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This is for Tom and Will and the others of you who wanted to know what happened next. I hope you enjoy reading my little tale. My grateful thanks to my editor for her efforts. Any mistakes remaining are mine own.

* * * * *

When Carly awoke from the wild erotic dream in which she was the central figure, Jack was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking concerned. She rubbed her eyes, yawning. “‘Morning, Jack.”

“Good morning, Carly. Sleep okay?”

“Mmm, yes. Something up?”

“Dunno. You were making some strange noises. Claire just sent me through to see if you were okay, or if there was anything you wanted?”

Unable to repress the thought of Jack’s prick, Carly grinned, feeling herself flush.

“Yes, Carly. That especially.” Jack’s tone was dry but he was grinning, too.


“Well, as serious as your sister ever is about anything connected with sex, but yes, seriously.”

Carly flipped back the bedclothes and wriggled back to make room for her brother-in-law. She held up her arms in welcome. “Please,” she murmured.

Jack smiled and stood to discard his robe. When he turned to her, Carly saw that his erection was well on its way to completion.

“Nice one, mister.”

Jack lay beside Carly and took her in his arms, kissing her softly.

“I must have been dreaming of you, Jack, because I’m wet already,” Carly said, pushing him back, “so let’s just fuck, no need for foreplay. I want to feel that monster of yours inside me again.” She spread her legs in invitation.

Jack kissed her again and then moved so that he was between her legs, his erection full, hot and hard. Carly reached down and held him lightly.

“You drive, I’ll navigate,” she said, guiding him into herself as he moved forward, then gasped as she felt Jack’s hardness penetrate her recently-virgin depths. “Oh, yes,” she hissed. “Fuck me, Jack!”

A little while later Claire grinned as she heard her sister’s tight scream from the adjacent bedroom. Well done, husband. Now save some for me. Her hand moved down, her fingers sliding between her spread legs.

* * * * *

Carly was making leisurely lengths of the pool when the doorbell rang, her pussy still tingling from the lovemaking she and Jack had shared less than an hour earlier. She glanced over at Jack, who was lying on a poolside towel, an expression of bliss on his face as Claire rode his erection on a slow journey to ecstasy.

Jack and Claire seemed oblivious of the doorbell. Carly smiled ruefully as she clambered out of the pool, grabbed her robe and went to open the door. The slim blonde woman was familiar.

“Detective Larson. What can I do for you? Is it about the bracelet I’m accused of stealing?”

“I’m afraid it is. May I come in for a moment, Miss Allison?”

Carly stood aside. “Of course.”

In the living-room the detective smiled faintly. “Is Mr. Hansen in? What I have to say is for him, too.”

“If you’ll wait here, I’ll fetch him,” said Carly. She went out to the pool. Claire was riding her husband faster now and as Carly paused Claire gave a quavering, drawn-out moan and collapsed across Jack as he thrust urgently up into her. Carly heard a gasp behind her and spun around. Larson had followed her out and was standing there with a shocked expression on her face. She looked at Carly and a flush spread across her face before she turned on her heel and almost ran back into the house.

Jack and Claire looked up, alarmed.

“Who was that?” Claire looked apprehensive.

“Detective Larson. She wants to see you, Jack,” said Carly, grinning. “I think she already has!”

“Oh, shit!” Claire’s face fell.

“Oops,” said Jack, a rueful look on his face.

Carly hurried back into the house. The detective was standing in the living room, a flush still on her face.

“I’m very sorry, I know you asked me to wait. I thought – well, I…” her voice tailed off.

“It’s all right, Detective,” said Jack, fastening his robe as he came in. “I’m sure we can rely on your discretion.”

“Of course,” said Larson, blushing anew.

“What can we do for you?” Jack asked.

“I was passing this way, so I called rather than telephoning. When I took the bracelet into the precinct on Saturday, I had a word with Captain Peterson. It was my feeling that the card with the bracelet was at odds with Mr. Grant’s accusation of theft.”

“It was a gift,” Carly declared, “although as far as I’m concerned, he can have it!”

“Captain Peterson has asked Mr. Grant to come in to see him about the matter, this afternoon. He’d like Miss Allison there, too, with her lawyer.”

“My wife and I are due to leave at noon on a short business trip, but my sister-in-law will have a lawyer.”

Larson looked from Jack to Carly. “I wanted to be sure that Miss Allison had legal representation.” She paused, frowning. “There’s something not right about this whole accusation.”

“Carly will have a lawyer, don’t worry about that,” said Jack. “There’s something else, too.”

“Yes?” said Larson.

“Carly? Show the detective your brand.”

“Brand?” Mersin Eskort

said Larson, clearly puzzled.

Carly grinned tightly and loosened her robe, throwing it to the couch behind her and raising her arms.

