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I looked at my bedside clock and gasped. It was almost midday! Leaping out of bed, I yawned as I pulled on my panties, and was about to remove my nightdress when an inarticulate cry of anguish came from downstairs. All thoughts of getting dressed vanished in my panicked haste to investigate.

Dad was sitting on the couch in his p/j’s, staring at Mom’s open laptop on the coffee table in front of him. I knew he had been unusually moody recently, but nothing could have prepared me for the tears running down his stricken face.

“What’s wrong Dad?” I perched on the arm of the couch and put an arm around his shoulders.

He gestured at the screen. “I’ve had a feeling for a while that she was seeing someone else,” he sobbed, “but as long as she was discreet I told myself it wasn’t happening. But I can’t handle that.”

I looked past him and saw that the laptop was logged in to a chat line, showing the last message Mom had sent last night, after she told Dad she planned to spend a couple of days at her sister’s, and my blood ran cold as I read it.

“I told the idiot I was going to see my sister, so we have all weekend to fuck each other to a standstil. LMAO!”

“Oh God, Dad! How cruel! I’m so sorry!” I gasped instinctively pulling his head comfortingly against my chest, realising too late that I was only wearing a flimsy nightdress.

Nonetheless, I continued to hold him until his sobbing eased, then I slowly became aware that he was nuzzling my breast. I knew I should stop him, but I told myself that comforting him was more important than my modesty, when the truth was it was starting to feel nice. And it felt gerçek resimli gaziantep escort even better when he eased the top of my nightdress down to fondle my bared breasts and suck my stiffened nipples.

He slipped his hand under my nightie and stroked my pussy through my panties, and I didn’t want to stop him. What I wanted was whatever he wanted, so instead I urged him to move over to make room for me beside him, and raised my hips for him to remove my panties, gasping in excited surprise as his mouth covered my pussy.

‘This must be what Heaven is like,’ I thought as he began to lick, his flickering tongue nudging my clit every which way. My climax was as gentle as his hands on my breasts, and his tongue on my pussy, and I was just reaching my peak when he stood up and pushed his p/j pants off.

I began having second thoughts as I stared at his hard cock. It was far from porn star proportions, but it was still large enough to convince me it would never fit inside my virgin vagina, and I silently begged him to put it into my mouth to delay the inevitable. Girlfriends who had gone “all the way” had said that losing their virginity had been a painful experience, but I was too aroused to stop now, so I braced for the first hymen destroying thrust.

Perhaps I had over imagined how much it would hurt, but when it happened it wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and any discomfort was totally eclipsed by the sheer exhilaration of my first fuck. In the past I had often made myself climax by stroking my clit with my fingers, but those times were gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan nothing compared to the torrent of cum that greeted my Dad’s invading cock.

He fucked me steadily, then began to slow down until only the rhythmic throbbing of his cock as he poured his cum into me indicated he was not yet finished. Eventually his cock softened and he became immediately contrite.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I didn’t mean…..”

I silenced him with a fingertip against his lips. “Don’t be sorry, Dad, I’m not.”

He looked at me uncertainly. “I thought you would be mad.”

I shook my head vigorously. “No, I’m not mad, and I won’t be mad next time, or the time after that.”

His voice was heavy with relief, and, I thought, hope. “You mean you’ll let me do it again?”

“Of course I will,” I laughed softly.

He looked down at the mess between my legs. “In that case, we’d better get cleaned up.”

He led me to the bathroom, where he stripped off my nightie and we stepped together under the shower, where I took my time stroking my soapy hands up and down his cock as he cleaned up my pussy, then as he stiffened I leaned against the tiled wall and let him fuck me again under the warm spray.

After we dried off I made a light lunch, and we sat facing each other on the couch as we ate, engrossed in our own thoughts. Twenty four hours earlier I would have been acutely embarrassed if Dad saw me in my underwear, but now I was sitting with my legs parted, enjoying the attention as he stared adoringly at my gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort freshly fucked cunt.

I was angry at my Mom for her callous betrayal of my Dad, yet at the same time I was grateful. If she hadn’t acted as she had, Dad and I would never have acted as we had, and he definitely wouldn’t have taught me the pleasure of having my pussy licked and fucked.

His thoughts must have mirrored my own, because about half an hour after we finished lunch he was introducing me to the delights of cock sucking, and believe me, it most certainly was a delight once I became used to the feel of it in my mouth.

In some ways oral sex wasn’t as good as fucking, but in others it was better. There was no doubting that his tongue could never fill my cunt the way his cock had, but then again, his cock could never tickle my clit like his flickering tongue, and my pussy certainly couldn’t taste the cum that was pouring into my mouth.

As the last few drops dribbled down my throat, I sat on Dad’s lap with his spent cock nestled comfortably between my pussy lips, sighing contentedly as his hands and mouth made love to my tits and nipples. I had no idea how long we sat like that, but eventually I felt him start to lengthen, and I stood up and eagerly grasped his stiffening shaft.

“Do I suck him again here, or do I deal with him in some other way in bed?” I leered theatrically.

He laughed. “Maybe a bit of both? But I need to do something first.”

He reached for Mom’s laptop and I watched him type an offline message.

“HEY DIRTBAG! When you finish fucking my wife’s few worthless brains out, tell her she doesn’t live here any more, and “The idiot” has taken all of her crap to the charity shop. She wanted to be fucked, so you can tell her I’ve cleaned out our joint bank account and cancelled her credit cards, so now she really IS fucked.”

With a mirthless grin he clicked the “Enter” key, then his expression softened as he stroked my wet slit. “Now, what were you saying about sucking and bed? If you want to put this on my face we have a deal.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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