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There are two things that happen when Pierre and I meet. One of them is that there is much talking about the old days. This hasn’t happened recently because of Missy’s death and my fiancée being in my life. We would often compare notes so I could come up with new ideas on what I could do with Missy. Again, it hadn’t happened recently.

The second thing is that sometimes I get ideas in my head just from being around him. Pierre had been in the lifestyle longer. Just the fact that I met him when I did originally was just a chance to be honest. He was always a mentor to me as I was developing the different things I would try on Missy and later on my fiancée. It was thinking about this that I had an idea. The first step was to get her into the bedroom.

“Hey, sweetheart, do we have any appointments the rest of the day?”

She looked at me.

“It is Sunday,” she started. “So, nothing is open that we need to deal with. Why do you ask, Leo?”

I walked over to her and started to kiss the back of her neck while she was looking at her book. I could tell my kissing was working when she leaned forward a bit to allow me access to more of her neck.

“Ohhhhh,” she replied. “Someone wants to spend time with me. Bedroom, Master?”

I nodded my head as she put the book down and started to walk to the room. She immediately went to the güvenilir bahis bed as she undid her grey hoodie and allowed it to drop to the ground. I was fortunate that Pierre didn’t see the open hoodie or he probably would have asked for a demonstration or something. I walked to the toy chest and pulled out the cuffs.

“I am starting to think I’ll need this shirt off,” she said correctly.

She slid her hands on the bottom of the shirt and started to pull it upwards before her beautiful full nipples made their appearance. It was then I bent down and started to bite on one while teasing the other with my fingers. She moaned appreciatively.

“What else would you like me to do, Master?” she asked.

I stopped what I was doing and helped her to her feet before getting on my knees to assist her to remove her pants. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no panties under her lounge pants. Again, I felt fortunate that Pierre did not know. I then ran my hand up from the inseam of her foot slowly until my fingers touched her privacy. Her arousal was just beginning. I had her lay on the bed on her stomach before cuffing her hands behind her back. I then went to the other side of the bed and undid my sweatpants before aiming my cock at her face.

“Open,” I whispered.

She obeyed like the good submissive she was. I started to güvenilir bahis siteleri fuck her throat knowing full well her hands were secured. I took a few strokes before I slipped back out and helped her get on her knees with her head still on the bed. I took the opportunity to lick her vulva a little. I heard her moans as I did it. I slid my tongue over her ass while my fingers kept teasing her petals. I then took the cuffs off her. As she moved her hands to the bed to present herself to me, I poised my cock at her velvety entrance. I felt her push back against me, a quarter of my length sliding inside her in the process.

Even after all the times we have made love or fucked, I am in awe over how she feels when her pussy accepts my length. I am not a huge guy, but her pussy accepts me as if I was the best porn star on the planet. I slowly teased my cock inside her until my body was pressed against hers. I leaned forward and twirled her hair around my fingers before I noticed her choker around her neck. I smiled knowing she was mine before I started to withdraw slightly and started taking my bride-to-be. I was in a position where she could have asked for the world, and she would have it.

Sadly, all things must end, and I could feel the familiar feeling inside me as I edged closer. I tried to hold back to keep from finishing so iddaa siteleri fast, but her hips kept banging against me. My hands went to her hips, and I growled before starting to fill her pussy. She kept pushing against me as I was drained inside her. I pulled out of her and grabbed both her vibrator and her other toy before helping her flip over. I watched as she started to use her toys on herself while I was kissing her.

“You enjoy filling me up, don’t you, Romeo?” she asked me.

“I enjoy being with you, Amor. I always do.”

I accentuated that thought by placing my hand on her neck and squeezing slightly. I could feel her start to peak when I did that. Her eyes closed and her smile became the dreamy kind. As she opened her eyes to look at me, I was mesmerized by her. Our differences didn’t matter. It didn’t matter anything else at that point. I felt in my heart my angel on Earth was there with me and I didn’t want to be anywhere else. As her hands dropped her toys on the bed, her arms started to wrap around me as I was embracing her. We started to kiss passionately, but slowly as we both were just enjoying each other.

I was envisioning the rest of the week in my mind as I held her. New mattress coming during the week. The party/wedding the next Saturday. As much I was looking forward to all the future held, my present was what had all my attention. There next to me in my arms was the most important woman in my life and nothing was going to tear me away from her embrace. It was then our stomachs growled. We looked in each other’s eyes before both of us started to laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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