“Who did that?” asked Larson, her whole attention focussed on Carly’s bruising.

“Remember the gift card with the bracelet?” Jack half smiled. “And the embossing?”

“Y-e-s? Oh!”

“Oh, indeed.”

“The dolphin!”

“The dolphin. Grant’s ring. Look, it’s unmistakable,” said Jack, pointing to the imprint on Carly’s skin.

Larson studied the bruise carefully for a moment, then straightened. “Do you wish to press charges, Miss Allison?” Her eyes flicked over Carly’s shapely torso as she retrieved her robe.

“I do.”

“I’ll have a word with Captain Peterson,” said Larson, grinning savagely. “I think the meeting this afternoon might be a good time. Oh, but you won’t be there, will you, Mr. Hansen?”

“Don’t worry, Detective Larson, my sister-in-law will have perfectly adequate legal representation, even if I’m not there.” There was a half-smile on Jack’s face which made Larson wonder just who was representing Carly Allison.

“I’m glad,” said Larson. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to. If you could come down to the precinct for two o’clock? Ask for Captain Peterson. He’ll be expecting you.”

“I’ll be there,” said Carly.

“Detective?” said Claire. “I’ll show you out.”

“Carly, love, I think Larson’s on our side,” said Jack. “I’ll just ‘phone Millie and put her in the picture.”

“Just as well you asked her to take Carly’s case,” said Claire, returning from showing Larson out.

Carly and Millie were prompt and arrived at the precinct at five to two that afternoon. The desk sergeant’s eyes flicked over Carly and moved on to Millie. He straightened, smiling.

“Mrs. Kristian! Good to see you.”

“Hi, Joe. How’s Alice?”

“Much better. We’re going to the coast next week to see our new granddaughter.”

“That’s great! Tell Alice I was asking after her.”

“I will. Now, what can I do for you and this young lady?”

“This is Carly Allison, Joe. We’re here to see Captain Peterson.”

“Take a seat, I’ll just buzz through for him.”

A minute or so later Larson came through. “Mr. Grant’s already here. I’m to take you straight in.” She smiled at Millie. “Mr. Hansen said Miss Allison would have adequate legal representation. He wasn’t joking.”

“Jack rarely jokes about the law, Susan. Lead on!”

At Peterson’s office Larson knocked and led them straight in. “Miss Allison, Captain, and Mrs. Kristian, who’s here as Miss Allison’s counsel.”

The captain stood, smiling. “Millie! What brings our former District Attorney into my office again? I thought you’d retired.”

Carly was watching Tony who was affecting to ignore her, but when Peterson said ‘District Attorney’ his eyes flickered.

“I’m here as Miss Allison’s counsel, Charlie,” said Millie, shaking Peterson’s hand. “Nothing more.”

“I hope she can afford you.”

“Pro bono, Charlie. She’s my goddaughter.”

“Ahh,” said Peterson. “Shall we begin? I don’t know if you know Mr. Grant? I’m sure you know his counsel.”

“Mr. Grant,” said Millie politely. “Hello, Tom.” Grant’s counsel nodded.

Peterson reached into his desk drawer and took out the bracelet case. He opened it and passed it to Tony. “Is this the bracelet you reported missing, Mr. Grant?”

Tony looked at the bracelet. “It is.”

“And you missed it when?”

“After Miss Allison left my apartment on Friday morning.”

About to say something, anything, in protest Carly caught Susan Larson’s eye. An almost imperceptible shake of the head stopped her. As she settled back in her seat she suddenly wondered, ‘where is the gift card?’

“Was she there overnight?” Peterson’s tone was neutral.

“She was. We had a disagreement and it’s my belief that she took the bracelet to spite me.”

Peterson nodded and then cocked his head. “That’s an interesting ring you’re wearing, Mr. Grant.”

Tony glanced at his hand. “You like it? I had it custom made.”

“It’s unique, then?”

“Oh, yes. Absolutely.”

“Do you ever use it as a seal?”

“Occasionally.” A faint frown crossed Tony’s face.

“Did you use it for this?” said Peterson, sliding the gift card to Tony.

Tony looked at the card. “Yes.”

“This gift card was in the bracelet case, Mr. Grant. The case that you say Miss Alllison stole.” Peterson’s voice was cold.

“Perhaps so, but I gave Miss Allison that card with a bottle of champagne on her birthday. Not with the bracelet.”

“You lying bastard!” Carly cried, but subsided when Millie touched her arm.

“Larson?” said Peterson.

“Yes, sir?”

“You opened the bracelet case at Mr. Hansen’s house?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And the card was inside?”

“Yes, sir. Under the bracelet.”

“Has Mr. Grant ever given you champagne for your birthday, Miss Allison?” said Peterson.

“Yes, but not with a gift card. Look at it! There’s Mersin Escort Bayan no hole for a ribbon to fasten it to the bottle!”

