wrapped my lips around them and started tugging, one at a time this time. I realized that I had Sikiş hikayeleri not been jerking it off much, so I reached up and slowly ran my hand up and down the eight inch shaft, balls still deep in my mouth. I stroked the dildo for a second longer, knowing that this time I had a mission. I licked back up to the head and instantly slammed the dildo into my throat maybe five or six inches. This time I was determined to deep throat this huge dick.

As my throat spasmed on the dick, I continued my descent. I got within an inch of the base and couldn’t get any more in. I reached out with my tongue, licked the balls, and counted it as a win. I slid my lips back up the shaft and sucked on the head. I backed my face away and stroked it with both hands. When I let go I slid my head down to the seven inch mark more easily, but still couldn’t get that eighth inch. I started sliding my mouth faster and faster. I would open my mouth on the way down and close it on the way up. When I was sure there was a good amount of slippery spit on the head, I got up from the bed and positioned the dildo on the edge of the bed. I turned around, pulled my thong to the side and lifed my skirt up. The feeling of the thick head resting between my ass cheeks was enough to drive me insane. I slid it up and down my ass feeling for my hole. When I found it, I let it rest there for a couple seconds before lowering myself. The head was half way in and I felt like I was going to split in two.

Once the head was in I knew the hard part was over. I dildo once again plummeted into an eager hole, but this time my tiny ass. I bent down towards my knees, reached back and spread my ass. I started sliding Erotik hikaye slowly up and down the eight inches. After a couple minutes of this I pulled it out and turned it around for a suck. I gave the balls a quick suck, and slid my lips down the eight inch shaft which had, second earlier, been buried deep in my butt. I centered the dildo in the bed and straddled it. Seconds later it was back in my ass. Sliding up and down, I decided it was time to give myself some pleasure. I laid back and lifted the front of my skirt, exposing my rock hard erection. My sister’s black thong couldn’t hide my precum very well, being that they were soaked probably didn’t help much either. I started jerking off, dick still a good 6 inches into my warm cavern. Minutes later, I started feeling a tingling sensation, not only in my penis but in my butt too. I had heard about a way of having an orgasm from anal stimulation, but never expected to have one. It started as a tingling in my ass, and grew to full waves of pleasure running through my entire body. Just then my penis erupted, squirting cum everywhere. I lifted myself back onto my shoulders, knees near my face. With my right hand I reached up to the 8 inches and started pumping it into my ass, which caused me to let out high pitched squeals, which made me feel like I really was a girl. My new position allowed for me to jerk off all over my own face. I got some unintentionally into my eye, and decided the best better go straight into my mouth. After having the most intense orgasm of my life, with a mouth full of cum I walked over to the mirror. Looking at myself in the mirror instantly aroused me for more. I opened my mouth and showed myself just exactly what i’d done. The pearly white liquid filled up my pretty mouth. I closed my anxious lips and swallowed hard. I opened my mouth to make sure there was none left, confirming to myself that I am a good girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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