“The card was inside the gift wrapping-paper,” said Tony smoothly, a cold little smile on his face. “Captain, if the bracelet is returned to me, I would like for this matter to be dropped. I will have my property back. I have no wish to press charges against Miss Allison.”

“Very noble of you, Mr. Grant, I’m sure. Miss Allison? Mrs. Kristian?”

“That bracelet was given to me as a gift,” Carly snarled. “Let the bastard have it back. I wouldn’t touch it now.”

“And if it was given to Miss Allison as a gift, you have made false accusations, Mr. Grant,” Millie said quietly.

“I have made no false accusations,” said Tony indignantly.

“I suppose you didn’t handcuff Miss Allison to the bed and beat her black and blue after she refused your advances, either?” Millie’s voice was mild.

When the import of Millie’s words reached Tony Grant, he sprang to his feet. “Of course not. Captain, are you going to listen to this nonsense?” Grant’s face was a mask of outrage.

He’s a better actor than I imagined, Carly thought, angered at the lie.

Peterson’s voice was cold. “Mr. Grant, if Mrs. Kristian is talking nonsense it will be the first time in the twenty-odd years that I have known her. Millie?”

“Your ring’s unique, is it, Mr. Grant?” said Millie, still in the same mild tone.

“You heard me say so,” Grant said, resuming his seat.

Millie nodded. “I just wanted to be sure.” She smiled and opened her voluminous purse. Extracting a manila envelope she handed it to Peterson. “I think you should see these, Charlie.”

Peterson sat back and opened the envelope, taking out the photographs and flicking through them, holding them so that neither Tony nor his counsel could see them. He glanced at Millie. “Genuine?”

“Absolutely. I saw the marks myself.”

“So did I, Captain,” said Larson.

“My affidavit is on the back of the pictures, Charlie.”

“I saw it, Millie.” Peterson laid the photographs face down in front of him. “Mr. Grant? If the bracelet is returned to you, you will make no charge against Miss Allison?”


“Miss Allison?”

“The bracelet was a gift, but I would feel soiled if I touched it again. He can have it, and welcome. I never want to see him nor hear from him again. Ever.”

Peterson nodded sadly. “I’m sorry you had to go through this, Miss Allison. Frankly, I believe you – sit down, Mr. Grant – and you may go now. Thank you for coming. Millie, always good to see you.”

“Party next Sunday, Charlie. Bring Judy.”

“I will. ‘Bye for now. Mr. Grant, sit down. We’re not finished.” The door closing behind them cut off whatever Tony was saying.

“Sure about the bracelet, honey?” asked Millie.

“God, yes!” Carly shuddered. “I would feel dirty wearing it again. Is that it?”

“So far as the bracelet’s concerned, yes. Charlie won’t let Grant mention it again. Of course, we may have to testify at a trial.”


“Grant’s. For assault. They were your pictures in the envelope.”

“I thought they were. Yahoo!” yelled Carly, startling two patrolmen, a nanny pushing a baby buggy and several pigeons. “Come on, Aunt Millie, I’ll buy you a coffee.”

* * * * *

Late that afternoon, alone in the Hansen house, Carly was pottering about in the kitchen, wondering what to do for her evening meal, when the doorbell chimed.

“Susan! I mean, Detective Larson. Come in, please.”

“Susan’s fine, if I can call you Carly.”

“Of course. Is something wrong?”

“Not for you, Carly.” Larson shrugged. “I just thought you’d like to know. Captain Peterson arrested Grant for assault. He’s in custody at the moment, although he’ll probably be out on bail before midnight.” She frowned.

“But?” said Carly.

“He almost went berserk, yelling and cursing. He doesn’t like you, Carly.”

Carly snorted. “The feeling’s mutual.”

“Are you alone here? Every time I called before your sister and brother-in-law were here.” Larson’s tone was rueful.

Carly laughed. “Tonight, yes, I’m alone. Jack and Claire are back tomorrow.”

Larson pondered for a moment, lower lip caught between her teeth. “There’s something about Grant, something I don’t like at all.” She touched Carly’s hand. “I probably shouldn’t do this, and it’s completely unofficial, but what I’d like to do is go home and get a change of clothes, then stay here overnight. Just in case.”

Carly smiled. “I’d welcome the company. Do you like spaghetti and meatballs?”

“I love it!”

“It’ll be ready when you get back.”

Larson was back within the hour. “Can I put my car in the garage? Out of sight?”

“Sure. Here’s the remote for the door. I’ll serve while you’re parking. We’re eating in the kitchen – there’s a door straight from the garage.”

“Back in a moment!”

Susan Larson gave a graphic demonstration of a hungry woman and cleared her plate easily. She sat back, content. “Carly, that was wonderful! Best I’ve tasted since Mersin Escort my Grandma died.”

“Glad you liked it. I’m not the world’s greatest cook, but that one I can manage!”

“Better than I can. It’s usually microwave or take-away for me. Peril of the working girl.”

Carly snorted. “Tell me about it.” She looked at the policewoman sharing the kitchen with her. Hair pulled back in a simple ponytail, tee-shirt and jeans, without makeup she looked about nineteen.

“Can I ask a personal question?” said Carly.


“How old are you?”

“Thirty-two. You?

“Twenty-two. You look younger than me.”

Larson chuckled. “You look younger than you, too.” She grimaced and stretched. “I feel about sixty-two.”


“Yeah, I’ve been working hard on a drugs bust. We got them this morning but the paperwork gets more every week.”

“What’s it like, being a cop?”

“I love it,” Larson declared. “My Dad was a cop, my granddad was a cop.”

Carly laughed. “Family business!” She got up and began to clear the dishes.

“Hey. Let me help.”

“The dishwasher does the work. I just load it.”

“I must get me one of those. Can’t afford it at the moment. My roommate moved out and I’ve got the rent due.” Larson busied herself gathering dishes and cutlery.



“Are you looking for another roommate? I need to find a place. My last place was owned by Tony Grant’s firm and I moved out.” Carly made a face. “I need to find a job as well.”

Larson stared at her for a moment, then smiled. “Okay. Three months trial to see if we suit each other. How’s that?”

“Sounds great. Where is your place? What’s it like?”

“You know the old warehouse on Fifth and Vine?

“I think so, yes.”

“Well, I have half of one floor, the fourth, overlooking Vine. Two bedrooms, one at each end so they’re well out of earshot of each other if you have visitors.” She grinned. “Kitchen, two bathrooms and a huge living room that looks really minimalist because I haven’t much furniture. The best thing is it has its own parking garage and if I need to I can walk to work in less than ten minutes. Most days, of course, I need a car.”

“It sounds like a fun place. When can I see it?”

“How about tomorrow. I actually have the day off.” Larson made an exaggerated grimace of delight.

Carly laughed. “Tomorrow it is. How about tonight?”

“What about tonight?”

“Anything you want to do? Watch TV? Play gin rummy?”

“I think some mindless TV or a video would be just about ideal. Have you anything that’s fun and doesn’t need concentration?”

“Galaxy Quest? Sigourney Weaver in a blond wig and a push-up bra?”

“Sounds ideal.”

“I’ll just make some coffee.”

They watched the science-fiction comedy in amiable company, chatting idly with one eye on the film, discovering similar tastes in books and music. When the film finished Carly glanced out of the window. The sun was low now in the summer evening sky, but there was still plenty of light. She turned to Susan Larson.

“Would you like to have a swim before bed?”

Susan smiled. “That would be wonderful, except,” she stopped and made a face. “No suit.”

“I could lend you one, but we usually just skinny-dip here. No-one can see in.”

Susan hesitated.

“Come on, Susan. There’s only you and me here. Jack and Claire won’t be back until late tomorrow.” She smiled suddenly.

“What?” said Susan.

“You saw the news. It’s National Nude Day. Skinny-dipping is compulsory!”

Susan laughed. “Okay, you convinced me. Where do I change?”

“You can – either use your room, change – in the cabana or just – leave your clothes here with mine.” Carly was stripping as she spoke and finished the sentence as she stepped out of her panties.

Susan Larson eyed Carly’s bruises again and reached out a gentle hand. “Nothing broken?”

“No. I guess I was lucky. The bastard hit me hard. Curious. Not my face.”

“I’ve seen the type before. Usually wife-beaters. If the face isn’t marked the woman can pretend nothing happened and her friends might never know.” She shook her head. “I hate men like that.”

Carly grinned tightly. “At least I found out before I was a wife.”

“Were you going to marry Grant?”

“He never asked. I might have considered it, if he had. Now, I know better. Come on, Susan, get naked. I feel conspicuous.”

Susan grinned and skinned her tee-shirt off over her head. Carly gasped.

“Oops, sorry. I forgot about that.” Susan took the snub-nosed Detective Special from its place in the small of her back and tucked it under a cushion on the couch. “I’ll get it later.”

She was soon naked and Carly absently admired the trimly-toned body of her new friend. Something caught Carly’s eye and she reached out. “What’s that?”

Susan looked down at the scar on her thigh. “Bullet hole. Four years ago. It hurt like hell.” She smiled at Carly. “Tell you about it later. Swim?”

“Swim. Come on.” Carly took Susan’s hand and the women walked out to the pool together.

They spent about half an hour in the water and it was almost dark when they clambered out and dried themselves. Carly took two towelling robes from the cabana and gave Susan one. “Just wear that until bedtime. Would you like a nightcap?”

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